Smart Camping In The Rain Hacks To Consider

Let’s say you are camping and suddenly it starts to rain. Did you prepare for wet camping?

camping in wet weather

Staying outdoors while it rains isn’t so pleasurable as you must adapt to a changed situation. How to have enjoyable and dry camping even if it surprises you? How to camp in the rain without being miserable?

Here are some of my favorite every day camping in the rain hacks to survive the wet seasons, thunderstorms, and lulls in mood that precipitation can bring.

Camping in the rain tips

Rain isn’t a bad thing when being outdoors, you just need to cooperate with nature. The next tips will help you to enjoy your wet adventure so don’t worry, you will have fun if you follow them.

Camping lights

When the rain is making you feel sad or down, string up some lights to help lighten up the mood and bring back the optimism and cheer.

camping lights

You can get some party string lights or solar-powered camping lights. If you’ve powered them during the sunny daytime, you can use them when it’s cloudy or dark.

It is also important to have a good flashlight so you will see where you are going in the woods at night. A flashlight is one of the necessary things for staying outdoors so consider getting one.

Rainy day camping meals

Consider comfort food. When the mood drops, get something that’s comforting but also nutritious to help to elevate everyone’s energy levels and their spirits.

Get together and eat something delicious and simple. Don’t forget that a warm, hot meal, snack, or drink will make you feel better, especially when it’s rainy. How about hot cocoa or tea?

Warm cooked meals are the best option as they will warm you up and give you the energy that you need. Think of goulashes, hot soups, and stews that you can make at home and just warm up over the camping propane stove.

Camping games

When the mood is down, campers tend to isolate themselves in their tent with books, phones or video games, preparing for an early bedtime.

To get everyone’s mood lifted, simply bring them back together over a campfire and pull out some travel-friendly board or card games to get the camping party back on track. This is one of the most common camping in the rain activities but it always works.

camping games to play

Proper waterproof tent

This is an outdoor gear that is the most important to take outdoors if you expect precipitation and must be first on the camping in the rain checklist.

A waterproof tent is a basic gear that will enable a dry shelter. They are made of materials with coatings that repel rainwater and snow.

This tent also has features that will make your tent’s interior dry. What is more important than staying in a dry tent? Do you want to know how to additionally protect your shelter from the rainwater? Read on.

Make a portable tent platform

This is a great idea for all of you who want to have your tent lifted from the dirt and who have some skills with tools. This action takes some time, material and skills but you will be thankful for making it.

With the right materials and building a tent platform guide, you can make your own platform that will protect your shelter from the rainwater and dirt. This way you will never face puddles inside and also sleep in a more comfortable area.

How do you stay dry while camping in the rain?

Staying dry and safe while the rain is soaking your campground is crucial. Take a look at what clothes you should wear and how to deal with wet ones.

Camping clothes

Propper clothing is one of the most important things that you should consider. The first rule is not to get wet in the first place.

Always bring a rain poncho or a jacket in case a sudden storm arrives. You can also get rain pants or gaiters so you won’t get your clothes wet from precipitation and dew.

ultralight rain jacket

What not to wear while camping in the rain

When you go outdoors with the slightest possibility of precipitation, don’t wear cotton clothing. Cotton clothes lose their insulation properties when they get wet, so this is an easy way to get hypothermia quickly.

Dress in layers

When it’s wet and cold, layering is an important strategy to have. Having more than one layer of (synthetic) cloth will provide you warmth and protect you from getting wet.

How do you dry clothes when camping in the rain?

There aren’t any laundry facilities in the wilderness, and hanging clothes around a fire to dry isn’t an option due to the rain. That leaves you with a few clever options:

  • You can take wet clothes and place them in the corners of the sleeping bag. While you sleep, your insulated bed will keep you warm with your own body heat, but also slowly heat and dry out wet clothing.
  • You can hang up your wet items in the tent, especially your tent’s vestibule. They’ll dry out eventually.
  • Bring a newspaper and stuff it inside the wet or damp items. It will suck out the moisture, like the old rice trick for electronics.
drying shoes with newspaper

Pro tip: Never sleep in wet clothes!


Bring some trash bags, grocery bags, or at least freezer-size Ziploc baggies. You can use them to line things like your backpack so that everything inside stays nice and dry.

Secure Your tent in the rain

Your tent is where you will be sleeping, so it’s super important that you are able to sleep safely and dry through the night. Here are some hacks to consider:

  • Before you go on your trip, purchase a water-proofing kit, and use it on the tent. Some tents aren’t already waterproofed or your tent’s coating wore off so you need to re-waterproof it. You can also spray the tent to stay waterproof.
  • Put a tarp on the ground where you will pitch a tent, it will secure it against the rain.
  • Weigh down your tarps corners with rocks or other heavy items. This also protects your grommets – the little metal corner holes – from any wind that will try to flap the tarp around. Once the grommets are gone, the tarp needs to be replaced.
  • If you don’t have a tarp and the ground is wet, put something, anything between the ground and a sleeping bag. Due to the cold, wet ground, your body heat will drop at night, and you could put yourself in a potentially dangerous situation of losing too much body heat. The best things to use are things that are waterproof, like plastic. If you don’t have that, anything else you can find would be better than nothing at all.
  • After a camping trip, be sure to dry out all your equipment before storing it. Otherwise, it will get mold and mildew.
using a tarp under the tent

Before going camping

Not so much as a hack as a must-do, but the importance of these things makes it worth mentioning.

  • Make sure that you know the signs and symptoms of hypothermia and how to treat it.
  • Understand the signs that a lightning storm is coming, what to do, where to take shelter, and also where not to hide.
  • Know the weather cues for an impending storm, and which type of storm it will be. Checking the forecast before your trip helps a little bit, but it’s not very good at predicting sudden storms that can come out of nowhere.
  • Check your tent for possible holes or tears so you won’t take damaged equipment camping.

How to stay warm when camping in a tent?

You should always take care of your body temperature and stay warm all the time.

Sleep in your clothes

When it’s super cold outside, stuff tomorrows clothing into a sleeping bag before you go to bed. Your body heat will warm them up overnight, and it will be easier to get moving.

Warm your hands and feet

If your hands get cold, try some hand warmer packs. They’re super cheap and small, so they’re easy to pack. Or, you could bring gloves. If your feet get cold, you can put some hand warmers in the shoes.

hand warmers

The importance of Water

Hydration is a vital factor that you should think about.


It can be easy to forget about hydration when it’s raining. Remember to keep drinking water through your stay.

Be sure not to substitute drinking water for sports drinks or other sugary substances. They are fine in moderation but pure water is the best.

Catch rainwater

It can be neat to catch rainwater. Don’t use the water that touched anything like leaves, trees, or rocks, only what fell out of the sky.

If you have a water filtration kit, it can be fun to filter this water and put it back into your water bottles or canteens.

Why does my tent get wet inside?

If your tent walls or sleeping equipment are wet then you should figure out the reason for it. The first reason can be the lack of ventilation that builds condensation.

camping in rain tips and tricks

The basic mistake that campers make is to close all the openings, also the vents, when it’s raining. While staying inside the tent the exhaled air won’t have a chance to go out and the condensation will build on your walls and things.

The other reason can be a leaking tent. If your unit has holes or tears then you should repair it before even going to explore the great outdoors. Always prepare for the adventure, pitch a tent, water it with a garden hose, and see if you have a leaking tent.

Adept to the rain

I hope that your next outdoor trip goes well. Be sure to use these camping in the rain hacks the next time that you go out and enjoy the wilderness.

When you consider these tricks and try them you will see that nothing can destroy your adventure, not even the rain.

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