Camping in France

Do you want to explore France and its local sights? Go ahead and opt for camping in France as it has more than 11,000 registered campsites for you to explore. This is almost half of all European campgrounds, amazing right?

France campgrounds

France is the largest western European country with 643,801 km2 of land.

Its capital is Paris which is well-known for the Eiffel tower that attracts tourists from all over the world. Paris is also a fashion city.

France has mountains, alpine villages and also beautiful beaches. It is the founder of the European Union and is well-known for its cuisine and wine.

If you will visit the country you shouldn’t be disappointed as it has a diverse landscape, rich culture, history, architecture, and gastronomy.

Paris, Nice, Lyon, Bordeaux – Grand Theatre, Bayeux – Tapestry, and Aix en Provence – Pavillon Vendôme are popular tourist destinations to see.

Plan your next camping trip in France where you will be able to enjoy more than 2000 miles of coastline, mountains and alpine resorts, countryside, and small villages.

These are the best places to go camping in France and camping in France tips that will help you to choose the right place.

What are the best campsites in France?

France is large enough and diverse for you to pick the right camping place regarding your needs.

You can enjoy beautiful sandy beaches, French Alps or green forests. These are my top destinations you should explore.


Want to go camping in Normandy? The Le Marqueval Camp is situated on the France northern coast in the Normandy region. They are open from the 19th of March till the middle of October.


The place offers 297 pitch plots inside the camp. You can stay in a tent, motorhome or caravan.


They are located in Normandy that is known for their peacefulness and quiet so it is especially appropriate for those who want to have more peace.


If you don’t have a place to stay, they offer their accommodation facilities. Rent a cottage of 33m2 which can accommodate four people.

You can also stay in one of the Le Marqueval Mobile homes that can accommodate six persons or in a bungalow.


What can you do here? Take your family to the outdoor water park where you can enjoy the water. When you will feel tired you can go to the sauna or Jacuzzi to relax.

If you decide to camp in France cost children will love it here since they can play in the Bouncy castle, see the animals, play games and be part of a creative workshop. They have a mini-farm in the camp so animal lovers welcome!


Camp Campix is located in the department Oise in the northern part of the country, close to the Oise River. It has 160 pitch places for you to use. Visit this camp if you love to be in the wilderness.



Many camps have the option of permanent residence but not in this place. It welcomes campers with tents or caravans but if you don’t have one of these you can rent a cabin for four people or a Gypsy caravan for four people as well.

If you like bungalows more then rent a Gitotel bungalow for four to five people.


You can see the surroundings and visit BeauvaisAmiens, Compiègne, and other interesting locations in the north of Paris.

Visit Chantilly and see the castle and museums, and Senlis for having a tasty lunch and a great shopping experience.


The camp even has a veterinarian who will take care of your animals, so yes pets are welcome. Its owner speaks fluent English so don’t you worry about communication.

He is friendly and helps their guests with their requirements.


Camp Val de Blois is a place located in the Centre-Val de Loire region in France. You will enjoy the tranquility of the Loire Valley and have an amazing outdoor experience. In the area of 100 m2, you will find 120 pitch places for staying.



Camp with a tent, caravan, or a car or rent their accommodation facilities. They offer you five Canada tents for four people, five bungalow chalets for four people, or a tent for two people.


Loire Valley is listed as a UNESCO heritage that will surprise you with beautiful landscapes and vineyards. This place is perfect for a bike ride.

They offer bike rental, helmets, and child seats so you can take a bike trip with the whole family. On your bike trip, you can see the vineyards, the city center of Blois, the castles of the Loire, and much more so you are welcome to visit.


Welcome beach lovers and all of you who enjoy the smell of the sea air. This is another coast camp where you can spend your next outdoor adventure. It can be found in the Brittany region, in the Ille-et-Vilaine department.



You can in a tent, caravan, or campervan on the standard, family pitch place or at a top-comfort pitch that has water supply and drainage.

They are open for you to come from April to the middle of October and offer 370 pitch places. Pets are welcome here.


If you visit them in July and August, you can be a part of the organized events that take place in the camp.

Fun activities are held over the week for the kids and sports tournaments for adults to hang out on the volleyball and football court. You can also play table tennis or French boules.


Camp de la Plage de Saint-Pabu has a fitness facility for you to train. Evenings are fun at the campsite as they have concerts, clowns and magic shows. The beach offers different kinds of surfing, sand yachting, scuba diving, hiking, etc.


It is a place in a Loire-Atlantique department on the west coast of France. On 150 pitch plots, they offer accommodation for people with a tent or caravan.


If you are more of a glamper, you can stay in one of their chalets, mobile homes, or in a guest room.


What activities can you do here? There is plenty of options for being sporty. Swim in the heated pool, play volleyball, fish on the lake, or rent a pedal boat. Children will be happy to jump on the trampoline and play different games.


When you feel hungry, you can go to the grocery store or bread counter, or go for lunch in their restaurant that is opened from Tuesday to Sunday. They have paths where you can jog and keep your body fit on the apparatus around the lake.

I forgot to tell you that an area for golf and horse-riding is 10 km away from the camp. Walk or ride a go-kart or quad bike and explore the surroundings of Camp Le Deffay.

Can you camp anywhere in France?

You are permitted to wild camp in the entire country if you have the permission of the landowner or tenant of the land.

Still, this type of camping isn’t allowed on the coast, in protected natural sites, and on the perimeter of classified historic monuments.

There may be some specific rules when it comes to staying in national or regional parks so I recommend that you get informed before heading to your favorite destination so you won’t be surprised later.

How much does it cost to camp in France?

The price that you will pay in a France campsite depends on the number of stars, the people per pitch, and the season. If you are traveling with 3 people the average cost per night in the peak summer season is 28€.

Prices regarding stars

These are the prices if you stay one night with a pitch:

One-star sites: from 8€ up

Two-star sites: from 8€ up

Three-star sites: 32€ – 40€ per night for four people

Four-star sites: 20 € a day off-season, to between 40€ and 50 € a day during peak weeks for four people with a tent. The price is a bit lower for two people.

Where can you pitch a tent in France?

You can pitch your tent in an official campground or outside the camp but you must have permission from a landowner or a tenant of the land.

Where can I camp in south of France?

If you decide to go camping in the south part of the country you will enjoy the sunshine, a sparkling Mediterranean sea, and mountains. South part of France camping includes the land from Provence to the Pyrénées.

Don’t know the most popular south France campsites? presents 65 of them so you can explore them further.

How many campsites are in France?

According to, there are 8,239 campsites in France as of February 2021. Occitania has the most of them (1387).

What is the best Eurocamp in France?

Which are the best Eurocamps in France that you can take your family to? Consider next places when going to visit the country:

  • Domaine des Naiades (Riviera and Provence)
  • Cote D’Argent Campsite (Cote D’Argent Campsite)
  • Camping Club Mar Estang (Canet-Plage, Roussillon)
  • Aloha Village Campsite (Languedoc)
  • La Baume Campsite (Riviera and Provence)
  • Airotel Pyrénées Campsite (Pyrenees) Camping Holiday in France
  • Le Soleil Campsite (Argelès-sur-Mer, Roussillon) Camping Holiday in France
  • Les Sablons Campsite, Languedoc

What is a municipal campsite in France?

Municipal campsites in France offer the best budget pitches and are located in towns and large villages. They aren’t so big as 4-star camps but offer basic amenities like bathrooms and hot showers.

If you decide to go on a family vacation in France then you should consider visiting municipal campsites. They offer great outdoor adventure for the whole family. There are about 2,800 municipal campsites across the country.

Have a French camping holidays

France is a large country with a diverse landscape and sights for you to have the most exciting and fun outdoor vacation. You can choose the campsite on the beach or in the greenery and explore the surroundings.

Each of these camps has its advantages that you will consider for your next outdoor camping trip in France.

French camps are waiting for you to experience their hospitality and rich offer that will make you and your family wanting to come again.