5 Most Comfortable Ways To Sleep In A Tent

Are you going camping and wonder how to sleep comfortably? Sleeping in nature isn’t as cozy as sleeping at home, we can agree on that.

To have a pleasant outdoor experience, check 5 most comfortable ways to sleep in a tent so you will be fresh and with lots of energy in the morning.

Camping in mountains

Benefits of camping

The American Camps Association highlighted benefits for campers in several surveys conducted in 2001 and 2004. Confidence, self-esteem, social skills, willingness to try adventurousness, independence and leadership qualities are some of them.

If you want camping to be worthwhile you must get good sleep. You don’t want to head straight to the orthopedist when you come home, right? So, let me tell you what you need to do to feel cozy at night.

The Best Places to Pitch a Tent

When you come to a camping ground you should take a look where you will set up your tent. You won’t sleep comfortably in a tent if the ground is too rough so find a place that is appropriate.

Pitch it on a flat surface and avoid trees, hills and pitching it too close to water sources due to possible flood and mosquitos. Consider the sun and wind so you won’t be exposed to direct sun and wind gusts.

Camping Bedding Ideas

You have a lot of options when it comes to picking bedding when sleeping outdoors. Whatever brand you settle for, just ensure it packs small and inflates.

Pillows are a part of camping bed equipment. There are a lot of inflatable pillows to take with you on a trip. However, if you forgot to carry one as I did on my first camping experience, just do what I did. Stuff everything you can in a T-shirt, or any cloth and use it as a pillow.

camping pillow

A sleeping pad, air mattress or a cot is a good way to have a good night sleep. Before choosing one, know if the bedding will fit in your tent. Bring a blanket and a pajama to stay warm at night. You can also use a sleeping bag.

Control the Temperature

The temperatures can get chilly at night, even at summertime. If you will camp in the mountains, you will definitely need to warm yourself.

If you haven’t listen to the weather report for your camping destination, now is the best time to do so. You need to have an idea of the expected weather situation and temperature.

Ensure your sleeping bag and a camping bedroll are made right for the temperature. With sleeping bag liners, you will be able to obtain the temperature and feel cozy.

Get some Earplugs

If you can’t stand the screeching and chirping of bugs throughout the night; take earplugs with you. You have to evade those noises. It may seem manageable if you haven’t camped before, but once it gets late and everywhere gets quiet, the noise can be disturbing.

Earplugs are small, disposable and cheap, and they don’t take much space in your cosmetic bag. An mp3 device is also a good option just don’t forget to turn it off when you go to sleep.

Keep it Clean and Dry

You must be prepared for the worst when camping. Use a tarp as added rain protection or as footprint under the tent to prevent water from seeping through the seam.

Personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is important, especially when staying in nature. Use anything available to a sponge bath, whether it’s in a creek or a water jug. Baby wipes are handy as well.

If you are more of a glamper type you can get a portable shower and experience the outdoor comfort.

Final Word

Consider the most comfortable ways to sleep in a tent and prepare yourself before going to enjoy the great outdoors, and you will have a wonderful outdoor experience.

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