How To Prepare For A Camping With Friends?

Are you planning a camping trip with your best friends? If so, I know you are excited and hardly wait for a trip to begin.

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These days young people have a habit to meet in the bar to hang out because it is the easiest way.

With this article, I want to inspire you to spend more time outdoors since it will give you life experiences and many health benefits. Spending quality time outdoors with your buddies should be fun and relaxed.

The main purpose of the adventure is to enjoy nature, bond, and do activities that will make you laugh and stress-free. See why you should take this kind of trip and how to prepare for it.

How do I convince my friend to go camping?

There is always someone in a group who is blocking the party but how do you convince your friend to go camping with you?

I suggest that you show him the positive aspects of this popular outdoor activity so he will be interested to go.

Show him some pictures of when you enjoyed it together. Send him a YouTube video where a bunch of friends is enjoying over the campfire. How about sending him a funny friend camping shirt to inspire him?

I think he won’t have the guts to say no. Also, think about what he likes and let him feel good while talking about staying outdoors together.

How do I camp with a friend?

There is just one rule to follow. If you invited a friend to camping you should always make sure that he feels great. Friends take good care of each other, right?

Consider his needs and make him feel comfortable. If you see that some individuals in a group disagree with the other half of the group sit down and talk things out.

How to plan a camping trip with friends?

Before taking the trip you should prepare for the outdoors. Planning is very important no matter what you do and it is especially important while going in nature.

A good plan will provide you safety, enhance your adventure, and make it more pleasing.

camping with friends essentials

Let me tell you why you shouldn’t skip the planning part. If you are going unprepared in nature you could face danger and unpleasant situations where your buddies will want to go home.

The most vital thing is to think of all possibilities that could happen and bring things that will make your trip safe and happy.

Setting up a meeting for a camping trip

Set up a meeting and invite your friends to come over. The purpose of the meeting is to talk over the stuff you need for the expedition and activities that you will have.

Each camper should stress out what is his/her priority on camping so you can enjoy it together.

Split the expenses

No matter where will you go, at the campsite or in the wild, you will need a lot of things to have a pleasurable time.

Once you have selected which camping essentials you need to take, split the costs among you equally. You can adjust them if someone comes from a poor family, of course.

One of the most obvious expense of camping is food. You must eat several times a day so your team should split grocery costs. The most appropriate time to do so is on the meeting.

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Going camping with a bike or with a car?

Will you go on a trip with a car? Maybe you want to take your bicycle, put your things in a backpack, and ride to the campsite?

If you will go in a car you don’t have any limitations. However, your backpack space is limited so think of necessities that will make your adventure worthwhile.

What to bring on a camping trip with friends?

As you saw planning the trip is important to have a pleasant outdoor experience. Organized camping will make your adventure go smoothly so think twice about what do you all need out there.

These are 10+ vital things, accessories and equipment to consider taking:

  • Outdoor tent(s)
  • Sleeping bags, cots, or mattresses
  • Warm clothes and accessories
  • Cooking appliances
  • Food and water supplies
  • First aid kit
  • Flashlights, headlamps, matches, and other heat sources
  • Rope, a survival knife, and an ax
  • Rain jacket or an umbrella
  • Navigation tool

Think about the necessities that you need urgently like medicines and other stuff that help you throughout the day.

What is the best tent for camping with friends?

You have an option to sleep separately, each camper in their own tent, or to sleep in one big tent.

What are the advantages of sleeping in one tent? The purpose is to hang out as much as you can and do things together so staying in one shelter is a great idea.

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What kind of tent is the best for this kind of bonding? Cabin tents for camping are great since you will have a luxury like at home.

These ones are spacious, have multiple rooms for privacy and sleeping, and are high enough to move freely without binding.

What do you sleep in when camping?

Quality sleep is vital, especially outdoors. If you worry about the hard ground and poor quality of sleep I have some tips that will make you jump out of bed in the morning.

Do I need a sleeping bag?

Each of you should have a sleeping bag. This is the most general sleeping equipment for outdoors. The bag will protect you from losing body heat so you will sleep all night without waking up.

Consider other sleeping options

There are also other options regarding sleeping outdoors comfortably. If you don’t have or want to sleep in a sleeping bag than you can opt for a camping mattress or a cot that will help you to sleep comfy all night.

Air mattress is foldable and you can store it in your backpack or car. It inflates with an air pump and is easy to deflate. A camping cot is another option but for it, you will need a vehicle to transport it.

What kind of pillow should I use for camping?

A sleeping pillow is recommended. Think of a portable variation which you can blow easily and won’t take much space in your car or backpack.

inflatable camping pillow

Will you camp in the wintertime? If this is the case you could bring a tent heater so you will be even more comfortable inside a tent.

How to stay warm?

I have plenty of tips to stay warm while being outdoors. First thing that I should mention are clothes. These are important to sustain the body temperature and feel comfortable.

Synthetic clothes over cotton ones

Pick clothes that won’t get wet so easily as you never know when it will start to rain. Synthetic gourmets are the answer as they won’t suck the moisture in.

Cotton clothes are not the best

Avoid cotton clothing as cotton fibers quickly absorb the moisture and don’t dry quickly. Don’t forget to take an anorak or a raincoat so you will be able to walk outside when it rains.

Bring a tent heater

You can always bring a tent heater that is safe to place inside the shelter. I recommend using propane ones that are made by reputable manufacturers. All that you will need to heat up the place is a heater and a small propane tank.

Food and water supplies for camping

Food and water supplies are crucial if you won’t be hunting for food and purifying water from natural water sources.

Talk about food and water supplies with your buddies. How long will you be spending time outdoors? How many meals will you have per day? What type of food to bring?

Bring portable water containers for camping

Can you have a good time outdoors without food and water? Of course not. If going out there with a car fill water canisters and put them in the car trunk. This way you will have fresh water for cooking, washing, and drinking.

What food should I bring for camping?

Take food that won’t spoil soon. Canned food, instant soups, pasta, vegetables, and fruit are ok. It is good to bring dry food as well since it will serve you as snacks between main meals.

Make sure you are storing your food properly especially if you are camping in a bear country.

How do you feed a large group on camping?

If you are a large group out there you should consider taking food and accessories to feed you at the same time.

What type of food will feed you all at the same time? Consider stews, goulashes, soups, pasta, and hot meals cooked over the campfire to warm you up and provide nutrients.

Prepare fast and easy camping meals

When you are in a hurry, sandwiches, burritos, tortillas and other fast campfire meals and snacks are a great way to beat hunger.

They might be less healthy than cooked meals but who doesn’t like to eat a delicious burger or burrito from time to time?

Surprise your companions and make them a juicy burger or another snack that will make them want more.

Take camping stoves and cooking accessories

I suggest that you take some portable camping stoves and cooking accessories that will ease your cooking and make delicious meals in no time.

Take a portable stove, a pan, a pot for cooking coffee and tea, utensils and plates, mugs, and glasses.

Ask your buddies if they can help you to prepare the cooking accessories and bring things that you haven’t got in your home kitchen.

Consider paper or plastic eating and drinking accessories because they are more convenient and long-lasting in nature to use.

Don’t forget to clean things up when you will be heading home, leave nature as it was when you came.

What to do on a camping trip with friends?

Having fun with your friends is the first reason that you decided to go outdoors, right?

It is time that you hang out together over activities that will make you excited and happy. Here are a few tips on how to spend the most wonderful moments with your buddies during camping.

Bike riding and exploring nature

On sunny days there are plenty of options for fun. Take your bicycles and ride on the nearest hill or in the woods to explore.

Don’t forget to take rucksacks or backpacks with a first aid kit and some food and water with you.

Hiking and exploring the surroundings

Hike and see the surroundings by foot. This way you will be able to see animals and vegetation. Your team can go on a daily hiking trip.

Set up an evening campfire and enjoy spending time together. A campfire will give you heat and the source for cooking your dinner.

Take guitar and sing a song

What is camping without a good song? Take a musical instrument on the trip like guitar and play for your friends as they will sing along.

a guitar

What to do when it rains on your camping trip?

What if the weather changed and you expect rain? Don’t worry, being outdoors while it rains can be fun as you can take advantage of your tent. Play cards and games, talk, tell stories or sing inside the tent.

What are some good card games for camping?

Here you have the 10 best fun and interesting card games that you can play in the middle of the day when it rains, or in the evening over a campfire. I love to play them when we are getting bored and have no idea what to do.

  • Bush rummy
  • Frustration
  • Phase 10
  • Sleeping queens
  • Uno emoji
  • Pictionary
  • Rook
  • Deer in the headlights
  • Crazy eights
  • Kings in the corner

Do you know these games and if so which is your favorite? What does it make it exciting to play?

Document the camping memories

Camping memories are priceless so take pictures of you doing things together. I am sure you will be happy to look at them together and remember those fun days.

Consider my tips to have a stress-free adventure and don’t forget things that will make you comfortable. Enjoy!

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