Best Knives For Camping

Are you looking for an outdoor knife? Which type should you look for?

best camping knives

There are many types that you can opt for but in general, you can choose from a folding camping knife and a survival one.

Pocket knives are the most multipurpose tool you can find in a person’s pocket. They are usually foldable with one or two blades that fit in the pocket.

It is a functional tool that can help with many tasks from opening boxes, cutting food, skinning fish, and even sometimes as a defense tool.

A survival or a bushcraft knife is meant for more demanding actions like cutting woods, building a survival shelter, and hunting. When buying an outdoor cutting tool, there are certain things you should consider.

The best knives for camping are available, but while you may look for a budget-friendly cutting tool, you must be sure that you are getting a blade that will help you out there.

Here are the top camping knives on Amazon that deserve your attention.

Best camping knives

If you are thinking of getting a good one for the outdoors, you won’t be sorry as this tool can help you in many ways. There are lots of situations outdoors that it can handle, so let’s get to know these tools in more detail.

Old Timer 24OT Splinter Carving Knife

Old Timer 24OT Splinter Carvin' 6in Traditional Folding Whittling Knife with 1.5in Detail Blade and Sawcut Handle for Outdoor, Hunting, Camping and EDC
  • DIMENSIONS: 6 inch (15.3 cm) overall length with a blade length of 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) and a weight...
  • DURABLE: Blade is made of reliable 65Mn High Carbon Steel with a sawcut handle
  • DEPENDABLE: Quick and easy access with the convenient size, nail pulls, straight gouge, hook blade,...
  • SECURE: Have confidence that the blade will not slip with the security of the heat treated back...

This durable blade is made of reliable 65Mn High Carbon Steel with a saw cut handle. What does this multitool have?

This woodworking cutting tool has nail pulls, straight gouge, hook blade, v-scorp, gouge scorp, and chisel. It has heat treated back springs so the blade won’t slip.

The blade is long 1.5″ while its body is long 4.25”. It weighs 3.9 oz. Don’t forget that it is a carving tool so you will be able to prepare your campfire with ease and make a wooden spoon or fork if you like.

  • Durable blade
  • Multi-tool unit
  • Perfect for carving wood
  • Blade doesn’t lock

Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket Knife (Red)
  • A CUT ABOVE THE REST: Compact, agile and ready to face any adventure head-on. Our range of Swiss...
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Swiss made stainless steel construction encased in our popular scales offers a...
  • COMPACT CARRY: Bring this knife with you on your daily adventures without sacrificing space. It...
  • FIT FOR ALL TASKS: At their heart, all our pocket knives are a survival tool; multitaskers that...
  • TRUSTED QUALITY: Made in Switzerland; Victorinox provides a lifetime guarantee against defects in...

Invest in this Victorinox Swiss pocket knife and you will be set for any outdoor activity. It has multiple functionalities with up to 15 optional tools to ensure you get everything done.

This cutting tool has a compact design that will allow you to comfortably wear it with a pouch on your waist or put it in a pocket.

Stainless steel blade and an ergonomic handle

The blade is made of stainless steel while the scale is made of ABS/Cellidor. It weighs 3.4 oz.and has a length of 3.6 in. This Victorinox product comes with a pouch that guarantees convenient storage.

All the tools are foldable within the ergonomic handle and will not unlock without you allowing them to. Additionally, the handle feels comfortable making it easy to use.

  • A multitask pocket knife
  • Durable construction
  • Iconic design
  • Innovative product
  • No locking blade

Smith & Wesson extreme ops folding knife

Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWA24S 7.1in S.S. Folding Knife with 3.1in Serrated Clip Point Blade and Aluminum Handle for Outdoor, Tactical, Survival and EDC
  • Dimensions: 7.1 inch (18 cm) overall length with a blade length of 3.1 inches (7.9 cm) and a weight...
  • Durable: Blade is made of reliable 7Cr17MoV Black Oxide High Carbon Stainless Steel with a black,...
  • Dependable: Quick and easy access with the convenient pocket clip, finger flipper and ambidextrous...
  • Secure: Have confidence that the blade will not slip with the security of the liner lock

This is a tactical folding cutting tool that is easy to use while camping. The blade is made of reliable 7Cr17MoV black oxide high carbon stainless steel with a black, aluminum handle.

The product has a 7.1-inch overall length and a blade length of 3.1 inches. It weighs 3.5 ounces.

EDC cutting tool

It is ideal for everyday carry since it has quick and easy access with the convenient pocket clip, finger flipper, and ambidextrous thumb knobs. The unit has the liner lock so don’t worry about the slipping blade.

It is appropriate for everyday carry and fits in the hand and the pocket comfortably due to the handheld size. Thumb studs enable you a quick and easy opening.

  • Durable blade and aluminum handle
  • Liner lock
  • Ideal for everyday carry
  • Convenient size
  • Comfortable grip
  • The blade is short

Kershaw Leek Pocket Knife

Kershaw Leek Pocket Knife (1660) 3-In. Sandvik 14C28N Blade and Stainless Steel Handle, Best Buy from Outdoor Gear Lab Includes Frame Lock, SpeedSafe Assisted Opening and Reversible Pocketclip, 3 oz.
  • Versatile 3 inch blade made with Sandvik 14C28N Steel, one of the highest performing knife steels in...
  • 410 stainless steel alloy handle provides resistance to corrosion and extra strength and hardness
  • Frame lock gives the knife a slim sleek style while holding the blade open during use; tip lock...
  • SpeedSafe Assisted opening allows opening with Minimal effort and maximal functionality; simple...
  • Blade length: 3 inches; Closed length: 4 inches; Open length: 7 inches; Weight: 3 oz.

This Kershaw pocket product has a versatile 3. 5 in. blade made with 14C28N Sandwich Steel which is one of the highest performing knife steels in the world. It has increased hardness and edge retention. The blade has 3 inches and weighs 3 oz.

The handle

The handle is made of 410 stainless steel alloy that is resistant to corrosion and has extra strength and hardness. It provides secure gripping power in almost any environment.

You can use it in any weather condition as the blade material is corrosion-resistant to ensure you can use it season after season.

A frame and a tip lock

The product has a frame lock that gives the knife a slim sleek style while holding the blade open during use. A tip lock feature will keep the blade closed while carrying it. You will open it easily and have maximum functionality due to speed safe assisted opening.

Cutting from bush to rope

The Leek model is one of the most popular Kershaw knives due to slim, versatile, modified drop-point blade with good slicing capabilities. With this cutting tool, you will be able to cut rope and zip ties, bush, and slice fruits and vegetables.

  • High-performance steel
  • Attractive blade coating
  • Fast deployment
  • Convenient pocket clip
  • One-handed flipper
  • Secure locking system
  • It could be unsharpened
  • It doesn’t come with a deep carry clip

Ka-Bar Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife

KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife, Straight
  • Edge Angles - 20 Degrees
  • Overall length 11.875 inches
  • The most famous fixed blade knife design in the world
  • 1095 Cro-van steel
  • Leather Handle, USMC Fightning Knife

Did you know that this Ka-Bar USMC fighting cutting tool was designed to serve US troops during World War II? This legendary product is the most famous fixed blade knife design in the world.

A strong slip-resistant handle

It has a strong golden handle that is comfortable and slip-resistant. It will ensure you are able to work and maneuver through any cuts regardless of how tough the material might be. Its overall length is 11.875 inches.

Cro-van stainless steel

The 7″ straight-edge blade is made from 1095 Cro-van stainless steel material for longevity and stability. With this cutting tool, you will always be prepared for danger and be ready to hunt.

Additionally, the blade retains its sharpness for a long to ensure you are well-prepared for your outdoor adventure. With this one, you will always be prepared for danger as well as ready to hunt.

  • Legendary model with the most famous fixed blade knife design
  • A durable and sharp blade
  • Comes with protective leather sheath
  • Appropriate for versatile outdoor activities
  • You can’t store it in a pocket
  • Not so much of a survival tool

What should you look for in a camping knife?

Having a good cutting tool outdoors can change your life when it comes to some critical situations. You can face a storm and will need a shelter to hide if you are away from the camp.

This is the time when a survival or bushcraft knife comes in handy. Some of them fold but there are big ones that you can carry around your waist in the protective sheath.

However, you can have an outdoor folding knife to cut the food, branches, a tree bark for starting a fire, etc. Pocket knives are small and you can store them in your pocket while you are hiking through the woods.

These are the features that you should consider before buying your cutting tools for the outdoors.

Folding knife or rigid-blade knife?

When buying the best knives for camping, the first thing to consider is whether to opt for a folder or to go for a rigid-blade one. It is always a good thing to consider what you will be likely to use the tool for.

If you are the kind of person that goes out camping in the woods or is involved in demanding tasks, then you may decide to choose a rigid blade over a folding one because of the nature of the job you will be handling.

Overall, though, a folding pocket knife is always better because it will fit into your pocket neatly without making you feel like a thug with a blade hanging around. It also consumes less storage space because the blade, no matter how big, can be folded.

The blade’s material

The second most important thing to consider is the blade. Always go for stainless steel when choosing this type of knife. Steel is known to be a hard metal, and when it is stainless, it has a longer shelf life because it isn’t prone to rust.

Go for a sturdy, sharp tool

Sturdy steel ones are also not very easily breakable and thus will last longer. There is no point in buying a cutting tool that will break while you work. Always go for the pointed cutting tool. There is just more usability when it comes to sharp knives than ones with soft or blunt tips.

Importance of a sharp knife tip

For example, when you go hunting and want to kill an animal for food, a sharp tip will be quite helpful. In times of danger, a pointed tip is more likely to injure and slow down your opponent than a blunt or rounded tip. The functions you will be using the tool for should also play a role in choosing the type of knife you want.

sharp hunting knife

The handle

Its handle is another thing that you must look at when buying a cutting tool for outdoors. It should fit properly and not slip when it is wet or when your hand is sweaty. You also can opt for those ones that have an ergonomic design.

What is a camping knife?

A camping knife is a cutting tool meant for outdoor usage. It is sturdier, bulkier, and more durable than a kitchen cutting tool. You have plenty of options while choosing one.

There are foldable pocket knives or the ones that are meant for survival (survival or bushcraft knives). An outdoor cutting tool will help you to set a campfire, hunt, and to cut wood.

Do you need a knife for camping?

The necessity of having a knife while being outdoors depends on the way you will spend in nature. If you are the more adventurous type then you should get one to help you with starting a campfire, hunting, working with wood, and other activities.

However, if you are more of a glamping type you probably won’t need it, maybe just for preparing meals over a campfire.

I strongly suggest that you get the type of cutting tool that you will need outdoors because it can help you with different situations and won’t take much space in your backpack either.

What is the best camping survival knife?

If you intend to get the best survival knife pay attention to the next buying factors. Bushcraft should be sturdy, made of quality material like stainless steel, and be user-friendly.

You can get a foldable one or a non-folding that you can carry around your waist.

Look for a product that is well-balanced, lightweight, and has a blade as long as the handle, this makes a good cutting tool that won’t break easily. A handle should have a good grip and be easy to use in cold and hot weather.

What type of camping knife do you need?

The best knives for camping should fit well in your pocket, are easy to carry, and don’t open easily to expose the blade which may be dangerous. The blade shouldn’t be too thick because it will make it heavy to carry in the pocket.

If you are a regular camper go for a folding pocket knife. However, if you are more of an adventurer, choose a survival one. You saw which types of knives you have to choose from so consider your needs in the wild and choose the one that you will use with satisfaction.

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