Best SUV Tents For Car Camping

Are you ready to take your loved ones on a car camping adventure with an SUV? Does your family need a lot of space while camping outdoors?

best suv camping tents

Great, as I have reviewed the best SUV tents for camping that you can use for spacious and comfortable outdoor enjoyment.

These car tents are perfect for Overlanding, camping on uneven or rocky terrain, and camping trips with a family where you need more space. 

SUV tents are multipurpose since you can use them as a vehicle tent connected to the cargo area or as a stand-alone unit. A standalone tent is a good option if you will travel with a different vehicle than anticipated.

I like how you can move from the shelter to the car to reach your gadget or to grab something from a portable refrigerator that is plugged inside the car without having to step out of the tent.

There are plenty of advantages that you can get with an SUV camping tent so go ahead and see how camping in the back of an SUV is and how it can change your camping journey.

Best SUV camping tents

If you like road adventures and camping I suggest that you consider a tent you can install at the back of the vehicle. This way you will have all essentials close and at hand.

No matter if you will camp alone or with somebody else, these units provide a spacious place to spend the night and for all kinds of activities. There will be plenty of space to store the gear you brought. I am sure kids will love it.

If you will be cold at night you can move to the vehicle and sleep in a heated place. In the summer you will rather sleep in a ventilated shelter.

There are 3 types of SUV tents for sale:

I will focus on the hatchback camping tents as they are the most popular among campers. Check my best SUV tent review and maximize the living space while you enjoy the outdoors.

As the models come in different shapes and sizes here are the ones that you might see as valuable to get.

Napier Backroadz SUV Tent

Napier Backroadz SUV Tent, Grey, Green, 10x10 (19100)
  • Spacious 10’ x 10’ tent providing over 7’ of headroom and sleeps 5 adults
  • he universal vehicle sleeve fits all CUV’s, SUV’s, and Minivans. The easily adjustable sleeve...
  • Full rainfly with taped seams and built-in storm flaps in the windows and door provide privacy and...
  • Seamlessly connects to the cargo area of your vehicle, creating additional sleeping or storage space...
  • 1 large door and 3 mesh windows offer optimal ventilation

Napier Outdoors made a Backroadz SUV tent for 5 people that measures 10’ x 10’. It provides over 7’ of headroom for you to move inside. Its universal sleeve fits all CUV’s, SUVs, and Minivans. The weight of this product is 13.2 pounds.

You will be able to use a lantern holder and a gear loft to store the small essentials.


The material used for making poles is shock-corded fiberglass which is flexible and light. The shell is made of 68D 185T polyester taffeta with an 800mm PU coating.

It is obvious that this is a 3-season shelter not appropriate for camping in the snow. The floor is manufactured with durable polyethylene.


This dome tent is perfect to use in the first three seasons as it has only an 800mm waterproof coat. With a lot of mesh material, you will camp in a ventilated tent without condensation.

This model has almost full-coverage rain fly with taped seams so it will protect you in case of light to normal rain. With the built-in storm flaps in the windows and door, you will have ultimate weather protection.

The floor protects from the rainwater and keeps your interior clean.


The tent is made mostly of mesh material that provides optimum ventilation throughout the shelter. It is the perfect summer tent for a family to enjoy their vacations in nature.

The unit includes 3 mesh windows and a wide entrance to increase the airflow inside.


You will be able to set up this unit fast and it should take you around 10 minutes. So, how do you set it up? Click here and you will find an answer on how to set up a Napier Outdoors Backroadz SUV tent.

Did you know?

For every Backroadz model purchased, the company plants a tree with a partnership with Trees for the Future.

  • Universal vehicle sleeve
  • Full rainfly with taped seams
  • Optimum airflow
  • Awning over entrance
  • Gear pocket and lantern holder
  • Poor ventilation with the rain fly on

KingCamp Melfi Plus SUV Car Tent

KingCamp Melfi Plus SUV Car Tent 3 Seasons 4-6 Person Multifunctional Waterproof Windproof Suitable for Camping Traveling Family Outdoor Activities
  • ROOMY: 9.2-foot by 7-foot tent sleeps 4-5 people with over 6.5 feet of headroom; about 10-foot by...
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: With the flysheet and inner together, you can use this tent as a ground camping tent...
  • DURABLE: The flysheet is made of 190T polyester with 3000mm PU coating and the floor is made of PE,...
  • EASY UP & FIRM: With 6pcs steel poles, 3pcs fiberglass poles, 4psc steel door poles, 42pcs pegs and...
  • BREATHABLE: The inner is made of breathable polyester and three doors and multi-position mesh...

KingCamp made an SUV tent for your outdoor adventures with your loved ones. It can occupy up to 5 people inside as it has 202.7×118.1×78.7 inches dimensions. The model weighs 38.8 pounds.

The model has an inside pocket for small gear storage, and a hook to hang a lighting source.


The fly is made of 190T polyester with a waterproof coating of 3000 mm.

The inner fabric features 170T breathable polyester while the removable floor is manufactured with 130 g/m2 polyethylene. You will be using both steel and fiberglass poles to put the structure up.

Air flow

This 3-season Kingcamp SUV tent has 3 doors and multi-position mesh windows that provide cross-ventilation, convenient access, and views.

Doors can be used as awnings to provide a shaded entrance and a more vented tent. You will be able to spend quality time in the screen room where you can also remove the floor to feel the grass and soil.


The unit has a 3000mm hydrostatic head which is a normal waterproof rating for a camping tent to survive the normal to moderate rain.

I suggest that you use it in the first three seasons of the year (not appropriate to use in winter).

If you decide to purchase this one you will get a windproof and waterproof unit that is good to use in nice weather with some rain.


Layout the material where you want to pitch it and assemble all the poles together. Insert the top fiberglass poles into the bracket sleeves. Now connect the side steel poles and the outer tent so the shelter will be standing up.

Ask someone to help you move it closer to the vehicle. Connect the shelter with the car using the sleeve and straps. Fix side steel poles with the pegs and stretch the outer fabric. Secure each corner with pegs and cord pulls.

If you want to have a shade in front of the entrance then you must use the steel poles, pegs, and cord pulls to install an awning. Grab the inner tent and go inside to attach it.

Take the floor of the screen room and attach it inside with the Velcro straps. You are ready to use the shelter.

  • Breathable polyester
  • Quite roomy
  • Door awnings
  • Removable screen room floor
  • Good ventilation
  • Not appropriate to use in heavy rain and snow
  • Minimal setup instructions
  • No screen windows in the sleeping area

Offroading Gear SUV Popup Camping Tent

SUV Instant Popup Camping Tent | 9' x 9' - Sleeps Up to 7 | for SUV/Crossover/Minivan
  • Transform your SUV/Crossover/Minivan into an RV – Instantly turn your vehicle into a luxurious...
  • Instant Popup Technology – Our exclusive popup technology means the SUV2RV tent INSTANTLY sets up...
  • Sleeps up to 7 (5+2) adults – The massive 9’x9’ SUV2RV tent means you can sleep up to 5 adults...
  • Works Without a Vehicle - The SUV2RV works with any hatchback vehicle but also works as a standalone...
  • Includes Bonus Awning and Rainfly - Every tent includes a large 6'x4' Front Door Awning as well as a...

Here you have a 5-person tent from Offroading Gear that measures 9 x 9 feet. The model weighs 25.95 pounds. If you want to have a fast-pitched shelter then this is the one for you as it just lifts up.


This unit is manufactured with waterproof PU-coated polyester. The poles are metal which means sturdy construction. The floor is also waterproof.

Weather protection

This is a 3-season tent which means that you will be able to use it in nice weather with some rain. You will also have an option to put up an awning above the doors to have shade and protection from the elements.

It comes with a rain fly that covers the upper part of the structure.


There are large screen windows that will enable you to have fresh air inside and avoid condensation.


If you don’t like to read the setup instructions and set up a tent for a long time then this SUV2RV tent is for you.

The company included exclusive integrated instant technology that enables you to pitch the shelter in about 2 minutes. This is how you do it.

Take the product bag and get the shelter out of the bag. Then grab the center of the pole frame and lift it up. While you do it the tent will start to get its shape.

Lock the top cam. Extend the telescopic poles. When it is fully standing, take the sleeve and pull it over the hatchback and tighten straps.

Setting an awning

You will get poles in the storage bag to install the door awning. Grab two of them and install them so you will get an awning (6′ x 4′) from the opened doors.

  • Highly-ventilated
  • Awning
  • Instant setup
  • Versatile use
  • Rain fly
  • Not so good in wind
  • Flimsy legs

Pumbaa SUV tent

If you intend to camp alone you will like this model.

This is one of the best SUV rooftop tents for 1 person (not for someone over 6’5) that you will install on the roof of your vehicle. Its dimensions are 79 x 30 x 44 inches. The product’s weight is 5.5 pounds.

The shelter has a few side pockets where you could put keys, glasses, watches, a phone, a flashlight, or other necessities. The company included a small loop for hanging a light.


This rooftop tent is manufactured with durable 210D Oxford fabric with PU 4000 waterproof coating. The poles are aluminum.


The item has a waterproof floor and waterproof seal at the bottom to protect you in inclement weather. It comes with a rain fly but it covers only the roof.

The high waterproof rating of the fabric makes this shelter capable to protect you in moderate to heavy rain and snow.


The model has big doors and large screen windows so you won’t face the condensation inside. There is also a large mesh vent at the top for additional ventilation.


Extend the fabric and assemble the poles. Insert the poles and secure their ends into the grommets. Use plastic hooks to secure them with the fabric.

The rainfly attaches to the shelter quickly with release clips at the four corners. The company included assembly instructions as well so you won’t hassle with the setup.

You can use your tracking poles to set up the awning for shade and entrance protection.

So, if you are looking for the best SUV roof tent for 1 person, consider this one.

  • Lightweight
  • Quality fabric
  • Big openings
  • High waterproof coating
  • Rain fly + door awning
  • Not much living space

Rightline Gear 6-person SUV Tent

Rightline Gear-110907 SUV Tent, Sleeps Up to 6, Universal Fit, Orange.
  • SLEEP OFF THE GROUND: Nothing beats the comfort of your vehicle; plus the SUV Tent is free standing...
  • 1 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S : Shop confidently; our service team is based in the USA & skillfully trained...
  • FAMILY SIZED: Tent comfortably sleeps (4) adults and vehicle cargo area sleeps (2) adults.
  • QUALITY WEATHERPROOF CONSTRUCTION: Water resistant fabric with tape sealed seams (PU 2000mm)...
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: The Tent's vehicle sleeve attaches to any size SUV, minivan, Jeep Wrangler hard top,...

Last but not least, the Rightline Gear made a tent for the SUV that can accommodate up to 6 people. The unit is one of the best suv tents for the Ford expedition. It measures 8 x 8 x 7.2 feet and weighs 20.15 pounds.

It is a user-friendly model as it includes 2 gear pockets, a lantern hanging hook, and glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls.


You will stay protected from the elements due to the water-resistant fabric with tape-sealed seams (PU 2000mm). Pole-type material is fiberglass.


This model has a wide and tall door and big no-see-um mesh windows with storm cover that you can close for privacy and element protection. These openings provide optimum ventilation.


This is a freestanding model that is best to use in the first three seasons.

With the 2000mm hydrostatic head, sealed seams you will be protected from the normal weather with some rain. The sewed-in polyethylene bathtub floor keeps the moisture outside.

The unit includes a rain fly that covers the roof and a half of the structure.

I like the small awning above the doors that the fly makes while being installed. This way your entrance and the interior area is protected from the rain.


The Rightline Gear made color-coded poles for an easy setup. This is how to set up this Rightline Gear SUV tent.

Layout the fabric where you will camp. Use stakes and secure the structure on the ground.

Assemble the poles and insert them through the fabric sleeves; one by one. You will put a pole on each side of the shelter and one in the middle of the roof.

Now slowly lift one side up (make sure that the pole is assembled). Put its end to the grommet at the bottom of the fabric. Repeat the step on the other side.

Now go and stabilize the third pole in the middle (use the pocket at the end of the awning). Use clips to secure the poles with the fabric.

Putting the sleeve on

Now it’s time to connect the tent to the vehicle. Put the sleeve over the hatch and secure it with the buckled straps.

If you have rails installed use them. If you don’t have them then you can install the straps on the windshield wipers.

Go inside the shelter, open the doors that lead to the hatch and roll them away. Now grab the straps that are hanging down and secure them with the vehicle’s hatch.

Go ahead and secure the bottom straps as well. Clip the straps on the spots in the trunk where the buckles can go.

Putting the rain fly on

Put the fly on if you expect rain and secure it at the frame of the tent.

If you need to see a setup video scroll down and watch it for precise setup steps.

  • Freestanding
  • Water resistant fabric
  • Thicker poles than in other products
  • Sewed-in bathtub floor
  • Heavy-duty straps
  • Stakes could be better
  • Cheap zippers

Are SUV tents good?

SUV tents provide plenty of living space and space to store the gear. They attach to the back of the vehicle so you will have open access to grab things from the cab.

You can choose one with a waterproof feature, with mesh for ventilation and mosquito prevention, and from many others that offer user-friendly features.

You can use it attached to the vehicle or install it separately. Its versatile use gives you the opportunity to avoid uneven terrain and hot and cold temperatures as you can rest inside the car or in the tent.

What’s the point of an SUV tent?

Its main benefit is to provide protection from the elements and bugs and a lot of space for different activities.

The feature I like the most is clear access to the cab where I charge the mobile phone and other camping devices.

When I decide to sleep inside the shelter (when the temperatures are high), I store camping gear in the vehicle so I have all of the space in the tent for myself.

If you are more of an adventurous type and don’t want to spend money on hotels and RV’s, getting a product that fits on the SUV is the best option.

Do SUV tents keep bugs out?

Yes, they do as they are built as any other traditional tents that are set up on the ground. They come with mesh windows and doors to prevent annoying critters and bugs inside.

When choosing your model look for the mesh windows and other mesh parts of the tent to provide bug-free camping.

What are the best SUV tents?

If you are looking for a good model that fits your SUV then you should know what you want from a shelter.

Good camping tents are waterproof, have good ventilation options, are spacious, and come with mesh to protect you from little animals like spiders, mosquitos, and others.

best suv tents

If you want to get the best one, look at the tents from the list at the start of the article.

What is the easiest SUV tent to set up?

The easiest SUV tent to set up is the Offroading Gear unit from the list. With the automatic system, you will be able to lift the unit up and secure the sleeve and straps on the vehicle.

This instant tent measures 9 x 9 feet and can accommodate up to 5 people.

It is a model that can be used in the first three seasons which means that you shouldn’t use it in the wintertime. This unit also has an awning that you will install in front of the doors with provided poles.

How do I set up an SUV tent?

I will explain its setup on the Napier SUV tent example. So, these instructions are perfect for those who want to know how do you set up a Napier SUV tent.

Park the car where you want and prepare your shelter. Open the trunk of the car and extend the shelter on the ground with the vehicle sleeve facing the vehicle cargo area.

Working with the poles

Assemble the poles. Use the setup instructions so you will have your shelter pitched the right way. Slide the poles through the sleeves of the shelter.

Secure its ends into the pockets or grommets; depending on what security points a tent has.

While you will insert the poles the unit will start to get its shape. Put the plastic clips to the poles if your model has them. This way the fabric will be securely connected with the poles.

Attaching the tent to the vehicle

Go inside the shelter and open the doors that are facing the cargo area. Now go outside and move the unit closer to the cargo area of the vehicle. Slip the sleeve under the bumper and over the roof.

Attaching the straps

Hook the bottom strap on either side of the car to any part of the wheel well and tighten the strap. Tight the sleeve strap that you will find on the driver’s side of the tent and make sure that the exhaust pipe is outside of the sleeve.

If you have a roof rack then attach the roof straps around it. In case you don’t have a roof rack then locate the roof straps, attach them to the hood frame and tighten them as you want.


Attach the center hook to the tailgate latch and attach the other outer hooks to the cargo bag hook or to the tailgate latch. Go ahead and install the porch if your model has one. Now you are ready to use the shelter.

How do you set up a Napier SUV tent?

I am giving you the setup instructions for the Napier Backroadz SUV model. Open the trunk of the car and lay out the Suv tailgate tent so the vehicle sleeve will face the car’s cargo area.

Working with the poles

Assemble the 3 poles that you got in the package. Thread the two of them into the fabric roof sleeves so they will crisscross each other. Insert the end of the pole into the pin located in the corner of the fabric.

Lifting the tent up

Now ask someone to help you lift the structure up.

Let the other person hold one side of the pole that you put into the pin while you apply some pressure on the other side to form an arch and to secure the other end of the pole into the pin as well. Attach the pole clips to the poles.

Attaching the tent to the vehicle

Now go inside the unit and open the doors and the mesh. Roll them up and secure them with the T-straps. Go outside and put your tent closer to the car with the opened hatch.

Slip the sleeve under the bumper and over the hatch and roof. Try to keep the exhaust pipe outside of the sleeve.

Attaching the straps

Grab the bottom outside straps and attach them to any part of the wheel well tighten them. Attach the strap from the vehicle sleeve around the roof rack and tighten.

Go inside the structure and find the center strap at the bumper and attach the strap hook to the tailgate latch.

Final steps

Secure the structure with stakes. This product comes with a rain fly so you can install it on. The “vehicle side” mark should face towards the car.

Attach its hooks to the rings at the bottom of the structure. Secure the Velcro straps around the pole. Insert a rainfly pole above the doors by using the grommets. Use guy lines to have a safe camping experience in the wind.

New adventures on the road

Tents that attach to SUV are great to buy as you will be able to sleep in a tent that is connected to the car.

This way you can reach essentials from the car or go to sleep inside due to colder temperatures. You can also sleep in this shelter that isn’t connected to the car so it is a multipurpose tent.

The best SUV tents are great to have as you will be element protected, have enough space to sleep, and store the gear. Before buying one, make sure that you have picked the right model for you.