How To Make A Portable Toilet Out Of A Bucket?

Camping in the wild isn’t as comfortable as at home. Satisfying your personal needs can be tricky when you don’t camp in a campground where toilets are. When you are out there, you have to find creative ways to relieve yourself.

create portable toilet out of a bucket

Use my simple tip on how to make a portable toilet out of a bucket for your next camping trip, so read on.

Why make a bucket toilet disposal?

As you are enjoying yourself outdoors, you will definitely feel the urge to relieve yourself. You may hold your urges for a while but it won’t be possible to do that for a long time and it’s not healthy either.

Most campsites have toilets on board that is used for this purpose. However, you will have to find other means to relieve yourself if you have pitched camp far away from a campsite toilet.

campsite toilets

The campsite toilet may also not be in the best condition for use. You may decide not to use it and find other ways to relieve yourself instead for the sake of your health and well-being.

I will guide you to make a DIY bucket toilet to make it easy for you to answer the calls of nature.

Things that you will need

With these things making a bucket toilet with a pool noodle is an easy task.

  1. A bucket
  2. A heavy duty trash bag
  3. A pool noodle
  4. A toilet paper
  5. A pair of pliers
  6. A drill

Portable toilet assembly

Now that you have the supplies, it is time to assemble a camping toilet.

camping toilet assembly

Step 1: Create the toilet roll handle

First, you need to make a toilet roll handle. Pop out the handle of the bucket from one end.

Bend the tip with your pair of pliers to make it easy to attach the handle to the bucket later on.

Lay the bucket on its side and from the connector end where you removed the handle, measure about three fingers down and drill a new connector hole.

Use the drill to make the hole but make sure to drill the top layer of the bucket without penetrating the bucket walls.

Insert toilet paper through the unattached end of the handle and insert the tip of the handle to the new connector port.

Your toilet paper handle is now ready. It will ensure that you always have toilet paper for use after relieving yourself.

Step 2: Lay the trash bag

The trash bag functions to hold the waste. Get the heavy-duty ones that will hold the waste effectively. Line the trash bag in your bucket and spread it around to generate enough space.

You will need to hold the trash bag in place to prevent it from falling into the bucket when it is full of waste. Secure the trash bag by lining the bucket similar to the way you line the trash can that you use at home.

Ensure that the plastic liner that you have used fits perfectly and it won’t come off under pressure.

Step 3: Create foam padding for added comfort

It is quite uncomfortable having to sit on the exposed bucket edge and that is why you should apply some foam padding to make using the bucket toilet a little bit comfortable.

padded toilet bucket

You will need a pool noodle in this case that you can purchase at your local store. Get a section that is about three feet long and slice it on the side.

Place it on the bucket can for a comfortable experience when answering the call of nature.

Your portable toilet is now ready for use. When you are done using it, remove the trash bag with the waste and get rid of it to remain a clean toilet bucket that is odor-free. Don’t forget to wash your hands after using the toilet.


You will have to use the toilet when you are out there for several days. This article guides you on how to make a portable toilet out of a bucket for your next outdoor trip.

Read it in detail to understand the things that you will need for this process and the right procedure to follow to create a nice outdoor toilet.

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