How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Tent?

Are you afraid of spiders? When you are out there camping, you are away from the confines of your home and exposed to all the things that lurk outdoors. You are exposed to harsh weather, wild animals, and even insects.

scary spider on camping trip

All these can ruin your outdoor trip if you don’t take the necessary measures to protect yourself. In this article, I will guide you on how to keep spiders out of your tent when camping or taking the other outdoor activity.

Fear of spiders and how to get rid of them when being outdoors

Spiders can ruin your camping trip when they appear in your tent, especially if you fear them. If you are in the woods without the necessary equipment to treat a spider bite, the situation can get even worse.

spider in nature

If you are afraid of them, the mere sight of them is enough to get you scared. You will be uncomfortable within your tent, yet the intention of going for a camping trip was to have fun.

Take the necessary effort to make sure that you don’t have them anywhere near you. See the tips on how to get rid of spiders from your shelter.

1. Inspect your gear before packing

This is the first thing that will make sure that your tent and campsite are free of spiders. If you store your camping gear in your basement or in your garage, then they could have created a web on it.

This way you will take them with you if you don’t inspect your camping gear.

keep spiders out of camping tent

Spread your gear on the floor and check if you can see any spiders or their web. Get rid of them and remove all the dirty cobwebs on the gear. They could also be hiding within the gear so shake it thoroughly to remove them.

2. Repair holes in your tent

Your tent could be free of spiders but they will still find their way into it if there are holes in it. Campsites usually harbor a lot of them as a result of the food.

To prevent this, inspect your tent to make sure that there are no holes. Use a tent repair kit to mend the holes or use duct tape if you lack a repair kit. Also, fix a torn tent floor or a tear in the tent to stay protected.

tent hole

Spray the amended sections with bug spray to keep the spiders away from that area. Small spiders could use the zipper openings to get inside. Apply bug spray on the zipper to keep them away.

3. Pitch your tent away from water or trees

Spiders lurk in water sources such as stagnant ponds. Pitch your tent away from such areas to prevent them from getting into the tent.

They can also be found on trees so avoid setting your tent over trees. Choose an open area where air flows freely as they can’t tolerate such conditions.

They prefer still, less windy areas. Setting your tent in the open will ensure that your tent is too aerated for the spiders to survive.

4. Store your food properly

Food attracts bugs and they will attract spiders. Make sure that all your food and leftovers are stored properly. Use zippered bags to store your food and keep the food bags in a sealed container such as a cooler.

camping food cooler

Keep your waste in a garbage bag and seal it properly before you throw it in the trash. Don’t hold the waste close to you for too long.

When choosing a tent location, choose one that is as far from the trash. Also, use a cooler so spiders won’t have a chance of crawling over your food.

5. Avoid perfumes at the campsite

Perfumes attract spiders so avoid it. You can opt for an unscented deodorant.


If you are afraid of spiders you don’t want them when you camp. Your camping trip will take a turn for the worse when they show up in your shelter.

The necessary measures will keep these eight-legged insects away from your campsite so take my advice on how to keep spiders out of your tent and enjoy in the wild.

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