Best 10 Person Tents For Relaxed Camping

Coleman WeatherMaster Tent
Coleman WeatherMaster Tent
Columbia Mammoth Creek Cabin Tent
Columbia Mammoth Creek Cabin Tent
Bushnell Shield Series Instant Cabin Tent
Bushnell Shield Series Instant Cabin Tent

Are you excited to spend quality time with your loved ones in nature? Do you need a large tent so you will have enough space and comfort inside?

Before going on your camping adventure make sure you have one of the best 10 person tents.

I remember how I was camping with my family in one of these tents. It was a totally different experience than camping in a small tent.

These large camping tents are big enough to have activities inside and to store the camping gear in a place that won’t bother you.

Most of them have multiple rooms that have zippers so you will be able to have privacy like at home.

If you want to have a spacious tent where you will enjoy it together but still have privacy check my list of top large tents for 10 people and a buying guide that will help you pick your winner.

Amazon sells many large tents that can occupy 10 campers comfortably.

However, not every model is of the best quality so I have picked the ones that come from reputable outdoor brands and are popular among outdoor enthusiasts.

CORE Streight Wall Cabin Tent

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If you want to have a home away from home then this might be a tent for your camping adventures. It’s a 3-season tent that you can use in the first three seasons of the year.

Your group can divide the inner place into two rooms with the room divider for having privacy. Each room can fit a queen air mattress for comfortable sleep.

It is a breathable tent with lots of mesh, windows, and two ground vents. It comes with two doors for easier access.

This Core model is perfect for stargazing due to the mesh ceiling.

A rainfly covers the meshed roof, providing rain protection. However, the tent isn’t meant for winter camping in cold temperatures because it doesn’t hold the heat.

This is the tallest camping tent on the list (86″) so you don’t have to worry about the comfort. Due to the straight walls, you will walk normally inside without having to bend.

  • Well-made
  • Spacious with high, straight walls
  • Cross-ventilation
  • Room divider for privacy
  • E-port for charging devices
  • Setup requires more people
  • Heavy

Ozark Trail Dark Rest Instant Tent

Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent
  • Fully taped, factory-sealed seams provide dry zone camping with leak protection
  • Electrical cord access for added convenience
  • Rainfly included for long lasting rain protection
  • Gear loft included to help keep all your gear and accessories organized

The special feature of the Ozark Trail dark rest instant tent is the material that is darker than in other camping tents on the list.

It is a good choice for all of you campers who like to party at night and sleep longer in the morning. It will serve you well if you like to take a nap after lunch.

The unit has a mesh ceiling, windows, and ground vents to have airflow throughout the structure. Windows and doors can be opened for air, views, and letting the light in while doing activities.

This 2-room tent includes two D-shaped doors; each for one room which is nice as you won’t bother the other group or family by accessing the interior.

I like the instant setup as the poles are pre-attached to the fabric, making the unit easier and faster to get ready for camping.

It’s a three-season tent but it gets hot quickly so I recommend using a fan and opening the vents while camping in hot temperatures as it doesn’t reflect the heat.

  • Good price
  • Instant setup
  • Good ventilation
  • Great for hardcore sleepers and using on festivals
  • Electric cable port
  • Gets hot quickly
  • On a heavier side

Coleman WeatherMaster Tent

Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Outdoor Tent , Brown
  • Cabin-like 10-person tent has enough room for 3 queen size air beds
  • WeatherTec system with patented welded floors and inverted seams to keep you dry
  • Hinged front door for easy entry and room divider for extra privacy
  • Sets up easily in 20 minutes
  • Measures 17 x 9 feet with 6-foot 8-inch center height

WeatherMaster is a three-season camping tent no matter the manufacturer is advertising it as a four-season on Amazon. The inner tent has a mesh ceiling and mesh windows for views and ventilation.

It comes with a rainfly that covers the roof. I don’t know its waterproofness but it seems like a well-made tent that you can use in the fair and bad weather, just avoid winter and cold.

What I like about this model are the two windows on each side that are angled which means you can have them opened while it’s raining to increase breathability.

Hinged door with Velcros eases accessing the tent and getting out, however, you can zip them through the night. The innovation comes in handy when you camp with kids.

This 10-person tent includes a divider to have two rooms for privacy.

If you are less than 6 feet and 8 inches tall you will stand straight inside. It has space for placing 3 queen air mattresses for comfortable sleeping.

  • All-weather three-season model
  • Well-made, sturdy tent
  • Hinged door for easy in and out access
  • Angled windows for airflow in the rain
  • Room divider
  • Not ideal for cold temperatures
  • Heavy

UNP Camping Tent

UNP Camping Tent 10-Person-Family Tents, Parties, Music Festival Tent, Big, Easy Up, 5 Large Mesh Windows, Double Layer, 2 Room, Waterproof, Weather Resistant, 18ft x 9ft x78in
  • 100-percent-polyester
  • 【Spacious for 10 Person】Unique 18ft x 9ft x78in, well fitting 10 sleeping bags or 3 queen air...
  • 【Easy up Tent】Attach FRP poles onto the cabinet tent completely by J hooks, no trouble of...
  • 【Good Ventilation, Large View】The camping tent weighs 23.1 pounds, which lets you feel...
  • 【2 Room Tents, Outdoor Cinema】Hang one Privacy Divider Curtain from the ceiling, the tent...

This UNP camping tent is a 3-season unit with lots of mesh and openings to have more comfortable camping in warm temperatures. The product has a large mesh ceiling for stargazing on clear summer nights.

It is an affordable tent but it’s not so durable as a WeatherMaster tent. That said, it is best to use it occasionally (weekend camping trips).

You should stay dry inside in case of light to normal rain without strong wind. The rainfly covers the roof and provides a small awning above the doors to protect the entrance from getting wet. I would like the awning to be a little longer to give more protection.

This two-room tent has two doors; each opening for one sleeping room. It is quite light for such a big structure as it weighs 23.1 pounds but it’s still a base tent.

The price is affordable so if you are short of money you can opt for this tent if you intend to camp in fair weather.

  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight for such a big unit
  • Breathable
  • Two doors and rooms
  • E-port to insert the electrical cable
  • Not meant for harsh and cold weather
  • Not heavy-duty (thin)

Columbia Mammoth Creek Tent

Columbia Mammoth Creek 6 Person / 8 Person / 10 Person Cabin Tents
  • WATER-REPELLENT: Omni-Shield coated fabric provides advanced repellency against water and stains....

The Mammoth Creek is a fair-weather tent that has plenty of mesh on the ceiling, windows, and doors.

It provides cross-ventilation since it has ground vents that let the fresh air in while the upper mesh material lets the hot air out.

With the sewed-in room divider, you can camp in two separate rooms.

The unit has 2 doors (large T-door and D-shape door), but they both lead to one room so it means you will have to enter the main room and open the curtain to enter the other room.

Campers would rather have separate entrances which would be more convenient.

The T-shape door comes in handy when you want to carry the assembled or air-pumped furniture inside as you get a wide opening.

The angled windows are great to have in the rain because you can still have ventilation through them while having the panels open.

I didn’t find the waterproof level of this unit but as the fly covers only the roof and there is a lot of mesh, it isn’t appropriate to use in cold weather.

Still, it is built of Omni-Shield fabric that repels water faster than other materials which means the tent dries faster.

  • Omni-Shield fabric for faster drying
  • Angled windows to have airflow in the rain
  • Thick bathtub floor
  • Large T-shape doors
  • Nearly invisible netting for great views
  • Breathable
  • E-port
  • Pricey
  • Two-man assembly
  • Doors lead only to the one room

Campros Camping Tent

This Campros tent is a durable three-season model that comes in a tunnel shape.

It is best to use occasionally in fair weather with possible light rain as it has a 1000mm waterproof rating. So, rather not use it in bad weather with the wind.

The upper inner tent is made of mesh to provide ample ventilation and views without annoying bugs.

This tent is advertised for 9-10 people. It is a unit that can comfortably accommodate about 8 people; parents with kids or 6 adults.

You can put three queen mattresses inside but you won’t have any free space for walking. It is not the tallest on the list at 72 inches but it is still high enough to walk inside in the middle.

The unit has only one entrance in a D-shape. The camping tent is lightweight for its size as it has 20.9 pounds.

You can separate rooms with a room divider so your teenage kids will have their own privacy.

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Room divider
  • E-port
  • Not meant to use in cold weather and lots of rain
  • Only one door
  • Zipper can get stuck

Coleman Dark Room Instant Tent

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup in 60 Seconds
  • Illumiline reflective guylines for greater visibility at night
  • Instant setup: In as fast as 1 minute
  • 1-year limited warranty

This Coleman camping tent is different than others (except the Ozark Trail dark rest tent) when it comes to material. It is made of Dark Room Technology that blocks 90% of light.

It is a model that provides a darkened place but you can still open the windows to have light inside. It is a good option if you like to sleep in past sunrise.

The tent can get hot pretty quickly on hot summer days so pack a fan along and take care of ventilation. It is a good choice in spring and fall when you will cherish some warmth.

The company could include some ground vents but I am sure they skipped them because they would provide some light inside.

The setup is straightforward and simple due to pre-attached poles that you have to extend to get the tent ready. The assembly will take about a minute and you can do it by yourself.

It is a family cabin tent that has a mesh ceiling and lots of big windows to have airflow and views. It comes with a fly and is meant to use in the first three seasons of the year.

This is a 2-door tent. It includes a normal door at the back and a hinged door with velcros to ease access (you won’t need to zip them through the day).

It’s a user-friendly tent as it has an E-cable port, reflective guy lines so you won’t fall over the ropes at night and a thick room divider to change clothes.

  • Instant setup (about 1 minute)
  • Dark interior for longer sleep
  • Quality and durable
  • Good weather protection
  • Hinged door for ease of use
  • Thick room divider for privacy
  • Reflective guy lines
  • Gets hot pretty quickly in hot temperatures
  • Heavy

Ozark Trail Tent With Screen Room

Dome Tent Ozark Trail 10-Person Family Camping Tent with 3 Rooms and Screen Porch, blue
  • Sleeps up to 10 people. Spacious interior fits 3 queen size air beds
  • 80 in. center height provides headroom and walk around space. Front screen porch area for bug-free...
  • Two removable room dividers allow you to choose whether you want one big room or up to 3 separate...
  • Roll-back fly on each side of the roof conveniently provides extra ventilation. A mesh roof provides...
  • Removable fly with taped seams for weather protection. Covered entryway provides a protected...

Do you want a budget tent that is great for camping in warm temperatures? Here you have an Ozark Trail extended dome tent with a screen porch. It is the most affordable tent on the list.

It’s a breathable tent as it has a mesh ceiling that is perfect for stargazing, and three mesh windows to prevent condensation.

Windows have panels but they don’t have any toggles to be tied out, however, you can roll them and stick between the mesh and the main material.

The modified dome tent has a flourless screen porch (30 square feet) with a doormat where you can sit, enjoy your meal and watch kids playing without the bugs.

However, it will get wet in case of rain because the fly doesn’t cover it. If you intend to have gear stored here, think about covering it with a tarp to prevent water leakage.

I didn’t find the information about its waterproofness but it is obvious that this is a tent for camping in warm temperatures and sunny weather.

You can divide the room by installing the curtain with hooks. It has one main T-shaped door that leads to the porch and another D-shape door to enter the tent’s main room.

If you are 80 inches tall or less you will be able to walk normally inside.

  • Affordable
  • Spacious
  • Sets up easily with two people
  • Screen porch for bug-free lounging
  • Mud mat included
  • Stargaze option
  • Not so great views from the interior
  • The porch is not weather protected
  • No floor on the porch

Bushnell Instant Cabin Tent

Bushnell Shield Series 6 Person / 9 Person / 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent
  • INSTANT 60 SECOND SETUP TECHNOLOGY: Poles come pre-attached to the tent for quick assembly - unfold...

Bushnell made an instant cabin tent for 12 people that provides three rooms for a comfortable camping experience. It fits two queen size air beds.

The instant setup means that you will erect it in no time (two minutes) as you won’t mess with the poles. So, if you like your tent to be set up quickly this could be the right tent for your next outdoor getaway.

This two-layer camping tent comes with a fly that covers a roof and corners, while is extended at the sides of the front doors to protect the entrance from bad weather.

The ceiling and windows are made of mesh to have airflow. I like two big air vents on the ground (one on each side) to let the cold air in. On hot days, you can also install an air conditioner through these vents to have a cooler interior.

The company included two thick dividers to have a multiroom tent.

The inner fabric has Heat Shield technology underside of the rainfly that blocks the heat, making the tent cooler. With all that said, it is made for camping on warm days.

The company thought of the night visibility as they included reflective guy lines and zipper pulls which makes this unit even more user-friendly.

  • Quick and easy setup (2 minutes)
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Sturdy + strong frame
  • Three-room option
  • Additionally protected doors from bad weather
  • AC openings
  • E-port
  • Reflective guy lines and zipper pulls
  • Pricey
  • Could leak in a thunderstorm
  • Not meant for winter camping

TETON Sports Sierra Canvas Tent

Here is a 4-season camping tent that is made of heavy-duty canvas material that provides good weather protection throughout the year.

The Teton Sports Sierra model will make your and your grandchildren’s camping days worthwhile since it is quite a durable and sturdy unit that can withstand the worst weather.

Strong treated cotton canvas fibers repel rainwater and other precipitation well while offering great airflow due to the natural material. Teton Sports included steel poles to withstand the harsh weather with the wind.

It has a 98″ center height, making it the tallest tent of all on the list since it is the only bell tent reviewed in this article (bell camping models are very high). That said, all of you will fit inside and be able to walk standing straight.

This heavy-duty all-season model has an extra-wide door that makes entering it with equipment easier than in other family models.

You can separate the floor and have a summer canopy for fresh air. With carbon steel stakes you will be able to stake it in any terrain.

With just one center pole you will be able to put up this model in no time. Simply stake it out, set the center pole, and the door frame, and guy it out.

  • For all-year camping
  • Durable and strong
  • Doesn’t wick moisture
  • Breathable
  • Thick and durable floor
  • 2-in-1 tent (tent + canopy)
  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Not great for panoramic views
  • No storage pockets
  • It can easily build the mold

The advantages of Buying Big Tents

These are some of the pros that come along with a tent that can occupy a large group of people.

Rooms for activities

Big tents are roomy and normally offer a sleeping area where you are able to rest or spend time with your companions, regardless of the weather conditions. They are divided internally by room dividers into multiple rooms to offer privacy.

No claustrophobia

Large tents might also be ideal if any members of your group happen to be bigger people or even though they’re claustrophobic.

If you’re camping with kids, you will also have peace of mind knowing that they are going to be in the same shelter as you.

High ceiling

If you look at 10-person models you see that they are quite high. Some of them are extended dome models but most of them are in cabin shape which means that you will be able to move freely.

The height is important for you if you are tall or have back problems so you shouldn’t have problems in this unit.

Putting the furniture in

These models are so big that you can take camping furniture along like beds, cots, mattresses, foldable tables and chairs, child carriers, and other equipment that will come in handy.

ten person tent furniture

Organizational pockets

Tent manufacturers thought of people who will camp in these large units and made gear lofts and mesh pockets inside to ease your organization.

You can store small and bigger items in these storage pockets like keys, phones, sunscreen, and other gear that you will need during camping.

Electrical port access

If you buy one of these units you will probably get an E-port that will enable you to have an electrical cable inside to power up your phone and other electrical devices like tent heaters.

Big windows and doors

These units have big windows and doors like your house at home, this is why I like to call them outdoor houses.

They offer good ventilation, great views, and can be closed for privacy. The models usually offer more than one door because of the increased number of campers.

Buying’s guide

What do you need to consider when buying these family tents? Here are the most important tent features to think about if you want to have a pleasurable outdoor experience.

10 person camping tents guide

Size and room options

I must mention the size because many campers make a mistake and choose a model that is too small for them and their gear.

Let’s say that there are 8 of you going outdoors with cars. If you take a 10-people shelter you should have enough space inside to sleep comfortably and store your gear.

However, never take this size if there are 10 of you because you won’t have enough space to sleep comfortably and store your gear inside.

In this case, it is wise that you take a bigger model, let’s say a 12-person tent instead.


Which tent material is good to choose? You have a few options to choose from that I will explain in detail.


Polyester is the most used fabric to manufacture camping tents. It is light and affordable in comparison to canvas units that use cotton.

In most cases, it is chemically coated to be water-resistant and waterproof. They are good for backpacking and camping in different locations.

  • Light
  • Strong
  • Easy maintenance
  • Affordable
  • Good pack size
  • Waterproof
  • Good tear resistance


Cotton or canvas is a material that is mostly used by companies like Kodiak, Teton Sports, Vidalido, Dream House, Danchel, and others. It is known for its breathability and good all-weather protection.

They are more expensive than other synthetical models. Canvas tents are great for base camping and family glamping.

canvas camping tent material
  • Breathable
  • All-year units
  • Good weather protection
  • Warm
  • Moisture-absorbent
  • Build less condensation
  • Good insulation


Nylon tents are generally stronger and lighter than polyester ones but can rip easily. They are appropriate for backpacking or camping as a solo outdoorsman.

  • Ultralight
  • Strong
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low packed volume


Know which seasonality tent to choose for your outdoor adventures.

Three season tents

When looking for a shelter you will see that they come in 3-season or 4-season.

A 3 season model is appropriate to use in spring, summer, and fall because it has a lot of mesh to provide enough ventilation during the warm days.

They aren’t as warm as 4 season units so it is advisable not to use them in winter.

Four season tents

These are all-year units, meaning you can use them throughout the year. These units are warmer than 3-season models and offer more weather protection.

Their hydrostatic head is high because they must withstand the rain and snow.

4 season tents

Waterproof features

Every tent can be dry inside in nice weather but how about when rain and snow come? If you will camp often that I suggest that you pay attention to waterproof features that will protect you from the leakage.


Be sure that your model is chemically coated by the brand to provide general protection from leakage. You can additionally coat it and its seams by yourself.

Bathtub floor

A bathtub floor is nice to have because it will prevent the rainwater to come inside through the walls. This feature is common in double-walled, 4 season tents.


You should have a rain fly for your model. Look for one that will be easily adjustable and stabilized.

If you must buy one as your model doesn’t have it look for the one that will cover most of the unit, especially if you intend to camp in fall and winter.

Sealed seams

Which are the places where the rainwater gets in the easiest? Seams are one of the most vulnerable tent parts where the rain gets in easily. Look for the factory-sealed seams.

When the model will get older it might let the rainwater get in through the seams so you can seal them with a sealant at home to prevent the leakage.

Hydrostatic head

Hydrostatic head (HH) is a measurement that indicates the waterproofness or water-resistance of the fabric.

Tent manufacturers make products with different HH levels with a higher number meaning the fabric will withstand more rainwater per mm.

Hydrostatic Head camping tent

Three season tents have from 400-2000 HH while 4 season ones have a higher coating number to also withstand the heavy rain and snow. Expedition units have 3,000+ mm HH.

Is a 10 person tent good for backpacking?

This is not a size that you would pack into your backpack. The purpose of a backpacker is to pack the lightest outdoor equipment possible to hike light.

If you will go hiking or backpacking then choose a light tent that will make your trail hiking easy and without extra burden.

How big is a 10-person tent?

Generally, it has 150-180 square feet of space which means that you will be able to put 10 sleeping bags or other sleeping furniture like camping mattresses or cots inside.

The unit is also high enough to move around without bending or kneeling.

Does a 10-man tent have room dividers?

Due to its size and purpose, in most cases, manufacturers include room dividers to enable privacy for people who are camping together.

Room dividers or room curtains can be used for making multiple rooms and as a movie projector.

How to Use a 10 man Tent?

Ten person tents are large units that are made for luxurious camping. When inviting your loved ones to camp with you in the same shelter you should organize the space that you will be using.

Think about the sleeping arrangement, where you will dine, and so on. Go ahead and talk to your companions about the space arrangement so everybody will be satisfied.

Is it hard to set it up?

The setup of a big camping unit can be frustrating the first time but it gets easier when you do it a few times when you understand the process and the logic.

Use the setup instructions and ask someone to help you, this way you will have a shelter ready in no time.

Can you put up a 10 person tent alone?

You can put it up by yourself by taking the time and putting in some effort. My suggestion is that you read the instructions for its setup first to understand the whole procedure.

Place the product and its parts on the ground so you can see them. Pick a horizontal pitching place and start assembling it step by step.

When attaching the poles don’t hurry and push them with too much strength as they may break. Proceed to the point where all the setup steps will be accomplished.

pitching 10 person tent

How do you set up a ten person tent?

Consider my 4-step setup guide to put it up correctly. Only this way it is able to provide you a secure shelter against the elements.

Step #1

Read the setup instructions and figure all out before starting to assembling it. Grab the storage bag and put all the parts out on the ground. Put the tent flat on the ground so you will see the roof. Extend the corners.

Step #2

If you have a model with a standard setup you will attach poles through the pole sleeves.

Some brands made this step easier by coloring the poles and the sleeves with the same color so you know where to put the poles correctly. Put all the poles in slowly so they will fit into the corner joints.

Step #3

When you finished with the poles, tie up the fastener around the poles if the product has them.

Finish setting it up with the leg poles that you insert to connect and lift the tent. Insert the pin from the pin-and-ring system into the other end of the leg pole.

Step #4

Take care of the details, open the ground vents, and stake it so you will stay protected in case of the wind.

How do you set up a Coleman Weathermaster 10 person tent?

Coleman weathermaster tent

If you are a new owner of Coleman WeatherMaster tent then take my setup step-by-step guide to get it ready.

Step #1

Unpack the tent and place it in the appropriate location and stretch its corners. Grab the accessories and put them around it so you will have them on hand when you need them.

Step #2

Put the curved ridge poles together so they will look at the red markings. Insert them into the sleeves. Now you will form an arch by putting 8 legs together and pushing the curved end into the ridge poles.

Form the tent by rotating the poles upright. Insert pins at its base, and then snap the plastic clips along the unit’s sides.

Step #3

Push the buttons on each leg pole to stretch them. Assemble the doors and place the rain fly on. Seams should be over the pole and facing down.

Now push the awning pole (a black pole with a shock cord) through the rain fly sleeve. Attach the metal hooks on the rain fly into the holes on the leg poles. Set up the guy lines and loop the ends over the stakes.

How do you set up an Ozark Trail 10-person cabin tent?

ozark trail cabin tent

Here are the instructions on how to set up an Ozark Trail 10 person cabin tent.

Step #1

Extend it so it will be laying flat on the cleared ground. Grab the stakes and stake out the tent’s corners to secure it on the place.

Step #2

Take collapsible poles and assemble them. When you are finished with the assemblage put them into the sleeves on the top of the fabric.

Step #3

Now that you have all poles on the place you can lift it up. Go to the center poles and stabilize them through the ring and pin. Use small plastic clips on the walls to connect to the poles.

Step #4

Insert a pole above the doors through the sleeve. It will connect to a small ring and pin as well as a few plastic clips. Stake the bottom of the screen room to stabilize the tent and give it its shape.

Step #5

This is a step where you attach the rain fly on. Start on one end of the unit and pull it over it to the other side. A rain fly has small plastic hooks that attach to the stake loops so go ahead and use them to secure it to the tent.

Straps that hang from the rain fly simply attach to the ring and pin system. Secure it additionally by using the velcro tabs.

Step #6

Use a pole that has left and insert it through the sleeve over the doors to provide an awning. Set guy lines to stabilize and secure it against the wind.

Coleman 10 person instant tent setup guide

coleman instant dark room cabin tent

Did you know that instant tents are easier to put up than other models with the ordinary pole setup?

If you are an owner of a Coleman cabin instant tent for 10 people that has 10 x 14 feet then you need to check these simple tips to set it up with ease.

Step #1

Take it out of the bag and place it wherever you want to set it up. This model has an instant design meaning that it has a hub system – a pole system connected together like an umbrella. Place the hub system so that you will see it, upwards.

Step #2

Grab each pole and extend it. Proceed with each pole so you will get the final shape of the tent. Set the guy lines and stakes if you expect some wind to stay secure in one place. That’s it, simple right?

How long does it take to set up a 10 man tent?

The setup time depends on the model, your skills, and how many experiences you have with the tent assemblage. The most important factor regarding the setup is the model you will be putting up.

If you read the previous paragraphs you saw that an instant 10 person tent is faster and easier to pitch than the same size tent that requires pole assemblage.

Instant VS ordinary tent

If you have an instant model you will be able to pitch it in a few minutes as you will just lift the hub system up to lock.

However, if you own a unit with an ordinary setup you will spend about 20 minutes to get it ready because you will have to attach poles.

Is it hard to fold it?

It is harder to put down, fold and store a big tent instead of a small one, that’s for sure.

It will take some time to fold a 10 person tent but with some practice, you will be able to do it yourself in a matter of minutes.

When taking it down, consider the company’s instructions to do it right and to not damage the product or yourself.

How to Fold it?

There are a few steps to fold it and store it in a storage bag. Folding it down is the opposite task of putting it up. So, you will do the opposite process of setting it.

Detach guy lines and pull out the pegs

First, take care of guy lines and detach them from the pegs. Use a peg puller if you have one, this way you won’t damage the fabric. Pull all the pegs out of the dirt and store them in a safe place.

Collapsing the tent

Hint: Before dissembling it down make sure the windows and doors are open so the air will escape out while folding it.

Put the hard material away

Unroll the window flaps and other flaps that are rolled. Now it’s time to collapse it. Go to the back of the tent and start dissembling it by pulling the poles out.

When you are done pick them and store them in one place. No pole, stake, or other hard material should stay inside a tent.

Folding the fabric

The goal here is to fold it into a size that will fit into a storage bag. Take a storage bag and place it beside the tent to see which size do you need your model to be folded to store it properly.

Roll the tent section by section to get the width that you want. Finish rolling it so you will get a roll. Strap it and put it into the storage bag.

I advise that you consider the company’s instructions about collapsing it to make the process more understandable and easier. If you have someone to help you ask him for assistance.

What is a good 8 or 10 person cabin style tent?

Coleman Elite Montana 8 person is a cabin-style unit that I must mention. It is a well-made model with color-coded pole sleeves and poles that help to set it up in about 15 minutes.

It can sleep up to 8 people with the three queen airbeds inside. This model comes with a rain fly and an awning over the front door.

However, if you are looking for a bigger model, take a look at the Coleman WeatherMaster tent that can occupy up to 10 campers. With their WeatherTec system, you will be protected from inclement weather.

coleman cabin tent

What is the best 10-12 person camping tent?

If you are looking for a high and spacious outdoor unit for group camping then this Unistrengh 8-12 person bell tent is the right choice for you.

It is made of canvas which features high breathability and offers warmth inside.

I like that the bottom can be separated from the walls which means you can have more air inside in summer. It is waterproof treated, and you can use it in any weather, also in the rain and snow.

Which are the best 10 man tents with an air conditioner port?

Those of you who want to have a cooled area in the tent while camping in summer can purchase a unit that has an AC port.

These are wonderful for camping at the campground since you can plug the air conditioner into the power source.

The best models are Ozark Trail 12-person 3 room instant cabin and the Bushnell Shield Series instant cabin.

What is the best cheap 10-person tent?

If you are short of money and need a cheap camping tent that will be able to occupy your family up to ten people I suggest that you check the Mountain Trails Grand Pass 10 man shelter.

This model won’t cost you a fortune while you will get a decent unit. It is made of nylon material that is known for its strength, abrasion resistance, and stretchiness.

Which is the best dome 10-person camping tent?

Ozark Trail 10 person dome unit that measures 20 x 10 feet is an extended dome tent that can accommodate 10 people in 3 rooms. I like that each room has a separate entrance so campers can have privacy.

Wit the enhanced Weather Armor feature you will stay protected from the elements.

What is the best 10 man cabin tent?

CORE Equipment made a cabin tent that is able to accommodate up to 10 men and two queen air mattresses inside. With the center height of 86″, you will be able to stand and move freely without bending.

Their H20 block technology and adjustable ground vents increase its user-friendliness and element protection.

It is easy to organize things in such a big unit since it includes a gear loft and mesh pockets for item storage. This model has a room divider for privacy.

Which is the best 10-person canvas tent?

TETON Sports Sierra canvas tent deserves to be called the best canvas family unit that can accommodate up to 10 men.

With the steel poles and durable cotton fabric, this model can withstand all weather conditions.

It is easy to pitch due to a center pole assemblage. What I like about it that you can zip off its bottom to have a summer canopy or to provide fresh air inside and to have a great view.

Which is the best 10 man pop-up tent?

Outbound instant pop-up unit for 10 people is a red-color 3-season model with a heavy-duty 600mm coated rain fly with a front canopy that provides optimal weather protection.

Due to the strong durable fiberglass frame hub system, it is pitched instantly and doesn’t weigh as much as other large tents for camping.

What is the best 10-person instant tent?

The Coleman 10 person darkroom tent​ with a rain fly is one of the best-selling Coleman models that deserve your attention.

It is quite a different model than others since it provides a dark interior that blocks 90% of sunlight so you can sleep without waking up due to sunrise.

This model can be pitched in a matter of minutes because of a fast-pitching hub system.

Which is the best 10-man waterproof tent?

If you are looking for a tent that will keep your loved ones dry and safe you should choose a Coleman WeatherMaster 10-person outdoor model.

This waterproof unit has a WeatherTec system with tested waterproof features. I like the auto-closing screen door that increases its user-friendliness.

What is the best 10 person tent with a porch?

CORE 10-person instant cabin tent with screen room wins as it has enough space for a family and a porch to dine or store your outdoor equipment.

I love the instant setup that spares your time so you can hang out with your favorite people. It has an advanced venting system and a 2-room option.

The H20 Block technology offers faster water runoff with sealed seams and rain-resistant door and window seals.

The screened porch will make your summer dinners more pleasurable without annoying bugs and mosquitoes.

Which is the best 10 man 3-season tent?

The perfect tent for spring, summer, and fall family camping is the Wenzel Timber Ridge 10 man unit.

It is a more expensive model than others in the category but it has a multi-diameter pole technology that offers increased interior space without extra poles.

It has a strong floor fabric and a good ventilation system.

What is the best 10-person 4-season tent?

Unistrengh cotton canvas 8-12 people tent is a great 4-season unit that will protect you all year long and provide a good shelter in any weather. It is a bell tent so you will have a very tall center height.

Canvas material enables high breathability of the unit and all-weather protection. It is a sturdy and comfortable model where you will be able to place your favorite camping furniture.

Think of Space and Comfortability

A large camping tent will provide space and comfort for your outdoor adventure.

I have presented you with the best 10 person tents regarding the features that I see as important for camping with a large group. Which one will make your vacation memorable?

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