How To Clean And Cook Fish While Camping?

When you are out there camping, you will need to have food so you will have a pleasant outdoor experience. When it comes to your meals, you can choose to prepare food at home and take it to camp or hunt or fish at the campsite.

prepare a fish while camping

If you are an adventurous type read on because I will tell you how to easily clean and cook caught fish. 

Fishing is less dangerous than hunting as you will not be competing with other wild animals for food. It is a great activity to engage in with your kids. Let’s take a look at how you can prepare the fish for lunch.

How to clean and cook fish at the campsite?

Before we take a look at how to prepare a fish meal, I would like to share a few tips on how to enhance your fishing technique. You will not have any fish to cook if you are not serious and patient enough when fishing.

camping fishing technique

Consider these tips to increase your chances of catching it:

  • Don’t create shadows on the water as fish notice such shadowy shapes. To prevent this from happening, you can sit on a low surface or stand by a tree when you are fishing. Keep your noise levels low so you won’t scare them away.
  • Move to another location when you fail to catch them in one area after a few minutes.
  • Fish close to the lee shore. This is the area of the shore where debris and other wood particles are blown by the wind. Such woods attract insects and fish would congregate here to eat the insects.
  • Target boulders, exposed roots and holes in the water surface when choosing a fishing location. This is because fish like to gather near objects where they are safe from other large predators.
  • Yank your fishing rod when a fish bites the hook to get hold of the animal properly. This will prevent the animal from wriggling itself free from the hook.

Campsite fish cleaning policy

Once you get enough fish to feed your party, it’s time to clean them and prepare them for cooking.

The animal should not stay uncooked for a long period of time as they could spoil. As it spoils fast you should cook it the minute you arrive at camp.

clean a fish technique

Before you begin cleaning it, you should, first of all, familiarize yourself with your campsite fish cleaning policy.

The waste from the animal can attract all manner of insects and animals to your camp so ensure this doesn’t happen.

They probably have a designated area for cleaning fish and special bins for collecting the waste. You should make sure that you use these areas for cleaning them.

How do you clean it before cooking?

This is how to clean your fish:

  • Scrape the scales off with a blunt knife. Some people don’t have a problem with fish scales and you can leave them on if that’s the case.
  • Cut the fish in the belly region with a sharp knife to remove the internal organs.
  • Remove the liver, intestines and other internal organs from the cavity.
  • Don’t forget to remove the gills.
  • Clean the gut cavity with clean water to remove the bloodstains.

How do you cook it in camp?

With your fish clean, it is now time to cook and enjoy your meal. You can cut it into pieces and cook them with spices on a pan.

However, for the best camping experience, I recommend that you make it over a campfire. I suggest you get a cooking set that you will use every time you go and enjoy the outdoors.

Grilling it

If you want to grill it, you will need a grill. A charcoal grill is one of the best that you can get as it will add a smoke flavor to your meals. To cook your fish on a grill, you will have to prepare it by removing the bones and ribs.

Open the animal from the belly with a sharp knife to spread it out for effective cooking. Remove the backbone and ribs as well as the head and fishtail. Get rid of the fins to be left with just the fillet part of the fish.

Season it as you like and place it on the grill. Keep turning it several times to make sure it cooks properly. Fish is one of the softest proteins so you should be careful not to overcook it.

grill a fish when camping

Cooking it over burning coal

If you don’t have a grill, you can still cook it over burning coal. You will need a skewer to ensure you hold the catch over the fire. Poke the fish with a skewer and hold it over the burning coal. Turn it often to cook all the sides effectively.

It will be ready in a few minutes and you should serve it when it is flaky.

Enjoy in fresh grilled fish

Nothing beats the taste of a grilled fish when you are camping. It is also one of the healthiest meals that you can eat. This article takes you through everything that you need to know about how to clean and cook fish while camping.

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