Browning Big Horn Tent Review

If you are going on a family camping trip for a week or more you should be prepared. A good outdoor tent is the first piece of equipment that your trip depends on.

browningbig horn camping tent review

Do you want to stay in a huge structure that offers plenty of space and has great views?

A tent that will give you the right kind of protection from the elements, security, and a lot of space to sleep and spend activities inside is the Browning cabin tent.

If you want to have an enjoyable outdoor trip take a look at my Browning Big Horn tent review to see how this structure will help you to have an amazing experience with the people you love.

Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

The Browning Camping Big Horn tent is pretty much a cabin unit except by official name. It stands taller than the average person and can fit 8 people quite comfortably.

It is one of the best family tents for under $400 that you will enjoy in nicer weather conditions.

The polyester fabric material is designed to prevent UV radiation and sunburns and is very well ventilated. It’s also made to stand up to nasty storms and other weather events.

Features of the tent

The Browning Big Horn 2-room tent is true to its name, a big shelter with a mountain goat color scheme of tawny browns and khaki sand, velvet gray, and highlights of goldenrod yellow.

The color scheme is perfect for somebody who likes some bright colors on his shelter.

When folded up, it weighs a little under 35 lbs. it packs to only 30 x 12 inches so you will be able to transport it in a vehicle like a car, a truck, or a motorbike.


The Big Horn is a freestanding cabin tent. What does this mean? It means that when it’s pitched it won’t need stakes to stand tall. Also, you can move it to a different location without dismantling it.

browning big horn tent


The tent is made of polyester and stands with fiberglass poles and steel uprights, giving it a bit more durability and strength than the average completely fiberglass structure.

The fly features 75D 185T waterproof polyester while the bathtub floor is made of durable 150D PU coated polyester oxford material.


All assembled, the unit is 10 ft wide by 15 ft long by 7 ft tall so it offers 150 sq ft of space. It offers sleeping space for 8 people (or less) who can sleep comfortably inside with their sleeping bags or sleeping cots.

It has 2 very large doorways, 6 windows, and a mesh roof. A small door extension is over the doors, like a tiny bit of ceiling vestibule.

There are no tie-backs to hold the window flaps out of the way when you’d like to enjoy the view.

Because of its cabin shape, it has more room in the center and straighter walls that are reminiscent of the roominess. It gives a feeling of a home that a cabin tent can provide.

Two rooms for privacy

The tent is able to be separated into two rooms using a wall divider. It can be useful for a children’s room and an adult’s room, for changing clothes, for children’s timeouts, or for storage (if you won’t be camping with lots of people).

browning big horn room divider

If there are two rows of four sleeping bags, eight people should fit pretty well with still some room to spare on the top and bottom for each sleeping bag.

Weather protection

It is appropriate to use in the first three seasons of the year (so, exclude winter camping). The model has a 2000mm waterproof coating which means that it will protect you from light and normal rain.

The structure will endure a 2,000mm or two-meter column of water-bearing down on it before it starts to leak.

The seams are factory sealed.

The unit also comes with a rainfly. So when it rains, you can cover the mesh roof and have a little less ventilation but stay dry.

In case of wind, you will have to stake it down and use guy lines (included in the package) so the structure won’t be blown away due to the height (straight walls).

This 2-room tent does not come with its own footprint – that is, its own under-flooring that helps to keep the product dry and more durable.


This 3-season structure has a mesh ceiling, large windows (also on the doors), and 2 doorways that can be open to provide ultimate airflow throughout the unit.

browning big horn tent windovs


In each room, you will find 3 mesh pockets where you can store your small items like keys, mobile phone, magazine, a flashlight, and others.


This tent slides easily out of its box and comes with a stowing bag to put everything into for easier storage. The instructions are sewn in the material of the storage bag and are not difficult to follow.

The hub design and the pole clip tent attachment make it pretty easy to slide and snap in all the poles and arrange and stand them properly. Even still, when I set it up I was distracted writing notes, but I got it up easily within 30 minutes.

I was concerned about the pole clips as they look easy to tear off or leak, but I didn’t have any problems and everything seemed just fine.

I was also mildly worried that the flooring material would be too fragile as I knew I probably missed some sharp rocks when I laid the flooring down, but it seemed sturdier than I expected for being so thin. There were no punctures or tears.

So, here is how to set it up.


Get everything out of the bag. Grab the tent material and extend it on the ground, on the place where you want to pitch it. Stake the 4 corners.

Take the poles out of their bag and assemble them. Now insert the longest poles through the fabric’s sleeves on the roof part so you will get an X.

Take the smaller one and insert it in the middle of the roof (on the X). Put their ends into the pockets so they will be secure.

Tip: Consider the colors of the poles and sleeves to insert the right ones in.

Grab the steel poles that serve as legs and put their ends into the pins. Also, install the middle poles and attach the clips of the material to them all.

If you want to be rain-protected put the fly on with the yellow material and the logos above the door. Insert the last two poles on the door to get an awning.

There will be a sleeve and an eyelet from the inside to install it. You are ready to use the model.

Warranty & customer service

Many tents have special product warranties with fancy terms and conditions, but I like and appreciate the warranty of this product.

The company says to apply common sense to the situation. If a mountain goat tried to eat the product and it ripped by way of the goat’s teeth, then it probably won’t be replaced.

But if a mountain goat got near the tent, made a noise, and it was that noise that caused it to suddenly collapse in on itself, then that sounds like a product defect and if you send pictures along with your request, they’d be happy to help.

Out of personal curiosity, I did end up calling customer service to inquire about a particular situation and how the tent might fare, and what we would do next if it won’t perform well.

The service representatives were very kind and didn’t seem bothered by all of my many, very specific questions.

Pros & Cons

When finding your perfect outdoor tent, you must consider the pros and cons of a unit to figure out if it will suit you out there. These are the advantages and disadvantages of the Big Horn model.


  • Large and spacious
  • Mesh ceiling for stargazing
  • Ultimate ventilation
  • Option of 2 rooms
  • Easy to install


  • Heavy
  • Bulky
  • Not for backpacking
  • Not for heavy and constant rain
  • Not for winter usage

Tent accessories

You have an option to increase the satisfaction on the vacation by getting the footprint and a screen tent that can serve as additional storage space when you have a fully occupated structure. Here is more information about them.


As the company doesn’t offer a footprint with the product itself, you can get a footprint separately to protect your investment’s floor and increase its lifespan.

Browning Camping Big Horn Two-Room Footprint
  • Specifically designed to protect the Browning Camping Big Horn 2-Room tent floor
  • Made of durable Oxford fabric with webbing loop corner attachments
  • This abrasion resistant footprint provides a moisture and dirt barrier, giving you a quick and easy...
  • Dimensions: 9'7 x 14'9
  • Weight: 55 oz.

The Browning big horn tent floor saver is made of a high-quality Poly Oxford material. It has 115 x 177 x 0.5 inches and is the original floor saver for the mentioned camping unit.

It comes with webbing loop corner attachments and is easy to clean. Order your footprint so you will prolong the lifespan of the entire structure and stay protected in case there is rain.

Additional storage space

Do you intend to camp in a fully-occupied tent and you don’t know where will you store all your gear and things?

Browning Camping Basecamp Screen House, Charcoal/Gold, One Size
  • Free-standing design with fiberglass poles, steel uprights and color coded pole/hub design allows a...
  • Mesh side walls allows ventilation while providing a bug barrier
  • Extra tall center and straight Side walls allow more room to stand up and add tables and chairs
  • Fully equipped with large center zip door and tie backs, storage bag, guy ropes and steel stakes
  • Base size: 10' X 12', center height: 7'4, total weight: 17 lbs. 14 oz.

You have an option to get the basecamp screen house that measures 10′ X 12′ with the center height of 7’4 which is enough to store all that you don’t want inside the sleeping tent.

It is fully equipped with a large center zip door and tiebacks, storage bag, guy ropes, and steel stakes.

It weighs 17 lbs. 14 oz. The model has mesh walls and a waterproof roof so you can also use it as a summer terrasse for relaxing and eating your lunch without the annoying mosquitoes or flies.

User Impression

Here are the impressions of the users that bought the Browning Big Horn cabin tent with 2 rooms. I will state some of the most obvious ones.


The first feature that I notice to be the most worthy is its waterproofness. Many campers had rain and they didn’t experience any leakage (unless there was a heavy storm). It also withstands normal wind.

If there was constant rain some of them told that they shouldn’t touch the walls as the water did leak through the material.

Easy setup

The second thing is its easy and fast setup. Customers agree that the setup process isn’t demanding and that the shelter can be put up pretty fast due to color-coded poles and sleeves and straightforward instructions.

The pitching took about 15 seconds if 2 persons were setting it up.

Some have difficulties with the fly but I suggest that you start at the doors, stabilize one part and then go to the backside.


People who bought this model wanted a lot of space inside. They are pleased with the space they can use, many of them praise the divider so they can change their clothing without being watched.

This is a model where you can walk straight up so this is an obvious advantage.

Are you interested in a 5-person version? Go ahead and see the features of the Browning Big Horn 5 person tent.

browning big horn 5 person tent


Zippers of the door are quality but they could get stuck on the flaps from time to time.


People are very pleased with the airflow inside as there is a lot of mesh parts and they could also leave the door and windows open to get additional air.


Many say that floor could be a little thicker so they don’t risk the floor puncture. They prolonged the lifespan of the model and protected the floor by buying a floor saver that the company sells separately.

You have the floor saver link above in the tent accessories section if you want to check it out.

Who makes Browning tents?

ALPS Brands is a manufacturer that is making Browning tents. Its founder is Dennis Brune. The ALPS brands own three of its own brands on the market, ALPS Mountaineering, ALPS OutdoorZ, and Cedar Ridge.

If you want to check their mission and work inform here.

What kind of poles are in Browning Big Horn tents?

They make fiberglass and steel poles for both models; 5-person and 8-person unit. Both have steel ones for legs and fiberglass ones for the roof.

Final Word

The Browning Big Horn camping tent is a wallet-efficient goldmine for all of the features and space that it has.

This Browning tent is a cabin model so it means that you will be able to stand inside without bending or crawling. It is made from waterproof polyester material.

browning big horn camping tent 101

The structure is large enough to accommodate eight people and has two rooms with a divider for more privacy.

It has many windows so you will be able to admire nature and animals with your kids. This 8-person tent has good ventilation and it comes with a rainfly as well.

This shelter is good enough to withstand normal rain and possible leakage and is also UV protected.

Is this unit okay for you to go camping with? If you say yes to the next conditions then you should get it:

  • camping with a family or other people
  • camping in a normal weather (sun+rain)
  • want to have luxury & comfort inside
  • straightforward and fast setup
  • want to stargaze
  • staying in two separate rooms (want privacy)
  • car camping

If you have a family and want to get a good summer tent that will satisfy your expectations as a camper then this product should be your next investment.