3 Best Tree Tents In 2020 That Are The Most Comfortable

Are you looking forward of taking your camping on the next level? This article will inspire you to try something new and interesting. Camping in a suspended tent will make your outdoor stay exciting and fun so take a look at the best tree tents that are available on the market.

Camping with this innovative tent type offers the best way to enjoy outdoors without worrying about the weather, puddles, bears and other critters. The major benefit of it is that you will sleep comfortably without worrying about the hard ground as at camping with an ordinary tent on the ground.

Do you worry about falling out of the tent? Are they secure? When you learn how to properly install them you don’t need to worry about your safety at all. I will tell you more about their installation in the article.

Best Tree Tents in 2020

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Features of the Top Tree Tents

Tentsile is a leader in manufacturing innovative tree tents. It is founded by a British architect Alex Shirley-Smith who followed his passion for trees and invented the first prototype of these stylish tents.

The company offers different-sized models for your new elevated outdoor adventure. Here are details of the models that will change the way you look at camping.

Tentsile Flite Plus Camping Tent

Tentsile Flite 2-Person Hammock Tent (Camo): Comes with Removable rainfly and no-See-um Insect mesh. Perfect for Adventurous Couples
  • The Tentsile Flite is a lightweight 2-person portable backpacking Tree Tent. Weighing only 7 pounds,...
  • Utilizing 1 industrial-grade ratchet and 3 six-meter long powerful webbing straps, our all-terrain...
  • Flite fits 2 campers under 6’1” and all their gear perfectly. Featuring a 40 sq. -foot...
  • The Flite protects against storms, sunlight, wind and rain with a fully-enclosed water- and...
  • And during those serenely beautiful nights, Flite+’s see-through mesh netting keeps insects at bay...

This lightweight hybrid tent is an outstanding 2-person model that offers shelter and provides the off-the-ground benefits of a typical hammock. It weighs only 7.4 lbs., which is pretty lightweight compared to others of this type and makes a great option for campers who want to try something more special than a conventional model or a hammock.

This Flite model has one lightweight durable aluminum pole. The covering is made with the use of a polyester mesh that’s lightweight, waterproof, and works properly to cover the mesh ceiling panels.

It features an industrial-grade ratchet and 3 six-meter long powerful webbing straps. It fits 2 persons under 6’1” and the gear. A tent holds up to 485 lbs and has two entries. It sets up in 10 minutes.

Interesting fact: Did you know that Tentsile company donates money from sales to plant trees? When a tent or a hammock is sold they donate money to plant 20 trees.

They also helped Nepal people to restart to live their lives after a big earthquake. Take a look at the video below to know more. This is a great act and something to praise about, good job Tentsile!

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up when you get used to it
  • Small footprint makes it possible to be set up on almost anywhere
  • Setting up the first time can be quite tricky
  • Not so comfortable for two people to sleep in
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Tentsile UNA 1-Person Hammock Tent

Tentsile UNA Tree Tent (2019 Model) –1-Person Ultralight Backpacking Portable Tree House Tent - 4 Season, Lightweight, Solo Camping – Rainfly, Heavy Duty Straps, Stuff Sack/Dry Bag Included
  • Next-level solo tent camping: engineered for 4 season, ultralight backpacking among the trees....
  • Lighten your load: set up in less than 10 minutes with a single pole design, Less than 5 lbs. Of...
  • Spacious interior: The Una accommodates 1 adult comfortably while keeping all gear secure - weight...
  • Featuring a front entryway, see-through mesh netting and a removable water- and UV-resistant rainfly...
  • UNA’s dynamic rainfly also creates a shaded porch/two-story campsite to keep gear dry, and a wind...

This is the lightweight unit for solo camping and one of the best Tentsile tents for you to have. It is a 4 season model with 24 sqft of space and head height of 1.7 ft.

It has one door in the front, mesh net, and detachable water and UV resistant rainfly. It is made of 210T PU coated polyester and 45D nylon-polyester composite material that is reinforced by 12m+ of the seatbelt.

It can carry weight up to 330 lbs. The model has a single-pole design and can be set in less than 10 minutes. It weighs less than 5 lbs which makes it a perfect companion on the trail.

It features heavy-duty ratchet with 1-ton breaking strength, and anodized aluminum alloy poles that will keep you and your gear safe.

  • 4 season tent
  • Ultralight
  • Fast pitch
  • Stable
  • First setup can be confusing
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Tentsile Stingray – Tree House Tent

Tentsile Stingray 3-Person Tree Tent, Forest Green
  • The Tensile Stingray is a 3-Person tree tent that motivates you to explore the whole world. Setting...
  • Perfect for 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children, Stingray offers 75 sq. Feet of space with an...
  • Using 3 powerful Ratchet straps to anchor to 3 strong trees, this portable Shelter is safely secured...
  • The Stingray features a front entryway, central floor hatch, mesh netting and a removable water- and...
  • Hang out near stunningly beautiful lakes or sleep in secluded jungle lairs, from backcountry to...

This is a 3-person Stingray tent that is made with a triple hammock interior that can be connected to trucks, trees, or posts through ratchet straps for easy tension.

It has an anti-roll strap system that enables separate sleeping space and prevents rolling to the middle of the unit. This model also has a waterproof rainfly with 3,000 hydrostatic head and no-see-um mesh for ventilation in hot summer days.

It can hold a maximum weight of 880 lbs. You can enter it either through a typical door or through a center hole using a ladder. The flooring is made of 240 Denier polyester webbing protected with more than 20 meters of seatbelt webbing that needs a tactical knife to cut through. It is one o the best selling tree tents on Amazon.

  • Additional insulation can be added for dryness and comfort
  • Enough protection from storm, rain, and insects
  • Sturdy material
  • Comfortable
  • May require two persons to set up
  • Heavy rain may soak the buckles, which cause water leakage
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Benefits to Suspended Tree Tents

  • You will enjoy an amazing view from a higher perspective.
  • It will stay clean and won’t be dirty since it is elevated from the ground.
  • It is perfect for a rough terrain where you won’t have a sleeping issue due to rocks and roots.
  • It is a good option when the ground is frozen because you will sleep in the air.
  • It’s not only for trees! If there are no trees around you can use trucks, boulders, or any other strong anchor points to set up the tent.
  • You are able to use the tent as an improvised table by standing up through the particularly designed zipper hole underneath every tent.
  • It keeps you suspended midair away from bugs, damp, snakes, bears, puddles, and rough terrain.

Hammock tents are becoming one of the most popular trends in the world of camping today. They are not just comfortable to be in but you can use the benefits that you can’t experience with an ordinary tent.

Whether you’re just in search of a new experience or you would like to have a more effective way to recreate in the woods, this tent type can be the one you need.

What is tree camping?

It is getting popular because it offers a new experience totally different from ordinary camping on the ground. If you want to experience it you will need a tree tent.

Are tree tents comfortable?

They are comfortable since you won’t be sleeping on the hard ground. However, if you are scared of heights or having a hard time adjusting sleeping among the trees you will need some time to adjust.

How to set up a tree tent?

I will tell you how to set up a Tentsile Flite Plus camping tent so you will have an easier time to prepare it for your secure adventure. Let’s take a look at how to set it up properly.

Step #1

First, take all tent parts from the storage bag. When you have all the parts, take the straps and put them around the trees. Then take the flysheet and spread its corners towards the trees.

Step #2

Take a small strap and put it through a corner of the flysheet. Then make a tight knot with the strap. Do the same with another corner.

Step #3

The next step is to take a ratchet and put it through your last flysheet corner. Put the ratchet buckle through the loop and make a tight knot.

Step #4

Take the last strap that you connected to the third tree and put it through the spool of the ratchet. Slowly pull it towards the tree as much as you can and then pump the ratchet and lock it so the tent will be stable and secure.

Step #5

Find the alignment strap at the doors of the flysheet and try to have a tree strap aligned with the alignment strap as much as you can.

Step #6

The flysheet has 2 poles, one shorter and a long pole. Take the long pole and put it through the pole sleeve. Put the shorter, 3 section pole through the loops so you will cross the pole sleeve (where you put the long pole). Both poles must end in the sockets.

Step #7

Hold the long pole and lift it up so you will be able to put it in the last socket. At this point, your tent will be ready to use.

Camp with an Innovative and Stylish Tent

Do you love to camp but you are sick of puddles, possible bear encounter and hard ground to sleep on? These situations are not pleasant so it is a good idea to think of other outdoor accommodations. Many of these problems can be eliminated with the use of the best tree tents.

Look at the three models on the list and decide which would suit you the best. If you have any questions regarding this topic, don’t hesitate to let me know by leaving the comment below.

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