Inflatable Outdoor Tent Guide

Are you looking for a tent that pitches fast and simple? Inflatable tents are attractive to campers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts who want to have a unit standing in a matter of minutes.

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There are manufacturers who thought of this and are making air tents that come in different shapes and sizes.

Look at which companies are the best inflatable tent manufacturers on the market and why they deserve your attention.

Inflatable tent manufacturers list

Are you going camping and you don’t want to pitch your tent for eternity? With an inflatable model you will just need a pump to set it up.

Next companies are specialists in making units that aerate with air. Take a look at which 5 companies are making the best ones.


Vango company was established in 1966 in the West of Scotland. They have a long history of producing outdoor equipment. They are producing tents with accessories, awnings, furniture, rucksacks, and more.

Vango AirBeam tents

Let me tell you more about their revolutionary AirBeam shelters. Vango Airbeams units are very easy to pitch since they can be inflated in minutes, depending on their size. You can choose a model that accommodates 4 to 8 people.

What are Vango Airbeam tents appropriate for?

Their models are appropriate for family camping at a campsite or for car camping. Units are inflated by pumping the air into the tent’s poles which erect it to a solid structure.

Here is a video of a woman who erects a Vango Infinity 400 Air beam in less than 2 minutes, check it out.

Moose Outdoors

Moose Outdoors is an outdoor company established in China in 2013. They are experts in manufacturing air tents. The special feature that they have developed is the QwikFrame inflation system.

The system enables you to set up your unit fast and it won’t be hard since you will use a pump to fill it with air. How does the system work?

You will have to aerate QwikFrame inflatable pillars with enough pressure to set up a stable structure. It will take you around 5 minutes to erect it. Just unpack it, aerate it, and stake it to the ground.


Heimplanet began their story in 2003 when they decided to make innovative air tents with an attractive design. They make products that work in different environments and situations.

Inflatable diamond grid

Their idea was developed during a surf trip to Portugal. Over the years they started to think of a geodesic tent design that provides stability and efficient structure.

So, they combined a geodesic design with their inflatable technology. The Inflatable Diamond Grid (IDG) technology was developed.

The Heimplanet units are set up very fast and are quite expensive in comparison with other companies.

However, with the attractive design, great features, and stability of a dome geodesic shape unit you will be in the center of attention wherever you go.

Outdoor revolution

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This outdoor company from England is producing their products for more than 13 years. Their mission is to manufacture the most desirable market-leading products.

They are focused on family tents, driveaway, caravan, and motorhome awnings. They are producing quite large models but you can also get a smaller one for 2 people.

Oxygen Air Frame System

The Outdoor Revolution is confident that its Oxygen Air Frame System is the fastest and easiest aerate system out there. Their tents and awnings can be inflated by an inclusive Dual-Action Hand Pump.

Frame Relief Valve technology

Deflation is also easy as you push the button. This innovation is good to use when you have aerated your model too much.

Their tents have Frame Relief Valve technology to prevent over-inflation of the unit so you don’t have to worry about it. All their Oxygen Air Frame units have a lifetime guarantee. 


The Outwell outdoor company from Denmark was inspired by Scandinavian heritage. They are producing tents, awnings, camping furniture, sleeping equipment, and accessories.

Their air models have an innovative air tube construction that aerates quickly. You can choose from 3 to 7+ person models.

It is good to have someone who will help you to inflate larger models. When you pump it, let the other person go inside and help to erect it since it will help the air tubes reduce the pressure.

What is an inflatable tent?

An inflatable tent or an air tent has air beams that are inflated to get a tent structure. These air beams serve as poles, unlike the traditional models that use metal, fiberglass or aluminum poles.

They were designed with the idea to pitch it way faster than other camping models that use poles. So, they are appropriate for all of you who want to pitch your unit without struggles. It is so easy setup process that you can ask your kid to do it.

Are inflatable tents worth it?

If you think that these ones are worth less than ordinary pole units you are mistaken. They are built after high standards and offer element protection as any other camping shelter.

They are worth having if you don’t want to mess with poles and if you intend to set it up in a few minutes by pumping the air. A large family air tent can be erected in about 15 minutes just by pumping the air in with the pump.

How stable are these tents?

If you worry about it being blown away due to its lightness, don’t. No matter that its poles are full of air, these units are quite stable in bad weather. You will have to stake it and use guy lines, of course, just like any other camping tent.

Are air tents good in wind?

This is a common question of the outdoorsmen who think of buying this type of tent instead of a traditional one with aluminum or fiberglass poles. The air poles of the inflatable unit are flexible so they handle wind very well.

The air poles are so flexible that they can bend in the wind and come back when the wind gust loses its power.

This feature makes these units more reliable in windy weather than camping with a fiberglass pole tent, as fiberglass poles can easily break due to pressure.

How do you pump up the air tent?

These are the 5 steps to consider if you want to inflate it correctly.

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Step #1

The first step that you will do is to extend the product with its corners, facing the top of the tent up. Then you will stake it down. Help yourself with a hammer if you must.

Step #2

Now you will straighten the beams out to get the best airflow through the tent to pop up easier. So, step to each beam and straighten it to allow the airflow to circle.

Step #3

Find the valve and open the screw cap cover. The valve pin must be in the upright position to lock the air in when you start to pump it up.

Step #4

Assemble the pump, go to the valve and start pumping the tent. I recommend using a 4.5 PSI level to inflate it. Look at the pressure gauge if the pump has it to control the power of inflating.

Step #5

Extend any of the unit’s parts if needed and peg the unit with the help of your foot or a hammer also using the guy lines. The guy lines may have an adjuster to change the tension so you can adjust it as you want.

Camp in style!

Air tents are an innovative way to camp today. The companies that manufacture these types of units make shelters that you will be able to inflate easily and simply in a matter of minutes.

They differ regarding the manufacturer, style, shape, and features so you can pick a model that will fit your camping needs.

However, it is worth mentioning that these models aren’t appropriate to use in the wilderness and on the open areas because they aren’t as stable as traditional ones that have fiberglass or aluminum tent poles.

Still, you can choose an appropriate one for your outdoor adventure in normal weather conditions just make sure that you stake it out.


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