How To Pack Clothes In A Backpack – 6 Steps

If you are looking for an activity that will help you relax and unwind after a difficult week, then none is as effective as an outdoor adventure. It will expose you to the wonders of nature and help you clear your mind and get some much-needed rest.

You will have to bring certain essentials with you when spending the night outdoors. Clothes are among the most important ones so this article will guide you on how to pack clothes in a backpack.

How to pack clothes in a backpack without wrinkles?

Hiking with a backpack

I remember how I had a hard time when packing my backpack for the first time when I went camping. I took a few things, put it in the backpack and it was full immediately. Also, clothes were pretty messed up so new strategies were needed to pack them properly and here they are.

Fold and roll

This is one of the best ways to pack your clothes in a backpack. It compresses the clothes in tiny pieces which allows you to pack a lot of them in a small space. You can roll your shirts, socks, and trousers.

1. Folding shirts for packing

You can use the army roll-up technique to store your shirts when backpacking. Follow these 3 steps:

  • Lay the shirt on the table and turn the bottom for a few inches. The inverted part should be straight and flat to compress the shirt as much as possible.
  • Fold the left side of the shirt to the center and do the same to the right part.
  • Roll the shirt from the collar and compress the shirt to remove as much air as you can. Once rolled up, use the inverted part to secure the roll.

2. How do you pack socks efficiently?

You will have to roll up your socks to keep them compact and safe in your backpack. Socks can easily get misplaced and rolling them up together will prevent this from happening. Here is the technique I am using:

  • Stock up your pairs of socks together. Fold the top of the sock slightly and roll the socks from the toes up.
  • Use the folded part of the sock to hold the sock into a neat package.

3. How to fold underwear?

Store your underwear in small rolls for proper packaging. Use these 3 easy steps:

  • Lay the underwear on a flat surface and invert the waistband.
  • Fold the edges towards the center and then roll the underwear from the bottom to the waistband.
  • Use the inverted part to hold the underwear securely into a tight bundle.

4. Store your socks and underwear in your shirts to save space

This is another method that you should use for packing your clothes to save space. With this method, you store your shirt, socks, and underwear in one bundle and save on space. Here is how to do that:

  • Fold your underwear and socks as explained in step 2 and 3 above.
  • Place the folded items in the chest area of your shirt and then fold the bottom of the shirt slightly.
  • Fold the sleeves of the shirt towards the center of your shirt where the socks and underwear are.
  • Grab the collar of the shirt and fold the shirt downwards towards the bottom.
  • Use the inverted part of the shirt to secure the bundle tightly.

5. How do you fold a skirt?

hiking with a skirt

You will not be able to fold your skirt just as you did with your shirt. To compress your skirt into a tiny bundle while at the same time keeping it wrinkle-free, you will have to:

  • Lay your skirt on a flat area such as a table.
  • Fold the skirt lengthwise and then further in half.
  • Store your folded skirt to the side of your bag where it will not get wrinkled.

6. How to fold pants for packing?

How to fold the pants?

  • Hold the pants by the waistband and fold them backward with the back pockets lining up.
  • Bring the upper part of the pants towards the legs and fold the legs in half from the ankle up.

How to pack clothes for camping?

When packing your clothes for an outdoor trip, you should do it properly to maximize space and to prevent your clothes from getting wrinkled. Use my 6 ways to pack a different kind of clothes to your backpack or rucksack to save space for other things as well.

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