How To Fix A Tent Zipper Without Replacing It?

Imagine that you are outdoors and your tent zipper brakes. What can you do to fix it? Can you even fix it without replacing it? It is possible since I had the situation last year when I was camping in the mountains.

A tent without a zipper won’t protect you from the cold and possible precipitation so it is important to learn how to fix a tent zipper without replacing it. Find out how you can do it with just one tool.

Why do tent zippers break?

broken tent zipper

The broken tent zipper is one of the worst things that can happen to you when you are enjoying outdoors. The zipper is supposed to secure the tent’s interior from weather and animals.

A zipper is likely to break when you mishandle it. Sometimes the zipper jams and you are forced to use extra force to get it to work again. In the heat of the moment, you use too much force that is required and you damage it completely.

A zipper also gets damaged with continued use that brings about wear and tear. You are left with a broken zipper and the thought of getting wet and attacked by mosquitoes isn’t what you want, right?

You can avoid the situation and repair the zipper with the right procedure. Let’s see how you can do it like a pro and have a pleasant adventure further on.

6-step procedure to fix a tent zipper

Apparently, the only tool that you will need for this process is a pair of pliers. It will help you with a lot of things and not just repairing zippers so make sure to have one of these when heading to a camp.

Step 1: Remove the zipper

First, you will have to remove the broken zipper. There is an iron stopper on the side of the slider where the zipper puller is used to prevent the puller from getting out of the slider when you pull it.

You will have to remove this stopper with pliers. When you are done repairing the zipper, you will have to create another stopper to prevent it from getting lost. You can thread the area several times to do that.

Step 2: Remove the zipper puller

Now you will have to remove the zipper pull to repair it. You will find that the pull has been distorted and this is the reason why it was not functioning properly.

Step 3: Adjust the zipper puller


Use the pliers to adjust the puller sides and make them level again. Adjust one side of the puller to regain its shape and proceed to the next side.

With the ends back in shape, it should be able to work properly again. There are chances that your zipper is damaged beyond repair and if that’s the case, then you will have to replace it with another one.

There are a lot of repair kits on the market that you can use to make the replacement. They usually have zipper pullers of different sizes so you won’t have a problem to find the right-size one.

Step 4: Return the puller to the zipper

After adjusting the sides, you will have to put back the zipper puller. This may not be easy as you have reduced the size of the ends so you will have to be gentle.

Make sure that you return the puller just as you found it if you want it to function properly.

Step 5: Pull the slider to see if it works

After putting the puller back, you should pull the slider slightly to see if it is working properly. If it comes out with one slider longer than the other, it means that you did not put the puller back properly and you should remove it and repeat the process again.

Step 6: Put back the stopper

If the zipper functions properly without any challenges, then you can put the stopper back in place. If you have misplaced it, you can create a few thread knots in the area that will act as the stopper.

Fix a tent zipper like a pro

A broken tent zipper is one of the common problems that occur when you least expect it. It is a devastating feeling while this happens however it is quite simple to fix it with just one tool and little patience.

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