Best Beach Tent For Wind In 2019

Going to the beach and want to have sun and wind protection and privacy for changing swimsuits and clothes? Sun is getting stronger and laying directly on the sun isn’t a smart decision. I remember how I got burned from the sun and it happened so quickly that I even don’t know when.

Sunburns and skin cancer are the reasons you want to stay protected from the UV rays. The wind can also be a problem on the beach so you should have a decent and stable beach tent. The best thing is that you can enjoy a beautiful day and stay protected from harmful UV rays and wind with my recommendation of the best beach tent for wind.

What is the best windproof beach tent?

OutdoorMaster Pop Up Beach Tent XL - Easy Setup, Portable 3-4 Person Tall Beach Shade Folding Sun Shelter with UPF 50+ UV Protection Removable Skylight Family Size
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  • PROTECTS FROM SUN, RAIN AND WIND - Lightweight, compact beach tent provides protection from the sun,...
  • STAKES & SAND BAGS FOR EASY FIXTURE - Easy fixture of the tent on all surfaces with the included...
  • DOUBLES AS PORTABLE CHANGING ROOM - Built-in zippered door. Fun for kids & great privacy screen for...
  • WHAT YOU GET - OutdoorMaster Pop Up Beach Tent, Tent Carry Bag, OutdoorMaster's 6 months 100%...

After research, I have seen that OutdoorMaster pop up tent for the beach is a shelter that has multiple solutions when it comes to spending your free time on the beach. It also has features that beach lovers want in a beach tent so let’s take a look at this shelter from OutdoorMaster.

The OutdoorMaster pop up beach tent

Next features make this shelter perfect for the beach.

A multiple-solution beach tent

This automatic pop up beach tent is good for being protected from the sun (its fabric offers full sun protection with the UV SPF 50+ protection level), changing swimsuits and clothes, resting, storing food and drinks, and will protect you from the sun, rain, wind, and other inclement weather situation.

Tent specifications

This OutdoorMaster tent model is a glacier aqua blue and storm cloud gray xl beach tent. It has one door and weighs a little over 8 pounds when folded up.

Dimensions and accommodation

outdoormaster popup beach tent

The dimensions of the tent are 52 x 95 x 51 inches. It is big enough to accommodate two adults and a child or animal during the day, but at night it fits only one adult and a child sleeping bag, or two child sleeping bags.

Ventilation and privacy

The windows are more of a privacy screen than actual windows. They are made of mesh nylon and polyester mix. The windows also help to keep the air circulating so you will be able to enjoy the summer breeze.

It also has a privacy flap so that you can Velcro fasten the windows shut when you need to change your clothes. While a door on a tent may seem like nothing to brag about, a lot of beach tents don’t have doors or zippers at all.

The package items

This instant pop up beach tent comes with plastic beach stakes (6), wind strings (4), and sandbags built in the fabric for anchoring the tent in the sand. Moreover, you can put up this tent on the grass or other surfaces by placing the stakes. The tent comes with a handy carry bag.


It has a pop-up, no-assembly design that will make your tent stand up in a matter of seconds. You will just have to take your tent out of the storage bag, put it on the ground and extend it, check if the poles are connected and hold up the tent by two poles that are facing each other. The last thing to do is to press the locking system down to secure it.

Watch this youtube pop up beach tent assembly video to see how easy it is to set it up.


Disassembling this UV beach tent is as easy as assembling it; simply unlock and disconnect the poles. Just in case you forget the instructions or lose them, they are sewn into the carry bag case.

OutdoorMaster Beach tent review

For my three-day shoreline hike and camping trip, I packed up the OutdoorMaster tent into my truck and proceeded to the meetup site with my friends.

We enjoyed the sun while we were surfing. When the sun got high around mid-day, the temperatures soared and the air turned into a stiff, hot swelter like a sauna.

We began to set up our sun shelters. I made quite the scene with my pop up tent as it took considerably less time to set up than others. It was faster for me to set up the tent than others who were just unboxing it for the first time. It took me about three minutes from choosing my site and unpacking it from my travel gear. Check the latest price on Amazon.

It took me an extra minute because I hadn’t folded and secured the tent right last time, so the Velcro clasps had hooked around a leg stent, and also hooked into the tent fabric. Fortunately, everything was okay. Lesson learned, so make sure to pack up your tent according to directions.

Once I had my tent standing, I crawled inside and just relaxed. I felt unsure about being in a tent at high noon without any sunscreen (the stuff I put on earlier had worn off), but the UV protection fabric kept away any sunburns and worked well by providing nice shade for helping me sleep.

beach camping with friends

I wish I brought an inflatable mattress because this tent fits a single size inflatable mattress with a bit of space to spare. In a couple of hours, I woke up feeling slightly groggy, however, hydration helped.

I was able to unlock and collapse all four of my tent stents like a pro, though it felt a little awkward still being in the tent as I removed the last stent and having a nylon blanket fort as I crawled out. I suppose I could have bent over it and removed the last stent from the outside.

When night came, we made camp and a small fire. The OutdoorMaster beach tent didn’t do much to keep the heat in but it kept the tent ventilated and air circulating.

I didn’t need my sleeping bag, so I just used it as a mattress. In the morning, dew and precipitation from the damp environment were on the outside tent fabric but not in the tent.

The second and third day was uneventful and I just used the tent to take shelter from the high sun. Day three, it even rained a little bit and the tent did a fine job of keeping the water out, even though it doesn’t say anything about the tent’s waterproofness on the box.

What is the best pop up beach tent?

A good beach tent should protect you from the damaging UV rays, has enough mesh material for ventilation and offers a place to change your swimsuits and clothes.

OutdoorMaster beach tent has all these features. It has durable polyester Oxford fabric that is manufactured in a way that protects against the UV rays with the UV SPF 50+ protection level.

It has plenty of mesh so ventilation is guaranteed. This beach tent also has doors with zippers which is quite rare in beach tents so you will be able to have privacy when being inside.

What is the best beach tent for babies?

Babies have sensitive skin so they need sun protection the most while they shouldn’t be exposed to direct sun. OutdoorMaster instant tent is a good pop up beach tent for a baby that offers high UV protection and gives you space to change baby’s diapers. Mesh will take care of air circulation so your baby will feel comfortable when napping.

Can you set up tents on the beach?

You can set up your tent on the beach but you will have to make sure the tent is secured. Wind on the beach is common and sometimes it can blow with high speed so the first thing to do is to weight it down.

Make sure the tent is secured with stakes. Some beach tents have built-in sandbags so you don’t have to worry about adding more of these. However, there are beach tents that don’t have anchors so you should get some sandbags to secure the tent against the winds. Use sandbags, rocks or fill canisters with water to weigh it.

How do you keep a tent from blowing away?

anchoring a beach tent

When you buy a camping tent there are usually stakes in the package beside a tent and other equipment to anchor a tent to the ground. Tent camping on the beach requires anchoring the tent as there can get pretty windy. So, make sure you have sandbags to weight the tent or use DIY anchors as water canisters or rocks that will do the job.

Some beach shelters have sandbags stitched to the fabric, so in this case, you don’t have to worry about the tent getting blown away, still, you can anchor it additionally if there is a strong wind.

Are you allowed to camp on the beach?

The answer to this question depends on the country and the rules of the local beach. It is highly possible that you won’t be able to camp on a popular beach but let’s have a look which popular beaches in the world allow beach camping and which don’t.

What beaches can you camp on?

These are the popular beaches that you will be able to enjoy camping:

Florida, USA

  • Bahia Honda State Park
  • St. George Island State Park
  • Grayton Beach State Park
  • St. Andrews State Park
  • Anastasia State Park
  • Fort Clinch State Park and more.

California, USA

  • Dockweiler State Beach
  • Bolsa Chica State Beach
  • Doheny State Beach
  • San Clemente State Beach
  • San Elijo State Beach
  • Jalama Beach Country Park and others.


  • Memory Cove, Lincoln National Park, SA
  • Crayfish Beach, Hook Island, Whitsunday Islands National Park, QLD
  • Booderee National Park, Jervis Bay, NSW
  • Ned’s Camp, Cape Range National Park, WA
  • Noah Beach, Daintree National Park, QLD and more.


  • Lichnos Beach, Parga in Greece
  • Durdle Door Beach, Dorset in England
  • Cala Llevado Beach in Spain
  • Hillend Campsite, Swansea in Wales
  • Domaine Riva Bella in Corsica, France, and others.

How do you prepare for beach camping?

When going beach camping you should consider things that you will need. Think of the beach necessities and gather them in one spot. This way you won’t forget important things like sun cream, a beach tent with UV protection, and others.

It is good to have a beach bag or some rucksack to put all the things inside. If you will camp with your family, your kids can have toys stored in their rucksacks.

Food and water supplies are crucial, especially if you will camp a whole day, so make sure you have a cooler with you where you put refreshing foods, and water to stay hydrated.

What to pack for camping at the beach?

beach bag

Camping on the beach and wild camping have some things in common however you should think twice when it comes to beach tent camping. Consider taking the next important items:

  • A beach tent that has a UV protection layer
  • Tent anchors (sandbags or similar)
  • A cooler
  • Plenty of water (a water canister)
  • Refreshing foods that won’t spoil soon
  • A sun cream
  • Towels, swimsuits and additional clothes for changing
  • A long sleeve shirt to avoid sunburns (especially for children)

How to fold up a pop up beach tent?

When your day on the beach is ending you will have to pack your things. You shouldn’t have a problem folding pop up beach tent since it is made in a way to offer quick protection.

In most cases, you will have to press the tent down and fold it so it will fit in a storage bag. I recommend reading the instructions so you will be able to store your tent in a matter of minutes without a hustle.

Beach Camp With Style

OutdoorMaster beach shelter is a fine model to use. I found the tent well packaged and represented except for the claims on the box where it says it only takes a few seconds to set up. However, tents aren’t pop-out origami, they have rods that you need to put into place.

The tent did a great job of keeping the sun out and cooling things with the provided shade. I loved the privacy flaps for my windows and a zipper entrance which a lot of other beach tents don’t have. It will provide you privacy for sleeping, changing clothes or baby’s diapers.

It comes in blue color. The tent is made of durable polyester and oxford fabric and comes with fiberglass poles.

Wind won’t be a problem since you have sandbags already stitched to the fabric and fiberglass poles to secure the tent. It is lightweight and easy to carry around when you are searching for a perfect beach spot. In the package, you will get the tent, a carry bag, iron stakes, plastic beach stakes, and wind strings.

Enjoy with the OutdoorMaster beach tent as the best beach tent for the wind that is easy to pitch, protects from the UV rays and gives enough space for resting and changing clothes. Also, don’t forget to put sunscreen on and drink a lot of water. I also recommend that you stay away from the sun from 12 am to 4 pm. Have a nice time on the beach!

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