Camping With A Baby In Cold Weather

Are you a parent of a newborn and love to camp? Babies need a lot of attention and bringing yours on a camping trip in bad weather requires some consideration and preparation.

baby Cold weather camping

A lot will be going through your mind but you should know that camping with a baby in cold weather is possible and I will guide you through it so he will be comfortable and enjoy the beautiful nature with you.

How do you tent camp with a baby?

If you are an avid camper then you have probably thought of camping with your young one. Kids require your full attention and you should be prepared to do a little bit more to ensure that they are comfortable outdoors.

You can’t leave them unattended as this means that wherever you go you take them with you. This could limit your movement and exploration activities but it will give you the chance to camp together.

The cold weather presents another challenge that you will have to consider. However, with some creativity, you will be able to deal with this issue and provide your family with an enjoyable outdoor trip.


Let’s get started on the things that you will have to do to make sure that your family will have a successful camping trip.

Camping with your baby

To have a good camping trip, consider the next tips for taking care of your child when it gets cold outside.

1. Baby camping clothes

To make sure that your newborn doesn’t get cold, the first thing that you need to do is to have enough clothes to keep him warm. The temperatures at night can get really low so make sure that your child is properly clothed.

What type of clothes should he wear? Make sure that he has several layers on him to stay cozy and warm. The ideal fabrics include fleece and wool as they retain heat better than other fabrics.

The kid should have warm socks all the time as well as a hat for extra warmth. He may not be able to tell you when he feels cold.

However, there are signs to look after such as clammy and pale skin, and shivering. All these signs point to hypothermia and you should add a layer or two to keep him safe.

2. Stay active

Be active and beat the cold. When you move around, you are able to generate heat in your body and this will help you and your young one stay warm.

Get the kid to move around the campsite as you monitor him to make sure that he is safe. He can also play with other young campers at your campsite.

Socializing will help him to make friends. Moving around will tire him so he will fall asleep with ease.

3. Keep the rain out with a tarp

Rainwater is another thing that you will have to deal with when you are camping in cold and wet conditions. It can make the tent’s interior messy.

A tarp will help you deal with rainwater. Your tent will, therefore, remain dry for you to stay warm and cozy for the entire time.

camping with a tarp

Set up the tarp properly to ensure that rainwater doesn’t land on the tarp and get into your tent. I also recommend a waterproof tent so you will be safer from the rain and tent leakage.

Alternatively, you can waterproof the tent yourself and save money instead of buying a new waterproof shelter.

4. Stay safe

This point is not related to the cold weather but it is another important thing that you will have to consider when camping with a toddler.

Kids are curious by nature and their curiosity jumps to another level when they are outdoors.

Your child may get fascinated by the outdoors and he will want to move around the campsite.

You should, however, not allow your kid to move around unattended. A lot of hazards lurk out there such as choking hazards, campfire, dangerous animals, and even strangers that may harm him.

dog camping tricks

To prevent this from happening, make sure that you monitor your children at all time. This way you can identify hazards before they can harm your child.

5. Get a chair

When you are camping with a young one, you should make sure that you have a chair with you. A chair provides you a place to keep your newborn when doing activities such as setting up and taking down your tent.

It will also provide you with a surface to sit on as you breastfeed him and this is another reason to pack a chair when camping.

How cold is too cold to camp with a baby?

Babies are sensitive and lose body heat faster than adults so you need to take care of them to stay warm and comfortable all the time.

Michelle Terry, M.D., a pediatrician says that babies can lose body temperature fast if they are not wearing enough clothes when the temperatures are under 50 degrees, or 60 degrees in wet, windy weather.

This is why you have to put several layers of clothing (wool or fleece) to keep your baby warm.

Don’t forget on a soft hat and socks because he will lose the most body heat through these body parts. By doing this, you will avoid hypothermia that shows as clammy skin, shivers, and decreased alertness.

How to protect a baby in cold weather?

Here are some additional tips to keep him comfy and warm. If you will have him in stroller, make sure that you cover him with a warm piece of cloth or plastic cover.

Prevent dry skin by putting some baby moisturizing cream on his face and hands to protect his skin from dry and itchy skin.

Don’t forget on his lips as they don’t have any fats to protect the skin on them so get a natural lip-balm that will help your baby to stay away from the flaky skin.

Camping food for babies

Make sure that your baby will eat nutrition-rich food to keep him fed and warm.

Breastfeeding is always the best option but if your kid eats other food as well then all kinds of vegetable & fruit mash, juices, and other soft food is appropriate to feed your little one while camping.

Warm the foods that you can and feed them with warm food to additionally warm his body from the inside.


When you rest or sleep at night keep him close to you so he will feel even warmer as this is the best way to stay warm. Get him a sleeping bag (a wearable blanket) where he will sleep or wrap him in a thick swaddling blanket.


Cold weather camping with a newborn isn’t as difficult as people imagine it to be. This article guides you on how to do that with ease. The safety of your child should be your biggest priority so take my tips into action.

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