How To Keep Food Cold While Camping?

How to keep food cold while camping? On hot summer days, it is crucial to know ways to cool food and drinks so it won’t get spoiled.

camping food cooler

Most foods are perishable and if you aren’t careful, you may find yourself feeding on stale food if you don’t take the right measures to keep your food fresh.

I remember how my homemade juice spoiled because I didn’t cool it. I learned tricks that could help you to have fresh food and drink at hand when being outdoors.

How do you keep food fresh while camping?

We use refrigerators to keep food fresh at home but that is not possible when being outdoors. You may get a portable fridge to keep your food cold but this is a luxury that most people aren’t able to afford or carry it around.

So, what do you have to do to ensure that the food remains fresh throughout your outdoor stay? I have made the following list on how to keep food cold while camping.

Tip 1: Avoid the party ice that is sold in most supermarkets or service stations

This ice melts too quickly and it won’t keep your food fresh for long. You can get it in most supermarkets, however, it melts too quickly and makes it less ideal for your camping needs.

don't use comercial ice cubes

You can use it as a last resort to keep your food cold for a day or two but it will not help you in the long run.

Tip 2: Cool your cooler in advance

Cooling the cooler in advance will make your food fresher for a longer time. Warmer environments make it easy for food to spoil and this is exactly what you are trying to avoid.

I advise you to cool the cooler before using it. You can do this by placing ice packets into the cooler the night before your camping trip.

Tip 3: Freeze water to create ice packs

Prepare ice packs that you will take with you to camp. Such packs melt slower than regular ice cubes and will help you to keep your food cold for a long time.

ice box

To create the ice packs, fill a container with water, and freeze it a week before going outdoors. This will ensure that the water is totally frozen. When making the ice blocks, use large bottles such as juice and milk containers.

Tip 4: Freeze foods before leaving

Freeze the food that you will take with you. Chicken breasts, hot dogs, and hamburger patties should be frozen the day before you go on your camping trip to keep them fresh.

When you finally settle at camp, you should eat the perishable foods first as they can easily spoil. Don’t forget to reheat the food thoroughly to avoid contamination.

Tip 5: Keep your cooler away from the sun

This is another measure that will help you keep your food fresh. Keep a cooler away from direct sunlight.

When the weather gets warmer, place a blanket on top of the cooler to keep the sun at bay. Keep moving the cooler at the campsite to ensure that it isn’t exposed to the sun.

keep camping cooler in shade

Tip 6: Use different coolers for your food and drinks

Use different coolers for your food and drinks. When you reach out for refreshments, your food melts each time you open the cooler for a drink. Have one cooler for drinks and another for food.

Final words

It is important to learn how to keep food cold while camping so use my tips and enjoy your trip with fresh food and drink.

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