How To Repel Mosquitoes While Camping?

There is a lot of fun outdoors. However, your enjoyment could be interfered with all manner of bugs. Mosquitoes are the most annoying of them all, don’t you agree? How to repel mosquitoes while camping?

You can deal with these insects quickly if you know some tricks. I tried different solutions so read on and have a nice trip without them as they don’t belong to your party.

How do mosquitos spread diseases?

Mosquito bites aren’t only painful but you could also get a disease. These little devils fly from one host to another and suck blood. They could transmit illness from one person to the next. Malaria, yellow fever, and West Nile virus are just one of them.


Avoid the possibility of getting bitten and keep them away from you when you are enjoying outdoors. I am sharing useful tips on how to do that in the next lines.

Natural mosquito repellent for camping

Here you have three simple ways to have an outdoor trip without these annoying insects.

1. What can you burn to get rid of mosquitos?

These flying bloodsuckers hate the smell of sage and it is a great trick to repel them. Throw some sage leaves into a campfire and allow the smoke to fill up the area.

Sage has a refreshing smell and it will make the air around you pleasant. This is another reason to burn it in your campfire. The smell of sage will linger on your clothes and skin and act as a natural bug repellent.

2. Mint is a natural bug repellent

Mint is another natural repellent that you can opt for to keep these flying insects away. They hate its smell. This way, they won’t come near you if you have some mint around you.

You can have the mint growing in a pot or you can chew some mint gum. The intention is to have the smell of mint around you and all these options will help you accomplish that. You can also choose to brush your teeth with mint toothpaste.

Alternatively, you can put some mint mouthwash in a spray bottle and spray some of it around your campsite.

3. Light a mosquito candle

These insects hate smoke and lighting a candle is a temporary solution that will help you repel them for a while. You can get a tiki torch that you can set up close to your tent to keep them away.

Alternatively, you can get a citronella candle that emits a vapor into the air that repels them. This candle isn’t ideal for their mass repulsion but it will keep your personal area bug-free.

Mosquito repellent outdoor techniques

Next tips are also effective for avoiding these insects when being in nature.

1. Use a mosquito bug spray

This is one of the most common methods that you can use. Bug spray contains chemical treatments that these animals can’t tolerate. There are mosquito repellent creams that function just as bug sprays which you can get if you are not a fan of sprays.

If these sprays irritate your skin you should avoid them. The spray could also get into your eyes or mouth when you don’t apply the repellent properly so take a look at my other methods below.

2. Use a bug repellent bracelet

If you are irritated by bug repellent spray, then consider a bug repellent bracelet as a way of repelling mosquitoes outdoors. The bracelet emits treated vapors that repel them.

bug repellent bracelet

You don’t have to wear the bracelet if you don’t feel like. You can hang it in the tent and it will still protect you.

3. Destroy their breeding ground

This is another great method that will help you deal with mosquitoes in your campsite. They breed in still waters so you should find any stagnant water near your campsite and get rid of it or find a better camping location.

If there is a bucket of water that hasn’t been used for a while, get rid of it as it could provide the perfect setting for them to lay their eggs. Do the same for the pools of water in your campsite, rain gutters, and downspouts.

4. Avoid scents

These insects are attracted to scents such as perfume. Not wearing them is, therefore, a great way of making sure that they don’t disturb you. Instead, use unscented deodorants after washing up.


There are a lot of flying bloodsuckers out there and they will attack you if you go camping without the right protection. If you think that their bites are not harmful, guess again. They can transmit disease and if you are bitten by an infected insect you can catch a disease.

Stay safe and use my tricks to repel mosquitoes while camping so you will have a relaxing camping trip.

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