How To Stay Cool While Camping In A Tent?

Camping at hot days can be hard as you can’t breathe in a tent. I can’t tolerate the heat easily so I figured out how to enjoy my outdoor activity and how to stay cool while camping in a tent. Here are my tips to enjoy in a summer camping.

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Camping hacks to stay cool

Here are some useful tips to stay cool while camping, so your summer camping trip will be fun and joyful.

Use water

Here are some tips for using water to stay cool.


Hydration is important so you won’t overheat. Prevent heat exhaustion, weakness, and fatigue with hydrating throughout the day. Bring water containers with you so you will have enough of it.


If you place your tent near a water source, the wind should bring cooler air. Place your tent near the running water like rivers or streams because it is constantly sending tiny water droplets into the air when it splashes as it hits rocks and obstacles.

Water activities

Plan your trip around the water. There’s swimming, kayaking, boating, water skiing, or even fishing. For less intense activities, there’s squirt guns and water balloons.

Sleeping in a tent

Here are some ideas involving your bedroll.


You can sleep in a hammock instead of a tent. You’ll probably want the kind that ties around nearby trees. However, if there are no trees, there are hammocks with frames, but they tend to be pretty heavy to carry around on your back.

a hammock

Sleeping outside the tent will enable you to enjoy the cool evening air. Hammocks are pretty comfortable with the right pillow arrangement so try it.

Sleeping on top of covers

Sleep outside your covers. Instead of sleeping inside your sleeping bag, lay on it as if it was a mattress pad. Instead of sleeping beneath the covers of your air mattress, sleep on top of it. A thin, breathable cotton sheet on top should be alright.

Hot weather tents

It is important to know which tent to use in hot summer days. Most people use a single tent for all of their camping seasons as tents tend to share features with all of the weather conditions in mind – such as UV protection and waterproofing.

But some find it more convenient to use a tent for the most extreme seasons. In desert climates, that season tends to be the scorching hot of summer. Look for the tent that will have a good ventilation system.

Position with shade

Set up your tent in the shade, instead of direct sunlight. Try to choose a spot that’s been shaded for the longest.

How do you shade a tent?

Even if you are in the shade already, you can make it a little bit cooler by making more shade. Put up a tarp, a foot or two above the tent. This will help air cool down faster by preventing more sunlight from reaching it.

Sometimes happens that there isn’t any shade. I still recommend a tarp in this situation, but try using a reflective tarp. It will help cool the air down faster while making your own shade.

Put your rainfly away

Take the rainfly off the tent. Having a second layer so close to the tent only traps air and makes it hotter.

Use a footprint

If your tent came with a footprint, or if you purchased one separately, bring it along. If you don’t have one, try using a normal tarp. Set up your tent over the ground tarp, so that it becomes a second floor under your tent. This helps to prevent more heat from coming off of the ground. After all, that ground has been in the sunlight since the sunrise.


There’s an old tip to dig a 2 ft trench where you will set up your tent and place it in there. The underground creates a sort of a basement which will make things bearable.


The airflow can make a big difference so take a look at next tips.

Battery powered fans

Tiny fans may seem like they’re insignificant, but a few of them can make a big difference. Look for the battery powered fans, such as 12-volt fans, and put some of them in strategic spots to create an air tunnel around where you will be resting.


Sometimes you can’t help the weather, but try to find a windier spot to perch your tent. It will help the ventilation as well as keeping the air around you cooler.

More windows

If you’re using a tent, you’ll want to maximize the window space. Most tents come with a sort of mesh that keeps the insects out but allows air circulation. Look for a tent that has windows and mesh to keep the air flowing.

tent with lots of windows

Air conditioner

You can acquire portable air conditioners, but they need a battery or fuel source to operate. However, you can find online schematics and ideas for air conditioners that you build yourself, along with the lines of an evaporative cooler.

Final Words

How to stay cool while camping in a tent? With my tips, you will be able to enjoy your staying and not worry about the heat. Consider all of them and use the ones that will help you to stay cool and comfortable.

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