Best Truck Tents For The Road Camping

Are you a passionate outdoorsman who owns a truck? Do you want to go on adventures with your vehicle and sleep comfortably in its bed?

best truck tents

If so then you will be happy to know which are the best truck tents that can make your outdoor excursion worthwhile.

The great thing about a truck tent is that it can be used anywhere you travel with a truck or a pickup. You can use it at a campsite where you won’t need additional pitching space as in-ground tents.

Many campers use it while Overlanding and exploring remote areas like deserts and safaris.

Truck bed tents come in different sizes and with different features so I will help you to make the right choice and to buy the right model.

With the right-sized tent, you will be able to have a wonderful camping experience that you will remember for a long time.

If you are ready to sleep comfortably on an even sleeping surface, have enough room to store the gear, and stay protected from the wild animals go ahead and look at my best truck tents review.

In the second part of the article, you will also find some useful answers to the questions that are linked to these innovative tents. Let’s go and find your favorite model.

Best truck bed tents

What is better than putting things in your vehicle and heading to an unknown location?

With a tent that goes on the truck bed, you can sleep comfy without having worries about lions and hyenas in a safari and snakes while you go wild camping.

See the models that vary in shape, size, and ease of use to have a pleasant camping experience no matter the terrain.

Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

Napier Backroadz Truck Tent
  • Backroadz Truck Tent - Stuff Sack - Napier 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Spacious interior with ample headroom, comfortably sleeps 2 adults
  • Full rainfly and storm flaps in windows and door provide privacy and weather protection
  • Full tent floor keeps you clean from your truck and dry from the elements
  • Gear loft, gear pocket, and lantern holder to keep personal items organized

This is the first model from the Napier Outdoors brand. The Napier Backroadz truck tent has space for 2 people sleeping inside.

It has ample headroom that varies from 58 to 62 inches, according to the size model you choose.

You can choose among 5 models so the shelter will fit your vehicle perfectly.


This unit has a gear loft, gear pocket, and lantern holder so your personal things will be organized.

Weather protection

With the fully-seamed floor, you will be staying in a clean and dry place. The great thing is that the brand included a full-coverage rainfly and storm flaps in windows and door to keep you element protected and have some privacy.


Optimal ventilation is enabled due to 2 mesh windows and a large entrance door.


The package includes color-coded poles so you won’t hassle with the assembly of the tent. The assembly is fast and easy and you will be able to do it in about 10 minutes.

The procedure

Open the truck’s tailgate and prepare your tent. Unroll it and make sure that the doors are facing the tailgate. There will be 3 side straps on each side that you will attach to the vehicle’s body (at the bottom).

Now grab the 3 of the tailgate straps and run them between the truck box and tailgate so you will connect the corresponding backstrap under the tailgate.

Assemble the poles that are in the package and insert them according to the color of the pole sleeves. Make sure that you insert the black ones first, then green and gray ones. Raise and secure their’s ends into the color-coded pockets.

The vestibule pole must be set up outside of the tailgate wires. Attach the pole clips to the poles and adjust the tent straps if you have to. In the end, install the gear loft, and the rain fly if needed.

Pickup truck tent size specification

VehicleModelFull size
long bed
Full size
regular bed
Full size
short bed
Compact regular bedCompact short bed
FordF series8′-8.1′6.6′-6.7′5.6′-5.7′
Backroadz 19 Series Model No.1901119022190331904419066
  • Fully-seamed floor
  • Full-coverage rainfly
  • Optimum ventilation
  • Color-coded poles
  • Ample headroom
  • Not so durable poles

JoyTutus Pickup Truck Tent

JoyTutus Pickup Truck Tent, Waterproof PU2000mm Double Layer for 2 Person, Portable Truck Bed Tent, 5.5'-6' Camping Preferred - Orange
  • Excellent Waterproof Performance: JOYTUTUS pickup truck tent made of 150D polyester oxford, with...
  • Installation Tips: Pay attention when you install Tent Poles, check the front and rear poles are...
  • Privacy Protection: The tent has 3 windows, 2 for sightseeing and 1 for hunting or observation, all...
  • Specification: tent size--90.5 x 62.9 x 66.9 inch, package included--1 x tent, 1 x carry bag, 4 x...
  • Compatibility: The truck bed tent will fit for pickup truck with 5.5-6 ft bed. Compatible with F150,...

This is a pickup truck tent camping system from JoyTutus that comes in two options – with aluminum and fiberglass poles. It is a 4-season model that you can use throughout the year.

It measures 90.5 x 62.9 x 66.9 inches and fits most vehicles on the market. It weighs 11.5 pounds.


This shelter is manufactured with 150D polyester Oxford fabric that is waterproof, windproof, and fire-resistant.


The material is waterproof and is coated with a 2000mm polyurethane coating. A waterproof layer is added to the tent’s bottom to avoid rainwater to sip in.


The ventilation is enabled with the sky view vent, windows, and doors.

Other specifications

You will be able to use 3 windows; two for sightseeing and one for hunting or observation. The windows have a double-layer design.

You can close them to have privacy or open them to have more light inside and views. A screen layer can effectively prevent the sundries fell into the shelter.


There are 4 big mesh bags inside so you will have your space neat and organized. The company also included a hook so you will be able to hang a lantern or some other source of light.


The setup of this vehicle-mounted tent is easy. Extend the shelter on the ground and assemble the poles that come in the package.

Insert two of the main poles into the sleeves of the tent so they crisscross. Put their ends into the pockets to secure them. Attach the fabric to the poles using the clips.

Installing the front door

Now that you have a main dome structure standing, you have to take care of the front door side as well. Take the longest pole and insert it through the door sleeve (orange sleeve with the blue stitching on both ends).

Bend the pole a little bit so you will be inserting its ends into the pockets easier. Use plastic clips to attach the fabric with the pole.

Installing the last (shortest) pole

Take the shortest pole with the metal ends and insert it on the center of the roof. You will see a small hole at the top of the entrance (where the sleeve is) and one at the top of the dome structure.

Insert the pole in them. The purpose of it is that it will make the structure tight and stand tall. Use the plastic clip.

Putting the assembled tent on the truck

Grab the product and put it on the truck with doors facing the tailgate. Hook the straps to the vehicle. They must be tight enough so the shelter will be secured.

The last stripe with a hook goes to the tailgate’s hole. Be careful not to scratch the car no matter that the hooks are not metal. Use all the straps and you are ready to use the tt.

Additional help: Watch the video below to see how a man installed the JoyTutus truck bed tent on his vehicle.

Pickup truck tent size specification

Full side short bed
FordF Series5.6′-5.7′
  • Four-season unit
  • Excellent Waterproof Performance
  • Enough storage pockets
  • Good ventilation
  • Easy assembly
  • Great for short bed vehicles
  • Can’t stand up in it

Rightline Gear Truck Bed Tent

Rightline Gear 110730 Full-Size Standard Truck Bed Tent 6.5', Gray and orange
  • UNIQUE FLOORLESS DESIGN: Cut down on set up time; the Truck Tent's floorless design allows for set...
  • 1 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY: Shop confidently; our service team is based in the USA & skillfully...
  • QUALITY WEATHERPROOF CONSTRUCTION: Water resistant fabric with tape sealed seams (PU 2000mm) keeps...
  • SLEEP UNDER THE STARS: Sky view vent allows for more light, better views and ventilation. you can...
  • ROOM FOR TWO: All truck tents comfortably sleep (2) adults; turn any spot into a comfortable...

The Rightline Gear company made a full-size standard truck bed tent for 2 people that measures 77 x 71.25 x 58 inches. The center height is 58 inches and it weighs 8.96 pounds.

It has a hook so you will be able to hang a lantern or other lighting source to illuminate the area. There are 2 gear pockets; one on each side to store the essentials.

Hint: This model is one of the best truck tents for Toyota Tundra.


The shell is made of a water-resistant 68 D polyester that has a 2000 mm PU coating to protect you from elements when being inside.

It has sealed seams so water won’t be able to sip in the interior. The heavy-duty straps are polypropylene.

Strap’s design

Straps of the pickup bed tents have hooks that could make scratches and dents on the vehicle and Rightline Gear had this in mind. So, they designed nylon buckles that won’t damage the truck’s finish.

Weather protection

The Rightline truck tent is okay to use in the first three seasons, so it isn’t appropriate to use in winter (it has a normal waterproof level). It comes with a rain fly that covers the sleeping dome structure without doors.


With the 4 windows, the air will circulate through the shelter and prevent condensation. You will be able to use the sky view vent to have more light inside and to stargaze at night.

Florless design

It features a floorless design that is great news as you won’t need to clear out the things of the bed before setting it up for the first time.


Color-coded poles and pole pockets are there to easily install your unit. Here is how to do it.

Open the tailgate of the vehicle and place the product on with the mesh side facing up. Slip the tailgate pockets over the end of the tailgate and run the tailgate strap underneath.

Grab the fabric and pull it over to the truck’s cab. You will see the orange front corners of the tent with split seams that go over cab wrapping bed curves.

Now attach the black strap clips to the bottom of the vehicle. Repeat the task on the other side so all the straps will be secured.

Go to the back of the vehicle and tighten the tailgate strap. Snug up the straps to keep the inner flap seam even with the top of the bed rail.

Unzip the door and find the 2 orange straps from the inside. Lift the tailgate up to thread the strap through the gap between the tailgate and the truck’s bed.

Lower the tailgate and repeat the same task with the other strap on the other side. Position the inner side flap under the orange strap and take out any slack. Tighten the orange straps as needed.

Lifting the tent up

The package includes 3 poles that you will have to assemble. There will be 2 orange poles and one gray pole. Insert the poles into the color-matching sleeves (orange poles go through the orange sleeves).

The gray one goes underneath the two orange poles. Secure their ends into the pockets.

Raise the tent by inserting the ends of the orange poles into the pockets. Repeat the same with the gray pole. Now attach the black pole clips to the gray pole on each side.

Installing the rain fly

When the weather is changing you can place a rain fly on. Place it with the company logo in front, connect all the buckles, and adjust the straps. Tie the three tie strings to the rear edge of the fly to the poles. You are done.

Pickup truck tent size specification

Here is a truck tent size specification so the shelter will fit your vehicle model. You will also find information about which mattress will fit inside for a more comfortable sleep.

  • Floorless design
  • Plastic buckles
  • Enough windows (stargaze option)
  • Water-resistant fabric
  • Rainfly
  • User-friendly accessories
  • Not appropriate for heavy rain and snow

Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent
  • Made with Hydra-Shield, 100% cotton duck canvas that is durable, watertight and breathable....
  • Tunnel shaped design maximizes interior space tall 5 ft. ceiling height.Tailgate down design expands...
  • Large D-shaped door with top of the line YKK zippers.Covered entry.Two convenient gear pockets
  • Sturdy, 3/4-inch, steel tube frame connect to the clamp-on rails that easily mount on truck bed for...
  • Five windows provide excellent ventilation and openness, includes cab access window

This is a 4-season truck tent from Kodiak Canvas that will provide a decent shelter throughout the year. Its dimensions are 5.5 ft. up to 6.5 ft. and will perfectly fit long pickup beds of 6 feet.

You can also choose a model for an 8 ft. truck bed (see the sizes on Amazon). The center height is 5 feet.

The weight of this product is 30 pounds. It weighs more than other models from the list due to canvas material but I am sure you won’t mind this feature as you will transport it with your vehicle.

This pickup bed tent has a large D-shaped door with top-of-the-line YKK zippers. Two convenient essentials pockets are included.

Waterproof mat

I like that the company included a waterproof mat at the doors so you won’t mess the bed. You can leave your wet shoes here so they won’t be exposed to the elements outside and keep your interior clean.


The shelter is manufactured with Hydra-Shield, 100% cotton duck canvas that is very durable, watertight, and breathable material.

The best thing about this material is that it is made of natural fibers that shrink when in contact with moisture. This means when the rain will fall on your shelter, the fibers will shrink to provide a good waterproof feature.


This is a tunnel-shaped truck tent which means you will have plenty of space inside to move. It installs with the tailgate open which will give you additional space for sleeping and turning around.

The door has an awning so the interior will be protected from the sun and precipitation. No matter that this unit is okay to use in snow, it won’t bear the heavy snow load.

It features a non-floor design.

Air flow

The model has 5 windows so you don’t have to worry about getting some fresh air in. It includes a cab access window so you can easily reach things from the vehicle’s cab (or charge your phone, for example).

The openings have a panel for privacy and to sleep better at night. They unzip from the interior. Small front and back awnings allow you to open windows in the storm without having a wet interior.


The model features a sturdy, 3/4-inch steel tube frame that connects to the clamp-on rails that easily mount on the truck bed for a secure fit.

First, you will have to install the rails on your vehicle bedsides. Then grab the fabric and extend it over the bed. Secure all the straps.

Go inside the tent with the heavy-metal half-circle poles. The poles are going into the tubes on the rail to make a tent structure.

One pole with flat ends goes in the front to make an awning above the doors. You will install the other one at the back. You are ready to use the shelter.

Additional help: If you want more details about the assembly, click here to see the installation process with pictures.

  • Tall and spacious unit (tunnel design)
  • Heavy-duty material
  • Five windows with panels (a cab access window)
  • No-floor design
  • Two awnings
  • Waterproof mat
  • Sturdy frame
  • Not appropriate for heavy snow
  • Not sealed tightly for a 100% bug-free camping
  • Expensive

Napier Sportz Truck Tent

Sportz Truck Tent Blue/Grey (Compact Short 6-Feet Box)
  • This roomy tent sleeps 2 people with over 5.6 feet of headroom and offers the reliability of a sewn...
  • Large rear access panel allows you to access the truck's cab for additional storage while the large...
  • No need for guide ropes. The 4' x 4' shade awning secures to the tailgate allowing it to be set-up...
  • Color coded pole and sleeve system allows for a fast, easy set up
  • Includes a set of strap protectors to provide your truck with extra protection against the tent’s...

Here you have a 2-person Sportz truck bed tent from Napier Outdoors that can fit a 6 feet bed. The item weighs 21 pounds. It has over 5.6 feet of headroom and has a sewn-in floor.

It is one of the best truck tents for Toyota Tacoma so if you own this vehicle model you can purchase this shelter as it will fit your pickup perfectly.

The model includes a set of strap protectors to provide your vehicle extra protection against the shelter’s straps. The Napier Sportz includes an organizational gear loft, a gear pocket, and a lantern holder so it is quite user-friendly.


This Napier truck tent has a full rainfly with taped seams and built-in storm flaps in the windows and door to protect you in case of rain.

The full tape sealed floor will provide a dry camping experience.


This vehicle-mounted tent has one large door, 2 mesh windows, and a side mesh to provide optimum ventilation throughout the shelter.

All windows have panels for privacy and having the opportunity to sleep longer in the morning when the sun is already in the sky.

The large rear access panel allows you to access the truck’s cab for additional storage, a connection to power outlets, or getting things without leaving the shelter.

Shade awning

This is the only model for a truck bed that has a 4′ x 4′ shade awning. Its height is adjustable and will protect you from the rain and provide a shade so you will be able to rest and eat under it without sun disturbance.

Pickup truck tents with awnings can be a little bit pricier but they are worth every penny.

Truck tent sizing chart

If you wonder what size tent do you need for your vehicle here you have a truck tent size chart to find your perfect shelter model.


The product features a color-coded pole and sleeve system so you will easily know where to put each pole. The setup should take you about 15 minutes. Here are the instructions on how to do it.


Open the tailgate of the vehicle. Unroll and lay the shelter so the door will be facing the tailgate. There will be 3 straps on each side which you must attach to the truck’s body.

Go to the back of the vehicle and run the tailgate straps between the tailgate and truck box. Use buckles to connect the backstrap under the tailgate.


Assemble the 12 poles. Now insert them regarding the color. First, you thread the blue poles then green, short gray, and a long gray pole.

Insert their ends into the colored pockets in this order: green, blue, short gray, and long gray. While you will insert them the unit will get its shape.

Make sure that you set up the vestibule pole outside the tailgate wires.

There is a black ceiling pole that you will install inside the tent. Go inside the shelter and insert it into pockets on the ceiling and use Velcro to secure the pole with the fabric. Use pole clips to attach the poles to the fabric.

Placing the rain fly on

If you have to you will install the rain fly on. Place it over the shelter so the zippered access panel will face the truck’s cab and clip it.

Installing the awning

If you want to have shade in front then unroll the awning and insert the 2 fiberglass ceiling poles to form an X. Now adjust the steel awning poles to the desired height and insert each end into grommets.

Use the buckles to secure it. You can also place the ring end of guy lines over the pole pin at the top of the awning. Place an awning cap over the pin and set up the guy lines.

  • Sewn-in floor
  • Large rear access panel
  • 4′ x 4′ shade awning
  • Roomy
  • Good ventilation
  • Rain fly
  • A set of strap protectors
  • Setup can take some time
  • Pricey

What is a tent truck?

A tent truck is a shelter that is designed to fit on the bed of the vehicle. The first model was invented by Roman Napieraj in 1990 who is the founder of Napier Enterprises. The company is a well-known brand for making vehicle camping tents.

The main purpose of this tent type is that it provides the off-ground camping experience, with enough space to sleep, rest and store the gear. If you don’t know how it looks like check rooftop tents and you will get the picture.

Are they worth it?

If you ask yourself if you should get a pickup bed tent you should answer two questions; do you own a truck or a pickup and do you love to travel and camp at the same time?

If you answered both questions positively then you are ready to be a proud owner of a truck bed tent.

I already mentioned some of its advantages. With the right shelter size, you will be able to skip sleeping on the hard and uneven ground and stay protected from the large group of animals (lions, hyenas, snakes, bears, etc.).

You won’t need to worry about the gear because you will be able to have it close to you inside the shelter.

Is truck camping safe?

In general, truck camping is as safe as any other type of camping. It is a safe way of camp as the animals like bears and coyotes won’t be able to reach you so easily.

Protection from the humans

If you are camping alone place an extra chair to increase your safety. When you are away from the vehicle leave the music on so no one will dare to get closer.

I recommend that you put your valuables inside the vehicle and lock them to stay safe from possible thieves.

If you will be wild camping then I also recommend checking wild camping safety and security tips from the Take the Truck site.

Are they comfortable?

Yes, they are comfortable to sleep in, easy to use, and convenient. I like that they are lifted from the ground so I feel more secure from the animals.

top truck tents

The great thing is that the vehicle’s bed is even so you won’t feel any bumps while resting.

How can you make your truck bed tent more comfortable?

Place an air mattress or a sleeping pad inside so you will have some cushioning to sleep all night long. Don’t forget to take an air pillow with you so you won’t face neck pain in the morning.

You can insulate the tent in the wintertime to feel cozier. Leave the door open in the summertime to feel the breeze inside.

Can a tent fit in a truck bed?

Tent manufacturers are making them for different vehicle models so not each of these tents fits on each truck. The ordinary tent won’t fit on the vehicle so don’t even try it as you won’t be safe.

How many people can fit in it?

The full-size truck tent can occupy up to 2 people inside. There is some space left for the gear and turning around.

How much does it cost?

Most of these products cost from $100-$200 but you can find models that are more expensive. The cost depends on the model, brand, size, waterproofness, and other features.

Are truck tents easy to put up?

The setup can take some time, especially the first few times but it’s easy to do it. Here is how to set up your tent on a vehicle’s bed.

General setup process

Open the truck’s tailgate. Grab your model and place it on with the roof looking up. Pull it on till you reach the cabin of the vehicle (so the bed will be covered). You will use straps to fasten the shelter on the vehicle.

Then you will lift it up by placing poles inside the fabric sleeves. If the product has a rain fly you can use it in case of rain.

Here you have a demonstration video of pitching a Rightline Gear truck tent on the vehicle so you will see how easy it is to do it on your own.

How do you set up a Napier Truck Tent?

I will tell you how to set up a Napier Sportz 57 series truck tent. First, you have to park when you want to spend a night and lower the truck’s tailgate.

Grab your tent and place it correctly, with the doors watching towards you. The unit has side straps that you will attach to the lower part of the vehicle’s body. This will make sure that the shelter is stable.

Locate the tailgate straps and slide them between the truck’s bed and tailgate. Now connect the strap with the corresponding strap that you will find in the front of the shelter.

Pole setup

Now it is time that you assemble the poles. This model has color-coded fiberglass and steel poles. Insert them regarding the sleeve color.

Insert the blue ones first so you will get a crisscross. Set up the grey side poles and then the orange ones. Secure the poles in the pockets, starting with the grey ones.

Continue with the blue ones and insert the orange one into the grommets. Go in the front of the tent and insert the orange tailgate pole into the pole pockets on either side of the tailgate.

There is also an inside black pole that you will insert under the tent’s roof so the shelter will stand up normally. Attach the pole clips to the poles. You can also put a rainfly on by attaching its clip to the corresponding clip on the model.

Awning setup

You can also set up an awning by placing poles through the awning sleeves and securing them. You are ready to use the shelter.

Can you use a truck tent with a tonneau cover?

You can use it with a Tonneau cover but there is a condition. If a rolled-up cover is less than 6″ high you can place it over the mentioned cover.

However, if the cover is higher, you will be obliged to remove the cover or place the shelter against the cover to use it.

Who makes the Honda Ridgeline tent?

The Napier company is the one that launched the custom Honda Ridgeline tent in 2016.

Honda Ridgeline tent

Are pickups good for camping?

Pickups are great for camping as you can install a truck tent on the pickup’s bed and enjoy comfort and space.

The great thing is that you won’t need to pitch the shelter on the ground and pay for the pitching place as your shelter will be set up on the vehicle.

With a pickup, you will be able to load your vehicle with different camping equipment no matter the weight and size.

What are the best truck bed tents?

The best models feature a sewn-in floor for additional protection, and large awnings to provide added shade or an area to keep dry in case of rain. 

There are also those that don’t have a floor which comes in handy as you won’t need to clear out the things of the bed before setting the shelter up.

I recommend that you take a closer look at the models from the list to find your favorite.

Who makes the best truck tents?

There are a few good truck tent manufacturers but I decided that the Napier Outdoors company is the best in this category.

They are leaders and the largest vehicle camping tents manufacturer and distributor. Their most popular series are Backroadz and Sportz.

Travel and sleep comfy

As a truck owner, you can get a truck bed tent so you will be able to travel and sleep comfortably in the vehicle’s bed.

This is great news as you won’t need to bring a ground tent with you. With it, you will sleep elevated and avoid critters and rainwater.

When looking for this type of tent make sure that it will fit your car model, this is the first buying factor that you must pay attention to. Then look at its features and if they coincide with your camping demands.

Go ahead and pick a truck tent from my list that will fit on your vehicle and enjoy its uniqueness. I wish you a nice trip and many exciting camping moments.