Best Teepee Tents For Luxury Outdoor Glamping

Do you want to have the most enjoyable outdoor glamping experience with your family and friends? If you want to have luxury in your tent then you should know more about the best teepee tents.

best teepee tent

The shape of a tipi is known for years thanks to the Indians. Their shelters were made from animal skin and wooden poles. Today, outdoor manufacturers make modern tipi tents that use canvas and polyester as the main fabric.

A tipi can be used throughout the year (if it is a canvas model or uses a high waterproof rating) and welcomes even the tallest campers. With the very high center height, you will be able to walk straight inside without bending and crawling on your knees.

If you ask me, this tent type is the most appropriate for families and their friends to spend a relaxing outdoor vacation no matter the weather forecast.

Let’s take a look at the best teepee tent for adults on the market and a buying guide so you and your loved ones will have the best camping experience of your lives.

Best teepee tents for camping

Camping with the people you love should be nothing but fun. If you want to spend quality time with them you should definitely sleep and hang out in one tent. I had the most memorable outdoor trips with people in one shelter so I challenge you to do the same.

Teepee camping will offer plenty of interior tent space for sleeping, playing games and telling jokes, resting, and cooking while being protected from the elements, so go ahead and check teepee camping-style tents worth your attention.

DANCHEL OUTDOOR Lightweight Teepee Yurt tent

DANCHEL OUTDOOR 8 Person Large Lightweight Yurt Tent for Adults, Waterproof Backpacking Teepee Family Camping
  • 【COLOR&SIZE】Green. 13ft/16.4ft . Green tents provide better shelter for the forest adventure and...
  • 【LIGHTWEIGHT&DURABILITY】 Only 25lb, best for those who don't want to carry heavy luggage while...
  • 【LIGHTWEIGHT&DURABILITY】 Only 25lb, best for those who don't want to carry heavy luggage while...
  • 【ROOMY CAPACITY】This large tent has a capacity of 4-7 people! Perfect for family camping or...
  • 【PACKING INCLUDE】Packing size: 30x10x10inch and packing include the metal stakes, wind ropes,...

This is a 3 season yurt tent that can occupy up to 5 people inside. The floor diameter is 13 feet and a center height of 8 feet. It is one of the lightest teepee models since it weighs 25 pounds.


This model is made of Lattice anti-tear 300D Oxford material that is coated with the 3000 mm waterproof coating. It is silver-coated to control the temperature. It also has UV protection of up to 99% so the fabric won’t lose its color fast.

The bottom floor is manufactured with PU coated Oxford that features a 5000 mm waterproof index which makes this unit quite waterproof.

It features metal poles. The top and bottom of the center pole have a soft cover to provide anti-skidding and are scratch-proof.

Other features

This product has 5 ventilation windows and 2 transparent windows for great views and ventilation. All the windows have panels for privacy.

The company included 3 ventilation holes (vents) to stop the condensation while having a fully-ventilated tent.

You will enter the interior through one A-shape door which has mesh to stop bugs from annoying you. It is 60 inches high so you will have to bent a little bit to get in or out.

The unit has mesh pockets to organize your things inside. You will get pole caps that are placed on the top of the poles that assemble the doors to camp dry.

It has a bathtub floor that will protect you in case of the rainwater in the storm.


Layout the fabric and stake it out. Go inside with the center pole and install it in the middle of the structure.

Go outside and assemble the doors by installing two of the metal poles. Use guy ropes to stabilize the unit and you are ready to use it.

The whole process should take you about 20 minutes.

  • Fully-ventilated
  • Waterproof
  • Bathtub floor
  • Lots of windows
  • Mesh pockets
  • It can get hot inside
  • Vents could be bigger

Tentipi Zirkon 9 Nordic Tipi Tent

Tentipi Zirkon 9 - (Light) Nordic Tipi Tent
  • Seattle based Mansfield Outdoors is proud to be the exclusive North American distributor of Sweden's...
  • Tentipi Nordic tipi tents combine Arctic tested toughness with the quality, style, and comforts of...
  • Designed to be used with a small open fire INSIDE the Nordic tipi tent, or can be heated with a wood...
  • Choose from a full line of complimentary accessories including Eldfell wood burning tent stoves,...
  • Proven by extreme expeditions. Made with world-class fabrics selected not by price but by their...

This is a high-quality Nordic tipi tent from the European company Tentipi. This model combines Arctic-tested toughness with the quality, style, and comforts of Swedish design and engineering.

This is a shelter where you will be able to set a small open fire inside.

It has a diameter of 17.38 feet and a center height of 10.17 feet. The unit can accommodate up to 9 campers comfortably. It fits in the category of the best lightweight tipi tents as it weighs only 14.33 pounds.

This is a good mountaineering teepee tent that won’t let you down even in the worst weather conditions, read on to see why it is so special.


This conical-shaped unit features a non-breathable “Traillix C” which is a lightweight ripstop polyamide fabric that comes in rustic red color.

The material is light and a very fine standard fabric that has double silicone coatings with additional UV protection. It includes an aluminum alloy pole that is light yet sturdy to withstand inclement weather.

Other details

This heavy-duty tipi has exceptional performance and offers the best materials for the price range. The A-shape door includes mosquito protection.

It has double diagonal zippers with covers that are easy to operate with. This is a unit that has fastenings for attaching accessories and tensioning the inner fabric.

The company uses high quality braided nylon cap for central pole.

Air circulation

The patented In-Tent VentTM system adjusts the temperature inside and makes an easy way for the smoke to get out. It has 6 opening points that you can manage from the inside.

There is a mosquito net ceiling that increases ventilation and doesn’t allow the bugs from coming in.


The company uses well-sourced and tightly quality controlled impregnated thread combined with excellent seam stitch quality to stop leakage. The floor edges are re-inforced to protect from the groundwater.

The Zirkon features ground tensioners that are attached to the tent panels via broad fabric webs with acetal buckle to reduce stress points when you face a snowy storm.

Storm cords with reflecting threads are woven into the cords and are pre-tied and fitted with holders.


You can set an open fire inside the shelter (without a floor) to keep you warm when it’s freezing outside or use a stove (the model has an opening for a stove smoke pipe).

Getting the accessories

You can get some great and useful accessories for your Zirkon 9 light. The Tentipi sells the inner tent for even more comfortable camping, removable floor, eldfell stove, drying rail for hanging wet clothes, Hekla firebox, and a porch where you can store gear and enjoy.

If you are interested of any of these products contact the company at [email protected]


The assembly is really easy and can be done in just a few minutes. Layout the fabric, stake it, grab the center pole and install it in the middle of the shelter.

  • Heavy-duty performance
  • Homeliness
  • Lightweight (for a tipi)
  • Fast-pitching
  • Class-leading storm resistance
  • Double-zip door
  • In-Tent Vent™ system
  • Comes with a smoke opening
  • Very expensive
  • Comes without an inner tent (a separate buy)

Vidalido teepee tent

12'x10'x8'Dome Camping Tent 5-6 Person 4 Season Double Layers Waterproof Anti-UV Windproof Tents Family Outdoor Camping Tent
  • MULTIFUNCTION USE:Conical appearance, with enough space and height inside, can make people stand...
  • SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION:The tipi family tent is made of anti-tear 190T patterned polyester and 150D...
  • COST PERFORMANCE:This tent has a capacity of 5-6 people! Perfect for family camping or adventures...
  • VENTILATION: Both doors and windows are 2000D PU 3000MM high-density mesh structure design.Nylon...
  • EASY SETUP&PORTABLE: We have designed this tent to be very easy to setup.Our team was able to do...

Vidalido made a stable 4 season model in a conical shape that has a capacity for 4-5 people. Its dimensions are 12′ x 10′ x 8′ with a floor area of 25 square feet. It is a lightweight yurt tent as it weighs only 14 pounds.


This model is manufactured by anti-tear 190T patterned polyester and 150D Oxford fabric so you will enjoy with a shelter for many years. The anti-rust reinforced steel poles provide a stable structure that will withstand wind.  

Other specs

The Vidalido product is waterproof and has a 3000 mm waterproof index to help you stay dry while you camp.

Stitching taping and caulking treatment are included to provide a dry outdoor experience. It includes a bathtub floor so the rainwater can’t reach you while you sleep.

On top of it, you will find a hook to hang a camping light so you will be able to read in the evenings or play games with the children. There is a mesh pocket to put your personal items in it.


This unit has really big doors so kids can jump in and out without tearing the doors. The door features a 2000D PU 3000 mm high-density mesh structure design to provide optimum airflow without insects.

The outer layer door can be used as a big awning that is supported by poles to enjoy in the shade and to have additional ventilation.

The top of the structure has a cap with some gap between it and the fabric so the hot air can escape out.

Multifunction use

What I like about this one is its multifunction use. This 2-layer tent can be set up in three ways to satisfy your needs. You can assemble just the outer layer when you need shelter fast (there is no floor in this pitching option).

Pitching just an inner layer is recommendable on those hot summer days when you need a breeze.

The whole structure serves best in the first three seasons of the year since it has enough mesh to provide air and waterproof features to have a dry adventure.

Additional fun parts

This is a family tent so the company included colorful flags to make your outdoor home attractive. I am sure kids will love them.


Spread the base on the ground where you want to pitch it. Use stakes provided in the package and secure the shelter on the ground.

Assemble the main pole with the black caps on both sides (8 ft. tall). Unzip the doors and get in with the pole that you just assembled.

Put it in the middle of the fabric and lift the structure. The bottom part of the pole must be on the black spot marked on the floor. Now you have to install the metal hula hoop part together.

You will put the outer fabric on this part with the hooks (it will look like a witch’s hat!). Now go inside the shelter and lower the main pole a little bit so you will be able to put the outer layer on the already pitched meshed structure.

Make sure that both doors will be in place. Guy it down and you are ready to enjoy.

  • Multifunctional use
  • Breathability
  • Bathtub floor
  • Stable
  • Lightweight
  • Not appropriate for hiking
  • No windows
  • Could have a back window for cross ventilation
  • Cheap stakes

Geertop Camping Teepee Tent

GEERTOP 4-6 Person Teepee Tent for Camping Double Layer Waterproof Instant Indoor Family Travel Tent for Backpacking, Hiking, Outdoor Travel
  • 【Large 4 People Tent】GEERTOP "LandLope 3" tent designs with spacious space - 82.67 x 84.64 x...
  • 【Easy Setup Family Tent】No particular skills needed; 2 people could set up the tent easily in 5...
  • 【Instant Tent with Vestibule】Double layer tent design, freestanding inner tent, separately used...
  • 【Breathable & Portable】The camping tent for family comes with 2 mesh door entrances, 5...
  • 【Durable & Practical】Made of waterproof polyester material, With the 2500mm polyurethane...

This is a perfect teepee family tent from Geertop. It can accommodate up to 4 (adult) campers or 2 adults and kids in a 107 ft² pentagon floor area. The weight of this product is 14.2 pounds which makes it a pretty light camping gear.


What is it built of? The company made it with anti-tear polyester cotton (polycotton; 65% polyester and 35% cotton) to ensure you will be using it year after year.

The shelter is coated with a 2000 mm waterproof coating. The floor has 150D polyester with a 1500 mm PU coating. The unit includes anti-rust reinforced steel poles to hold the fabric up.

Other details

This is a two-layer model with a conical tent appearance. The inner layer is made of durable polyester mesh to provide fresh air at hot temperatures.

The outer door can be used as an awning to enjoy under it when the sun is shining strong and you need some air.

Air circulation

You will be using one large door (inner & outer layer) that can be rolled aside a day when you need them open.

The inner door features polyester mesh for bug-free camping and additional airflow. In case of rain, you have 2 roof vents so the air can circulate inside.


A polycotton is a durable and reliable fabric that withstands rain and snow. The Geertop brand also included a snow skirt which will come in handy in a snowstorm and keeping your interior dry.

With the factory-sealed seams and a bathtub floor, you can expect camping in a dry environment.

Multiple use

Many teepee outdoor tents have more setup options and it’s not any different with this one-pole tent. In the winter you will use the whole structure, inner and outer layer to provide warmth and element protection.

In the summer you can pitch only the inner or outer layer; the decision depends on the weather and what do you want.

For example, if you are outdoors in the spring and want to get some sun inside then you can set up only a mesh shelter.

However, if you face winds and need some wind protection you can set up only a fly tent and enjoy in the warm interior.


Extend the groundsheet on the ground and stake it out. Place the inner fabric and align it with the corners of the groundsheet. Tie the belt to the peg of the floor.

Align the door and put a rain fly on. Now grab the only pole that you have and slowly place it in the middle of the shelter to hold it up. There is a bottom pocket where the end of the pole must be placed.

The only thing that you have to do is to fix down the corners of the fly and use guy lines to secure it.

  • Durable
  • Multifunctional use
  • Snow skirt
  • Breathable
  • Bathtub floor
  • Not a backpacking unit
  • Bulky when packed
  • Difficult to put inside the carry bag

Tahoe Gear Bighorn XL tipi tent

Tahoe Gear Bighorn XL 18' x 18' 12 Person Teepee Cone Shape Camping Tent
  • Provides the perfect combination of weight, carry size, and protection from the elements

This is a polyester tipi tent from Tahoe Gear outdoor brand. It measures 18 feet in diameter and is appropriate to accommodate up to 12 people with sleeping bags or 9 people comfortably.

So, if you intend to invite your whole family and friends this is the one to get. If you want to put gear inside then you have to think about the space for sleeping.

However, you can leave the gear in the vehicle as you will come with a car or another 4-wheel vehicle to a campsite. The center height is about 9.75 feet. It weighs 27 pounds.


This is a single-pole structure that is made of polyester with a 1000 mm coating to protect the interior from light to normal rain.

It features a polyethylene floor and a single steel center pole to hold up the structure. The pole has a plastic stand to not tear the product’s floor.

Other specifications

The product has 2 entrances, 4 large floor vents, and one top vent with a mesh to ventilate the interior. All vents have panels that you can open or close regarding your needs.

The top vent has a cover so don’t you worry about getting your interior wet.

The Bighorn model has 4 PVC windows that are equipped with panels. You will see a snow skirt that covers the ground so the wind and snow can’t get inside and mess up your interior.

A center pole gives you an option to attaching a headlamp or a fan on summer days. Seams are taped and waterproof.


Grab the tent out of the carry bag. Lay it on the ground and stake the corners out using the sew-in buckles and stakes. Take the center pole and install it in the middle of the structure.

Use the guy lines to secure it and to provide more headroom due to tight material.

  • Easy setup
  • Good price
  • Big windows
  • Rain cap
  • Snow skirt
  • No mesh on the doors
  • No door zipper on the bottom side

Latourreg 2 Person tipi tent

Latourreg 2 Person Outdoor Camping of 2M Canvas Camping Pyramid Tent Large Adult Teepee Pagoda Tent
  • SIZE: Open dimension of 215cm (Length) x 215cm (Width)x 200cm(Height). Square base with pyramid...
  • MATERIAL: 285gsm beige cotton canvas with waterprof PU 3000mm coating of tent body and...
  • FEATURE: Easy to set up and strong stability. Just insert all the poles into the sleeves and fix the...
  • DOUBLE DOOR: There are four ventilation holes on the top of the tent to circulating air and keep...
  • REMARK: Advisable to use this tent in the sunny days. The seams at the top intersection may can't be...

The Larouregg company made a 2-person tipi tent with the dimensions 84.6 x 84.6 x 78.7 inches. You will be able to put two sleeping bags, pads, or cots inside, or an air mattress with dimensions of 80 x 60 inches.

The model weighs 26.4 pounds and is appropriate for car camping or backyard enjoyment.


The body of the unit is made of 285gsm beige cotton canvas with a waterproof PU 3000 mm coating. The floor features 540gsm PVC. The model includes a 4pcs diameter 19mm galvanized steel tube as a support center pole.

Other features

The product has 2 doors that are made of two layers (mesh + canvas) and can be rollable aside. How is this unit ventilated?

The mesh opened doors for cross ventilation and 4 of the top vents take care of optimum air circulation no matter the weather.

It has a stitch top cover for rain protection. Zippers are covered with fabric so the water can’t sip inside.

No matter that it has some weather protection I don’t recommend using it in harsh weather and heavy rain as it may leak. Use it in nice weather with lots of sun.

You can decorate it as you wish. Placing a camping lantern or other lighting source is possible on the outer side of the tent, on the top vent above the door.


Layout the fabric. Insert all the poles through the sleeves and put their ends into the grommets in the groundsheet. Now configure the top sticks in a circular clockwise order and tie them up.

Secure the whole structure with the pegs and you are ready to give it a try.

  • Well made
  • Easy setup
  • Durable
  • Great for nice weather
  • Double doors
  • Don’t use in harsh (heavy rain) weather
  • Quite heavy

Ozark Trail teepee tent

OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent (Khaki/Cream, 7 Person)
  • Be the talk of the campground or music festival in this fun tent with nostalgic teepee design; Easy...
  • The unique steel frame eliminates the need for a center support pole and provides flexible space for...
  • With 105 square feet of living space and a 92 inch center height, this tent is as spacious as it is...
  • Fits 2 queen airbeds or up to 7 sleeping bags; 4 windows and 3 vents provide ventilation; Contains 3...
  • Average set up time with 2 adults: 10 minutes.

This is a nice model in khaki/cream color made by Ozark Trail. Its dimensions are 11’8 x 11’8 inches and can occupy up to 7 people inside.

This unit can fit  2 queen airbeds or 7 sleeping bags. With the 92-inch center height, you will be able to walk straight. The carry weight of this product is 14.5 pounds.


This is a synthetical Ozark Trail tepee tent. The floor is manufactured with a durable, sewn-in polyethylene floor that will keep your interior dry. It includes steel poles to withstand the wind and rainstorms.

Other details

This model has 4 mesh windows with panels to open or close them from the inside regarding your personal needs. There are 3 vents on the roof part at the center to ventilate it and decrease condensation. The seams are taped from both sides.

If you like to use gadgets while camping you will be happy to see the electrical cord access on the left side of the doors. The cool stuff is that you can also install the solar panel outside and charge your batteries from the inside.

You won’t face problems where to store the small gadgets and items as this product has 2 large mesh organizational pouches to have them close to the hand. They are wide and can be found under windows on each side.

There is also another pocket that serves as a media pocket where you can put your tablet to watch a movie.

Two-pole construction

The shelter doesn’t have a center pole like most of the other models. It includes a two-pole construction that is great for those of you who find a center pole in a way. This is a great feature if you have kids.

The construction is made by snaping two shock-corded poles together in a Y shape. The Velcro straps on the inner fabric will help you to attach the tent to the construction to stay secure.

I like the sturdiness of the whole system because I felt more secure in the bad weather.


This one-layer model features one A-shape door that doesn’t include the mesh, just the outer waterproof fabric. They can be rolled aside and attached with the loops and toggles.

The company included some flaps at the doors to provide you some rain protection.


Open the package. Grab the small stuff sack with poles and get them out of the bag. Layout the fabric on the flat ground and stake it out.

Now take the poles and assemble them in a Y shape. Go inside the tent and place the pole construction so the longer poles will be placed at the walls.

When you have it installed in a Y shape, extend the longer telescoping poles so you hear a click (similar to automatic hub system tents).

Secure the construction with Velcro straps. Use the guy ropes to secure it additionally. It should take you around 10 minutes to get it ready.

  • Easy setup
  • Big windows
  • Electrical cord access
  • Big storage pouches
  • E-media pocket
  • No center pole
  • Good price
  • No mesh door
  • Not a winter unit
  • No footprint

Preself Tipi Hot Tent

Tipi Hot Tent with Mesh and Fire Retardant Stove Jack for Flue Pipes, Lightweight, 1-3 Person Teepee Tents for Family Team Outdoor Backpacking Camping Hiking
  • 【Shelter】Model T1. TEEPEE HOT TENT. Bottom diameter: 10.5ft (3.2m) , height 5.2ft (1.6m), weight...
  • 【Mesh】Model M1_2. Half octagonal, 4000PU waterproof bathtub floor. Height 1.4m / 4' 7", Length...
  • TENT PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x tipi tent , 1 x stove jack, 12 x pegs, 8 x ropes, 1 x storage bag,1 x...
  • 1 PERSON MESH. height 4' 7", Bottom size: 7' 3" x 2' 9", weight is 1.4lb. Space for 1 people. Double...
  • MESH MATERIAL. PU4000 waterproof coating fabric. 210D oxford bathtub bottom to keep the dew away....

This is one of the best tipi hot tents, meaning that you can set a fire in the stove inside the shelter as it is a teepee tent with a stove jack.

This four-season unit can occupy a single person for solo outdoor camping. It has a bottom diameter of 10.5 feet and a height of 5.2 feet.

This Preself model weighs only 3.4 pounds (the inner fabric 1.4 pounds) which makes it an ultralight tipi tent.


This conical structure for outdoors is made of anti-tear 210T patterned polyester material that comes with the 2000 mm polyurethane waterproof index.

This model has 210D oxford bathtub bottom with a 4000 mm coating to keep the dew and moisture away.

Other features

This is a conical shape tent that comes with two layers. The canopy fabric is made of mesh to provide optimum ventilation. The model features 2 doors on both fabrics.

There is a place for a single person to spend the night. The place between both layers offers a space for storing gear and wet shoes.

The ventilation is enabled due to mesh material, the gap between both layers, and 2 roof vents. You will be able to hang a small lantern inside on the center.

Versatile use

You can use only the mesh fabric on a hot sunny day or dress it up with the fly that offers weather protection. I like the gap between both fabrics to have additional air.

Stove jack

This is one of the best tipi tents with a stove. It has a fire-retardant stove jack, meaning you will be able to put a stove inside and its pipe through the jack stove hole so the smoke can go out.

So, this product is great if you intend to camp alone in the winter and in areas with lots of snow and low temperatures.

The stove jack is made of silicone-coated material and fits any caliber of stove pipe. It can handle a temperature of 572ºF. It is separate and removable and can be closed when not in need.

  • Lightweight
  • Jack stove
  • Versatile
  • Okay ventilation
  • Quick setup
  • Great for cold temperatures
  • The pole could be of better quality
  • Not so good for bigger (claustrophobic) people

Outop Waterproof Bell Tent

Yurtent Bell Tent with Roof Stove Hole,Breathable 100% Cotton Canvas Tent for Camping Trips
  • 【Spacious Space】 : With diameter 13.1ft(4M)/door height 5ft(1.5m)/top height 8.2ft(2.5m)/side...
  • 【Zipped Groundsheet】 : 540g PVC groundsheet is thick and durable,and it can be unzipped,which...
  • 【4.5" Stove Jack】 : The stove hole on the top not the side wall won't take too much space,and...
  • 【High-quality Mesh Screen】 : The door and 4 semicircular windows with mesh screen allow you to...
  • 【Easy to Assemble】 : Put your bell tent into position, fix the pegs around the edge,slot in the...

This is an Outop tipi tent meant for teepee camping with family and friends. Its diameter is 13.1 feet and has a center height of 8.2 feet. I love its spaciousness; it can easily fit in the category of the best large tipi tents for sale.

You will be able to fit a queen bed and two blow-up mattresses inside to have a comfy sleeping. It is appropriate for 4-5 people. The whole product weighs 66 pounds which is quite a lot so it is a good candidate for vehicle camping.


This large tipi tent features a 540g PVC groundsheet that is thick and durable. The main fabric is manufactured by a cotton canvas that will make you happy year after year due to its sturdiness and durability. It is waterproof.

Other specs

The product has one large door that measures 5 feet in height so you will be able to carry all the furniture in without a hassle.

With the 4 semicircular windows with a mesh screen, you will have some light inside and provide air. Seams are reinforced. The door zipper is sturdy and heavy-duty.

Multi use

If you want to have more air in the shelter or watch the sunset with your loved ones you can detach the floor and enjoy watching nature and animals. This option is the best in summer as you can get an additional breeze inside.

Stove jack

This unit has a 4.5 inches stove jack installed, meaning that you can use it throughout the year. It can be found on the left side of the roof. The hole is placed close to the wall so the stove won’t take much space inside.


The setup should take you around 20 minutes. Place the main fabric on the ground and extend its corners. Peg it down with provided pegs.

Put the center pole in the middle of the shelter so you will get your structure standing. Now install the A-frame door pole. Use the guy ropes to secure it, that’s it. Now you are ready to decorate the interior!

  • Well-made
  • Stove jack
  • Reinforced seams
  • Heavy-duty zipper
  • Easy assembly
  • Detachable floor
  • Setup and folding takes some time
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Expensive

Playdo 4-Season Cotton Tent

PlayDo 4-Season Waterproof Cotton Canvas Bell Tent Large Glamping Wall Tent with Stove Jack Hole and Power Cable Inlet
  • POWER CABLE INLET at side wall.This camping tent has a power cable inlet with length...
  • 4 SEASON TENT. Diameter 5 inch wood burning stove vent is on top of this canvas yurt tent instead of...
  • WATERPROOF and HEAVY DUTY. This glamping tent is made of 300gsm cotton fabric,waterproof treated and...
  • BREATHABLE. Top air vents and zippable windows, complete with nets. You even can roll up the wall of...
  • CAPACITY.3M tent is for one or two people and lovers. It is also great for use as a garden play...

This is a four-season canvas teepee tent from a reputable Playdo company that is one of the best tipi tents manufacturer. You can choose from different size models, from 9.8 feet to 19.6 feet in diameter.

For this review, I will present the 13 feet model. It has a roof height of 11.4 feet. The unit is appropriate for a family of three or four campers who can sleep on 2 queen mattresses or one queen bed and 2 single beds. Its weight is 57.3 pounds.


This unit is made of 300gsm cotton material like many other tepees on the market. It was waterproofed in the factory. The fabric is heavy-duty and prepared for the most inclement weather that involves snow.

Other details

The seams are taped to provide a dry outdoor experience. Regarding ventilation, you have big A-frame doors and 4 top air vents for air to circulate.

If you want a breeze in the summer you can detach the groundsheet from the canopy and let the air in. There are zippable windows on the side that have a mesh pocket above them to put some essentials in.

The company included SBS zippers that won’t get stuck or anything. These are some of the most durable zippers that you will surely love.

This model has a stove jack opening so winter camping will be pleasurable inside when you start the stove. The company included a fire-resistant material that goes around the hole to protect your investment from a fire hazard.

The door pole has a rain cap so no leakage is possible through that part. Doors can be rolled aside and attached with the provided loops so they won’t get in your way.

You can open the lower part of the tent to have a breeze inside and to watch the surroundings. It features an electric cable hole to have electricity inside for your favorite devices.


Get the product out of the storage bag. Extend it. Grab the stakes and secure the shelter on the ground. Open the door zippers and get inside with the center pole. Install the center pole in the middle of the shelter’s roof and lift up the fabric.

Now it’s time to make a doorway. Take the door pole that has a V shape and install it from the inside. Use guy ropes so the structure will be stable in the wind or in a storm.

  • Tough
  • Weatherproof
  • Detachable floor
  • Stove jack
  • Strong SBS zippers
  • Electric cable hole
  • Warm and quiet
  • Heavy
  • Pricey

Guide Gear tipi tent

This is a Guide Gear teepee tent that comes in olive green camouflage color. This is why it is one of the best tipi tents for hunting.

It is a three-season camping unit that has floor dimensions of 18 x 18 feet. It includes 60 inches center height and weighs 34 pounds.

The interior provides a space for 12 people sleeping with their sleeping bags on the floor or 8 people comfortably with the gear inside.


This product is manufactured with a 190-denier polyester shell, a synthetic material that is water-resistant. It is coated with a 1200 mm polyurethane waterproof index so it can handle light to a normal rain.

The shelter features a sewn-in polyethylene floor. The unit uses a shock-corded steel pole with a 28 mm diameter to stand up.

Other specs

This is an outdoor shelter that all hunters will love and all of you who don’t want to be seen while you camp in nature. Its spacious interior offers plenty of space for you to sleep comfortably, cook, and enjoy.

It offers a room divider for optional setup. There are 4 solid windows with panels to provide light and ventilation.

The pole has a plastic pole stabilizer to not tear the floor fabric. Finally, a tipi with a vestibule (54″ x 51″) where you will be able to store the camping equipment and muddy shoes.

The vestibule floor is detachable. There are 2 weatherproof vestibule windows for the added view.

The structure has one mesh A-shape door. You will be able to use #8, and #5 zippers on the door and vents.

The seams are taped but maybe you will need to seal them additionally to stay protected from heavy rain. The floor is however quite waterproof.

Air circulation

The company took care of optimum air circulation since their product includes 5 big vents through the whole structure so you will have a well-ventilated shelter.

Four of them (close to the ground) can be staked out to provide fresh air inside while it rains. The last one can be found in the center top and is covered with a rain cap from the outside (a witch hat style).


Put everything out of the storage bag. Assemble the pole to get one high stick. Layout the fabric and stake it with the provided stakes.

Grab the pole and insert it in the middle of the tent so it will resemble a conical shelter. Use guy lines if need to (I recommend you do).

  • Spacious
  • Large ground vents
  • Small vestibule
  • Detachable vestibule floor
  • Heavy-duty groundsheet
  • Could leak in heavy rain
  • Not appropriate for winter camping

Tipi tent buying guide

What factor to look for when getting this interesting tent? I recommend you consider the next factors before buying any of the models.

best-teepee camping tent guide


Size is always one of the most important factors. Look for a model that will comfortably fit all of you inside. Look for the dimensions of the unit and calculate if all of you can fit inside without squeezing.

I recommend that you take a bigger shelter so you and your fellow campers won’t nag one another about the space.


Tepee tents for camping are meant to transport in a vehicle because they weigh more than ordinary camping dome tents.

Canvas material is heavier than synthetic and steel poles are often used for making the structure stand. They are heavier than fiberglass or aluminum that is the lightest of all.

They can be made of polyester that is lighter than cotton but still, manufacturers use a lot of material for the tent so they can be quite heavy and bulky.

Their weight is the reason why you can’t take this kind of product backpacking. You can’t carry such a weight for a long distance, maybe a mile or two so but not more.

If you want to go backpacking then you should look for backpacking tents instead.


Regarding product material, you have two choices. Cotton or synthetic tipi tents are available on the market to choose from.


Canvas conical tents for sale are heavier but have a great ability to extend the fibers when they get in touch with moisture. This means their waterproof level is increased.

canvas teepee tent

They are great for hot camping or camping in cold temperatures as they have a high breathability level. Cotton shelters are warmer than synthetical and preserve warmth better.

If you are interested in the breathable all-year tents then take a look at the best cotton tents on the market.


Synthetic ones are lighter than canvas and are usually waterproofed in the factory. However, they aren’t so durable and can tear much faster than heavy-duty canvas. The fibers of these don’t swell as in cotton ones.


There are also some structures that combine two materials together. A polycotton tepee tent is made of polyester and cotton to provide even more sturdy and durable shelter.

It fights condensation better than a one-fabric structure and offers versatility to enjoy in any-weather camping.

Are you interested in a polycotton tipi? Check the Zirkon model from the list.


Seasonality is an important factor to consider as it can determine your outdoor adventure as good or bad.

Don’t make my beginner mistake and use my tips so you won’t have to end the journey too fast because you chose the wrong product.

You can choose a 3-season or a 4-season unit. What is the difference? Seasonality tells you when and where you can use the chosen model.

Three season models

If you are looking for a three-season one then you can camp in the first three seasons of the year, meaning that you can expect sunny weather with some rain and wind.

This kind of structure has a lot of mesh to provide you fresh air inside to have a more pleasurable trip. A model for spring, summer, and fall is a great stargazing tent as you can watch the stars through the mesh roof.

Four season models

However, if you are a passionate outdoorsman who likes to go outside no matter the weather situation then you should opt for a 4-season one to stay protected from the snow and cold temperatures as well.

4 season teepee tent

This model is warm but still has ventilation options to stop condensation. It should provide you warmth and additional weather protection as the snowstorms can be harsh.

This is why you can find models that have snow flaps, vestibules and come with stove jackholes to provide you a comfortable outdoor trip.

Jack stove

If you intend to winter camp then I recommend buying a model that has a jack stove so you will be able to install a wood-burning stove to keep the interior warm.

Most models have it to provide a comfortable experience when facing cold temperatures.

What is Tipi Tent?

Indians used conical-shape shelters (Indian tents) from buffalo skin and wooden poles where they lived. A tipi is a tall unit with a very tall center height that offers plenty of living space.

Today we have teepees for camping that provide luxury while spending time in nature.

Are teepees warm?

Yes, natural teepees are warm because they are made of natural fibers that keep the warmth inside. Cotton insulates warmth well so it will be a pleasure to be in a cotton tepee when it is cold or hot outside.

Are teepee tents good for snow?

Cotton teepees are made of durable and breathable canvas material that can withstand snow well. When cotton gets wet its fibers swell and extend so the moisture can’t get inside and making your interior wet.

This tepee shelter is the most usable in winter camping also because the fabric withstands the snow loads and won’t sag as nylon does.

How do you heat up a tipi?

You have several options when getting your shelter warm while enjoying the outdoors. Some of the models have a jack stove already integrated into the material to easily heat up your tent.

heat a teepee tent

This means you have an opening where you will place a stove chimney.

How to install a tent stove jack?

So how to install the stove correctly? Read the install instructions first and then set it up regarding the steps provided in the manual.

The whole point is to put a stove inside, place a chimney up that goes through the fabric opening, and secure the product’s ground, making it fireproof.

If your model doesn’t have a jack stove opening you can make it by yourself. Here is the complete guide to installing a stove jack in a canvas tent of Canvas Camp.

Warming up with a tent heater

Taking a portable tent heater with you is another option to consider. Today you have plenty of them on the market, from electric to gas ones that will help you to have a comfortable interior while it’s freezing outside.

However, some heaters can be too small for the big tipi tents so it is best to use the stove if you have this option (or make one).

This way, you will save some money as you will gather the firewood around the campground and not need to buy gas tanks or pay for the electricity to stay warm.

Can you have a fire in a tipi?

There are traditional tipis that don’t have a floor so setting up a fire in these is not a challenge as the floor won’t get burnt out. They also have a smoke cap at the top of the structure so the smoke can get out.

However, you can’t set an open fire inside a modern tipi tent with a floor since your shelter would burn out. Setting up a camping stove inside is a much smarter solution to stay warm.

Are tipis waterproof?

Canvas material is robust and performs well in precipitation. The most important thing to do before you head to the campground is to pitch the product and splash it with water.

The water will make the fibers extend and close the small fabric holes so the rain and snow won’t be able to get in.

You can also proceed with waterproofing and buy a tent waterproof spray exactly for canvas material shelters. You can put a waterproof tarp on it if you are afraid that your shelter can’t handle the precipitation.

Does rain get in a teepee?

Traditional tepees have an opening at the top but modern canvas teepee shelters don’t. They usually come with a rain cap so the rain can’t get inside.

If you worry about waterproofing read a previous paragraph where I explain how canvas reacts with water and how can you make it more waterproof.

How does rain not get in a teepee?

Modern teepees are made with a cap on the top that stops the rain or snow from coming inside. The cotton material won’t let the rain from seeping inside if you splashed the structure with water at home.

waterproof teepee tent

Can you live in a tipi year round?

Most respective outdoor brands make tipis by using canvas material. Canvas or cotton is known for their breathability and being able to withstand all kinds of weather situations.

They keep the temperatures normal in the summertime due to the great ventilation and keep warm during the wintertime.

But that’s not all. Some of these shelters are also known to have a jack stove so you can install a stove inside to stay warm when the temperatures get low.

No matter that they are the most appropriate models for all-year living, you should get some camping equipment with you to help you stay comfortable.

I recommend using coolers in summer and heaters in winter if the model doesn’t have a jack stove opening. Consider blankets, pillows, cots, or other sleeping beds inside so you won’t regret the decision.

How big is a teepee?

The floor size is measured by diameters. Usually, you will see one that has from 10 to 30 feet. You won’t be able to touch the ceiling as they have a high center height.

There is plenty of space where you will be resting, talking, cooking and doing other interesting camping activities.

How much is a teepee tent?

This kind of tent is pricier than other synthetical dome models or even those big cabin camping tents.

Why? They are made of canvas material that is more expensive than synthetic materials that manufacturers use for making their creations.

awesome teepee camping tents

The material is waterproofed, durable, and long-lasting. The sewing process is also more demanding than in non-cotton ones so the price is higher.

You can get a 2-person conical unit for $100 or more and a 4 person unit for 230$ or less.

Check the models from the buying list and compare the prices of the models and their features to know which kind of shelter would fit you as a camper.

How long does it take to put up a teepee?

The setup time depends on the model you have. These units don’t have poles to set up (unless the center pole) for the walls but nevertheless, the assembly can take from 15-30 minutes in general. However, they are pretty easy to erect.

How do you place a teepee pole?

First, you should layout the fabric and stake it out. Then grab a center pole that will hold the whole structure and go inside the tent to place it in the middle.

Don’t be afraid of a pole getting through the material. The manufacturers strengthen up the center part so the pole can’t tear it.

Happy Tipi camping!

Camping in a luxury tepee tent is the best way to spend your free time in nature. Kids love it as they have enough space for playing inside and jumping around.

They provide the highest center height of all tents for outdoor use so this is good news for all you taller campers.

You can place a stove inside and warm yourself and cook a delicious meal as some models have a jack stove installed in the fabric.

Choose one of the best teepee tents for camping considering your needs and their features and have the happiest outdoor vacation in a luxury family structure.