My name is Tadej Kozar and I am the founder of Camping Valley. My childhood was very exciting since I was an active boy always exploring new things. Besides playing with toys I was always attracted by nature so I spent much time outdoors.

I was privileged to live in a small village and had easy access to forests that were surrounding my house. When I was not obligated with school I went hiking in the woods. It was always fun to jump over the stream, watch the animals in their natural environment and find something valuable.

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My family was on the move all the time since my dad likes to buy things. This way I was able to see new places and learn how other people live. There was no boredom as we loved to be active. We traveled by car and spend the night in different accommodation facilities. I liked to stay in wooden lodges and camp in a tent rather than spending a night in a hotel, it was just not my thing.

I was raised in a spirit that I should try hard to do things by myself to become confident and reliable. My parents didn’t spoil my sister and me. Diana and I were always helping setting up a tent, picking firewood for the campfire or cooking a dinner.

Helping in every moment was not pleasurable but as we were getting older tasks became easier and had a meaning. Today I am grateful for everything that parents taught me.

As I said earlier, my father loves to buy things, use them and then sell them. This way we had a lot of camping tents available to try on our trips. I remember how we struggled to stop the rain coming into the tent and the condensation.  Through the obstacles that occurred I learned a lot and used the knowledge in the future trips.

I still like to explore outdoors. I love to camp and hike with my girlfriend. Our biggest passion is to camp in the wild where there is no electricity and technology available.

Camping Valley is an extension of my lifestyle and passion for outdoors. Everything that I learn, experience and find valuable is on the site for you to try as well.

It is important to have some skills before going out there to have an enjoyable and safe trip so I welcome you to check my posts and to comment if you have any concerns, questions or just wanting to share your experience on the topic.

We live in a technological era but nature is reminding us more and more that we should go to the places where our heart and soul feel like home.