Camping With Cats Safely And Happily

Camping is an ideal way to relax and unwind from daily obligations and to experience something new and fun. Do you intend camping soon? Do you have a cat at home that you don’t want to leave behind?

camping with cat

Why don’t you prepare and take your furry friend with you? Cat camping takes some preparation and consideration but it can be done just like dog owners take their four-leg friends along.

However, a cat is much different from a dog. It needs an even more peaceful and secure environment as a dog and you will have to make the trip safe for it.

If you need some good tips for camping with cats, ideas, cat camping accessories, and other valuable information read on and you will be camping with your feline in no time.

Is your cat ready to camp?

Before going outdoors with a cat make sure that will feel comfortable on every step. There is a big difference if you have an outdoor or indoor one but it can be done in both cases.

An outdoor cat is familiar with outdoor life, animals, and risks that are out there. Indoor ones don’t know much about the outdoors and can be frightened of the sounds, scents, and animals they don’t know.

Take it to the daily trips in the wild

Before you see if your pussycat is ready to enjoy the outdoors you must take it on daily trips. Your mission will be to make a simulation of a real camping adventure. Is it used to be leashed? Is it used to drive in a car? Does it obey you?

camping with cats

No matter if you have an indoor or outdoor pet, take it on daily trips in the wild so it can get used to all of the ceremony, accessories, and rules.

You will need to be patient while training it for camping but with the purr-sistence and the right techniques, you will accomplish success if all goes as planned.

When your purr will be happy to follow you and your commands and will be used to the leash and cage you can go camping with it.

Which cats are not appropriate to take camping?

There are a few types of felines that aren’t appropriate to take outdoors.


Stray cats are the first to mention as you have a small chance to socialize and prepare them for the big adventure. If you want to accomplish it you will need to spend extra time with one to socialize and get used to humans and animals.

Ill or injured cats

If your cat is injured or has some kind of disease I don’t recommend taking it with you. It needs security, medication, and care to recuperate first.


Kittens can be a problem too. They aren’t used to danger and human rules so taking a kitten camping can be dangerous.


The little ones can wander around and get lost fast. In the worst case, you are jeopardizing their safety as wild animals just wait for new prey to show in front of their eyes.

What should you do before going tent camping with cats?

These are some useful ideas that you should consider before heading to the campsite.


As you two spend time in nature your fur friend should be vaccinated for ticks, flea, and heartworm. Make sure it gets it.

Microchip it

Microchipping your fur friend is a smart idea because if it gets lost it will be easier to know to whom this cat belongs. Go to your vet and he will microchip it.

Put a collar tag on

Get a collar where you will be able to write basic cat information and your contact. In case someone finds it he will be able to return the animal in your hands.

Choose a cat-friendly camping ground

If you will go to a specific campground make sure that they welcome cats. Some national parks allow cats but don’t allow them in the backcountry.

If you will camp in one of the U.S. national forests, you will probably be able to bring a kitty but it will have to be on the leash.

If you want to know pet-friendly campgrounds in Europe then go to

Make sure you check if the preferred campsite allows animals and which rules will you have to obey.

GPS tracker

Get a GPS tracker that you can put on the collar or harness. If it wanders around without knowing you will be able to track it and safely bring it back to the camp.

Cat camping gear to consider

Your cat will need some gear and accessories to camp safe and happy. The gear that I will mention is meant to protect the animal from other animals and situations.

Get a cat camping tent

Some people laugh when they hear that cat tents for camping exist. However, if you buy your pet this kind of tent, it will have its own place to rest.

I am sure you figured out that cats love to sleep in a basket, box, or any other product with walls.

It is proven that felines love to rest in a place where they feel safe and secure from predators and unexpected events. A cat tent is a good investment for your outdoor journey and cats also look sweet in it!

cat tent camping

OLizee cat tent

I like the animal tent from OLizee that comes in two sizes and has plenty of color options. It is easy to fold and wash.

OLizee Breathable Washable Pet Puppy Kennel Dog Cat Folding Indoor Outdoor House Bed Tent (M, Brown)
  • Material: Oxford cloth with mesh material window, breathable, your pets will feel cool in s
  • Size:M: Approx. 50*50*45cm/19.69*19.69*17.72inch; L: Approx. 60*60*55cm/23.62*23.62*21.65inch.
  • It is foldable,light weight,easily store and take out anywhere.
  • High qulaity,can not be destroyed easily by your pets.
  • Package Included: 1pcs X Pet Dog Cat House Bed Tent.

The product is made of Oxford material with mesh sections (windows) for optimum weather protection and breathability.

A leash and a harness

Getting a leash and a cat harness is an essential gear that you must have out there. Cats can wander around and get lost so it is better that you prepare the needed gear.

A leash and a harness will help you to have a safe hike with your cat, and to keep it on the spot where you can see it at the campsite.

Portable litter box for travel

Your pet should have a camping cat litter box while you will be driving to your destination. This way an animal will have its place to relieve itself and you won’t have any issues with poops and urine in your car or around the camp.

Check the litter box from Petleader that is one of the best travel litter boxes out there.

Petleader Collapsible Portable Cat Litter Box Black for Travel Light Weight Foldable
  • ★INNOVATIVE DESIGN:Traveling with your kitty,Take the Coopeter Portable cat litter box on the road...
  • ★HUMANIZATION DESIGN: 1.Open the skylight for the cat to enter and exit, open the side door, pull...
  • ★WATERPROOF AND EASY TO CLEAN:Seamless design, waterproof 600D Oxford material and PVC lining...
  • ★SUITABLE SIZE:17.7”X11”x11”. Give your kitty enough free space, and Can hold enough cat...
  • ★NO RISK PURCHASE: Coopeter is a quality company that focuses on the customer experience. Offering...

It is made of waterproof 600D Oxford material and PVC lining to ensure there is no leakage. It measures 17.7 x 11 x 11.4 inches and it is easy to use and clean.

You will be able to open the upper part of the box so the cat can jump in and out. Adding or removing litter is simple as you pull out the box and do what’s needed.

The zippers will take care that the content doesn’t fall out. Double pockets are great to put cat litter scoops or a cat litter bag inside.

Hint: Get your Fluffy to know the litter box before you go outdoors so it can get used to it.

Cat playpen for the outdoors

When you will arrive at the campsite you will provide your pet a space where it can play and relax.

A cat enclosure for camping is a perfect way to provide your pet a safe outdoor playing area. It also occupies an animal while you do activities around the campground.

I adore the playpen from DAPU Home Co., LTD that includes 3 mesh tents and a triangle tunnel to walk in the playpen.

4 in 1 Compound Pet Playpens - 3 Tents & 1 Triangle Tunnel,Portable Pop Up Folding Enclosure Play Houses,for Cat,Kitty,Dog,Puppy,Rabbit
  • Large Space:Square tent size:31.5"x31.5"x31.5",Hexagon tent size:39.5"x39.5"x35.5",Triangle tent...
  • Portable & Adjustable:Pop up design,easy to carry around for camping,beaching,picnic,or motor home...
  • Safety Indoor/Outdoor:A breath of fresh air for indoor pets,also safely use outdoors so small pets...
  • Bundle of Fun:Fun for you and your pets when watching them play.Provides your pets with hours of...
  • Include:1 square tent,1 three-way tunnel,1 hexagon tent,1 triangular tent,ground stakes and carry...

You can put some toys inside the tents or its blanket to enhance comfort. The product is easy to set up as it has a pop-up patented design.

It is quite big (8 x 12 feet) to provide your pet enough space to move, play and rest. No matter the size it folds so you can carry the storage bag in your hand.

The pen takes care that your animal will be in the fresh air and bathe in the sun (as cats love to do) without possible danger from other wild animals.

If you won’t have much space to set up the whole playpen you can detach the tents and tunnels due to the zippers. This is a great cat outdoor product worth having and your friend will enjoy it I am sure.

Take its favorite toys

They love to play with small toys. Pack some of its favorite toys so it will feel relaxed and enjoy the outdoor stay.

While it plays with a toy it enhances its predatory instincts and has a healthy activity at the same time. A cat without action and playing can get bored easily.

As you want it to be active and happy, provide it with toys from feathers, mice and balls, scratchers, catnip toys, and interactive toys that stimulate the animal mentally.

You don’t know which of these types of toys is the best for you Fluffy? Petco has the answer about how to select the perfect cat toy.

Cat carrier for hiking

There is no limit if you want to go hiking with your fur friend. Getting a cat backpack carrier will help you two to hike unburdened and stress-free.

cat carrier

A feline is safe inside it and can watch nature from the height and how they love the heights!

Keeping it in a backpack is safe as it won’t be able to chew or eat something that is not healthy or is even poisonous. An animal in a backpack is also safe from snake bites, other ground animals, and poisonous plants.

A backpack carrier must be spacious enough, have an extra pad for comfort and provide optimum airflow so the pet can enjoy the walk.

Cat bed

A cat bed is basic cat equipment that will provide your pet comfortable no matter where it is.

You can place it in your car’s trunk or in the back seat so it can enjoy the ride. A bed can be placed also in a playpen or in your camping tent if it will sleep close to you.

Felines love to sleep in cozy boxes and beds so opt for a cat bed that will be big enough, washable, and made of friendly materials.

Is it OK to take a cat camping?

Not every cat is ready to go camping with you. If you have an ill, injured pet or a kitten I don’t recommend taking it along.

Can you bring an indoor cat camping?

An indoor cat isn’t used to outdoor sounds, smells, and danger. You still can take it outdoors if you provide safety gear for it and have a simulation of the real camping in your backyard so it will get familiar with the new environment.

Where can you take a cat for camping?

You have options on where to take it outdoors. You can opt for a cat-friendly campsite where these animals are welcome.

If you choose one of these campsites make sure that you follow their rules and responsibilities. In most pet camping grounds, you will have to have your pet restrained.

If you choose backcountry cat camping or camping with cats in a bear country then follow my guide and get the basic gear so your furry friend will be enjoying nature without danger.

I advise you that you take it to a more peaceful campground if it is more of an anxious type.

How do you tent camp with a cat?

Camping with your Fluffy should be interesting and enjoyable if you take care of some gear and necessities to provide it a safe and comfortable environment.

Make sure that it will have dry and warm places to rest and sleep. Don’t forget to provide it enough food and water to satisfy its basic needs.

If your cat will spend nights with you in a tent then you can give it soft bedding. Maybe it will need to go out to the toilet so make sure you practice this at home first. It will meow or go to you so you will know what has to be done.

Do cats like tents?

If they will feel safe inside a tent then there is a high possibility they will like it. Many of them sleep with their owners in a tent without any issues.

camping with cats 101

If your kitty is new to a camping world then set a tent in your backyard and let it get familiar with it. To speed up the adopting process invite her inside and play with her (use its favorite toys). You will know when you two are ready for the exciting trip.

Can cats sleep in tents?

Yes, cats can sleep in a camping tent but they must have clear access to go out when they need.

Teach your furry friend so it will show you that it must go out. You can also put a kitty litter inside a shelter in one of the corners if you want.

Put some soft material (towel, blanket, etc.) as a bed for it or set its sleeping bed for a cozy night’s sleep.

Is it safe for a cat to camp in a tent?

If you are afraid that other wild animals can hurt your cat you must provide it safety. Staying inside a tent is safer than if it is on the leash outside while you sleep in your tent.

Can you bring a kitten camping?

I don’t recommend it because it is not familiar with the rules and commands yet. It is also not adult enough to evaluate the danger that can be around the corner.

If you don’t have a babysitter for it or you want to take it camping anyway make sure that it will be comfortable and safe all the time. Don’t forget to provide it a safe playing area.

How to go camping with two cats?

If they are used to one another, the trip shouldn’t be demanding. Make sure each animal has its own food bowl, leash and harness, bed, and other accessories. If they are friends then they can play in the same playpen.

2 cats camping

Can a cat change the nature of your camping trip?

A cat can bring you joy at camping as you will be able to watch it in action, play with her, enjoy each other’s company and snuggle with it every time you have a chance.

It can make your trip special as you will be able to explore surroundings and new places together. It is a high possibility that you will learn something from your pet that you weren’t able to learn at home.

Have a purr-fect camping trip!

Taking your cat camping can be a wonderful idea if you take care of its safety and comfort. Take my advice and consider tips for preparing your cat for the wild, and provide it the gear that will help both of you to have a great time.

Practice camping with it at home and don’t forget to take it to the vet. I wish you lots of purring!