Things To Do While Camping At Night

Are you thinking of camping activities that you will do with your family so the evening won’t be bored?

Camping At Night activites 101

There are a lot of them that you can engage in when you are outdoors. You can hike, climb, cycle around the park, research and even go fishing.

All these are fun activities that will help you bond with nature and with those you are camping with. Most of these, however, can only be practiced during the day and this will leave you with nothing to do at night other than going to sleep.

This, however, doesn’t need to be the case as there are a lot of things to do while camping at night and I will highlight some of them.

Free and fun camping activities

Do you wish you have an interesting outdoor experience with your loved ones? There are a lot of things that you can do together.

night camping

With the sun shining during the day, campers are spoiled with choices when it comes to being active and have fun.

Different interests

The adventurous type will head deep into the woods for activities such as rock climbing and hiking. Swimmers will jump into a river for a swim as others play ball games in the park’s field.

Families and solo campers have different plans for spending their free time in nature. What about couples? Are you going to camp with your better half? Take a look at camping activities for two and surprise your partner.

couple camping at night activites

Daylight provides enough light for all these activities and makes it easy to enjoy the great outdoors. However, when night sets in, campers are expected to return to their tents.

You will eat your meal and then you are expected to go to bed. You can choose to play some board games as you wait to sleep but this can be quite boring for the adrenaline junkie.

A lot lurks in the darkness such as wild animals and that is why campers are expected to be indoors when night falls.

You are also not able to see far in the dark irrespective of the lighting on your campsite and this is another reason campers prefer to remain in the tent.

All these, however, should not deter you from having fun. There is a lot of night camping activities and I will share some of them with you right now.

What fun things can you do at night?

night camping with family

These are some of the activities that you can engage in with your family members in the evenings.

Making shadows

Your kids will totally love this game. They can make shadows of the items and animals that they know for a night full of fun.

Take a walk

You can also take a walk around the park at this time. Just be careful not to wander into areas that are not safe. A night walk will help you clear your mind and prepare you for a good night’s sleep.

Play hide and seek

This is another game that you can play with your kids. The hiding spots should be at your campsite where the kids will be safe.


You can also go for a swim if you are camping by the beach or a lake.

Shoot fireworks

The night is a great time to shoot fireworks, don’t you agree? For safety purposes, shoot the fireworks far away from your campsite.


The stars will be visible from the sky and this would be a great time to study them.

Teach your kids about the stars and galaxy as they are fascinated by them. If you have a telescope at home take it with you so you will have an even more amazing experience.

Tell ghost stories

This is a classic but works every time. Kids are scared by ghost stories but they don’t seem to get enough of them.

Play truth or dare

Now would also be a good time to play truth or dare. Play the game by a campfire but the dares should not be so daring.

Sing campfire songs

You probably sang a campfire song when camping as a kid and this would be a great time to sing those songs again and bring up some memories.

camping at night singing

Singing will help you to forget about the cold and set up the mood. You will be able to remain outdoors for a long time.

Play an instrument

If you have an instrument with you such as a guitar, you can play it by the campfire. Other campers will definitely enjoy it.

Dance at the fire

As you are singing your camping songs or when another camper is playing an instrument, you can spice things up by dancing.

Dance like there is no tomorrow. This could be the only chance you get to let loose. If you will face rain throughout the day take a look at what to do while it rains.

Play flashlight tag

This is another amazing game that you can engage in at night. You can get all the campers to participate as you enjoy yourselves outdoors.

Take photos

You can take some amazing photos. The campfire makes for a great background for your photos. With your camera, you can take some cool photos as a way of preserving the memories of the event.

Do you have teenagers with you? You might be curious about what to do in the daytime when camping with teenagers.

Make your night camping fun!

Camping is a great way to enjoy nature as there are a lot of activities to engage in. You can hike, swim, cycle and play ball games and this will make your stay outdoors enjoyable.

When the night sets in, you don’t have to retire to bed immediately as there are a lot of things to do while camping at night and I have shared some amazing activities that you will enjoy with your family.

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