Coleman Evanston 6 Person Tent Review

You decide to organize a family camping trip where you will spend some quality time with your kids out in nature.

coleman evanston 6 person tent

The trip will allow you to take a break from your demanding job and that’s killing two birds with one stone right there.

One of the things that you will need for a successful outdoor trip is a tent and this article reviews one of the best group camping tents in the business.

The Coleman Evanston 6 person tent will provide you a suitable shelter when camping with your family and enhance your outdoor stay.

If you want a separate porch with it where you can dine, relax and enjoy a nice evening you got it.

Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room | Evanston Camping Tent with Screened-In Porch
  • Bug-free lounging: 10 x 5 ft. Full-floor screen room
  • Carry bag: Included for easy storage
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Weatherproof: Welded corners and inverted seams keep water from getting in; included rainfly offers...
  • Conventional pitch: Sets up in 15 minutes

Check this Coleman Evanston 6 person tent review to find out why this model deserves your attention if you mean to camp in the first three seasons.

Coleman Evanston Screened Tent Review

Camping in the summer brings mosquitoes and flies to the party and I am sure you don’t want them in your shelter. So here you have a solution that offers a sleeping area and a mesh porch without annoying bugs.

The Coleman 6 person screened tent weighs 21 pounds, has 3 windows in the dome area and 2 doors (one to enter the screened room and doors to enter the sleeping tent).

Check the other attributes that make the Coleman extended dome tent one of the best tents for a small family.

A spacious interior

You will need a lot of space if you will be camping with your kids and the Coleman Evanston screened tent comes with a good amount of space for outdoor needs.

Sleeping room

The sleeping area measures 10 by 9 feet (90 square feet) which is large enough to accommodate a camping party of six (2 adults + 2 big children or 2 adults + 3 or 4 small kids ideally).

You will be able to decorate the room with sleeping bags or 2 queen-size air beds.

coleman evanston 6 person tent interior

Do you want to provide a good sleeping experience to your family while you sleep outdoors? Check 11 tips for making your tent sleeping more enjoyable.

Screen room

The 10 x 5 feet full-floor screen room is a wonderful place where you can eat your meals, play games with your children, have an afternoon nap, and also store camping things like backpacks, kitchen accessories, and other gear that you don’t want in the sleeping room.

It is fully mashed so no bugs, little or big, won’t be able to reach you inside. It has one door that opens with two zippers. You will be able to open the left and right side or just one of them to enter or to bring things inside.

The screen room is highly ventilated and perfect to have on those hot summer days. You will be pleased to sleep in it on summer nights as you will feel the air circulating due to mesh.


The standing height of the dome unit is approximately six feet (5 feet 8-inch center height) to ensure that taller people can move inside with ease.

However, some of you won’t be able to fully stand inside, especially not in the porch area that is lower than a dome room.

The lounge area

The lounge area measures 10 by 5 feet which is more than half of the tent’s living area. It is secured with mesh to ensure you can relax comfortably without having to worry about bugs.

Weather protection

Protection from the elements is one of the key features that you have to consider when choosing a shelter for your outdoor activities.

The Coleman Evanston screened tent will protect you from the normal rain and wind (not good to be in while there is heavy rain), bear this in mind when you are going to nature.

WeatherTec protection system

Its WeatherTec protection system gives the structure the ability to keep harsh weather elements at bay thereby keeping you safe and protected for the entire time you will be outdoors.

Due to welded corners and inverted seams the water won’t sip in so easily. If you expect more rain you can get a seam sealer from Coleman that includes a 2-oz. bottle with a foam applicator pad. It features a fast-drying water-based urethane formula.

  • Brush applicator allows seam sealer to be worked into needle holes, sewn hoints, coners and under...
  • Seal seams on tents and other outdoor gear
  • Fast drying, flixible urethane formula
  • 2oz. Bottle

However, I should mention that this is a 3-season tent with a partial rainfly and mesh porch that won’t give you such level of rain protection as bad weather family tents.

Wind resistance

Its frame is very strong and this makes the structure resistant to 35+ MPH winds (the company tested it in their lab).

The shelter won’t be blown off easily (also due to the low dome structure) so you and your personal belongings will stay safe.

If you have bad luck and need to pitch it while a storm is coming, check how you can secure your tent in high winds.

Rain fly

The fly is partial, it covers half of the structure, making awnings above the windows so you will be able to have windows open in case of rain. The awnings will help you to minimize the condensation in that situation.

I also like how the fly covers the tent’s corners to minimize the risk of water getting in.

Not protected screen room

The outdoor company made a screen room for afternoon moments that is not weather protected. It will protect you from small animals like spiders and flies but it won’t provide protection from precipitation and wind.

The fly doesn’t cover it so maybe you will face a wet porch if the rain falls from aside.


Windows on the dome tent are made of mesh. The whole screen room is made of the same breathable material so airflow is not questionable.

coleman evanston 6 person screen tent

In the rain, you can have windows opened to provide fresh air inside and minimize condensation due to the fly awnings.

Fabric and poles

The product is made of 75D polyester taffeta while the floor is manufactured with polyethylene which is known for its durability.

The bathtub floor with the patented corner welds will keep the surface water away from the unit as well as making the tent’s surface clean.

To make sure that the tent is leak-proof, the seams have been inverted to prevent rainwater from leaking inside when it rains. You can additionally waterproof it yourself by applying a waterproof spray.

The zipper has also been covered with a waterproof cuff that eliminates leakages.

What kind of poles will you get?

You will get 4 fiberglass poles (3 black + 1 gray) that are light in weight but can easily snap if you mishandle them.

Fast and easy pitch and storage

This is another amazing feature that makes it ideal for family camping sessions. You may be tired from all the traveling and outdoor activities and the last thing that you would want to do is spend even more energy putting up a shelter for the night.

It will take you about 15 minutes to put up this Coleman 6 person dome tent to be able to get inside in the shortest time possible. The poles that make its frame have been pre-attached for an easy setup.

Don’t know what to do after setting up your campsite? After pitching the tent you can play fun games with your loved ones.

Setup instructions

Take your package and layout the fabric on the cleaned ground. Use stakes and a hammer or a rock to secure it on the ground.

Assemble the black fiberglass poles and insert two of them through the sleeves on the roof area. Also, install the last black pole that goes in the middle of the dome structure.

Lift the structure up and secure the pole ends into the grommets. Attach the clips to the poles to secure the whole structure. When this is done your dome room will stand up as it should.

Now take the grey pole and set up the screen room as well.

The only piece of gear that remained is the fly. Take it and put it above the pitched shelter (you must see Coleman’s lanterns from the front).

This step could take some time if you are setting it up alone but I am sure you will manage it with a little patience. Secure the fly on the front pole with Velcros. Set guy lines and you are ready for an adventure.

Dismantling the tent

Taking it down when you conclude your camping activities is not difficult and you will be able to go home in the shortest time possible. This is because the sections fold up and make the process of disassembling the tent very easy.

In the video, you can see how a family dismantles it in about 10 minutes. Scroll to 2:40 to see the process.

Pros & Cons

I will not exaggerate if I say that these are the pros and cons of the Coleman Evanston 6 person tent with screened porch.


  • Easy and fast to set up
  • 2 rooms
  • Screened porch with zippers
  • Window awnings
  • Good ventilation (especially without a fly on)


  • Not covered screen area (possible problem in the rain)
  • Can leak in heavy rain
  • Doesn’t perform well in the cold temperatures

Additional equipment and improvements

The Coleman Evanston camping tent is made for camping in nice weather, no problem with that. However, did you think about what will you do if the groundwater starts to penetrate inside the sleeping room?

What to do if this happens in the middle of the night and you have to tell your kids the bad news?

I suggest that you buy a tarp that you will put under the tent to protect the interior to stay dry even when the rain is falling for a longer time.

Amazon sells a waterproof camping tarp that will provide you a more dry outdoor experience. You can also put it above the model if you feel that the structure itself is not durable enough to stay dry.

Cover the screen porch!

Want to be prepared for all? Take your tarp and fix it on the screen room with ropes when it starts raining. This is a wonderful idea if you want to enjoy a dry interior and have things not soaked due to the rain.

This is especially important if you store clothes and technical devices in the room as they shouldn’t get wet.

Want electricity inside?

It is interesting that the company manufactures a very similar dome tent with a screen porch as the Evanston but it has one advantage more.

If you intend to stay at a campsite and have electricity inside the shelter then it is best that you take a closer look at the Coleman steel creek model.

coleman steel creek tent

It has E-port access where you will be able to run an extension cord to charge your gadgets, cook a delicious meal over your electrical cooking stove, and heat the space with an electrical heater.

User impression

What do people say about this unit? What do they like and dislike?

Campers are happy about the space and how easy it is to set up (most of them installed it in 10 or fewer minutes).

Screen porch

They like the screened porch as they can rest inside, sleep on hot nights, change clothes, and store gear. However, some of them would like that the fly covers it.

One customer complained about how the rain puddles gathered in the room as the mesh can’t stop the rain from penetrating in.

What about leakages?

People didn’t complain too much about the waterproofness of the model but some stated that the tent has leaked a bit due to heavy rain but had no bigger worries about it due to the little amount of water inside.

Some even waterproof it additionally to prevent the unwanted situation. The only concern that they have is the uncovered screen porch.

People would be much happier if the company thought of this and give a full rain fly or some other solution so they can stay dry while enjoying their free days in the great outdoors.


I am sure that my Coleman Evanston 6 person tent review convinced you that this is a great shelter for your group camping activities as it comes with a lot of space and offers good protection from insects on warm days.

If you like to enjoy yourself on a porch in your backyard then you will love this creation as it has a screened porch that is highly ventilated and bug-free. You can use it for many different things and situations so it is worth having.

Still, is this product for you? Consider having it if:

  • Camping in warm weather (with some rain)
  • Camping with your loved ones
  • Want to have a separate storage space
  • Love to be on the porch
  • Have an insect free outdoor stay

If you confirmed most of the points then you can think of getting this shelter as your perfect summer shelter in the wild or in a campsite.

Take a vacation with the people you are close to and enjoy a stress-free environment with the Evanston screened 6-person tent.