Play Fun Camping Games For Families

Camping with kids should be fun and full of action, right? As you know children need activities to stay entertained. So, if you are going on a family camping trip you must include fun camping games for families.

With these games, you will have a chance to bond with your kids and have a wonderful time outdoors. Take a look which ones will make your trip exciting and full of laughter.

family camping trip

Why should you play games?

Camping games are a useful activity for many reasons:

  • Lighten the mood
  • Help break up the day
  • Teach valuable lessons and social skills
  • Spend quality time
  • Family bonding
  • Have fun
  • Entertain oneself when there’s nothing else to do, say, before bed

Camp games for families

Here are some of my favorite games to play with my family or other families. Who says multiple families can’t share the same campfire?

Nature bingo and scavenger hunt

Both of these games require some thinking. They use a list of common things in your biome. You can go online and find scavenger hunt apps and lists, as well as ready to use printable bingo sheets. You can always customize it by writing your own.

Squirt guns

Water is a great way to cool down and have a great time. Squirt guns give kids the incentive to run around, burn calories, and immerse themselves in their surroundings. Bring an extra pair of clothes and hang the wet ones to dry with an old-fashioned clothesline.


Neon glow stick apparel doesn’t get much attention these days, but they are cheap and fun. When the sun falls, use glow sticks, bracelets, and necklaces, or even glow non-toxic body paint and play.

Ring toss

You can use sticks lying around on the ground as pegs, perhaps with stones piled around to keep them standing straight. For rings, you can use a circular neon glow stick accessory like bracelets. Do you want to make it even more exciting? Play it in the dark.

Ring toss game

Sports games

There are many sports games that you can play with minimal equipment. For example, frisbee, football, soccer, horseshoes, and more. Children love the sport.

Exercise games

Many games involve an exercise of some kind, such as Duck Duck Goose, Tag, Freeze Tag, or Tug of War. There are also different ways that you can play, such as setting up obstacle courses, or “who can do the most jumping jacks?”.

The wilderness is a great place to practice or teach martial arts or other, similar disciplines such as Yoga.

Travel board and card games

You can always purchase miniaturized versions of your favorite board games. Which is your favorite one?

Mancala is a good outdoor board game as it a sturdy, has foldable “board” and uses little stones that campers can scavenge for themselves. Tic Tac Toe and The Dot Game are games that can easily be played with items from nature as markers.

Game rules

Here are a few things that you should remember when you’re playing games with your family.

Don’t be too competitive

Since you’re out here to have fun, make sure that you aren’t too competitive when playing. Let mistakes happen, and don’t patronize those who lost. Let them remember the trip for having fun.

playing a game

Leave it as you found it

This rule of thumb says that you should strive to leave nature just as nice as you arrived at camp. Take up your trash and don’t leave anything behind.

Nature is all around you, use it

There are many activities that require you to bring things with you when camping. I challenge you to improvise and use nature around you. The initiative to be resourceful is a valuable lesson for your kids.

Less Equipment

Choose games and activities that have the least amount of external equipment that you need to bring, as well as the least amount of thinking and planning beforehand.

It’s likely that you’re much more focused on keeping everyone dry and fed, so don’t let a few activities crowd the more important needs for your trip.

Take it easy with the planning

There’s no need to plan your trip down to the minute. Don’t over-schedule. Have a downtime where everyone can rest and relax as it teaches the value of peace, serenity, and silence.

See you out on the Trail

Camping with family is all about having fun so use my game tips to have a wonderful camping adventure. Still, if you’re a beginner at the whole camping and hiking scene, don’t worry too much – bored kids will find a way to amuse themselves.

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