Best Sleeping Bags For Camping

What is the most important feature that a sleeping bag can offer? I am sure that you agree that it is comfort and warmth. It needs to be comfortable and warm so you can feel well-rested and ready for the next day’s activities.

best sleeping bags

Regardless of where your travel takes you, national parks or back porches, your bag should be your most trusted companion.

Are you looking for the one that will protect you in the cold night? You don’t have to suffer through the night in a constricting mummy bag. There are some lightweight options that you can choose from.

You also need to consider several factors to ensure that you choose the right one. Take a look at what great models I picked for you.

Best camping sleeping bags

Camping is an exciting activity that generates memorable experiences and adventures. However, the weather may get cold and unfriendly. Therefore, it is important to equip yourself with appropriate camping gear for personal safety.

You don’t have a sleeping bag yet? They differ in comfort, temperatures and season rating, insulation, size, style, internal pockets, and other features that make a bedroll worth having when spending the night outdoors.

Not all of them are the same, so take a look at the best bedrolls on the market and see which features you like.

Browning Camping McKinley 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

Browning Camping McKinley 0 Degree Sleeping Bag, Clay/Black, 36-Inch x 90-Inch
  • Outer shell made of extremely durable 210T nylon diamond rip stop fabric, paired with a Brushed...
  • Designed to keep you warm during extreme weather, this 0 degree bag is filled with our 7 denier...
  • Insulated chest and zipper baffle with two-layer construction s to trap in maximum heat and prevent...
  • Our Browning Camping McKinley sleeping bag is on our best sellers list; a must-have in your camping...
  • Dimensions: 36" X 90", weight: 8 lbs. 12 oz. , fill weight: 96 oz. ; compression stuff sack included

With this Browning Camping McKinley sleeping bag, you are set for anything. It has double layer-offset construction, with no cold spots. The outer shell is made of durable 210T nylon diamond ripstop fabric, paired with a brushed polyester liner.

TechLoft Silver insulation

The heavy-duty construction also ensures that all your warmth is trapped inside to keep you warm all night long due to 7 denier TechLoft Silver insulation. It also features an insulated chest and zipper baffle with two-layer construction. It measures 36″ X 90″, and weighs 8 lbs. 12 oz.

Handles to 0 degrees Fahrenheit

This outdoor bedroll has a strong design to guarantee longevity even with multiple uses. The fabric construction is strong and fire-resistant, which makes it suitable for use at any spot. The product can handle to 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Portable and hand washable

It is oversized to guarantee there is plenty of room for you to sleep comfortably. Additionally, this product comes with a convenient bag with roll-up straps for easy transportation. A compression stuff sack is included. You can hand wash it.

  • Heavy-duty
  • Techloft Silver insulation
  • Insulated chest and zipper baffle
  • Two-layer construction
  • Not for backpacking

TETON Sports Deer Hunter Sleeping Bag

TETON Sports Deer Hunter Sleeping Bag; Warm and Comfortable Sleeping Bag Great for Camping Even in Cold Seasons; Brown, Left Zip
  • COMFORTABLE SLEEPING BAG: Soft lining; Half-circle mummy style hood keeps you warm and your pillow...
  • STAY WARM IN COLD WEATHER: You’ll be warm and rested in this sleeping bag; Innovative fiber fill,...
  • TOUGH, DURABLE SLEEPING BAG: Soft liner and rugged, water-resistant canvas shell will stand up to...
  • SLEEP WARM: Fluff your sleeping bag and use a camp pad to sleep warmer; Hang loops for long-term...
  • TETON SPORTS PROMISE: Reach out to our AMAZING product support team if you have any questions or...

Comfort is essential especially when you are going on a camping, hunting, or fishing adventure. Getting a quality night sleep guarantees you that you will have the potential to face the next day with energy.

Durable and water-resistant

Although it may not be easy to feel comfortable while away from your usual space, you can still experience the comfort.

However, this is only possible if you are introduced to this TETON Sports deer hunter sleeping bag that is meant to use in three seasons.

Due to the soft liner and rugged, water-resistant canvas shell, you will be using it for many years.

Quality materials for warmth and comfort

It has a soft lining (100% brushed poly flannel), half-circle mummy-style hood, innovative fiberfill (SuperLoft elite 4-channel hollow fiber), double-layer construction, and draft tubes that will keep you warm.

It has interior pockets for safe storage of phones, keys wallets, and other personal valuables. It also features a thick outer shell that is tear-resistant and waterproof.

Portable and accessible

This guarantees durability and the assurance that you will enjoy it for years. It also has three built-in roll-up straps that make storage and portability easy.

The access and ventilation are easy due to zippers that open at the top or bottom. It measures 90″ X 39″ and weighs 8.5 lbs. It can handle 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Comfortable and warm
  • Soft lining
  • Tough and durable
  • Interior pocket
  • Small inside pocket
  • Big

Coleman Big Game Sleeping Bag

Coleman Big Game Big and Tall Adult Sleeping Bag
  • Adult sleeping bag for camping in temperatures as low as 0 degrees F
  • Big and tall design can accommodate most people up to 6 feet 7 inches tall
  • Warm cotton canvas cover, heat-locking flannel liner, and matching flannel pillow
  • ZipPlow system plows away fabric to prevent snagging during zipping. Zip two together for double the...
  • Backpacking sleeping bag features integrated packing system and is easy to roll

This cotton bedroll is appropriate for all of you who are taller, up to 6 feet 7 inches tall. A warm cotton canvas cover, heat-locking flannel liner, and matching flannel pillow will enable comfortable sleeping.

It measures 13.75 x 20.33 x 14 inches and weighs 6.17 lbs. It can stand up to 0 celsius Fahrenheit. It has a cuff that will enable soft comfort. Due to Thermolock (a full-length draft tube), you won’t be losing heat through the zipper.

A zipper guide pushes fabric away from the zipper and enables snag-free opening and closing. It has a roll control that will make packing easy and simplified.

  • For taller people
  • Warm cotton canvas cover
  • Thermolock
  • ZipPlow system
  • Bulky

Coleman North Rim Adult Mummy Sleeping Bag

Coleman 0°F Mummy Sleeping Bag for Big and Tall Adults | North Rim Cold-Weather Sleeping Bag
  • Mummy-style adult sleeping bag for camping in temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Can accommodate most people up to 6 feet 2 inches in height
  • Semi-sculpted hood tightens with a drawstring to seal in heat
  • Quilting construction, insulated footbox, and Thermolock draft tube for warmth and heat retention
  • ZipPlow system plows away fabric to prevent snagging during zipping

With years of experience, Coleman continues to design quality products to ensure all its customers are satisfied. With this adult bedroll, be sure to sleep like a queen with this Coleman sleeping bag under any weather condition. It measures 32″ x 82″ and weighs 5.80 lbs.

Warm and comfortable

When you are out for a camping adventure, equipping yourself with warm gear is very essential. However, nothing provides better outdoor warmth than this Coleman North Rim adult sleeping bag.

It has a convenient design with quality material that eliminates all cold spots. It has a drawstring that helps to lock in heat for maximum warmth during cold night.

Great ventilation for warmer days

However, when the weather is not that chilly, you can comfortably loosen the semi-sculpted hood as well as ventilate the bag using the two-way zippers.

If you will experience warmer nights you can also unzip the bottom for ventilation. Since you might not have enough space in your bedroll, this product comes with sack stuff that does packing and storing it easy.

Additional features

It is designed to fit adults of up to 6ft 2” tall comfortably, which makes it suitable for everyone. This mummy-style bedroll will keep you warm if the temperatures don’t drop below 0 celsius Fahrenheit.

It has a semi-sculpted hood that tightens with a drawstring to seal in heat. Quilting construction, insulated footbox, and Thermolock draft tube also help to retain the body heat inside. Snagging during zipping is almost not possible due to the ZipPlow system.

  • High insulation properties
  • Great ventilation options
  • ZipPlow system
  • A bit heavy
  • Bulky

ALPS OutdoorZ Redwood sleeping bag

ALPS OutdoorZ Redwood -25 Degree Flannel Sleeping Bag, Tan, 38 - x 80 -Inch
  • Oversized rectangle bag has cotton canvas outer layer, paired with a cozy 100% cotton flannel liner
  • Two-layer construction eliminates cold sports and traps in maximum heat
  • Roll-up straps allows you to easily roll and compress bag for transportation and storing
  • The ALPS OutdoorZ Redwood is on our best sellers list; after one cozy use, you’ll know why
  • Dimensions: 38" x 80"; Weight: 13 lbs.; Zipper Size: #10

Exceed your expectations with the ALPS OutdoorZ rectangle sleeping bag. You will need it when the temperatures will get lower than 0 degrees Fahrenheit, if I am more precise, up to -25 degrees Fahrenheit. TechLoft silver insulation will make your nights warm.

Warm and cozy

This model has a cotton canvas outer layer, paired with a cozy 100% cotton flannel liner. Two-layer construction eliminates cold spots and traps in maximum heat.

Rolling and storing it is easy due to roll-up straps with quick-release buckles. This heavy-duty product measures 38″ x 80″ and weighs 13 lbs. It uses #10 zipper size.

  • Appropriate for colder winter nights
  • TechLoft silver insulation
  • Durable cotton canvas
  • Cotton flannel lining
  • Heavy-duty zipper
  • Not for backpacking

How do you choose a sleeping bag for camping?

There are a couple of features you need to look for when shopping to ensure that you have gotten the best camping sleeping bags.

The temperature ratings

You have bag types for different temperature ratings. If it is a 20-degree one, it means that you will still feel comfortable even if the temperatures drop to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

The shape

Its shape determines how fast it will warm up. The bigger it is, the more comfortable it is but it doesn’t warm up as fast.

Insulation type

The type of insulation you choose will also determine its cost. Synthetic insulations are cheaper.

Other things to consider

Don’t forget to check:

  • Hood
  • Stash pocket
  • Shell
  • Pillow pocket
  • Zippers

Is Coleman a good brand for sleeping bags?

Coleman is a world-known outdoor company for products that you can use on your outdoor trips. They started with the first portable, gas-powered lantern (1900) and revolutionized the outdoors with the cooler in the 1950s.

Regarding their bedrolls, they are made of quality materials that make sleeping outside cozy and comfortable. You can choose between different styles and features.

Coleman sleeping bags regarding temperature

In general, they produce 4 types of sleeping bags regarding the temperature. If the temperatures are cold (24 degrees F and below) you can pick the product for late fall or winter.

Then we have bedrolls for temperatures from 25 degrees F – 39 degrees F that will protect you when the temperatures are around the freezing mark.

They have the ones for milder weather (40 degrees F – 49 degrees F) for fall and spring camping adventures. In the last category are the ones that are appropriate to rest in when the temperatures are hot (50 degrees F and up).

Coleman sleeping bags shape

They offer 4 shapes of the products and each of them has a meaning. The contoured shape is for those who want more comfort in the head area. The rectangle (standard) shape is for those who want to have space to move around.

The hybrid shape offers the warmth of a mummy shape plus extra space of a rectangular shape. The last ones are mummy bedrolls that offer warmth in the first place as they retain the body heat. Coleman is a reliable company to buy from.

What is the best type of sleeping bag?

There are different bedrolls available but which is right for you? As I already stated, they come with a variety of features that you must consider when buying one.

best Sleeping Bags

The best type of bedroll is the one that will suit you on your outdoor excursion. For example, if the weather is cold it is best to choose a mummy-style one as it will retain your body heat inside.

Down sleeping bags

What about the material? Those made of dawn are made of natural material that retains heat beautifully, are lightweight, are suitable for cold and warm temperatures, have a long lifespan, and are easier to pack.

Synthetic sleeping bags

Synthetic materials are the most common for the insulation of sleeping bags.

They are cheaper and easier to clean. If they get wet they retain around 50% of the insulating ability so this is great news for those who will go camping in unstable weather.

However, these ones don’t retain the body heat as well and down ones and are bulkier and heavier than those made of natural materials.

I advise you to pay attention also on the zippers, hood, draft collar and inner pockets, compression straps and other to make your adventure even more pleasurable.

How much does a good sleeping bag cost?

A good outdoor bedroll is the one that offers you protection from the cold and ventilation that you will need on warmer days. It also has additional features that make your outdoor rest more comfortable.

So, how much do they cost? The price range goes from $20 to $1000 and up. Do you think that you can buy a cheap one and go to the mountains? I don’t recommend that.

Some bags are expensive because they are meant to be used in extreme weather conditions where the temperatures go around -30 degrees F and below.

Final word

For your camping trips to be truly meaningful, you need to get enough sleep at night regardless of the temperatures. This way, you will have fun both during the day and at night. 

You will not feel too tired to go for hikes or other tiresome activities because you know you will be just as fresh the next day.

Choose your favorite bag for sleeping outdoors and don’t forget about its features to make the trip fun and relaxed.

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