Beach Camping Checklist

Oh, it’s time for beach camping! Camping on the beach is quite different than enjoying in the woods, however, you still need some essentials to have a pleasant day under the sun. Do you know what things to bring when camping on the beach? What do you need for camping on the beach?

essenital things for beach camping

Check my beach camping checklist and know which beach essentials I recommend to have by your side when you are looking forward to enjoying the sun.

Beach camping list

Beach camping is not as easy as people imagine it to be. Of course, there is the beach right there in front of you for your enjoyment but you will have to battle sand and strong winds.

Cooking on an open fire is almost impossible as the wind from the ocean will mess up with the fire.

What to bring in beach camping? The supplies that you should bring with you on a beach camping day are different from those that you would take on a trip to the woods.

Let’s look at the beach camping trip checklist to see which things to bring in beach camping to stay safe and protected.

beach camping

Camping gear

These are some of the camping gear that you should bring when you beach camp.

  • A beach tent with sand stakes. The stakes should anchor securely into the ground to provide you with adequate protection. The tent that you need should be big for the air to circulate freely within the tent. If you want to know the whole procedure of tent security check how to anchor a tent on the beach.
  • Sleeping bag that belongs on the beach tent camping checklist.
  • Blankets and a pillow
  • A tarp
  • A flashlight or a headlamp
  • A beach umbrella for keeping the sun away
  • Beach chairs for relaxing
  • Trash bags for collecting your waste
  • A broom to tidy your tent up. It is a basic gear when you want to know how do you get sand out of a tent at the beach.

Cooking gear

Do you remember how hungry you are when you come out of the water? If the place allows making a beach fire you can cook your meal instead of eating junk food.

These are some of the cooking items that belong on the beach camping gear list that you should take with you to camp.

  • A propane stove for cooking your meals
  • A lighter and matches for lighting the stove
  • Cooking pots for preparing your meals
  • Reusable utensils such as plates and bowls
  • A multi-tool knife, corkscrew, can opener, and pliers
  • Optional; a grate and firewood. Cooking on an open fire is almost impossible as a result of the wind but you can still light a campfire, place a grate on it and cook your food.

Food and water

Food and water are important, especially water supplies as you should hydrate your body in the hot sun. These are some of the supplies on the beach tent camping checklist that you will need in this regard.

  • A max-food cooler for keeping your food supplies fresh. It should be on your checklist for camping on the beach. However, if you will be moving around a lot, you should get a soft-sided cooler that is easy to carry around.
  • A gallon of frozen water. The ice will melt to provide you with clean drinking water.
  • Single-pot meals that you had prepared at home and kept in the fridge. You will only have to warm such foods when you want to eat. The emphasis here is on single-pot meals that will reduce your cooking requirements when you arrive at camp.
  • Fresh supplies like bread and yogurt. Buy these items closer to your campsite to make sure that they are fresh by the time you arrive at camp.
  • Teabags and coffee


What about clothes? You should also make sure that you have enough clothes when summer camping on the beach. Don’t forget to pack the following items:

beach items
  • A swimsuit. Being near a beach, you will be swimming most of the time and you should carry your swimsuit.
  • A hat to keep the sun from your eyes.
  • Shorts, shirts, and pants. You should get the quick-drying type that will dry quickly.
  • T-shirts. Some should be long-sleeved so as to protect you from the cold.
  • Water shoes. You will need shoes that will protect you from the rocks in the water and sea urchins. Do you know what to do if you stepped on the sea urchin? Here is the treatment of sea urchin sting.
  • Sweatshirts and sweatpants if you anticipate a drop in the temperatures.

Personal items

Don’t forget next personal items that belong on the checklist for camping on the beach, especially if you will be camping for a few days, such as:

  • Your toothbrush and toothpaste
  • A towel to dry yourself up after bathing and swimming
  • Bathing soap
  • Sunglasses
  • A first aid kit
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug repellent
  • Your personal medicine

Water-resistant bags

Camping on the beach means that you will deal with water and sand. I am sure that you don’t want that sand or water to get to your mobile phone and other electronic devices as they may damage the device.

For these purposes, you can use water-resistant bags that should be a part of a beach tent camping checklist to put your valuable items to stay secure.

Packing cubes

What do you take on the beach to put your clothes in? Do you fill your beach bag with all essentials and then having a hard time finding anything?

beach packing cubes

Don’t repeat my mistake and get packing cubes that will save space and make your clothes organized.

Eagle Creek makes the best packing cubes and other traveling equipment so feel free to check it out as you may find something for you.

Quick-drying towels

With plenty of water activities, your towels may be wet all the time. The solution to this problem isn’t bringing more towels but to get a quick-drying towel that is made to dry faster than ordinary towels that you buy at the store and take less space.

Poly/nylon microfibers of the travel towel make it ultralight, absorbent, super soft, and easily compressible in the beach bag.

Rolling beach bag or cart

Why would you carry a heavy beach bag on your shoulders as you can make things easier with the rolling beach bag? These bags are one of the most useful things to pack when camping on the beach as they are made for easier transportation and organization of your essentials.

They have wheels so you will just pull them behind you. They are also appropriate for the kids to handle. The telescoping handle makes the length adjustment very simple.

Wearing a life jacket

Bringing a life jacket is one of the crucial things you need for beach camping. It should be first on the list of beach camping necessities as it helps to make you more secure.

It has bright colors so others can see you, this is especially important if you are traveling by boat and you fall into the water. It is a dangerous situation as another boat can run you over if it doesn’t see you.

They come in handy in case you lose consciousness while being in the water as the air will make you float on the surface.

Gaming equipment

Toys are not essential but they will take care of the entertainment and keep you busy. Bring a football ball and other gaming equipment for playing with other campers or your kids.

beach camping things

You can also bring board games that will keep you engaged when you are within the tent.

If you want to have a beach camping supply list printed on the list check the beach camping checklist pdf.

Can you bring a tent to the beach?

Some beaches don’t allow bringing tents so you should investigate if the beach you intend to visit allows them. You can contact the local authority or a state park and ask them directly if they allow camping with a tent.

Which is the best tent to bring to the beach?

If you want to stay protected under the sun and enjoy the beach activities then you should consider getting a beach tent. This unit has UV protection that will make your adventure safe.

These tents are also light and enable optimum airflow. You can choose between those that are grounded and make a good privacy tent and canopies that offer shade as their main feature.

The model you want must have a lot of mesh and vents to enable optimum ventilation. If you have a baby you should definitely get it as the baby’s skin is very sensitive so you must protect him from the hot sun.

Beach camping should be fun

Camping on the beach is fun as you get to enjoy the majestic ocean and warm sun. To make your stay enjoyable and worry-free, consider the essentials that I think are good to have with you when you spend time on the beach.

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