Best Blackout Tents For An Undisturbed Outdoor Sleep

Are you one of those people who likes to prolong sleep in the early morning while being outdoors?

best blackout tents

We both know how the sun rises early, especially if you are spending the night in nature.

If you like to sleep long and want to rest in a dark interior in the afternoon I have great news for you.

Camping tents are becoming more and more improved year after year.

Outdoor companies decided to offer a new line of tents that have dark material to have a comfortable sleep even if the sun is already in the sky.

To find the most worthy, check the best blackout tents for camping that will make your sleeping undisturbed and comfortable.

Dark rest tents

Before I proceed with the best blackout tent reviews, I should tell you a short story that made me buy a new shelter that blocks daylight.

When sleeping in an ordinary shelter the sun won’t let you sleep as it doesn’t block the sunlight. I remember how this happened to me when I camped with friends.

We had a long hiking tour on the trail and I fell asleep like I was beaten up.

The next day sun woke me up at 5.30 am and I was feeling like a train drove through me.

I remember that day wasn’t easy for me as I didn’t get enough quality night sleep. Nothing helped, not even a large cup of coffee.

This is why it is clever to get a dark rest tent that will help you to get enough sleep to wake up with energy and being prepared for the next outdoor adventure.

I invite you to check the best blackout tents manufacturers and their best creations.

CORE 6 Person Tent with Block Out Technology

CORE 6 Person Tent with Block Out Technology
  • BLOCK OUT TECHNOLOGY: Block 90% of sunlight from entering your tent, keeping it cooler and allowing...
  • WEATHER PROTECTION: H20 Block Technology combines water-repellent fabrics with a fully taped rainfly...
  • ADJUSTABLE VENTILATION: A lower air intake vent draws in cool air from the ground while mesh panels...
  • INTERIOR ORGANIZATION: Keep small items off the floor with the conveniently located storage pockets...
  • WHAT’S IN THE BAG: Includes tent, rainfly with attached guylines, gear loft, poles, tent stakes,...

The Core Equipment made a nice looking dome unit for 6 people that has Block Out technology. It fits two queen air mattresses for comfy sleeping.

Its dimensions are 9 x 11 feet. The center height is 66 inches which are enough for you to sit and change your clothes comfortably. It weighs 17.2 pounds.

Material & special technologies

The product is made out of a durable 68D polyester that is known for its lightness.

The floor features a durable 115gsm P.E. The company included CORE H20 Block Technology to provide you waterproof tent and Black Out technology that blocks 90% of sunlight.

Other details

This Core blackout tent includes a utility port to easily use electronics inside. The port has a cover to protect the opening from precipitation and dew.

The Black Out technology includes light panels for temperature control and airflow.

The rain fly covers 3/4 of the structure. There is one door that isn’t covered; it doesn’t have an awning. You will find a window on the door.

It has small mesh pockets on the bottom ceilings to keep your essentials neat.


It has cross-ventilation since you will find adjustable air intake vents on the ground so the air can get in and a roof vent and mesh ceiling for the hot air to escape.


Layout the fabric on the flat ground. There are 3 color-coded poles to assemble; 2 red ones for the dome structure and a gray one for the door. Assemble them.

Grab one of the red poles and insert it through the red pole sleeve. Put its end into the corner grommets at the bottom of the fabric.

Repeat the steps with the other red pole to get your tent standing (both poles will crisscross).

Attach the hooks on the fabric to the poles and the one on the top center where the red poles intersect.

Now it’s time to put the gray pole above the door. Insert it through the gray/black pole sleeve above the door and secure it at the two middle grommets (that are free to use) so it will crisscross both red poles.

Secure the fabric on the pole with provided hooks.

Drape the fly over the structure and secure it with the hooks to the grommets. Stake the shelter on the ground with pegs and guy lines.

  • High center height
  • CORE H2O Block Technology
  • Simple setup with color-coded poles
  • Covered utility port
  • Mesh interior pockets
  • Poor ventilation with the fly on
  • Thin floor
  • Not so sturdy
  • Not recommendable in wind storms

Bushtec Adventure Delta Zulu 3000 Canvas Tent

Delta Zulu 3000 Canvas 4 Person Chalet Tent. Canvas camping tent or outfitter tent with waterproof ripstop canvas. Four season military grade canvas tent by Bushtec Adventure (Gazebo sold separately).
  • Fabric: Extremely durable military-grade 550 gsm canvas, waterproof, CPAI 84 fire retardant (meets...
  • High quality features: Built in PVC flooring with flood walls keeps water out. Easy set up in under...
  • Construction: Taped seams to ensure waterproof integrity. Powder coated 1.2 MM steel poles, zinc...
  • Spacious size: 4 person capacity, tall enough for 6 foot person to stand comfortably. Compatible...
  • Specs: Open size 9 feet x 6 feet x 7 feet high. Packed size 32 inches x 15 inches x 13 inches....

Did you hear of a Bushtec Adventure company yet? They are manufacturing the finest canvas tents in the factory in Ladysmith, South Africa for more than 50 years now and in the USA since 2016.

Their luxury products have built some of the best safari lodges around the world.

Here you have a Bushtec Adventure Delta Zulu canvas tent that is one of their best-selling models. The unit measures 9 x 6 x 7 feet and sleeps 3-4 people comfortably.

It weighs 44 pounds so you will be able to transport it with a vehicle.


This heavy-duty tent is constructed from 550gsm rip-stop military-grade canvas that is waterproofed with a 550 mm coating.

The material is CPAI 84 fire retardant. The floor features 550gsm PVC that is sewn-in and has floodwalls. It includes 1.2mm thick premium grade powder-coated steel poles.

Other specifications

You will be able to open the doors with the world’s best YKK zippers and use unbendable pegs, zinc-coated D-rings, and brass eyelets.

This model includes electric socket pockets to power gadgets from the comfort of your unit.

Weather resistance

The company heat-sealed all the seams to provide camping without leakage. The flood walls will protect you from the rainwater. This model can withstand up to 60 mph winds (tested).

Storm straps are included as well. The Delta Zulu 3000 has inner and outer flaps for extra warmth or cooling so it makes it a quality 4-season chalet tent.


Don’t worry about ventilation since this one has 2 large windows with mosquito gauze, air vents, and normal size door (the outer doors can be rolled aside) to provide high-level ventilation.

The inner and outer flaps help to increase air circulation also. And don’t you forget that you will be camping in the most breathable tent fabric there is.

Get the gazebo to expand your camping tent area

With this cabin unit, you can also get the Delta Zulu 1200 gazebo that will provide additional protection from the rain and space for setting up a table at the porch or store the gear.

You can use it throughout the year on the shelter or separately at a backyard party.

It is made of the best ripstop, waterproof, fire retardant and UV/SPF protected canvas shell that comes with the premium powder-coated lightweight galvanized steel frame. It is 7 feet high.

If you are interested in expanding your camping tent area and enjoying on a covered porch purchase the Bushtec Adventure 1200 Gazebo that will fit perfectly on the Delta Zulu 3000 model.


The unit can be set up by 2 people in under 30 minutes without using any tools.

Click here for erecting instructions with pictures that will help you to get your tent ready for enjoyment in no time.

  • Heavy-duty military canvas fabric
  • Large windows
  • Strong (steel) frame
  • High ceiling (even if you are taller than 6 feet)
  • Inner and outer flaps
  • Electric socket pockets
  • Heavy
  • Pricey

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

Coleman Camping Tent | Dark Room Cabin Tent with Instant Setup, Green/Black/Teal, 10 Person
  • Dark Room Technology reduces heat inside tent for more comfortable rest any time of day
  • WeatherTec system's welded corners and inverted seams keep water from getting in
  • Included rainfly offers extra weather protection
  • Reflective guy lines for greater visibility at night
  • E-Port makes it easy to bring electrical power inside

This is a darkroom instant tent from Coleman that is one of the most known blackout shelters on the market. It measures 14 x 10 feet and has 6 ft. 7 inches center height.

The model can accommodate up to 10 people but it’s better if you camp with less to stay comfortable. You will be able to put 2 queen-size airbeds inside. It weighs 42 pounds.


The unit is made of rugged poly guard 2X double-thick fabric that comes with a 2000 mm waterproof index.

The welded floor is manufactured with polyethylene that should keep you dry inside.

The frame for this structure is steel, only the door poles are made from fiberglass.

Other features

Coleman included a dark room technology that blocks 90% of sunlight to provide darkened interior.

The product includes 2 hinged doors, and 5 big windows to let the light and air in whenever you want.


Doors have Velcro straps so you can close the doors faster than using zippers all the time (come in handy throughout the day and are appropriate for kids).

There is a small orange hook on the front door to open it with ease.

This cabin-style shelter has an E-port for having electricity inside and a room divider for privacy.

There is a lantern hook for placing a lighting source on.


With the WeatherTec system and a 2000 mm waterproof coating, you will stay element protected in normal weather with some rain and wind (35+ mph).

The system includes the important waterproof features that are needed to have a dry outdoor experience. The product also has a rain fly that covers only its roof part.

Air circulation

This is a two-layer product from which the inner fabric is made with plenty of mesh on the windows and ceiling to enable fresh air to get inside and to circulate.

Opening both doors enables cross ventilation. However, there is no ground vent that would increase the airflow.


The 2-room tent is pretty easy to erect due to its automatic design. It features telescoping poles that are integrated into the fabric so you won’t need to struggle with assembling the poles.

For its one-minute setup, you will need to follow the next steps.

The process

Put the fabric with all the parts out of the carry bag. Layout the shelter on the ground and lift the center of the automatic pole system.

Now extend all the corners out so the bottom poles will stand on the ground.

The next step is to extend the upper telescoping poles. Go ahead and extend all the 5 upper poles. You will hear a click when you did the job right. Put the fly on and secure it at the bottom.

Attach the fabric to the poles with the provided hooks.

Installing the door

The final step is to install the doors. Grab the fiberglass pole and insert it through the pole sleeve on the door.

When you see the pole end out of the sleeve secure it in the rubber gasket that is sewn-in into the door panel to secure it. Secure the upper part of the pole as well.

Do you need to stake it?

The model is freestanding, meaning you don’t necessarily need to stake it down and use guy lines to stand.

Still, I recommend doing so because the structure can lean and fabric sag, not being able to provide a secure shelter.

You can pitch it on any surface and relocate it to the other location (if not already staked out) as you lift it and place it on the other, more desirable area.

  • Reflects 90% of the sunlight
  • High center height
  • WeatherTec system
  • Hinged doors with Velcro straps
  • Instant setup (about 60 seconds)
  • Room divider
  • Not appropriate for high winds and rainstorms
  • Not full-coverage rainfly
  • Needs to be staked down to not tilt
  • No ground vents

Ozark Trail Six-Person Dark Rest Cabin Tent

This Ozark Trail blackout tent is similar to the previous Coleman model but comes with some different features.

The structure offers 10 x 9 feet interior space to accommodate up to 6 people but I recommend using it with fewer campers to feel more comfortable. Its center height is 68 inches. It can fit 2 queen air mattresses.

This instant cabin unit weighs 15.4 pounds when being assembled while the storage bag has 20 pounds.

This is a product that is perfect for car camping as you won’t be able to carry it on the long-distance.


This Ozark Trail tent includes an automatic steel frame that provides a strong standing structure, especially in the case of the wind.

The model is made of polyester that is the most used tent material.

Other specs

The darkroom instant model has poles built in the fabric, making it an automatic shelter that can be set up pretty fast and easy without specific skills.

As it has a cabin shape you will be able to have enough headroom and place your favorite gear inside.


This is a user-friendly tent that offers a gear loft and large mesh organizer for the organization of the items and essentials that you need to have close at hand.

There is one big D-shape door, and 3 closable mesh windows with panels (one on the door). It includes a covered electrical cable opening.

With the dark test technology and panels you will be able to adjust the darkness level inside with ease which is a pretty cool feature.

3-layer ceiling

What surprised me was the ceiling that is made of 3 layers. It includes dark-rest panels to make the place dark, a mesh ceiling, and rain fly on top.

The panels can be adjusted from the inside to stargaze or to let some light in.

Stopping the condensation

The company provided a mesh ceiling, big windows that can be opened, and a ground vent on the back of the structure so the air can circulate to stop condensation.


The unit should be used in the first three seasons of the year since it has normal waterproof features.

The fly covers only the roof with the corners, making it even more obvious that this is a three-season shelter.

The bathtub floor helps to keep the rainwater out.


Put the fabric out of the bag and extend its corners. Start lifting each corner pole so it will stand straight and don’t forget to extend it as it has a telescoping system.

It is nice if someone helps you but you can also do it yourself.

Attach the hooks on the fabric to the poles for stability.

Put the fly on and secure it by attaching it to the leg poles.

Stake the corners of the tent, use the guy ropes and you are ready to use it safely.

  • Dark rest technology
  • Adjustable roof & ceiling panels
  • Big windows
  • Instant setup
  • User-friendly
  • Partial rain fly
  • Not appropriate for winter camping with wind
  • The door zipper could be of better quality

Quechua 2 Second Fresh & Black 3-Person Tent

No products found.

Are you tired of setting up a tent for eternity?

No matter if you had some problems with the setup or you are a first-time camper, you will love this Quechua blackout tent as it sets up in just 2 seconds without any skills needed.

The Quechua Fresh & Black unit is 3 man blackout tent that pops out. It measures 82 x 73 inches and has 40 inches in height.

The pop-up blackout tent fits a self-inflating or backpacking mattress measuring 23.6 inches maximum. Its weight is 9 lbs 4 oz.


The structure is made of 100% polyester while the floor features polyethylene. The poles that are integrated inside the fabric are fiberglass which is flexible.

Other details

This three-season unit has one D-shape door that is rollable and attached to aside with the hooks and loops. There is a loop where you can hang a lantern.

Organizing accessories like phones, keys, and other small stuff isn’t problematic as you have enough mesh pockets inside to store them.

When you are inside and close the door you will have a small vestibule where you can place your dirty shoes and other camp equipment.

Fresh & Black technology

This is a free-standing structure that has Fresh & Black patented exterior fabric.

What is this fabric like? It is UV 50+ resistant and made of 4 layers that combine both Fresh & Black technology.

The fresh technology reduces the heat while the dark technology keeps your interior dark so you can rest.

Four-layer material

The first two layers reflect the sun rays, the third one absorbs the light and the final one protects you from the heat.

Due to the sophisticated manufacturing, this unit provides 99.9% of darkness even in broad daylight which is the highest darkness level among all the models on the list.

The model can reduce the heat on the inside by 17% which is amazing.


The fly has 2 panels that you can open from the inside and attach to the guy ropes. By pulling a cord, the entire rear flysheet can also be lifted so the air can get in.

The condensation is reduced also due to a door and two areas between the flysheet and the ground on each side of the sleeping room.

Rain and wind protection

This tent has been tested for rain and has a 2000 mm waterproof level so it can withstand normal weather conditions. The 4.2 oz/sqm polyethylene floor will protect you from rainwater.

The seams are sealed using thermal bond tape. It can withstand up to 30 mph winds.


Open the bag and get the shelter out. Remove the strap (it should be yellow) and the shelter will start to open. Then remove the orange strap and extend it so it will be fully open.

Use guy lines and pegs to secure it. That’s it.

  • Instant assembly
  • Fresh & Black technology
  • Very well-ventilated
  • Compact
  • Spacious
  • Not an all-year model
  • The package is big

Vango Airbeam Odyssey Air 500 Villa Tent

Vango Airbeam Odyssey Air 500 Villa Tent, Epsom Green [Amazon Exclusive]
  • Inflatable AirBeam structure allows pole free pitching, ensuring tent is erect in a matter of...
  • Vango Protex 70 denier polyester flysheet, 4000 mm HH - highly waterproof, durable and reliable...
  • Covered entrance - gives a sheltered entrance to your tent, which prevents rain from dripping in to...
  • Double zip door - provides additional flexibility by allowing the top of the door to be opened...
  • Lights out inner tent - darker fabric reduces the amount of early morning light

Here you have an air tent from Vango, the UK company that makes one of the best air tents in the world due to its AirBeam technology that enables quick and easy pitching.

With dimensions of 183 x 118 x 77 inches, it can occupy up to 5 campers inside with the 5 sleeping bags or 2 king-size mattresses in the bedroom. The product’s weight is 40.9 pounds.


This Vango blackout tent doesn’t have any traditional poles as fiberglass or aluminum since they are inflatable by air.

The product is manufactured by Protex 70D polyester that is light and durable.

A hydrostatic head of 4000 mm should protect you while camping in moderate rain and downpours.

The fully sewn-in floor features a robust and waterproof polyethylene (PE) material to keep you dry.

The material is fire-retardant and meets ISO5912* standards and has an UPF30 UV protection factor.

Other features

The inflatable blackout tent can be used throughout the year since the fabric is made to withstand inclement weather with snow.

The outer layer includes 2 tall doors with mesh and cover, and diamond clean windows with privacy toggled curtains in the front room for light and visibility.

The first room is appropriate to place a table and chairs inside and storing the gear. The upright sidewalls enable you to have more space.


You will find lantern hanging points that are conveniently positioned to illuminate the area when you need it.

If you have teenagers with you who are obsessed with their phones and electronics, they will be happy to know that this blackout air tent has electrical port access so they can power up their favorite gadgets.

The bedroom has mesh essential pockets.

Inner tent features

As I mentioned, this is a shelter that has two tents in one; an inner and outer fabric.

The inner structure is attached to the external shell with hooks and has two separate doors due to a room divider that splits the bedroom in two (2 people can sleep in one room and 3 in the other).

TBS®II Tension Band system

The TBS®II Tension Band system will help you to have a stable shelter in windy conditions.

When the system is tensioned the bands brace the pole at 3 points to reduce sideways movement.

Pro tip: Don’t tight the system too much as you can damage the poles.

AirBeam technology

With over 10 years of making their creations with AirBeam® technology, they are leaders in pole-free tent setup.

The technology ensures your awning is erect within a matter of minutes (you will inflate the Odyssey model in about 10 minutes).

You get a double-action pump with the purchase to get your product ready for usage.


With the Vango AirZone, you can create a comfortable flow of air through the structure due to the high and low-level ventilation panels.

Weather protection

It has a bathtub floor which means higher possibilities that groundwater won’t splash inside. The seams are fully taped to avoid leakage.

The sewn-in groundsheet is attached to the flysheet with an external storm skirt to provide all year protection.


Get the tent out of the storage bag and extend it on the ground. Take all the parts out as well and stake the shelter. Open the doors and start inflating the AirBeam system.

Don’t forget to inflate all the poles so the structure can stand straight and tall.

Go inside and around the unit to see if it is inflated as it should be and reflate it if you need to. Use guy lines to secure it in the bad weather.

Now go inside and attach the inner tent to the outer fabric to have a bedroom ready.

Pitching instructions pdf

Here you have a Vango Odyssey AirBeam 500 installation pdf with pictures (scroll down to the Download tab) to help you erect the shelter and takedown in no time.

  • Vango AirBeam for a fast setup
  • Upright side walls
  • Two doors
  • Two bedrooms
  • User-friendly
  • All-year unit
  • An entrance zipper can snag
  • Heavy
  • Expensive

Coleman Kobuk Valley 4 Blackout tent

Kobuk Valley 4 Plus from Coleman was the winner of the Camping magazine’s 2016 editor’s choice awards in the best camping innovation category.

It is a 4 man blackout tent that comes with blackout bedroom technology.

I recommend it for 2 adults and 2 children or 2-3 adults to stay comfortable inside.

The whole model measures 134 inches in length and 110 inches in width.

This dome-tunnel tent has a center height of 55 inches. The packed weight of this unit is 14.5 pounds.

It is a perfect choice for a small family who is going on a weekend getaway or on a festival.


The groundsheet of the first room is removable and is made of polyethylene. The bedroom floor is manufactured from welded, fully integrated polyethylene.

Inner /outer tent

The outer fabric features a fire-retardant polyester that includes a 4500 mm polyurethane coating to protect you from the bad weather.

The inner material features breathable polyester and no-see-um mesh to stop bugs from entering the structure.

The color-coded poles are fiberglass which means they are flexible and lightweight. The company included Coleman® UVGuard™ protection with the SPF50.

Other specs

There are the most important tent features that you should know about.

The living room

Kobuk 4 Plus extended dome tent is made of two rooms; a living room and a bedroom.

A living room has one D-shape door that can be rolled aside and 2 PVC windows with privacy panels on the side.

This is a great place to leave your wet shoes and gear stuff.

The bedroom

You will be happy to see a loop for hanging a lantern on the center top. It comes with the storage spaces on each side so you can have your essentials at hand all the time.

BlackOut bedroom technology

The Coleman’s BlackOut bedroom technology blocks up to 99% of the daylight no matter when you are going to take a nap or prolong your morning sleep.

It will help you to have a cooler interior for about 5 degrees when it’s hot outside and a 1 degree warmer bedroom when the temperatures will drop.

Air circulation

There are two ventilation points on each side on the upper part of the bedroom fabric and one at the door. The porch also has ventilation points, one on each side.

The inner dome unit has mesh so the air will circulate. Roof vents are included. The whole ventilation system will prevent condensation and control the climate.

Protection from the weather

The model includes Coleman’s famous WeatherTec system that is a package with many useful waterproof features. It will provide comfort and protection.

With the 4500 mm waterproof index, this shelter is appropriate for adventures throughout the year.

It withstands the wind pretty well. The bathtub floor and the full-coverage fly provide additional weather protection.


You shouldn’t have any issues with assembly of this unit and it should take about 10 minutes to get it ready. Layout the inner fabric on the floor. Peg the corners.

Assemble the poles and make a loop with the top center cloth, found on the inner tent.

Insert the black poles through the loop (they will crisscross) and insert the pins into the ring system at the bottom of the fabric.

Now take the hooks provided on the fabric and attach them to the poles. Peg out the whole structure.

Place the rain fly on and secure it on the poles with the Velcro straps. Insert the last red porch pole through the door sleeve.

Grab the pole and thread it through and secure the pins into the ring system. Secure the flysheet.

Peg the reflective guy lines and here you have it, your shelter is ready to use.

  • BlackOut bedroom technology
  • WeatherTec system
  • UVGuard™ technology
  • Full-coverage fly
  • Two rooms
  • Fast pitching
  • Pegs could be sturdier
  • Some light can be seen through the sides of the door

Hikergarden Dark Room Cube Tent

HG Tents-for-Camping-5-Person, Dark Room Cube Tent, Pop up 10x10 Canopy, UV 50+ Waterproof Windproof Family Tent, Portable with Wheeled Carry Bag, for All Seasons
  • Completely Dark Inside - The whole tent uses 50+ UV polyester, which blocks out 99% of sunlight...
  • Combination of Tent and Canopy - 1 x canopy, 1 x sidewall, 1x tent are included. You can combine as...
  • Roomy for 5 People - The tents for camping is the perfect family tent. With the dimension of 10 x 10...
  • Easy Set-up and Store - Set up in 3 minutes with 2 people. The roller bag is easy for portability....
  • No-Risk Purchase - Canopy tent 10x10 offers unconditional 1-year quality assurance to offer you a...

Hikergarden made a cube tent that will provide you enough space in a dark interior shelter. It can accommodate up to 5 people as it has dimensions of  10 x 10 x 9.25 feet.

You will be able to fit 5 sleeping bags or 2 queen air mattresses for sleeping more comfortably.


This is a basic cube tent that is made of UV 50+ waterproof synthetic material. The floor is flame-retardant and silent while you walk. You can use a gas stove inside.

The frame of the product is steel to hold the whole structure in place and to withstand the wind.

Other specifications

This is a very tall 5 man blackout tent where you will be able to walk freely inside.

It has a lot of space due to straight walls to place your favorite sleeping gear inside. You can use it throughout the year.

The unit features one large D-shape door and 3 mesh windows to provide air circulation.

There is an E-port close to the door to recharge electrical devices like phones and tablets.

Multi purpose structure

You will like this one as you can set just a canopy for your backyard party or as a sunshade shelter or use the whole structure for camping in the wild.

You can use a sidewall to have additional sun and wind protection or just to have some privacy from curious neighbors.


Take the carry bag and put all the parts out. First, take the foldable steel frame and extend it and place the roof on. Now extend the frame’s legs.

The push-pin locking enables you to choose among three height settings. Use a hook and loop fastener to attach the fabric to the frame.

Now that you have a canopy ready you can get busy by installing the inner tent for sleeping. There is a clear span center where you will attach it.

Set the fabric in the center by D ring and attach the corners as well with the help of a round ring and a J hook for structure security.

Attach the bottom fabric to the frame by placing a J hook to the steel footpad.

Tie the fabric to the frame and here you have a spacious and straight-forward tent to spend the next camping vacation.

  • A lot of space + headspace
  • Fire-retardant floor
  • Multi-functional
  • All-year unit
  • Large D-shape door
  • E-port
  • Basic (no storage pockets or a lantern hook)
  • Not appropriate to use in high winds
  • Pricey

Ozark Trail Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent

No products found.

Do you want to get a dark rest tent that is huge and has plenty of space for your loved ones to enjoy themselves?

Here it is a creation of Ozark Trail that can occupy up to 12 people. It measures 20 x 10 feet with a peak height of 80 inches.

This 3-room model has 54 pounds so it is only possible to go car camping with it.


The whole construction includes 190T coated polyester fabric, strong steel leg poles, and fiberglass roof poles.

The bathtub floor is made of durable synthetic material that protects from rainwater and tear.

Other features

This large family camping unit has 2 wide doors that have two zippers. Each door can be opened on both the left and right sides so you will be able to enter/exit the shelter with ease.

There are plenty of meshed roof windows with zippable panels to open or close according to your wishes. They are perfect for stargazing with your kids so try it out!

The 3-season family tent also has rectangular windows with panels on each side to provide light and airflow. You will be able to store valuables in the mesh storage pouches found throughout the space.

There is a place to hang a lantern or a flashing light to illuminate the interior at night.

Dark Rest Technology Skylight

It is a 12-person dark rest tent with a dark rest technology skylight that will enable you to sleep longer in the morning and give your kids a darkened place to take a nap in the afternoon.

Check the video below to see how dark the interior can get in the middle of a sunny day.

3-room tent

You will be able to relax in 3 separate rooms and place the sleeping beds as you like. The rooms are divided by the curtains that attach to the loops on the inner fabric.


You shouldn’t have any problems with condensation as this is a well-made product with plenty of mesh windows on the inner tent roof. Windows, doors, and 2 ground vents increase airflow additionally.


I don’t know how much HH index this unit has but it is clearly a shelter for the first three seasons since it has plenty of mesh on the roof part and partial rain fly that covers only the roof and the roof corners.

I like the bathtub floor so the water can’t get in so easily.


If you want to set up this model easier I recommend asking someone to help you but it’s ok if you are setting it alone. So, what are the steps to get this big boy ready?

Setup steps

Take the box out of the carry bag. Put all the parts on the ground and take the inner tent. Place it on the ground where you want to pitch it.

Extend the corners and start lifting the frame by extending pole by pole as this is an instant tent with built-in telescoping poles.

You will need some time to extend all the poles and to get the structure standing if you are doing it alone (around 15 minutes).

When you are finished, stake the model out to secure it even if this is a freestanding unit.

  • Very spacious with 3 rooms available
  • Dark Rest Technology Skylight
  • Instant setup
  • Bathtub floor
  • Plenty of mesh windows with panels
  • Two doors
  • User-friendly
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Small light penetrating areas (on the roof)
  • It could get hot on direct sun
  • Not usable in the winter and cold temperatures

Coleman Blackout 3 festival tent 

This is one of the Coleman blackout tents that is great for festivals or camping.

This two-layer model has dimensions of 128 x 71 x 47 inches.

It can fit 3 people with sleeping bags inside (2 adults comfortable). It weighs 11 pounds.


It includes 3 color-coded fiberglass poles and features a polyester material with the high 4500 mm polyurethane waterproof index which is quite a lot for a festival tent.

The floor is made of durable polyethylene, a sturdy plastic that won’t tear as easily.

The fabric has UVGuard technology integrated that has SPF 50 factor to protect the structure from the sun rays.

Other details

This model provides two rooms – a living room and a bedroom.

The living area provides space for relaxing through the day and to put your outdoor gear away. The porch has a detachable floor so you won’t face wet grounds.

The room features PVC windows with panels; one window on each side.

The bedroom

The bedroom is in a dome shape. It has one D-shape door that is breathable.

You will be satisfied to see mesh pockets at the walls and a place to hang a lighting source to see at night. It has one D-shape door that can be rolled away.

Rain protection

This is an extended dome tent that has a high waterproof rating (4500 mm) and comes with a full-coverage rain fly to protect the whole structure from precipitation.

It withstands against wind well. A bathtub floor will keep the groundwater out.

The well-known WeatherTec system includes waterproof features that will provide you a safe and dry interior.


Both rooms have mesh doors. The sleeping room includes breathable polyester and no-see-um mesh so the air can circulate.

I was pleased to see roof vents (at the porch area and roof) as they are necessary when you camp in the rain to provide optimal ventilation. There is also a small gap between the fly and inner fabric that will help to boost the air in.

BlackOut technology

This BlackOut bedroom unit has the technology that blocks 99% of daylight. It is really dark inside when you close the door of the bedroom. It will help you to rest through the day and to prolong the morning sleep.


It is easy and fast to pitch this model and you will need around 10 minutes to have it erected. So, how to do it?

First, open the package and get all the parts out. Extend the fabric and stake its corners. Assemble the black poles and place them one over the other on the fabric so they will crisscross each other.

Tie them with a cloth in the center of the material so they will be connected with the tent and more secure.

Secure their ends on the floor. When securing the other part of the pole (that will make an arch) make sure that you do it slowly as fiberglass poles are prone to break.

Attach the fabric on the poles with hooks. Peg the whole structure, including the porch area to have stress-free camping even in the inclement weather.

Place the outer fabric on and secure it with the provided Velcro straps. Insert the red pole into the red sleeve above the porch door and put the pins into the pole ends.

Peg the four corners of the fly and the porch area.Peg the reflective guy lines at 45 degrees to have a stable shelter.

The final step is to toggle the groundsheet to the fly at the door and you are ready for the adventure.

  • Two rooms
  • BlackOut technology (really dark interior!)
  • UVGuard
  • WeatherTec system
  • Attachable porch groundsheet
  • PVC windows at the porch
  • Full-coverage rainfly
  • High waterproof index
  • Storing it in a storage bag can be a challenge
  • Small three-person unit

Coleman Octagon BlackOut Tent

Coleman Tent Octagon, 6 to 8 Man Festival Dome Tent, Waterproof Family Camping Tent with Sewn-in Groundsheet
  • 360 degree view plus enhanced ventilation: six large windows and mesh roof for maximum air...
  • Sturdy and easy to pitch family size octagon tent: colour-coded steel poles for easy set up and a...
  • Single extra large room: with a removable partition curtain to segregate it into two areas; can be...
  • 100% waterproof: thanks to Coleman's Weather Tec system with 2000 mm HH combined with taped seams...
  • Enhanced size: 3.96 x 3.96 x 2.15 m (LxWxH); 1 bedroom: 15.7 m² total; pack size: 85 x 30 x 30 cm...

I also included the Coleman Octagon tent if you want to invite your loved ones to an outdoor adventure.

It can accommodate up to 8 people in a structure with dimensions 155 x 155 x 82 inches.

This is a great option if you want to have more luxury while you enjoy outdoors as it is quite spacious and has a high center height, enough to move around freely.


This octagon unit from Coleman is manufactured with breathable inner mesh, fire-retardant polyester PU coated flysheet with a 4500 mm coating, and integrated polyethylene ground floor.

It includes 19 mm steel poles which are strong but add some extra weight to the product.

Other specs

This 8-person dark rest tent has one hinged D-shape door with a two-way-zipper and a lot of mesh windows to let the air and light in.

The outer door can be closed with a zipper and with Velcro straps for extra security.

The main room has windows on each side (8 sides) to provide a 360° surrounding view. When you want to darken the place, just put a fly on.

This tent has an interesting design since you can open the fly where the windows are to have a clear view. It looks like a pretty nice outdoor home with the panels opened.

It includes one big mesh pocket at the door to store small accessories. There is a loop to hang a lantern on the center top. You can get this model in blue or green color (I like the green one).


With the high sewed-in bathtub floor, a high waterproof rating, and a full-coverage rainfly your product will be able to withstand heavy rain.

The flysheet is fully-taped. It also features famous WeatherTec technology to keep you dry all the time.

Air circulation

With the mesh windows and roof and opened fly panels you will have a well-ventilated shelter.

I just don’t know why there aren’t any ground or roof vents integrated on the flysheet.

Some air could get in at the bottom as there is a gap between both layers.

BlackOut technology

As all of Coleman’s tents on the list have a BlackOut technology, this model has it too. It will provide you a dark interior with the fabric blocking 99% of sunlight.


Layout the fabric with the corners separated and extended. Peg the corners. Assemble the poles and sort them from short to long ones.

Now take the short poles and insert them in the central hub and twist till you hear a click. Finish by putting the end of the poles into connectors.

Use color-coding to find door poles (green and blue). Insert them and twist till you hear a click so they will be secure on place.

Lift the whole structure and place pin and pole end. Attach the fabric to the poles with clips. Replace the pegs so you get an octagon shape.

Door assembly

Assemble the door poles and insert the door spine pole into sleeves and connectors. Repeat the process with the D-door pole that will make a hinged door. Don’t forget to zip the pole sleeve.

Putting the rain fly on

Extend the fly and put it on. When you have it in place secure thy fly on the poles by using Velcro straps on the top.

You will thread the last slide porch pole above the door through the sleeve to make a door peak. Put its ends into the connectors found on the front poles.

Securing the tent

Use hooks and straps to secure the fly on the poles additionally. Use guy lines to secure the whole structure in place.

Peg down the fly curtains when closed. You can open them and toggle when you need ventilation and views.

  • Plenty of space
  • High ceiling
  • Hinged door
  • Nice design (with the fly curtains)
  • Sewed-in groundsheet
  • High HH
  • Wheeled storage bag
  • No vents on the fly
  • Isn’t appropriate to use in high winds
  • The room divider doesn’t go all the way down

Blackout tent buying guide

My guide will help you to get the right darkroom tent that you will be pleased of.

Size & space

How big should your shelter be? You must know how many people will sleep in the tent and where will you put the gear.

I always say that it is best to get one size bigger model than going for a direct number of campers that is advertised by the outdoor company.

So, if there are 4 of you, you should get a 6-person model if you want to have comfort inside and store the gear.

However, this is not a good example if you are going backpacking as a bigger unit means that it will weigh more.


There are different fabrics out there but the most common are synthetic ones as polyester and polyethylene for the floor.

Darkroom tents are made from a synthetic material that has darkroom technology to keep your interior dark.

Pole types

You will be limited in choosing the fabric but you will have a chance to choose among different pole types. There are steel, fiberglass, and aluminum poles.

Most blackout models feature steel and fiberglass. Steel ones are strong but weigh more than the fiberglass poles which are lighter, however, can break faster.


You should think about the time you intend to camp. Will you go outdoors when the temperatures get warmer or do you want to enjoy nature throughout the year?

dark rest tents buying guide

Choose a model that will protect you from the normal weather with some rain and provide enough ventilation if you are going camping in the first three seasons of the year.

If camping is your getaway from a busy schedule and you need it throughout the year then get a model that will protect you from the harsh weather as well (a four-season model).

This shelter will have a high waterproof index (around 4000 mm and up), higher than a three-season tent.

Air circulation

This is an important factor to consider when buying a tent. Make sure that a model is providing enough ventilation.

It is best if the unit has ground vents so the fresh air can get in, and roof vents for the air to escape out.

A mesh interior is a must since it will prevent condensation from breathing.

Look for the one with mesh windows with panels to enable additional cross ventilation.


The price is a buying factor that is a customer’s first concern. It is important as it determines which model you can afford and which features will you get for the money.

When looking for your perfect model think about the type of adventure you will take. Will you go camping with more people in a campground or do you want to have a more adventurous trip in the backcountry?

Consider seasonality as well and opt for a shelter that will protect you out there and provide a comfortable space for sleeping and storing the gear.

If you are short of money, opt for one that won’t break the bank but still has the most features that you need for your type of excursion.

Why do we sleep better in the dark?

There is a good reason why outdoor brands decided to start making dark rest tents. If the sleeping room is dark the pineal gland starts to secrete melatonin; a sleep hormone.

This is a natural way to prolong the morning sleep while staying in nature and have an undisturbed energy-boosting afternoon beauty sleep.

What is a dark rest tent?

A dark rest tent or a blackout tent is an outdoor unit that is manufactured from a special material that has integrated blackout technology.

blackout tents 101

It blocks the sunlight to provide you a darker and cooler interior which will come in handy on hot summer days and nights and if you are staying in a hot area like a desert.

What is Blackout fabric?

Blackout fabric is a thick material that is used to block up to 99% of sunlight. It is most often used in curtains in hotel rooms but is also used to block the light when you are resting inside a tent.

Such material absorbs and diffuses light and has an insulating feature, meaning the room will be cooler than usual.

Are blackout tents cooler?

They are made from a material that regulates temperature and helps you to have a cooler interior. The fabric blocks up to 99% daylight, making your shelter cooler than other camping units that don’t have this feature.

A dark rest shelter can be a few degrees cooler (up to 5 degrees F) than the outside temperature so it is a perfect choice when you are on the summer adventure.

Are they hot?

Just because these types of tents look dark (black) it doesn’t mean that they will absorb the warmth and get hot inside.

The darkroom models are made from a special material that has insulating properties and regulates the temperature inside.

Are they worth it?

If you aren’t sure if it’s worth buying a darkroom tent or not I will help you to make the right decision. These are the situations where such a model is desired to have.

Morning and long sleepers

Do you like to sleep longer in the morning and don’t want the sun to put you out of the comfy bed? If so, then you should think of getting a dark rest tent.

No other shelter will provide a dark interior for sleeping without disturbance of daylight.

Light-sensitive people

If you are a person who is light sensitive or having some kind of sleep disorder you should definitely get a tent with blackout bedrooms as it will help you to fall asleep faster and to have a healthy long sleep.

Clear nights with the shining moon

A shining moon can be a big distraction and can wake you up in the middle of the night.

full moon camping night

I am sure you have already experienced when the moon was shining directly on your face and wake you up from your dreams.

However, you have an option to get a unit that won’t let the light in.


A few days festival in the open is a great opportunity to enjoy your favorite music and to relax in the company of your friends. Festivals can last a few days and nights so getting good sleep can be challenging.

A tent with a dark bedroom will provide you a place where you will be able to fall asleep even in the middle of a day to recharge your batteries for the next round of good music.

Camping with kids

Will you go camping with the kids? Think about getting a model with a dark interior as they need to sleep through the day due to their activity level.

Kids will love to sleep in this shelter, especially if you have younger kids who need a nap in the afternoon.

A dark interior will help them to fall asleep faster due to the darkroom technology fabric that helps to boost melatonin secretion.

Are blackout tents good for kids?

As already mentioned in the previous chapter, kids can benefit from these outdoor products. Children are quite active, especially in the outdoors, and get tired faster than adults.

coleman dark rest family tent

This is why they need an afternoon nap to be ready to explore the surroundings and play with other children further on.

Pro tip: If your kid is afraid of a total dark you can leave a bedroom door open a little bit or place a small light inside (don’t place it close to his head) so he will feel more comfortable falling asleep.

What makes a Blackout tent better than other tents?

The main difference is in the way a tent was made for the market. Most of them for camping are made from synthetic or natural fibers that let some of the daylight in; they aren’t darkened.

Blackout tents for sale are made with the technology that darkens the interior and enables more comfortable sleeping no matter if there is a day or night.

Some of these modern units can block up to 99% of daylight while the ordinary shelters let most of it in.

What are blackout tents made in the USA?

Coleman is a US company that makes its creations all over the world, also on US grounds. It is also the leading outdoor brand that must be mentioned when we are talking about darkroom camping tents.

Here you have 16 American companies that make different kinds of shelters for outdoor pleasure that aren’t necessarily made with blackout technology. However, feel free to check them out.

What are blackout tents for backpacking?

You can easily find a dark room model for outdoors, however, finding one for backpacking is a much harder task. If you want to go backpacking with a person or two consider the Coleman Pingora blackout tent.

coleman pingora blackout tents

It is a darkroom backpacking tent that can occupy up to 3 people. It weighs 11.5 pounds which is a lot for a backpacking adventure.

However, if you split the weight among three campers it is okay to carry as you can carry separate product parts (poles, rainfly, and an inner shelter).

It features a revolutionary sleeping system BlackOut Bedroom® that will provide a place where you won’t be disturbed by the sunlight as the technology blocks up to 99% of light.

What are waterproof blackout tents?

As a camper, you look for a shelter that will protect you from the elements. There are models that have lights-out technology and protection from inclement weather so you can camp worry-free.

Here are some of the waterproof models from respective brands for a different number of people that you are looking for.

Have a good rest no matter of the time

Choosing a dark rest tent will provide you the opportunity to rest through the day even if there is strong sunlight.

This kind of shelter is made by a technology that blocks 90-99% of daylight.

If you like to sleep longer in the morning or if you feel that you need to take a rest after a long walk or hours of a music festival, this is a shelter that is perfect for you.

Kids will also love it as they can take a nap in a dark interior which will help them to fall asleep faster.

Choose one of the best blackout tents and enjoy your camping trip as you like.