How To Go Camping For The First Time?

Are you wondering how to go camping for the first time? This beginner’s guide to camping is the basic guide that will prepare you for a safe and enjoyable outdoor adventure.

first time camping

The preparation work for an outdoor escapade can seem overwhelming if you have never been to this outdoor adventure before. With the following camping tips, you will greatly feel like a professional camper in no time.

This is not your mediocre beginner guide to camping – it is going to focus on the things that you ought to know to be as a professional camper, so you don’t end up getting eaten by a bear or burning down the forest. This is how you should prepare for it.

Preparation for camping

Having a great time when you are an outdoor amateur is all about preparing your mind first. With the right mindset, everything will come together.

Having the right mindset is just as essential as having the right know-how and gear.

There are millions of articles on the web that review the best gear for amateur campers and that provide different camping skill tips. However, there are barely any about the “oh so important” frame of mind.

beginner camping gear list

What can go wrong when camping?

The most important thing you should know about your first camping adventure is that something will most likely go wrong (let us hope it is not the bear).

That is just how it is. That does not mean anything too serious, but you will probably forget something.

You can lose something, have bad weather, or end up experiencing any list of fateful events. That is why your mind frame, when learning the nitty-gritty of camping, ought to be in the appropriate place.

camping in wet weather

Instead of visualizing a breathtaking scene of the best campground you might have seen in a magazine or in the movies, it’s important to have in mind that spending time in nature isn’t meant to be stylish (unless you are glamping).

Be ready to face some less than desirable critters of nature, and have trouble sleeping. In short, don’t think of camping like Haverford Tom in “Parks and Recreation”…

That realistic mind-frame must also steer you to pay attention to some of the most helpful outdoor advice for amateurs you’ll likely hear.

What do you need to know before camping?

So, how to go camping for the first time? When planning your first outdoor adventure, do it in the backyard. If the backyard isn’t big enough, find a family or friend member who has it.

Getting to a campsite that is far from your home unprepared, is the last thing you want to do.

camping on backyard

Have a backyard camping expedition

A backyard camping expedition will offer you an opportunity to master some basics, like getting comfortable with starting a fire safely or becoming used to how your tent sets up, without being far away from the comfort of home.

If something slips up, you’re only a short distance away from the comfort (e.g. a toilet that flushes).

Camping is fun! So, prepare yourself for success rather than run the risk of having a regrettable experience that is likely to ruin a camping enthusiasm even more.

The most crucial thing about framing your mind correctly as a beginner camper is to ensure that you enjoy and have fun. Laugh out at your errors. If something goes wrong, find the humor in that situation.

Don’t just think about having the best outdoor adventure where all goes well – that will only prepare you for a huge bummer. Preparation is the key to anything.

Beginners guide to camping

I advise you regarding a camping tent, tent sleeping, and clothes that you need to consider taking with you.

Buying a tent

If you have not bought a tent yet, or want to upgrade, get yourself off to the right start by taking a look at some of best camping tents that fit your outdoor needs.

Pitching the tent

Pitching doesn’t really have to be so complicated. I advise you to use the instructions from the tent manufacturer. The second most important step is to pitch it in advance before going outdoors.

Camping sleeping equipment

These are the essentials that you should consider taking on your first-time outdoor adventure. I advise you regarding sleeping.

Sleeping equipment for camping

Even the warmest temperatures of summer can quickly go down overnight, therefore the key to ensuring that you enjoy your sleep while camping is to have insulated sleeping equipment.

If you are not familiar with heat loss mechanisms, there are always a number of ways that you can ensure not losing heat to your surroundings.

Sleeping mats

The first and most important sleeping equipment that you need to consider is the sleeping mat that you are going to be sleeping on.

Given the chance, the ground will surely absorb a lot of heat, thus ensure to put good gear between the sleeping mat and yourself.

camping sleeping mat
Sleeping bags

Comfort and insulation are some of the most important attributes when shopping for sleeping bags.

There are numerous forms of insulation, with each of them having its own cons and pros, and likewise with outer and inner fabrics. Pick the camping bag that is okay for you.

What clothes to pack for camping?

What to wear on camping and how much clothes should you take with you?

Carry extra clothes

The number of clothes you bring will certainly depend on the time you are going to camp, however, it is a good idea to carry little extra clothes, if you have sufficient space.

Waterproof clothes should occupy the largest space of your camping clothing and these should have “taped seams”.

Use quick-drying and lightweight materials

Quick-drying and lightweight materials such as nylon are the most appropriate for an active adventure, both for beginners and avid campers. Denim and cotton can feel very cold and also take too much time to dry.


Remember that camping is more about getting away from the fuss of everyday life and enjoying cool moments out in nature.

However, without proper sleeping equipment, you can’t expect to fill up your batteries for the next day. Consider my camping tips for beginners and have a comfortable sleeping experience.

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