Camping Checklist For Girls

Going camping is one of the outdoor activities that make us forget everything and enjoy a peaceful environment. When did you go camping with your female friends for the last time?

girl camping things 101

Girls camping is always fun especially if you invite your lady friends on the adventure. Great idea!

There are things that are common to bring when going outdoors, however, men and women have some of their own priorities when it comes to camping essentials.

If you are thinking to go outdoors the next weekend you should think about the stuff that you will need. Let’s take a look at the camping checklist for girls to make the trip pleasant.

Camping essentials for women

What do you need to enjoy your adventure? What camping stuff for girls do you need? How to pack for a camping trip as a girl? Every woman is different but I think these are the female camping essentials to take.

Warm camping clothes

Did you know that women have a lower body temperature than men? We are not talking about a huge difference in temperature but still, women get chilly faster than men.

This is especially true when they have their periods or before the period starts. Many of them feel uncomfortable before a period and have lower body temperature.

girl camping

According to Wilson’s temperature syndrome, women can experience a drop in body temperature when having premenstrual syndrome. It happens due to enzyme dysfunction.  

Staying in the comfort of your home is one thing but when it comes to being outdoors the story changes. Weather can change quickly and you should consider extra clothes to feel as comfortable as you can be.

Take your favorite sweater or a jacket so you will be able to stay warm when temperatures drop.

Hot-water bottle

This item will be your friend while winter camping or when the weather gets worse. All you need is a water bottle, water, and a stove to heat it up. It is like your own radiator that will last for hours and warm you when you need it, at night or if you have stomach pain.

Camping hygiene hacks

People think that it is impossible to stay clean and fresh outdoors but it is far from the truth. Today you have enough hygiene products that are handy when it comes to traveling or being active outside.

Consider hygienic wipes and degradable soap. These two are the basics. Do you like to experience more luxurious camping? Did you know that you can have a portable toilet and a shower at your camp spot?

How do you get clean while camping?

Wet tissues are first on the list of girl must-haves for a camping trip as they can be used anywhere and anytime. Use them through the day when you need to fresh up or just to wipe the sweat off.

Consider having a bath in the nearest lake or river in the evening but always take care of yourself. If you think the river current is too strong don’t go in.

I also recommend getting a portable shower tent for camping that will enable you to shower each day with warm water. A tent will provide you privacy and won’t cost you much so it is a good investment for spending time outdoors with your female campers.

camping river

Where do you go to the toilet when camping?

Toilet paper is a must since you will use it when going to the toilet. There are portable toilets in camps however there are no toilet facilities in the wild. Where would you go to the toilet then?

There are a few solutions to this question. Take toilet paper and go somewhere where you will have peace while doing your thing. It is cleaver to take a shovel with you so you will leave nature as it was, clean.

Another smart solution is to make your own toilet bucket (not hard to do) where you place a plastic bag to store the waste.

How do you dispose of feminine camping products?

If you will be outdoors at that time of the month, take care of hygiene products to stay dry and clean. Period products are one of the basics of ladies’ camping essentials.

I recommend bringing zippered bags to store the waste so it won’t smell and you will be able to carry it in your backpack till you reach home or to the nearest trash can.

Camping cooking set

If you will go wild camping then you should take cooking set with you as you won’t find enough food in nature (only in case you will be hunting). Camping cooking sets are portable and won’t take too much of the space in your backpack.

girl campfire cooking

They include pieces of cooking equipment that you need to make a meal and to have a cup of tea or coffee.

There are sets that include a small pan, pots, and cups. You will also need a fork and a spoon. A tool that will come in handy here is a fork and a spoon in one tool.

Food and water are not important only to stay fed but they will warm you and keep you energized as well.

Get a portable camping stove

A camping stove is another thing that you need to make your lunch on a table. Get a portable version of a stove that you will be able to store in your backpack.

And what will you make for yourself? I invite you to make these delicious recipes so you will be fed and have the energy for the coming activities in the wild. You will need aluminum foil, food, and some seasonings.

Women camping activities

Are you one of the women who have the problem of finding time for themselves? Being outdoors is the right time to take advantage to do what you love and what makes you happy.

girl camping activities

These are just a few activities that you can do:

  • Read your favorite book
  • Make a plan for the future (a family plan, to help children with something, etc.)
  • Draw or do something creative
  • Knit a sweater for your child or other loved one
  • Birdwatch
  • Stargaze
  • Hike and explore the surroundings
  • Take photos with your camera
  • Take a long (and needed) nap
  • Pick some herbs (that you know) and make a delicious tea

Is it safe to camp alone as a woman?

If you ask me there is no difference if a man or a woman goes camping solo. There is some danger while camping like encountering a bear or other wild animal or injuries that can happen. However, these situations can be managed by preparing thoroughly for the trip and taking camping necessities along.

I have written an article about storing food in a bear country that will help you to prevent a bear from coming closer to your camp. Remember, bears are afraid of us and will leave you alone if you don’t jeopardize him or his offspring.

In case of an injury, you should be prepared and have a first aid kit along to take care of the wound.

A perfect girls go camping trip

Camping in nature is definitely a fun activity that not only relaxes but also makes us forget about daily obligations. Which are the things every girl should bring camping?

With the right items and gear, you will have a pleasant experience without having to worry about things such as cold and not feeling comfortable.

Consider my camp packing list for girls, think it through, and don’t forget to bring a tent of course that will provide a decent shelter against the elements.

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