Inflatable Tents For Camping

What is better than having your camping tent ready in just a few minutes without assembling the poles and thinking of the pitching process?

inflatable camping tents

If you are one of those people who doesn’t like to set up their tent then you should know which are the best inflatable tents on the market.

Erecting the tent isn’t always an easy task no matter that companies try to make the process easier (pre-assembled and colored poles).

A tent with an ordinary setup can be erected using the setup instructions and your effort. However, an inflatable model is set up with air and you won’t need to do anything more than blow the poles with air.

Check the inflatable air tents for camping and inflatable tents review to see why you should get one of those fast-pitching tents that even a kid can inflate.

Best Air Tents

Innovations and improvements are making our lives easier and less complicated, that’s for sure.

A camping niche evolved through the years so outdoor brands are offering a variety of shelters that will protect you out there and provide comfort.

A shelter that inflates is one of the easiest pitching models from all tents available to buy. It is lighter than a traditional tent with poles and ready in minutes.

Due to the lightweight and fast setup, you can use it on family camping or even on a backpacking trip.

If you are interested in these innovative units then go ahead and take a look at the models that I recommend for stress-free camping.

Outwell Cedarville 5A Air tent

This Outwell Cedarville model is a 5-person unit that measures 177 x 118 x 78.7 inches. It features a main room, a bedroom, and an awning. It weighs 37.3 pounds and is one of the best inflatable tents for camping.


This 3-room air-beam tent has a Rigid Air System that includes 3 beams that need to be inflated with a maximum of 9psi.

The shelter is manufactured with Outtex 4000 Select material with a 4000 mm PU waterproof level. This is a high-quality and tough fabric that is made of high-frequency thread interlacing weave that increases strength.

The inner shelter is made of polyester while the sewn-in floor features double-coated polyethylene. The unit has inflatable tubes but you will have to install a Duratec fiberglass pole above the main door to have an awning.


This three-season model has three rooms available for you to use. First is the living area from which you enter the two of the bedrooms that are divided by a room divider that can be removed when not in use.

There is a huge main door with mesh and panels with double zippers to enter a tunnel-shaped interior. The living area has large tinted windows with panels for lightening the place and views.

I like that the company included a large wall organizer (in the living room) to store the necessities and E-ports to have electricity inside.

The guy lines are luminous to see them at night. The unit features the Rigid Air System frame for best performance.

Color-coding pegs

The Outwell company made pegging easier with the color-coded pegs. There are gray, black, and luminous pegs to stake. Each color peg goes to the same colored pegging points while you use luminous ones for the guylines.


The inner tent is connected to the main fabric and is meant for sleeping in one big room or two rooms. The Darkened Premium bedrooms feature a versatile 360° access system to store the doors out of your way.

Each bedroom has its own D-shape doors that can be unzipped and stored into a pocket at the bottom.

Inner rooms have darkened ceilings so the sun won’t bother you so much on a hot day when you will be inside.

Air flow

There is plenty of mesh parts in this Outwell inflatable tent and the vents that are helping you to have an okay-ventilated shelter. You can open the main doors and let the air circle on hot days.

Weather protection

This is a product that you can use in the first three seasons of the year. With waterproof materials and a high waterproof rating, you can have dry camping. Seams are taped to prevent water from sipping in.


Cedarville is as easy to get ready as any other air shelter on the market.

The most important consideration is the recommendable pressure that you should use while inflating the tent with a pump. Extend the fabric out, stake it, then inflate the beams and guy line it.

Pegging points are adjustable to enable pitching flexibility.

  • Easy to operate valves
  • 360° access system
  • Rain-safe front canopy
  • Huge doors
  • Lite pegging system
  • Heavy
  • Not full-darkened bedrooms
  • Bulky storage bag

ABCCANOPY 4 Person Inflatable Dome Tent

This is a dome-tunnel camping tent hybrid from ABCCANOPY that can fit up to 4 people. Its dimensions are 185 x 106 x 75 inches, and its weight is 45 pounds. This brand sells one of the best canopies for a backyard or a campground setup.

You will be able to put 4 sleeping bags or 2 mattresses (104 x 160 inches) inside for cozy sleeping.


The fabric of this unit is made of breathable polyester with a 2000 mm waterproof level to protect you from normal rain.


It is an inflatable tent for sale that is a nice family unit that offers 3 places for hanging out. From the outside, you have a porch that is covered with a canopy and stands on poles.

Then you have the main room and the room for sleeping. You can stir the windows in the main room or leave the windows open to get more light and sun.


It has 2 doors and windows. One door is placed in the front and one on the side of the structure. They can be rolled up so they won’t disturb you.

There is a small window on each side of the living room with panels for privacy. You will find 2 vents on the upper part of the living room. These openings, vents, and a B3 mesh wall will help to keep your shelter ventilated.

Interior space

This tent hybrid provides 2 rooms for usage. First, you enter the living room where you can eat and socialize, while the next room is meant for sleeping.


You will have to inflate all the tubes and place poles to have a canopy for the porch. Make sure you stake and guy line it to have a stable shelter in the bad weather.

  • Roomy (3 rooms available)
  • Fast pitching
  • Well-made
  • A lot of openings
  • Manual pump included
  • Quite heavy
  • Not suitable for heavy rain and snow

Vango Odyssey Airbeam 500 Family Tent

Vango inflatable tents for camping are one of the most known when it comes to blow-up tents. The Vango Odyssey Airbeam 500 is a quality inflatable tent for outdoors that accommodates up to 5 people. It measures 183.1 x 126 x 76.8 inches; offering 160 ft2 of floor area. Its weight is 35 pounds.

You will be able to fit 2 sleeping bags in one part of the bedroom and 3 of them in another bedroom part (the rooms are divided by a room divider).


The fabric used to make this unit is Protex 70 denier that is waterproof and fire-resistant. The company included a 4000 mm HH to protect you from bad weather conditions.

The groundsheet is made of robust waterproof polyethylene that won’t tear as easily after regular usage.


This inflatable family tent has a front and side entry and 3 PVC windows in the first room for light and visibility. The windows have panels so you don’t have to worry about the hot sun or curious campers.

A lantern hanging point is included and also some storage pockets so you have essentials at hand all the time.

Air circulation

There is a vent under the large window so the oxygen can come in. There is mesh on the main front door so you can open the door to let the air in (with mesh on you will stay protected from the insects).

TBS II tension band system

The system is made with straps that will help you to keep the structure steady and stable when the wind starts to blow. The two straps with clips make a triangle that ensures stability.


This 3-pole inflatable tunnel tent offers 3 rooms at your disposal. At the entrance, you have the main room where you can put chairs and a table.

The other two are bedrooms that are divided by the curtain. You can also have one big bedroom instead of two.

The living room has a floor that isn’t sewed in. This means that you can remove it and wash it after usage or if it gets really dirty.

The inner fabric (bedroom area) attaches to the main fabric with clips and offers a dry place to sleep and rest. The 2 doors that lead to the bedrooms are partly meshed to avoid bugs at night and increase the airflow.

Light out inner tent

The bedrooms are made from darkened material to provide an appropriate place to sleep during the day or to prolong your morning sleep.


Extend the fabric on the floor and peg out the four corners. Attach the pump to the speed valve and start to inflate one tube after another.

Help the structure to erect by pulling the structure up a little bit during the inflation. Use guy lines to make your tent even more stable.

  • Eight minutes pitch time
  • Sentinel active fabric
  • Tension band system
  • Integrated mesh door
  • Darkened bedrooms
  • No mesh on the side doors
  • Not so lightweight

HEIMPLANET The Cave 2-3 person dome tent

HEIMPLANET Original | The Cave 2-3 Person Dome Tent | Inflatable Tent - Set Up in Seconds | Waterproof Outdoor Camping - 5000mm Water Column | Supports 1% for The Planet
  • ENTRANCE AND VENTILATION - Five closable ventilation points and the entrance offer maximum...
  • STABILITY - Thanks to the geodesic structure of the frame, the FISTRAL tent is extremely stable. The...
  • MULTI-CHAMBER SAFETY SYSTEM - Two separable chambers offer emergency stability in case of a defect...
  • ONE PUMP SYSTEM - Just unroll, inflate and welcome home! Only a single pump is necessary to set this...
  • ROOF DESIGN - The tent's centre becomes an additional supporting point. This allows the formation of...

This is an inflatable dome tent that is manufactured by a well-known and respected Heimplanet brand.

The Cave is their first inflatable model that you can use with your partner, two friends, or if you are camping with your better half and a child.

It offers 45 sq feet of space and weighs 10.6 pounds. The center height is 50 inches which is enough to sit and change clothes.


The Heimplanet makes their creations with high-quality materials and precision. The outer layer of this shelter is made of extra-stiff and resistant polyester to protect you from the elements.

The inner layer features flexible thermoplastic polyurethane.

The flysheet is manufactured with 100% 66D 210T ripstop polyester, which is coated with a high 5000 mm water column.

The inner tent is made of 100% 40D 240T ripstop nylon while the groundsheet features 100% 70D 210T nylon taffeta that is coated with a 5000 mm coating.

The airframe is made of recyclable material.

Other features

This two-layer unit has one O-shaped door that can be opened and rolled away in a storage pocket found on the inner side.

There is a lot of space for 3 people. You have multiple storage bags to store small and big necessities. A gear loft under the roof provides extra storage space and an option to put a lightning source in.

Special shape for the most extreme weather conditions

The Cave is a geodesic dome inflatable model that ensures stability. It has an excellent material-to-volume ratio so it’s a very efficient structure.

The main purpose of geodesic tents is to provide you stability and safety in the most extreme weather (in the mountains, in remote areas, etc.)

Modular double-layer air beams also help to keep your shelter stable.

Multi Chamber Safety System

The system enables you to inflate the entire frame that is called Inflatable Diamond Grid (IDG).

The frame can be divided into separate chambers which means you will have emergency stability when one air beam of the frame becomes damaged as the other will stay stable. So you don’t have to worry about deflated air beams.


Regarding ventilation, you have 5 roof vents at your disposal. Doors also increase the airflow if you need to ventilate the tent furthermore.

Weather protection

This is a model that has a high waterproof rating (5000 mm HH) and is made of heavy-duty material to provide a dry camping experience no matter where you enjoy your stay.

The result of a star-shaped roof is a point-symmetrical slope with five run-offs for the rain. This structure can withstand wind speed up to 110mph.


It is equipped with a vestibule to store wet shoes and a backpack. There is a groundsheet so the things won’t be stored on a wet floor.


Grab your package and put all the parts out. Take the frame and extend it on the ground.

A one-pump system enables you to inflate the whole frame just by using one valve. When you inflated the frame it is time that you attach the tent.

Take the groundsheet and attach it to the frame by using the toggles. Then attach the outer layer using the toggles as well. Now go inside the unit and attach the inner fabric. Don’t forget to install the gear loft at the center.

Here is an official video of the brand where a man erects the Cave model.

Get a mini double-lift pump

As the package doesn’t include a pump I recommend getting the mini double-lift pump from Heimplanet that will inflate the Cave shelter (or any other Heimplanet tent) in no time.

It is ultralight (0,3 lbs) and small so you will be able to take it with you on a bicycle or backpacking.

  • Made for extreme conditions
  • One-pump system
  • Stable & durable
  • Highly waterproof (5000 mm HH)
  • Multi-chamber safety system
  • Large wall organizer
  • Vestibule
  • It doesn’t come with a pump
  • Small doors

Ryno Tuff 4 Person inflatable Tent

Ryno Tuff, Camping Tent, 4 Person Tent with Inflatable Poles, 8 by 8 Feet Wide and 5 Feet High, Durable, Waterproof Materials with Full Coverage Rain Fly and Mosquito Mesh, Inflatable Tent for Camping
  • TOUGH, TOP-QUALITY, WATERPROOF MATERIALS - The breathable inner tent has large mesh windows and a...
  • ⛺ EASY TO SET UP, EASY TO PACK, AND EVEN EASIER TO ENJOY – Incredibly easy to set up. Unlike...
  • 🏕️ LARGE TENT SUITABLE FOR FAMILIES – This family tent when fully set up is a spacious 8 feet...
  • 🏕️ UNIQUE INFLATABLE AIR TUBES – There are no rigid metal poles that make traditional camping...
  • 🌳 PLANT A TREE AND HELP US SAVE THE PLANET! Yes, we are tough on the outside but inside we’re...

This is one of the inflatable camping tents for sale that comes in a dome shape for 4 people (3 comfortably). It is made of Ryno Tuff company.

It measures 8 x 8 x 5 feet and weighs only 12 pounds which makes it a great unit for backpacking and going camping with a bicycle or a motorcycle.


This two-layer inflatable tent has the inner shelter that is made of breathable 170T polyester and the outer layer that is manufactured with 190T polyester that includes a waterproof PU rating of 1000 mm.

The model has a waterproof PE 110g/SQM groundsheet.

Other specs

The Ryno Tuff tent has one large D-shape door and windows with mesh to have bug-free camping guaranteed. Both doors can be rolled away so they won’t bother you at daily activities.

The company included a small porch area or a vestibule where you can sit with your partner and store shoes and gear.

The interior includes a loop under the roof center for hanging a lantern or other lighting source to illuminate the space at night.

Air flow

With two of the windows with vents on each side of the structure and meshed doors, you will have air circulating throughout the unit.

Some oxygen also comes under the rain fly because it doesn’t go all the way down to the ground.

Weather protection

It is a typical 3-season model as it has a waterproof rating of 1000 mm. This means you will be protected from the light to normal rain but no way that you can camp with this model in heavy rain or snow.

A vestibule in front helps to keep the outdoor equipment dry. It handles wind well since the tubes are filled with air.


Find a perfect place for pitching the tent and unfolding it. Stake the structure using aluminum stakes in the package. Attach the fly to the groundsheet. It’s time to inflate it.

Prepare your pump and attach it to the tent’s valve. Start inflating the structure till you have a fully standing unit.

While inflating it, ask someone else to lift the fabric and adjust the fly. Stake the sides as well and guy line it. Adjust the guy lines as you please and open the vents so you won’t build condensation inside.

  • Easy to pitch
  • Simple construction
  • Small porch/vestibule
  • Very lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Low waterproof rating
  • The tubes may not inflate completely

SereneLife inflatable tent

This is a nice-looking tent made from SereneLife that can occupy up to 2 campers. Its dimensions are 82.5 x 52 x 51 inches. This model is good for fast camping and other outdoor ventures.


This is an elasticized windproof and waterproof heavy-duty PVC and polyester shelter that is made for indoor and outdoor use.

It includes an integrated airbed that features a sturdy coil beam construction for comfortable sleep and rest. The mattress is firmly made so that you won’t sink into it. It can hold up to 450 pounds.

Other details

This is a one-layer shelter that has a simple construction. It includes one entrance door and has no windows. When you want to ventilate the interior, open the doors and let the oxygen in.

The doors can be rolled aside. It features two big yellow tubes that make a frame of the structure.

You will be able to inflate it in about 3 minutes which is great for those of you who need to have a shelter fast. The package includes a manual hand pump and 2 patches in case you puncture the tubes.

The tent has loops at the corners to stake it out to the ground and a rope to make it stable in the normal wind.

Who is it for?

Bear in mind that this is a simple tent that you can use if you are going camping in normal weather or backpacking. So, use it on your weekend getaways, a short backpacking trip, or beach camping.

Don’t even think about bringing it on a winter outdoor journey or if you are going to camp in inclement weather.


Put the fabric on the ground and connect the hose and the pump together. Start inflating it. When you are finished, stake it out and your shelter is ready to use.

I recommend that you also use a tarp or a floor saver under it to protect it from damage and other inflatable tent problems.

  • Simple construction
  • Lightweight
  • Very fast setup
  • Integrated airbed
  • Heavy-duty repair patch included
  • Not appropriate for longtime camping
  • Not appropriate for camping in hard weather conditions
  • No accessories and vestibule

Who makes the best inflatable tents?

There are a few companies that make the best air tents for enjoyable camping. The most respected brand that makes them is the Vango company from Scotland.

They make the shelters in different sizes and features. However, you have also other companies that make them and are well-known for their quality work.

The best air tent manufacturers are:

  • Vango
  • Berghaus
  • Outwell
  • Heimplanet
  • Coleman
  • Moose Outdoors

Which air tent is best?

When choosing your favorite outdoor shelter consider the needs and features that a model has. This way you will know which is the best tent that inflates by air.

Best Inflatable Family Tents

I advise you to opt among reputable brands so you will enjoy the best materials and take advantage of the provided features.

Are inflatable tents any good?

These units have many advantages that you should know about before buying your favorite model.

Many people think that these products are not durable and can be easily destroyed due to the inflatable poles but is this true?

Is a fast pitching time their only advantage? See the most obvious pros of these units.

Easy and fast setup

You can set this type of tent easily alone because all that you will need to do is to pump the air into the poles that are integrated into the fabric. You will have it ready in no time (up to 10-15 minutes).

The setup time depends on the shelter size and the pump you are using to inflate it but you will be done in a matter of minutes.

It is also easy to disassemble it as you just open the valves to deflate it and press the fabric from one corner to another to let the air out for its storage.

No instructions needed

Ordinary tents usually have setup instructions sewn in the storage bag material. You don’t need to read any instructions while erecting your shelter as the only task is to inflate it with a pump.

With some pumps, you will hear a lock when you insert it into the valve. Just make sure you inflate all tubes (some have just one or two) to have a fully standing unit.

Durable in bad weather

Do you think it won’t handle the wind and storm because it doesn’t have sturdy poles?

best inflatable tents

Well, inflatable tents handle bad weather pretty well. Aluminum or fiberglass poles (in traditional tents) can break under the pressure (wind) but air tubes regulate it by bending and coming up to the primary shape.

Also, the tubes are made of durable material so you don’t have to worry that you will stay without protection if the storm is coming your way.

Air-regulating poles

What happens when the air gets too hot in a container or other closed space? It can blow due to the pressure and extending material.

In the past, inflatable units had this kind of downside because the hot air made the poles puncture. Today, these poles are made of durable material and come with pressure-releasing valves that regulate air pressure.

Easy to store

It is easier to store it in a storage bag because it doesn’t have any sturdy poles. Poles of the ordinary tent are folded to some extent and take some of the space in the carry bag beside the fabric.

This is not the case in a model that inflates as the air gets out of them. If you let all the air out and fold it correctly it won’t take much of your space in a backpack or vehicle.

Easy to repair

No matter whether these poles are sturdy and durable, they can still get a puncture. If this happens, you should find where the puncture is and use a puncture repair kit to fix the problem.

You will have to deflate and open the damaged air beam to use a tear-aid patch on the hole. Here is a video that will help you to fix the issue without too much hassle.

How do AirBeam tents work?

How do inflatable tents work? Air Beam tents are being inflated to provide you with a secure shelter for your outdoor adventure. You can easily inflate one by yourself as all you have to do is inflate all the beams with a pump.

This kind of tent is a spacious and stable outdoor shelter that is easy to pitch.

Are air tents better than pole tents?

They have a different setup process than pole tents. Air beams are integrated into the material and inflated by air while you assemble poles and insert them into the sleeves of the fabric or attach them to the fabric with clips.

You don’t need any instructions to put up a tube unit while they come in handy in pitching some of the pole tents.

You have different poles; aluminum, fiberglass, or steel. Fiberglass ones are the cheapest and the most venerable when it comes to breakage.

Air beams are flexible in the wind and rain, can’t break, and are made of durable material to prevent puncture.

A puncture can happen but you have material patches to repair the damaged beam, while it is more demanding to fix a classic tent pole.

Do inflatable tents puncture?

Yes, they can be punctured. It can happen but it is quite easy to repair the hole with a patch.

An air beam is inflated by air and when a hole appears on it, the air will get out and the structure will lose its shape. The puncture can be repaired with a patch, similar to fixing a bicycle tire or a pool.

Are inflatable tents good in the wind?

Yes, they are handling the wind very well as the air beams flex and don’t break. These poles flex to some extent due to the wind and control of its pressure.

top inflatable tent

Think about a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man and you will get an idea of how they work. So, you don’t have to worry that your shelter will be blown away due to the flexible poles and lightness of the tent.

How do I pump up my air tent?

The process is simple if you follow my tips. First, extend the model on the ground with corners apart. Peg down the corners. Some tents have one and some multiple valves to inflate.

See if the product manufacturer stated the air pressure that is recommended for the air tubes and sticks to it while inflating.

A pressure gauge pump is the best to use as it will tell you the pressure level. Grab a pump and start inflating the structure. Make sure that all beams are shaped properly. Peg the structure out and you are ready to camp.

What is a Vango?

Vango is a well-known and reputable outdoor company that manufactures one of the best air tents for camping. Their headquarters is in Scotland.

It is a pioneer of AirBeam inflatable tents. The company also makes other outdoor equipment as awnings, hiking and sleeping gear, and other quality shelters.

Where are Vango tents made?

Most of their products are made in China.

Do Vango AirBeam tents come with a pump?

Yes, all Vango air tents come with a hand pump. They offer a 1400cc and a 2000cc pump and you will get the one that fits your product.

The pumps are efficient and will tell you the pressure of the air pumped as they have a pressure gauge.

Each of their pumps is meant to use on a specific model so you shouldn’t use any other pump (electrical or compressor) to get your shelter ready.

Which is the best Vango AirBeam tent?

There are plenty of good AirBeam tents by Vango but I pick the Odyssey Air 600 as the most likable. It is an inflatable 6-person camping model that sets up in about 8 minutes.

vango Odyssey Air 600 tent

It features a TBS II tension band system to provide you with a safe journey in windy conditions.

With a strong and waterproof outer material, mesh interior, and diamond clear windows you will enjoy on your expedition no matter where you are.

Do Berghaus air tents come with a pump?

Yes, Berghaus company includes pumps with their air inflatable tents so you will have the right kind of pump for setting up your model.

Their inflatable tent for 6 men and Air 4 & Air 4XL products include a two-way stirrup pump with a gauge so you will see how much pressure there is in the beams to not overinflate them.

How do you put a Berghaus air 6 tent together?

Put it out of the storage bag and extend its corners. Peg down the four corners.

Now grab the pump that you got in the package and attach it to each of the beam valves to get your structure pumped up.

Consider the recommendable manufacturer pressure level when pumping it. Peg out the guy lines and you are ready to enjoy.

Deflating is also pretty simple as you just press the pressure release valve on each beam to let the air out.

How do you pack a Berghaus air 6 tent?

Packing away an Air 6 person tent is even easier than inflating it. Press the pressure release valve at the center of each beam to deflate them.

Leave the structure for a few minutes so the gravity does its job. Make sure that all the air is out (press the fabric down) and then fold it into a small package that goes into a storage bag.

Are Outwell tents any good?

Outwell company is a reputable outdoor brand for making the best family camping tents that inflate. They are one of the leaders of inflatable tents.

Outwell Camping Tents

They make air units of all sizes and also pole models for different outdoor adventures. You can also choose their camping equipment as sleeping gear, accessories, and furniture.

Their inflatable tents are made of quality materials and features that will help you to have a good camping experience.

They can be expensive but the price reflects the quality. Choose one of the Outwell tents for sale if you want to experience the luxury.

How do you inflate an Outwell tent?

First, make sure that you lay out the material on the flat ground with extended corners.

Stretch out the rear side of the shelter first and peg it down using the inner loop of the straps by losing it a little bit. Repeat the process on the front side.

Make sure that you completely open the doors to allow the air to spread through the structure when you inflate it.

Grab a pump and start inflating the structure through the main valve. If you are camping with somebody ask him to go inside the tent while you inflate it and lift the material up to ease the pressure in the tubes.

Peg out the rest of the unit. If you have a front canopy or awning to install this is the time when you install the pole.

Use guy lines so you will camp in a stable structure. They shouldn’t be very tight as the poles will be out of shape.

Camping in 1,2,3!

Camping shouldn’t be complicated as you go outdoors to have fun and have an easy-going nature experience.

This is why outdoor companies made a step forward and start to manufacture inflatable tents that are great for camping, backpacking, and other outdoor activities on different terrains.

Go ahead and consider all seven products, an air tent review, and your needs while staying in nature.

Don’t buy the most attractive tent but opt for a model that will serve you well where you intend to spend your next vacation.