Camping for over 50s: Is it possible?

Camping outdoors is something that brings memories, right? I am sure that you went camping at least once in your life but if you didn’t, here is your opportunity to have an unforgettable adventure.

Do you think you are too old to go camping? Do you think that camping for retirees can’t be pleasurable? I tell you, nobody is too old and you can spend a wonderful time in nature comfortably. Today we have camping equipment that provides a comfortable outdoor experience no matter how old you are. Are you ready for your adventure?

I will show you how to can camp relaxed and have a good time with your friends and loved ones without any worries. Let’s dive in!

How old is too old for camping?

camping elderly

First, let me say a few words about years and limitations that people have about camping in older years of age. Many people think that this activity is reserved for young people who are flexible enough to spend the night in a tight tent and on hard grounds.

Well, this is not true, and let me explain why. Our mind develops limitations that are not real and are just preventing us to take action. Think of people who become famous taking fitness classes in their older age or the ones who start to jog because they decided to do it.

The second thing is that today we have plenty of tent options and equipment which will make your trip comfy and stress-free. Ok, are you ready to go on an adventure? Great, now let’s take a closer look of the things that will make your camping unforgettable.

Best tents for older campers

Which is the best camping tent that gives the most comfort and space? It is definitely a cabin tent. These type of tents are one of the biggest on the market and offer comfort that you also have at home. Cabin tents have straight walls and come in different sizes so you won’t have an issue to pick an appropriate one for your needs.

Adventages of cabin tents

This type of tent will provide space, privacy, and comfort for your outdoor staying. I think that you should get one and here are the reasons why:

Spacious and comfy

Why bother in a small and tight tent if you can have enough space? This is a major benefit that you will get with this camping tent. These tents have room dividers that enable multiple rooms for privacy so yes, they are like houses in nature.

Due to vertical walls you will be able to stand straight inside and move, cook without bending or crawling. Isn’t this great?

Because they are big you can take camping furniture with you on the trip like a table, chairs, cooking devices, air-beds or a queen mattress.

Big tent windows and doors

With large windows, you will be able to observe nature and animals and have good ventilation since many can be opened. Best cabin tents have at least two doors for an easy entrance and exit.

Most of them have a porch

Those with porch will cheer you up since you can talk, play games, and spend quality time with your loved ones there. There is no better pleasure than relax after lunch so it is great for doing it here. It is also space where you can store camping gear.

How do you set up a cabin tent?

Cabin camping tents are big and heavy so you should consider this fact before you go out there. However, if you will go outdoors with a car you shouldn’t have to worry about its weight.

Instant cabin tents

I also want to say that pitching it isn’t difficult if you have someone to help you. Still, if you want an easier solution, camping brands manufacture instant cabin tents which you will be able to set up in minutes due to pre-attached poles.

Consider the camping season

In which season are you planning to go? A season is a factor that you should consider when getting a camping tent. My tip is that if you are going to the great outdoors in summer then you should opt-in for a high-ventilated tent that has plenty of mash.


However, when it comes to picking one for winter season you should know that a tent must be waterproof, durable and made of high-quality materials. A rainfly and a tarp is a must as well.

Senior camping trip packing list

Are you going camping alone or with your friends, or partner? No matter how many of you will be out there, you should take care of some important things that you will need. Consider the next items.

Personal things and medications

Medications and personal items are crucial for your well-being. If you are a diabetic or having some other disease, make sure that you will take your medicines with you. Also, bring a first aid kit which will come handy if something happens.

Tell someone where are you going camping

No matter if you are going outdoors alone or with significant other, it is always best to tell someone. If you will stay in a campsite, tell someone about it and how long will you stay there. This is especially important if you will go camping in the wild – you never know what happens.


If you need to make a reservation at the campsite, do it a few months before taking the trip so your spot will be secured and waiting. Camping requires actions that will make your outdoor stay safe and comfortable so don’t forget to check your tent for holes and missing parts. Consider taking a sleeping bag, a cot or an air-bed, and a blanket if you will be winter camping.

What should you wear for camping?

Which clothes will you pack? My advice is to take several cloth items like T-shirts, underpants, pullovers, pants, socks, and a good pair of hiking shoes. Always consider taking gloves, a hat, and other isolation clothes if going outdoors in cold locations.

Can you go camping with arthritis?

Having arthritis is hard because it lowers the quality of life. However, can you go camping with it? It can be done with proper preparation and some tricks.

How do you ease the pain in your joints? Do you take anti-inflammatory drugs? If you take anti-inflammation medicines don’t forget to take them with you. I advise taking pain killers too in case your joint hurts and you have a hard time bearing the pain.

What are the 5 worst foods to eat if you have arthritis?

I am sure that you already know what foods are good to ease your health issue and which are bad. However, I am telling you which foods you should avoid taking on your trip.

If you want to have pain-free outdoor experience consider taking these ones out of the food’s list:

  • Processed foods
  • Refined sugar and other sugar alternatives
  • Red meat
  • Fried food
  • Alcohol

The whole point of preventing your condition to get worse is to not eat foods that increase the inflammation. What are your eating habits? Do you watch what type of food do you eat?

Processed food is first on the list to avoid because it contains trans-fats which are triggers for inflammation. Don’t buy baked and prepacked foods as they should contain these harmful substances.

And here we have sugar. If you eat sugary foods they will release the body proteins named cytokines that cause inflammation. Watch out because sugar is not hidden just in cookies and sweets. Stay away from corn syrup, fructose, and maltose. If you are sensitive to aspartame or other sugar alternatives just avoid it.

Red meat is also not the best type of food to bring camping as it triggers inflammation. It contains AGE’s that are known to increase the inflammation process. Fried food also contains AGE’S like french fries, fried chicken, donuts, etc., so don’t even think about getting them in the first place.

How can alcohol affect your condition? Too much of it will worse the condition. However, in my opinion, you can drink a glass of beer or wine at lunch or in the afternoon.

Drink tea for arthritis and inflammation

turmeric tea

Every treatment of disease includes some kind of a healthy diet. You are lucky because you can choose foods that will help you prevent the inflammation and pain in the long run.

Did you know that turmeric is a perfect spice that reduces the inflammation? How about you prepare yourself a hot cup of turmeric tea first thing in the morning?

The spice acts as a natural remedy to prevent inflammation due to curcumin. It is a great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent that will surely help you to sustain good health and mood while you camp.

How to make turmeric tea with fresh turmeric root?

Take 4 cups of water and boil it over the camping stove. When the water is seconds away from a boil grate 2 tablespoons of turmeric root and put it in the water. Wait for 15-20 minutes while boiling it so you will take advantage of the plant’s active substances. Strain it and drink it slowly.

Have the best outdoor experience

Who said that you can’t go camping? Years aren’t a limitation when it gets to spending quality time in nature and enjoying yourself. The only advice I should give to you at the end is that you prepare and organize well.

Camper, use my tips and follow your heart to spend the best vacation that your grandchildren will love to hear about. Hey, how about taking them on the adventure? And don’t forget, you can meet beautiful people at the campsite who you can be friends with. You have plenty of reasons to pack your things and go to have a great outdoor experience!

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