MoKo Waterproof Family Camping Tent Review

Camping outdoors can be a wonderful experience if everything goes well. Getting the right camping equipment is crucial to have a dry place to sleep, stay safe and protected from the elements and animals.

Moko tent review

You don’t have a tent yet? Are you looking for one that will protect you from the colder weather? If you don’t have a bunch of money to spend on a tent I have written this MoKo waterproof family camping tent review for you.

It will highlight its features and answer a few questions so you will be able to decide if this tent is the one you are looking for.

MoKo Tent features

I will explain the features of this unit and answer a few questions that might interest you regarding the model and the company but first let me clear a few things about the capacity.

It is stated that this is a 3-person tent, however, it has the capacity for 2 adults and a small kid. A couple will feel comfortable inside, being able to have gear stored beside them.

The product weighs 9.9 pounds and has dimensions of 82.7 x 70.8 inches. The center height is 41.3 inches.

It is a typical dome unit where you will be able to spend the night but not more since it doesn’t have a high headspace and space for other activities.

Interior space

The MoKo waterproof family tent has double-layer material. There is a main outer tent and an inner tent that you attach inside for sleeping.

Its interior has space for 2 adults and a child for sleeping and resting. Three adult campers can be a crowd so if you intend to buy a camping tent for more people I recommend looking for a bigger model.


The MoKo camping tent is manufactured with 210D waterproof polyester material and some mesh parts. The flysheet has a 2500mm waterproof coating which means you will be protected in normal precipitation.

The floor is made of polyethylene that is known for its sturdiness so you won’t tear it so easily. It has a 5000mm waterproof rating which is a lot for such a budget dome tent.

The whole structure is fire-retardant.

The structure stands up with the poles made of 8.5mm fiberglass material (2 red + 1 blue) that is the most used material for making tent poles. Pegs are aluminum.

To know more about the poles, see the differences between fiberglass and aluminum tent poles.


The company states it as a winter-proof tent but I don’t think it is meant directly for camping in freezing temperatures with a lot of snow (it doesn’t have any snow flaps).


It has two layers and the outer layer may protect you from the cold temperatures and wind but remember that this is a budget 4-season tent. I would not use it in a heavy snowstorm.

It has a groundsheet with a 5000mm hydrostatic head to provide a dry interior space.


All seams are well taped and sealed. This is a double-layer dome unit that has a small fly cap on the top of the roof to cover the opening. This model will protect you from colder weather conditions.

The shelter can be used all year round but I don’t advise you to use it in the snowstorm or other extreme conditions.


If you worry about the gear storage it has a vestibule where you will be able to store all the gear that you don’t need in a sleeping area. It has 3 feet in length and will protect the sleeping interior from getting wet and dirty.

It has 2 small plastic windows; one on each side to have some light inside.

Air circulation

Regarding ventilation, you have a back mesh window with a flap to cover it when it rains. It has a zipper on each side to close the window, leaving some space at the bottom to let some air in.

Some air comes through the door, and at the bottom of the outer fabric (there is a gap above the ground). This gap serves as a ground venting so extra vents are not needed.

moko family tent


Inside the inner tent, you will find a gear loft where you can put a flashlight, a magazine, or something small to have at hand.

Your things will be organized in the 3 mesh pockets that you can find in the sleeping area (one on each side). I am pleased with the quantity of the storage pockets because each camper can have its own pocket.

On the top, there is a hook for hanging a lantern to illuminate the area at night.

MoKo tent setup

This gear sets up pretty easily and quickly thanks to its pre-attached poles and lightweight structure.

Assembling it is, therefore, very easy and it will only take you a few minutes to pitch it. Your partner can help you put it up.

Disassembling it is not difficult either as the poles fold up pretty easily. They will ensure that you are done packing the tent in the shortest time possible.

Assembly steps

Do you need help assembling it? Here are the procedure steps to help you pitch the MoKo waterproof tent.

moko tent setup

Clear the area of branches and rocks if you have to. Lay the inner tent where you want it to stay. Now take the outer fabric and place it on the inner fabric (doors should be one on another).

Working with the poles

Assemble the poles. Grab red ones and insert them through the unit’s sleeves with the red coloring of the outer material.

The last blue pole will be inserted through the sleeve above the main doors.

Lifting it up

Place the end of the poles into the grommets at the bottom and lift the structure up. Make sure that you attach the fly on.

Attaching the inner fabric

Now go inside the tent and attach the inner shelter. Use the toggles and attach them to the providing loops. They allow you to easily attach or remove the inner fabric.

Securing it

Use the guy lines and stakes to secure the whole structure to the ground. It will help you to have it in place when the wind gets stronger.

If you want to see the steps in a video, check how the customer is setting it up.

Pros & Cons

These are the pros and cons of the MoKo camping tent that are worth mentioning.


  • Budget friendly
  • All-year camping
  • Breathable
  • Vestibule
  • Double-layer
  • Enough storage pockets (+gear loft)


  • Not appropriate for long backpacking
  • It is not meant for camping in a snowstorm
  • You have to get used to its unique setup

Increase the winter protection

If you think that snow will make your outdoor stay hard to bear then opt for a waterproof rain tarp from Unigear. This piece of equipment will intercept the snow above your shelter (or from the side) and make it dryer.

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The snow can build on the tent, making the fabric sag and you don’t want that. The waterproof tarp is made of a super-strong 210D rip-stop Oxford fabric that has a 3000mm waterproof coating.

It provides excellent protection from sudden downpours, snow, and high winds so I recommend using it. You will be able to use it in different ways; also for snowstorms, as a groundsheet, or survival tarp.

It comes with 6 stakes and 6 ropes so you will be able to make different shapes with it. I like to use it when snow and wind are coming from aside.

User impression

I also want to tell you what others think of this MoKo creation and this is what the users said.

Most campers were positively surprised by its sturdiness, durability, and how well it is made. They say how well it handled rain and stayed dry.

moko tent 101

The setup is different than in other shelters and requires some practice.

I like how a customer stated that this is actually a 4-season product but you must consider how the winter is like.

It isn’t a mountaineering tent that can handle loads of snow and it doesn’t have a snow skirt that would protect the interior. However, it can bear some snow and protects from the cold wind well.

If you need decent mountaineering shelter for the mountain expedition take a look at these heavy-duty tents to stay protected and safe.

Customers like the vestibule and how roomy it is to store all the gear and shoes.

People are pleased with how easy it is to put the tent away in its storage bag since most tents are hard to store.

About the MoKo company

What do you know about the MoKo brand? If you think that they are one of the specialized outdoor companies you are wrong.

The company was established in 2007 and has become a leader in providing tech products and accessories that we use every day.

They are selling the products over the globe, in over 130 world countries. Besides their technological devices, they also sell their 4-season outdoor tent that occupies up to 3 people.


What does MoKo mean?

Let me explain their name. MoKo stands for “Move Onward, Keep Outstanding”. Their intention is to develop with integrity and providing products to the highest standards of quality, service, and innovation.

MoKo customer service

Do you want to contact the company? If you have any questions about the product or something else you are worried about, write them a letter at [email protected]


I am sure that my MoKo waterproof family camping tent review explained all that you need to know before purchasing the product. If you still have questions, you can leave a comment below and I will try to answer.

These are the points that you should consider if you want this tent to work for you:

  • Camping with one adult (+ a child)
  • All-year camping
  • If you don’t have a lot of money to spend
  • Want a light version model
  • Want a simple setup
  • Want to have a vestibule

Getting the MoKo family tent is a wonderful idea if you want to camp throughout the year with your partner (+ a child) or a friend and don’t have a lot of money to spend.