Camping in Poland

Do you want to go camping in Europe? If you choose nature camping in Poland you will be able to experience beautiful lakes, camping around the sea and many other natural sights.

Poland camp places

Take a look at which are the best camping sites in Poland and what they offer for accommodation and entertainment.

Poland is an Eastern European country with its capital Warsaw. The land of Poland has 312,679 kmand has almost 38 million residents.

It is connected to the Baltic Sea so their towns on the north have beautiful beaches. Poland has many natural beauties to see among which are 23 national parks.

This country has a lot of coal that is exported, copper, zinc, natural gas, and so on.

The most visited sights in Poland are Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Wroclaw, Bialystok, and Sopot. They have a unique and rich history that you can see in their towns and museums.

One of the attractions is surely Auschwitz, a concentration camp in Oświęcim that was run by Nazi Germany during World War II.

They have a nice nature where you can spend your vacation, so let’s see which are their most popular campsites that you can stay in and have fun.

Poland campsites

I have picked cool camping locations in Poland that I see as interesting for you to visit. These places are located in different areas of the country with different activity options, so you can choose your favorite place.


The camp Horyzont is a place for families that want to have pleasant and fun holidays. It is situated on a sea cliff and it is close to the Sports Centre Cetniewo.

It is one of the best family camping places in Poland that has plenty of activities to do with your kids.


They offer 500 pitch places on the 3,5 hectares of land that are mostly shaded. The place is open from the middle of April till the middle of September. Its management divided areas for tent and caravan campers.


Get ready for the active day as they offer windsurfing, inflatable banana rides, Jet Ski, horse riding, paintball, quad rides, and a disco for night entertainment.

You can also visit the Sports Centre and the lighthouse in Rozewie that is 4 km away from the camp.

But this is not all; you can visit the Seal Centre in Hell, where you can see rescued seals from the Baltic Sea and also the port of Wladyslawowo.

Take your children to the high ropes adventure course where they will enjoy the outdoor adventure. There are many other sights to see close to them so welcome to Camp Horyzont.


This place is appropriate for:

  • Strolling
  • Guests with tents

It has top-rated cleanliness so if you like to stay in a clean place this might be the one for you.


This campsite is located in the Pomeranian Voivodeship region with a capital Gdańsk in the town Malbork. It is a place with 50 pitch plots available for people with tents and caravans from April to November.


They have a pond where you can try catching fish and grill them on the grill area located in the camp.


There is a castle nearby and a town which is only 500 m away from the place. Children will be excited to play in the playground and see Jumpy Park and Dinopark with moving dinosaurs and dragons. 

Camp Nad Stawem is also a good place for cyclists as they have a bicycle path and for seeing the harbor. Take your time and see local attractions like Sopot, Gdańsk, the Museum of Mikolaj Kopernik, and much more.


Camp Ekodar can be found in Krzemień, in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. It is a place with 70 pitch places that is open from the middle of April till October.



There is a lake Krzemień in the camp where you can enjoy water activities with your kids and a small Krzemień village to see. This is a peaceful place so it is appropriate for those of you who want to have a peaceful vacation.


Staying in their camping houses or bungalows will make you feel at home.

They have 25 houses which can accommodate four to five people. The restaurant Tavern will make sure that you won’t be hungry and your taste buds happy.


They welcome weddings, corporate events, and communions. The Ekodar camp offers courts for volleyball, tennis, and basketball. You can also put up a fire and grill food.

Rent a water bicycle, kayak, canoe, or fishing boat and take a relaxing ride around the lake.


Green Velo Camp Nad Wigrami is a smaller Poland place in the northeast that is mainly forested. It is open from April till the middle of October and offers 15 pitch places within the place.


It is appropriate for tent campers and people with caravans.


It is located 200 m from lake Wigry. If you are looking for a quiet environment then this place can be a good choice as you will be able to relax in the beautiful Wigry National Park.


They offer a wooden house that can accommodate up to six people and a small holiday house for four people to sleep in.

Wigry National Park offers nice bike trails among the forests and lakes that are gently curled up with few major climbs.


The camp staff suggests you take a canoe or kayak trip on the lake and see rare birds and wildlife on the lake.

You can visit the Lithuanian capital Trakai and see the old university, The Gate of Dawn, and the cathedral square with the re-build castle.


Welcome to Camp Forteca, a family place situated in the southwest part of Poland with 50 pitch plots available from April to November.


They have a wide variety of spacious camping pitches among the birch and willow trees. They offer four wooden cottages and the brick house Góral for four people to rent.

You can also stay in one of the guest rooms that are in the owner’s home.


What can you do here? You can relax at the lake, rent a paddleboat and take a ride on the lake, make a campfire, or play board games at their restaurant.

Kids can play football and beach volleyball but don’t forget to take them to the lake where they can swim and play. At high season they offer evenings with cozy music and a disco for the kids.

They also have trips to the nearby towns and countryside so don’t you worry about boredom.

Where can I camp in Poland?

There are over 345 official campsites in Poland where you can spend the most wonderful time alone, with friends or family members. If you choose one of these places you will be able to enjoy the seacoast, lakes, rivers, and hike beautiful mountains.

Poland doesn’t have many mountains and is rather flat so in most cases, you will camp around the water (lakes and sea). Wild camping is prohibited as in many other European countries.

If you want to experience camping in Warsaw then choose Camping 123 Zajazd Majawa or WOK campground.

Is wild camping legal in Poland?

Wild camping and free-standing aren’t allowed here. The authorities control the coast areas and nature reserves. If they catch you, you can pay up to 120€.

However, they aren’t so strict on rural areas where you can stay on private land with the approval of the landowner.

camping in poland

No matter that you are not allowed to camp in the wild you can get permission to do it in private and public places.

In general, it is not allowed to camp:

  • on Baltic beaches or dunes
  • national parks and nature reserves
  • in forests

If you want to know all about wild camping in Poland then check

What to see in a campsite in Poland?

The country has historical buildings, churches, and settlements that have survived for centuries. So, I suggest that you pick a day or two for seeing local sights. Before you opt for a location, know what you want to explore and opt for a camp that is close to it.

What are the best things to do in Poland?

I suggest that you see local sights, museums, beach towns, castles, and other top destinations. These are just a few ideas to consider:

  • Wawel Royal castle
  • Malbork castle
  • St’ Mary’s Basilica
  • Palace of culture and Science
  • The marine Tricity 
  • Zakopane
  • Toruń
  • Zamość


These are 5 Poland campsites that you may find interesting to visit.

Camping Forteca, Green Velo Camp Nad Wigrami, Camp Ekodar, and Camping Nad Stawem are smaller places where you can find your perfect camping spot and relax in a more quiet environment.

On the other hand, you have Horyzont where you can spend unforgettable family holidays with lots of activities.

Where do you want to stay? Do you like to stay in a place with a lot of shade from the trees or do you like to sunbathe at the camp’s beach?

I have presented you with Poland campgrounds where you can find something for yourself and enjoy your free time, away from the city and traffic. Enjoy.