Best Hiking Socks To Prevent Blisters

To prepare for a hiking trip, there are a few things that you must get right if you want to enjoy yourself out there. You need the right gear and this includes the right pair of boots, gloves, and a good jacket to protect you from the cold.

best hiking socks to prevent blisters

Another important piece of clothing that will help you hike comfortably is a nice pair of socks.

Unfortunately, most people hardly put any thought when picking them for their outdoor adventures. They just use their regular socks and this results in a lot of discomfort and blisters that develop due to friction.

It is, therefore, vital to get a good pair for the outdoor trips but the saturation of this commodity on the market makes this process quite difficult.

I did research and found these best hiking socks to prevent blisters that you should get to make your trip enjoyable.

Best socks for hiking

When heading to the trails you should be well prepared to have a safe and comfortable walk and this includes having the right socks.

What is the difference between hiking ones and regular ones that you wear each day at home? Well, those for hiking are made especially for long-distance walking.

These are made to prevent blisters and hot spots by featuring cushioning, moisture-wicking and breathability. Let’s take a look at the specific models and their features for your next outdoor adventure without blisters and pain.

YUEDGE Men’s 5 Pairs Cotton Heavy Cushion Crew Socks

YUEDGE Men's Hiking Socks Cotton Moisture Wicking Work Boot Cushion Crew Gym Fitness Sports Socks for Men Size 6-9
  • 【FINEST COMBED COTTON SOCKS】The mens hiking socks are made of breathable combed cotton as the...
  • 【MOISTURE WICKING SOCKS】Walk all day long and no need to worry about moisture or sweat due to...
  • 【THICK CUSHIONED CREW SOCKS】Fully cushioned footbed and arch support make the athletic hiking...
  • 【DURABLE REINFORCEMENT SOCKS】We've reinforced the rugged outdoor recreation hiking socks with...
  • 【FITS-ANY-STYLE SOCKS】The wicking crew socks are very soft, breathable and comfortable. Greatly...

YUEDGE men’s cotton heavy cushion crew socks are among the best that you can get if you want your hiking to be as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

This pair is made of high-quality combed cotton (80%), polyamide (17%), spandex material (3%), and fiber for added strength and stability. Combed cotton is stronger and softer for your skin than regular cotton.


With the exclusive moisture-wicking management your feet will stay dry and cool. They have extra yarn in the bottom to provide added protection in high impact areas for increased durability.

The footbed and arch are cushioned for comfortability while the precision heel cup creates a secure fit and helps to reduce lactic acid accumulation and relieve fatigue.

They have an engineered top so they won’t fall down while you walk. Reinforced heel and toe offer durability and in high-stress areas.

These Yuedge socks are quite elastic at the top to ensure that they stay in place during your entire stay for added protection from abrasion and the cold.

  • Finest combed cotton
  • Exclusive moisture wicking management
  • Durable reinforcement
  • Cushioned footbed and arch
  • Engineered sock top
  • Could be smaller and lower

Zensah Wool Socks

Zensah Wool Running Socks - Soft Cushioned Merino Wool, Moisture Wicking, Anti-Blister - Athletic Socks, Trail Socks (X-Large (Men's 13-16, Women's 14.5-Up), Cloud - 3 Pack)
  • BLISTER RESISTANT: The low cut running socks feature a cushioned sole to help prevent blisters and...
  • DRY AND LIGHTWEIGHT: The wool in the socks provides moisture wicking properties. Whether you are...
  • STAYS IN PLACE: Unlike other athletic ankle socks that may slip or slide during hard workouts or...
  • ULTRA-SOFT, NON-ITCH MERINO WOOL: The Zensah Wool Running Socks are one of the softest running socks...
  • SUPERIOR VENTILATION: Strategically placed mesh panels on the ankle sport socks help promote...

These are great unisex socks that you can get for your adventures. The Zensah Wool socks feature amazing moisture-wicking properties to ensure that your feet don’t get wet from excessive sweating.

You will not suffer from any blisters when you choose these ones due to the cushioned sole that will reduce friction and absorb shock.

The material

They are made of ultra-soft merino wool (32%) that wicks moisture very well, will keep you comfortable, and eliminate itch as you hike.

They also contain nylon (35%), polypropylene (22%), and spandex (11%) to ensure they hug your feet and stay in place. Socks feature anti-odor properties.

The company strategically placed mesh panels on the ankle to increase air-flow and to keep the feet at the right temperature. Cushioned toe and heel area, flat seam, and anatomical fit add comfort and shock absorption and prevents blisters.

  • Breathable and temperature regulating fabric
  • Stays in place
  • Cushioned toe and heel area
  • Moisture-wicking and lightweight
  • Thick and hot (not for summer)

PureAthlete Ultra-Comfortable Socks

Ultra-Comfortable Running Socks - Anti-Blister Dot Technology, Moisture Wicking (Black/Blue, S/M)
  • MOISTURE WICKING: The running socks feature advanced moisture wicking technology to keep feet light...
  • ANTI-BLISTER, DOT TECHNOLOGY: Strategically placed padding is located in the toe and heel area to...
  • BREATHABLE MESH TOP: A specially designed mesh paneling on the top of the socks allows for optimal...
  • NO-SLIP CUFF: A no-slip cuff prevents the sport socks from slipping or sliding into your running...
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We know these will be the best socks you will ever wear. We guarantee...

These ones were designed to keep you comfortable as you engage in your outdoor activities. 

The PureAthlete ultra-comfortable socks absorb moisture appropriately due to advanced moisture-wicking technology and ensure that your walk is comfortable and lightweight.


They are padded in the right places to ensure you have proper cushioning to prevent blisters even when you engage in high-impact activities.

The top of them has been made in a breathable mesh design that will keep air flowing smoothly for better ventilation. Their thin profile guarantees no pinching, no bulk, and extra comfort.

It has a no-slip cuff that prevents them from sliding into your hiking shoes. It features anti-odor technology. A seamless toe and a special 3D dot technology prevent irritation and blisters.

  • No-slip cuff
  • Breathable
  • Seamless toe
  • Moisture wicking
  • Anti-blister technology
  • The padding could be thicker

MIRMARU Men’s 5 Pairs Multi-Performance Outdoor Socks

MIRMARU M203-Medium-Men's 5 Pairs Multi Performance Outdoor Sports Hiking Trekking Crew Socks (Black,Char,Olive,Blue,Red)
  • PERFORMANCE: The Best for Hiking, Camping, Mountain Biking, Trail Running, Backpacking, Travel,...
  • BLENDED FOR STRENGTH & DURABLILITY : Made of 55% Combed Cotton, 40% Polyester, 2% Spandex. Socks are...
  • COMFORTABLE SUPPORT: Socks are reinforced with high-density fibers and pile cushioning in the...
  • DESIGNED TO BE COMPRESSED & FOR ELASTICITY: Socks are designed to feature a med-compressed &...

These high-performance socks are just what you need if you are planning a hiking trip. They are made of high-quality combed cotton (55%), polyester (40%), and spandex material (2%) for extra strength, durability, and breathability.


The MIRMARU men’s multi-performance outdoor socks have been reinforced with pile cushioning for extra comfort and to prevent blisters.

They are also quite elastic at the top and this will ensure that they remain in place for the entire time you will be on the trail.

They feature a med-compressed and elasticity to gently support and protect an arch, ankle, and heels. A stay up, compressed top holds the sock securely on the calf.

  • Breathable fibers
  • Extra cushion
  • Elastic support
  • Moisture-wicking material
  • Elastic arches
  • Elastic can be too tight

SEOULSTORY7 5pack Men’s Hiking/Performance Crew Socks

SEOULSTORY7 5Pack Men's Climbing Cushion Hiking/Performance Crew Socks 5Pair Medium
  • 70%Cotton, 25%Polyester, 5%Spandex, Color Assortment:Charcoal/Gray/Sky Blue/Light Brown/Khaki
  • Medium size fits Men shoe size7-9US, Large size fits Men shoe9-11, Season: Year Round
  • Multi Purpose hiking socks. Midweight extra pile cushion padding in the heel and ball
  • Ideal for outdoor sports-Camping,hiking,climbing,trekking,outdoor trail,running,diverse performance
  • The Y- Heel Tab Helps With Slipping Your Socks On and Off. Great elasticity and stay up:compressed...

Here is another amazing pair of socks that are ideal for your outdoor adventures. 

The SEOULSTORY7 5pack men’s hiking/performance crew socks have good moisture-wicking properties and this will ensure that your feet are dry as you are on the trail exploring.

They are made of cotton (70%), DryCool yarn (20), polyester (7%), spandex (2%), and elasticity (1%).

They are soft and very comfortable so you can walk without any pain at all. The chances of getting blisters are very low as these multipurpose hiking socks are padded.

Heals have midweight extra pile cushion padding. The heel and ball protect the foot from shear and prevent painful blisters.

The Y-heel tab helps with slipping them on and off. They feature good elasticity the compressed top holds the sock securely on the calf. The arch is supported and minimizes friction.

  • Warm and comfortable
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Midweight extra pile cushion padding
  • The Y – heel tab
  • Great elasticity
  • Thin material
  • Loose ends inside

How to choose hiking socks?

Choosing the right ones is not a complicated thing as all you have to do is to analyze the features of the sock and pick a pair that will keep you comfortable on the trail. Some of the things that you will have to consider include the next features.

The length

They are available in different lengths from ankle height to knee length. Ankle ones are ideal for low to mid-cut boots and they will offer some protection against abrasion as well as the cold.

Then there are crew and knee-high ones that will offer extra coverage and protection from the elements and you can wear them in boots.


Get ones that have been cushioned properly to prevent blisters and hot spots. The extra cushioning will also keep you warm on a cold day but they can get quite uncomfortable on a hot day.


This is another thing that you have to consider when buying socks for hiking. The fabrics to pick from include wool, polyester, cotton, nylon, silk, and spandex.

All these fabrics offer varying levels of comfort, protection from abrasion, and warmth. Socks made of wool are the best if you want to remain comfortable as you walk. However, they are not so great on hot days.

How do you prevent blisters when hiking?

Blisters are common, especially when you walk for long distances. A successful hike is when you arrive at your destination without injuries and discomfort.

To avoid them, you should have quality shoes, and thin, breathable socks. Shoes should fit perfectly or else you are taking a risk of getting blisters for sure.

Does putting Vaseline on your feet prevent blisters?

If you put Vaseline on your feet before you head to the trail you will take care of smooth skin. It is a good way to prevent blisters. This way, the skin won’t rub against the shoe and they won’t occur easily.

Should you wear two pairs of socks when hiking?

In case you are wearing the ones from wool, you can put liner socks under them so they will absorb moisture and prevent friction. This way you have less possibility of getting blisters.

hiking socks

Why do you get blisters so often?

There are several possible reasons for getting blisters so often. Maybe you have shoes that are not appropriate for your feet.

The second reason is the moisture and friction that are causing them to develop. The third reason can be socks that are made of cotton which don’t dry fast when being soaked.

Why are cotton socks bad for hiking?

Cotton is a natural material that wicks moisture pretty quickly but doesn’t dry fast. As you know, moisture in your shoes is the most crucial factor to develop blisters so think twice when choosing your pair.

Hike in comfort

Good hiking socks are very important if you want to have fun and remain comfortable as you walk and this article on the best hiking socks to prevent blisters highlights some of the great designs in this regard.

Consider your needs and choose the ones that will serve you best on your next hiking trip.

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