Top 10 Romantic Camping Ideas For Couples

Going on a date in nature is a great way to bring the spark back to a relationship. Making new memories always brings closeness and intimacy, and there’s nothing that I like more than going and spend quality time with my girlfriend outdoors.

Camping can be a wonderful idea for you two if you are more of a nature type of people. With a proper plan and preparation, you can have the best date ever, full of interesting and unexpected situations.

Do you know why it is a better idea than going on a date in a bar? You and your partner will experience nature and animals and learn more about each other where no one will listen.

I’m sharing my favorite romantic camping ideas for couples along with some tricks and tips to spark the mood and kindle the romance.

Romantic camping ideas

Planning a camping weekend with your partner can be your best date idea ever. If you want to have a pleasant time together, follow the next tips so your better half will be pleasantly surprised.

romantic camping trip

What should I bring on a romantic camping trip?

This is a couples camping checklist with the things that I recommend bringing on your camping date.

Romantic camping meals and drinks

It’s always fun to bring along a picnic basket full of goodies like comforting snacks that you both enjoy. Surprise your spouse and make pancakes in the shape of the heart (buy a model in the shape of the heart to make them fast) and don’t forget strawberries.

Is it cold outside? Grab some milk, marshmallows, and cocoa and make warm and delicious cocoa over a campfire and drink it together.

Take your favorite alcoholic drink and glasses. Plastic cups are generally very affordable and can even look like heavy-duty glass ones, but have the added durability to survive a rough trail.

Cooking accessories

Cooking together is a great idea to bond and to have fun while making your favorite dishes. To make it happen, consider investing in a camping cookware set that will make your cooking easier.

camping cooking 101

These sets are foldable and portable so you won’t have any issues to put one in your backpack or in the car.

Camping entertainment ideas

Consider bringing a music device, and play your favorite songs. Bring along some portable-friendly games such as card games or travel-sized games, something that requires two players.

For that reason, I don’t recommend bringing any video games or books because it’s too easy to get sucked in for hours and forget that your partner is there with you. I also don’t recommend super competitive games.

Sleeping arrangements

The tent should be big enough for both to enjoy in comfort. Consider bringing an air camping mattress where you will be able to sleep together. You can also opt for a double sleeping bag where you will warm each other in the cold nights.

Don’t forget about pillows, blankets and other sleeping gear that will keep you two cozy through the night.

camping bed

Go on a short camping trip

One of the easiest ways to ruin a nice date is to move too quickly. You can’t take a person who’s never been out of the city and expect to stay with you for a week in the most extreme of survival scenarios – that would make anyone miserable.

Consider a partner’s needs. If he/she is a first-time camper then go outdoors just for one day. If he/she likes it then you can go outdoors for more days next time. Ask what your partner wants to do and try to accomplish that.

Should you go camping if you are sick?

If you or your better half is sick, exhausted, or if the weather is bad, it’s not very likely that your romantic excursion will go well as the cards are already stacked against you. It is better to plan a date so no contingencies will spoil your time.

Romantic camping with kids and pets?

Children are wonderful but when they are present, your mind is pretty much focused on their needs.

Leave the kids with a babysitter, so you can enjoy time alone with your partner and take care of each other. The same thing goes for pets. Leave them at home so you can focus on a romantic trip.

Do camping activities for couples

Light the campfire, work as a team to help erect the tent, cook your meals together. Maybe even help tie one another’s shoes, use your imagination.

Watch the sunset together

I suggest you prepare a place where you will watch the sunset. Place a blanket on the ground, decorate it with some snacks (serve those heart pancakes), and prepare the mood. If it is cold, don’t forget a blanket to cuddle in it.

Sport activities

Date in nature isn’t just laying and cuddling in a tent, it is much more. Its purpose is to connect and have fun so I have a list of activities that you can do.

Use a boat or a kayak

Are you camping around the water? If there is an option to rent a boat or a kayak grab the opportunity. Make a plan what will you take with you and spend time on the water.

You can go to another side of the lake and spend some quality time there. The whole point of a camping date is to not get bored and to enjoy with your better half in activities that you can’t find at home.

Go on a hiking trip

When you don’t know what to do, pack your essentials in a backpack, and go on the trails. Find out if there are any trails where you can walk or explore the surroundings by yourself.

Hiking involves walking on different terrains so I suggest that you opt for a good pair of hiking shoes that will keep your ankles safe.

If you two are avid hikers then it is best to go for hiking boots instead of shoes as they will protect your feet while you walk long distances.

Phones down

Usually being out in the wilderness comes with no cell phone or internet signal.

However, if you happen to be in a place that still has one, it’s my recommendation that you turn your phone off, or at least set it to do not disturb mode.

turning phone off

There’s nothing that ruins the mood faster and easier than losing your focus of answering phone calls or text messages.

If you already have that self-control, maybe just bring a portable phone speaker for playing mood-setting music.

Prepare a cup of coffee

I’d also like to recommend my personal secret camping ingredient, coffee. Make a camping coffee in the morning and start your day energized and full of expectations.

It can be a weary experience to finally get to your campsite, and it’s easy to run out of energy too early. Or, if you end up going to bed too late, your energy levels may not match your obligations the next morning.

Coffee gives you more control over your own alertness and readiness for everything that a camping trip might have to surprise you with.

Especially if there’s any chance of consuming too much alcohol the night before. If this is the case, don’t forget about drinking water.

Romantic camping accessories

It’s a great idea to bring along some items that can help ignite the mood. Here is the stuff to consider.

Bring battery-operated candles, twinkle or dangle LED decorative lights, blankets and pillows, rose petals, fragrances, and anything else you can think of that might work well. Think of what your partner loves and surprise him/her at the campsite.

Body massage oil

Massage oil is a great idea, as it can help shed off the physical and mental stresses of normal life, as well as traveling to the campsite. Use it after you showered and have a pleasant evening in the tent.

Picnic backpack

I advise you to buy a picnic backpack where you will have all the eating accessories at one place. It is portable and organizes things like glasses, silverware, plates, a picnic cloth and other accessories.

hiking pack for picnic

How about packing it for that picnic on the other side of the lake? Take it with you in the boat.

Is camping a good date?

I hope that you and your romantic loved one have a great time beneath the trees and stars thanks to my tips to make your outdoor date more exciting. Don’t let the planning phase stress you too much.

If you are an outdoor beginner, you’re never going to have everything perfect and you’ll always forget something but that’s okay.

As you get more experienced in camping, it won’t take as much energy or time to plan everything out. So while you’re just a beginner, go easy on yourself and learn to laugh at your mistakes.

Couple camping is a great idea for a date as you can experience nature as it is. Use my tricks and enjoy with your partner in peace and serenity.

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