Cabin Tent with A Screen Room For Summer Glamping

Are you thinking of going summer camping with your family and friends?

cabin tent with a screen porch

If you want to enjoy yourself with your loved ones in a highly ventilated tent then there is no better model to choose from than a cabin tent with a screen room.

This outdoor model is the gear that you need to protect your family from the elements and offer them a spacious outdoor place to hang out.

Cabin tents are popular among campers since they offer high headspace and the comfort of the home. With the vertical walls and rooms, you will feel like at home.

A porch is an excellent addition to these family camping units as they offer a relaxation place for eating with the family and enjoying over a board or a card game.

Check out how can this breathable tent change your outdoor experience when facing warm temperatures and how to make your trip enjoyable.


Have you seen these tents yet? They come equipped with an indoor sleeping area and a zippered screened porch.

A porch is divided from the sleeping area and offers a place for relaxation after a sports activity or lunch.


It is lovely to sit in during the day as they offer full protection from the annoying bugs. You can capture the breeze without the need for bug spray or another bug repellent.

It’s an entire screened-in room to leave the chairs, and it’s big enough for a small table so you can eat your meals without bugs. That’s what I call living.

You can also sleep there if staying in the main room is too hot and suffocating.


This type of tent is usually appropriate for 6-12 people. Some even have an extra bedroom zipped into the back of it, or a side room for gear if you don’t need it for other campers to sleep in.

screen porch wenzel tent

For the true glamping experience, you need to bring a few other things besides a tent, do you want to know which?

Which is the best Cabin Tent with A Screen Room?

I saw a lot of shelters but CORE 10-person instant cabin tent is a perfect model that you can use on warm camping days.

It measures 14.5 x 14 feet and has an 84-inch center height which is enough for you to stand in and move around without bending.

Interior space

The shelter can accommodate up to 10 campers so you will have enough space for yourself and your loved ones. You will be able to fit 2 queen air mattresses inside.

There are 2 separate rooms on disposal where you can sleep, rest or hang out. The rooms have a divider between them for your privacy.

The mesh porch

A porch has mesh so no mosquitos or flies will annoy you at camping. It comes in handy when you eat or just relax after a good meal. You can also store some accessories to avoid putting the gear in the sleeping area.


This is a 3-season outdoor unit which means it is perfect to use when the temperature goes up. Mesh material is what you are looking for in this case.

This CORE cabin tent has a lot of mesh so you will have fresh air inside and avoid condensation.

With the large mesh windows, doors, a mesh roof, and intake vents you will have a breeze inside and sleep better at night.

Weather protection

The waterproof material, the Core H20 Block Technology, and the rain fly that covers the mesh ceiling of the unit will protect you from the elements.

However, have in mind that it can’t protect you in the heavy rain, storm, or while winter camping because it isn’t made for these extreme conditions.


The CORE tent has an automatic system so you shouldn’t have any issues with assembling it. You will be able to put up this model in a few minutes with some help.

No matter its size, you will just lay it out and lift the telescopic pole system at the center and extend the poles to get your shelter ready for usage. Don’t forget to stake it and use guy ropes.

Other models

If you want to see other products like this take a look at the ones that are also worth the money.

Ozark Trail 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent

CORE 6 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent


For a true glamping experience, you should take camping necessities. What should you bring for glamping?


First, since you have a porch, you need some lights for your tent. These can be rope lights, or full novelty pink flamingo string lights if that is what you prefer.

The lights will help you to find things inside while they are also a nice decor. If you have to hike to the bathroom novelty lights will help you figure out which shelter is yours in the dark.

My version of a cabin tent with a porch also has indoor lighting in the form of Chinese lanterns that I bought at the dollar store.

They have just the right amount of light and hook to the inside of the tent poles. For real lighting, I brought an LED lantern. Go ahead and use what you prefer.

screen tent with lamps


You will also need outdoor chairs. Trust me on this, they are way more comfortable than sitting on a hard tree stump or trying to relax at the picnic table with no back support.

You can even get a folding rocking chair, to go with your portable front porch.


Don’t sleep on the ground you’ll thank me later. Bring yourself a folding cot.

They look like a folding camp chair, plus they keep you up off the cold ground. Another great choice is an air mattress if you don’t have a partner that moves too much.

You can also opt for a camping mat and sleeping bag that will provide cushioning and warmth during the night.


No nightstand is complete without a phone charger. You may as well bring a deluxe solar charger that charges multiple devices.

You can leave it out in the sun all day to soak up the rays and bring it in to charge the phones at night. Some even have a flashlight built-in.


When I camp with my shelter, as I said, I don’t fully appreciate roughing it. I prefer a place where I can find a shower and bathroom within walking distance (if I am staying in a campground).

Sometimes, I take it to the amusement park where they have a campground next door. Daytime is taken up at the amusement park, but at night we do the typical outdoor activities like singing and talking over the campfire.


Whether it’s the campsite next to the amusement park, the KOA, or an independent campground it’s really the same idea. They consist of level campsites where you have a firepit waiting for you and a picnic bench.

screen cabin tent 101

You are close to your neighbors, and more importantly, there’s a bathroom and shower right around the corner. Usually, you will find a camper’s store for the things you may have forgotten at home, like the marshmallows.


Since you will be enjoying whatever level of rest and relaxation, or hiking, fishing, or amenities you desire, here are a few things to keep the kids busy so you can enjoy your glamping experience while the kids are busy doing other things.


Prepare a scavenger hunt. Ask neighbor children to join in. You can make it all nature-related or you can have small items that they may need to ask a neighbor for or find themselves.

Bring paper bags and write the items that they need to collect in the bag.


Ideas for the collection are: round rock, 2 different leaves, pine cone, feather, candy wrapper, pop can stick, clover, grass, wildflower, plastic fork, acorn, bottle top, bobber, rubber band, piece of newspaper, button, safety pin, blue ballpoint pen, toilet paper tube, etc.


Bring small easy games like Yahtzee, dominoes, and age-appropriate games. And don’t forget to pack playing cards, crayons and paper, glow sticks, bubbles, and anything else you can think of.

There’s always the old standby of charades, telephone, 20 questions, who am I, and name that tune. For nighttime sneak in a game or two for the adult and teen crowd.


Your cabin tent with a screen room is going to be your oasis while camping.

Bring the comforts of home with you to make your stay as pleasant as possible within the restrictions of the capacity of your vehicle. It will make the tent that much more pleasant when you have a good night’s sleep.

Keeping the kids busy and entertained goes a long way in enjoying yourself and your surroundings. Kids are bored quickly so it’s time to teach them some old school games and how you used to have fun before screens came along.

Are you ready to get one of these awesome tents? It’s a great outdoor investment that will make your family very happy and ready to camp again.

Think about the features of a shelter that you need and enjoy luxury camping in your favorite screen room cabin tent.