How To Store Camping Gear?

Where do you keep your camping stuff? Do you have a hard time finding all the camping equipment because it is stored all over the house?

camping gear storage in garage

The best thing is to have all your gear in a central location such as your garage. I will show you how to store camping gear in the garage so you will have an easy task to prepare on the next camping trip.

Why you should have one camping gear storage?

Let’s say you have been planning an outdoor trip for a while now and you are ready to take off. You are busy packing the essentials that you will need for the trip but you seem not to be able to locate your left hiking boot.

You turn the garage inside out but you are still not able to find it. You check your tent and find out that there are holes all over it as a result of mice bites.

These are some of the challenges that await you if you won’t store the gear effectively. It can really dampen your mood before you leave to the great outdoors.

You will also take longer to get everything ready and cause you to arrive late at your campsite. To prevent this from happening, get organized and store your camping equipment properly.

What is the proper care and storage of camping equipment?

In four steps you will be able to store your camping stuff properly. Let’s see what you should do.

camping gear storage

Tip 1: Clean and dry your gear before storage

The first thing that you should do before you pack and store your camping gear is to clean it. Remove dirt, mud, and sand off your camping stuff by rubbing them with a wet piece of cloth.

Use soapy water if the situation requires some thorough cleaning to make sure that you leave your gear in the best condition.

Spend a little bit more time on the larger gear such as your tent and sleeping bag to ensure that they are thoroughly clean. Let the gear to dry in the air before packing it.

Tip 2: Keep related items in the same container and label appropriately

Now it’s time to get organized. Pick the items that are related and store them together in one storage container or bag.

When you are packing your entertainment items such as cards and board games, put them in a similar bag and label it with an entertainment tag.

Your bug repellent tools such as bug spray and citronella candles can go into a bug bag. The mosquito bag can be put into a larger bag with the first aid kit and other safety items.

You will also need some craftsman tools to set up your tent so gather all your tools in a canvas tool bag.

This form of organization makes it easy for you to use your camping gear when you arrive at camp. Everything will be properly labeled and, therefore, easy to find.

Tip 3: Get storage containers/bags that are easy to transport

Store your gear in storage bags and containers that are easy to transport. Other than keeping your gear safe, store it with the aim of making it easy to transport them when the time comes to embark on your camping trip.

A good example is to get storage containers with tight lids and handles that make it easy to move them to your car.

You can also opt for canvas or nylon bags that are heavy and impenetrable. These have handles that make them easy to hold and carry.

storage container

When the time comes for you to head to camp, hold the containers and bags and get them onto your vehicle.

As mentioned in Tip 2, make sure that your storage bags and containers are properly labeled to make it easy to unpack and set your tent when you arrive at a destination.

Tip 4: Use your vertical spaces effectively

Don’t squeeze everything on the floor when storing your camping gear in the garage as this will make it difficult to move around.

Use the vertical spaces in your garage such as the shelves to store some of your gear. Keep your camp gear and first aid kit on the shelf where they will be safe and easier to access.

Final words

How you store your camping equipment will determine how easy it will be for you to get ready for the next camping adventure.

If you have not stored your gear effectively, you will take longer to get the essentials and this will cause you to arrive late at camp and feel frustrated. Use my tips and know how to store camping gear in the garage properly.

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