Ozark Trail 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review

Are you planning camping with a group of people and don’t have a camping tent yet?

Ozark Trail 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

No matter with whom you will be camping, the tent should be spacious so you will sleep comfortably inside, store the gear and still have space for activities.

Big and large tents are more difficult to set up than smaller models but this isn’t the case when it comes to Ozark Trail instant cabin tent for 12 people.

Cabin-style camping is one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors with the people you love. They are high enough to stand up and walk normally and are perfect gear if you intend to base camp.

This Ozark Trail tent has an instant setup. This means that you won’t need to struggle with the poles; you will have your shelter ready in no time.

In my quest to find the best instant cabin tent for outdoor adventures, I found the Ozark Trail 12 person instant cabin tent that was built purposefully for group camping sessions.

Ozark Trail 16x16-Feet 12-Person 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent with Pre-Attached Poles
  • 16' x 16' instant cabin tent
  • Sleeps 12
  • Fits 3 queen airbeds
  • Sets up in under 2 minutes
  • 7 fully closeable windows

In my Ozark Trail 12 person instant cabin tent review you will know its features, pros and cons, information about the company, and other answers that you might find interesting. Let’s dive in.

Features and specifications

The Ozark Trail cabin tent measures 16 x 16 feet (192 x 192 inches) and has 82 inches of center height which is enough for most people to walk straight inside.

It weighs 61 pounds. Yes, it is heavy so it is meant exclusively for going camping with a vehicle. It is definitely not appropriate for carrying long distances.


The company didn’t state a lot of information about the fabric and poles. It is manufactured with durable 68D-coated polyester fabric and poles that I think are made from fiberglass.

There is a factory welded 6″ tub floor that seems quite strong for handling the pressure and high enough to withstand downpours.

A large and spacious interior

Cabin tents are supposed to be spacious but the Ozark Trail three-room tent is the king of space. If you are claustrophobic you will love this creation.


It is divided into 3 rooms that will ensure you and the entire camping party are properly accommodated.

The rooms are spacious as you can fit a queen air bed in each of them to rest on soft bedding.

Ozark Trail 12 Person Cabin Tent interior

The maximum occupancy is up to 12 people. Each room can accommodate up to 4 people.

Each of the rooms has room dividers that you can use to partition the living area for added privacy.

As a result of the partition, you can do your activities inside privately without getting disturbed by other campers.

You can also relax outside by chilling under the front awning and enjoying the shade after a tough day in the woods exploring.

Organizational options

Each room has two mesh pockets where you can store your personal belongings. This way each family or group will have their private storage pockets.

Regarding the hooks to hang a lantern or other lightning source, there is just one in the middle of the structure. I don’t know why the company gave just one hook, I would rather have one in each room.

However, you can illuminate the area with some lights on the ground (in the corner or where it will be secure) or on a table.

No gear lofts with this creation.

Electrical cord access

There are compartments in the corner of each room with electrical cord access. These are nice since you can have electricity inside. I like how you can close the opening with a zipper so the moisture and creatures can’t get in.


Poorly ventilated tents can make outdoor stay unenjoyable but that is not the case with this Ozark Trail model. With windows on every side, this shelter has enough openings to ensure that the interior is properly ventilated.

There are 8 large windows to get fresh air into the rooms to prevent stuffiness. They can be closed and this will allow you to keep out bugs and other creatures at bay when night falls.

The roof is all meshed so the hot air can get out and you can also stargaze at night with ease.

Ozark Trail Cabin Tent roof

The company also added a big ground vent, one on each room so ventilation is taken care of. You can use the openings for installing air conditioning. It is a nice 3-season tent for sure.

Resistance to the elements

This is one of the features that you must consider when choosing an outdoor tent for your outdoor activities.

This model is made of polyester like many other brand’s models. There are some doubts regarding the waterproofness of the Ozark Trail tents and I did not find the hydrostatic head for this model so I presume that it hasn’t got a high waterproof rating (I would say up to 2000mm) due to the fact that it is a three-season shelter.

The floor and the seams

The welded tub floor is made of sturdy waterproof material so surface water doesn’t become a nuisance when it rains. Its seams have been fully taped to provide dry zone camping.

They prevent rainwater from leaking inside and making the living area uncomfortable.

The fly

The rain fly is included and it covers the mesh roof so it will protect you inside when you face the rain. If you use a pole you can extend it over the front door and have a covered porch.

The front awning

When you install the fly you will have an awning in front of the structure to spend some quality time together. It comes in handy when you want to have a shade in summer or to relax in the fresh air when it’s raining outside.

You can put a table and chairs here and have meals in the fresh air. It’s perfect for having lunch under or playing different kinds of games with your kids.

How do you set up the Ozark Trail 12 person cabin tent?

Most people expect cabin tents to be difficult to set up as a result of their bulky and complicated structure.

This Ozark Trail unit is different, it is an instant product. It comes with pre-attached poles that make erecting it a breeze.

Ozark Trail Instant Cabin Tent review

The pre-attached poles fit into each other. All you have to do is to unfold and extend the loose structure and you are good to go. It will not take you a lot of your precious time.

For the first time, it will take about 15-20 minutes to get it ready but later you will be able to pitch it a lot faster, around 10 minutes or less.

Hint: You will be able to do this a lot faster if you have other people helping you put it up.

Setup instructions

Open the bag and put all things out. Grab the tent and put it where you want to set it up. It has a hub system that is connected with poles. Find it and lift it up.

Now your goal is to unfold the legs and extend the fabric. When you do this go to the hub system and extend the poles around it. When you will extend the poles, the product will start to get its shape.

You can pitch it on your own but if you can get help from someone ask him to help you. Before you lift the tent (extend the legs) put the hooks around the poles at the top.

In the end, all the poles should be extended and the tent standing strong. Put the fly on if you need to and stake it down for security.

See the pitching instructions and how to secure the shelter with the help of pictures.

If you are more of a video type of person check how a man sets up his Ozark Trail cabin 12-person tent.


This is a luxury camping tent where you will spend the happiest moments with your family and friends. It has 3 rooms with mesh pockets to be organized, and an E-port for a cord installation.

A queen air mattress fits in a room. It is a great ventilating unit since it has a mesh ceiling and enough windows and ground vents to let the air in and out.

It is great to have an awning that serves as a porch for having meals and hang out.

The setup has nothing to do with attaching the poles and lifting the structure up since the hub system takes care of a fast and struggle-free pitch.


There is hardly anything negative about this creation with its only downside being that it is quite heavy and bulky.

This, however, is how cabin units are made as a lot of material is need to provide all the extra space and features that you enjoy.

As a result of its heavy and bulky nature, setting it up may be a challenge to someone who is using the tent for the first time.

The setup isn’t hard to do but it will take some extra time when pitching it for the first time. Once you learn the tricks of setup, you will be able to do so in a short time.

Folding and packing it may also be a challenge once you are done with your outdoor activities.

It isn’t meant for camping in harsh weather conditions and winter. It has a lot of mesh where the cold air can come in. It is also a high structure so I don’t recommend using it in strong winds.

It’s not cheap but you get plenty of features, options, and separate space for the money.

Do you want an Ozark Trail tent with led lights?

Walmart is selling a large tent that occupies 12 people and has integrated led lights. The Ozark Trail 12 person tent with led lights measures 18′ x 10′ and has an instant setup.

Ozark Trail 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent 18x10

It has 3 rooms like the Ozark Trail L-shaped tent. Its specialty are the ambient LED-lighted poles that will illuminate the area around the shelter and make nice surroundings. The lights can be adjusted to low, medium, and high settings.

If you have kids I am sure they will love the Ozark Trail 12 person instant cabin tent with led lights so go ahead and check it.

Get useful accessories

If you want to enhance the good feelings on your camping trip I recommend these two accessories.

LED camping lantern

When the night is coming you will need some light to illuminate the area inside the tent. Since there is a hook for hanging a lantern I recommend that you opt for the LED camping lantern with a ceiling fan from Odoland.

It has two main functions; illumination and cooling. The accessory is portable so you can unhang it and hold it while you are going to a toilet.

The product uses ultra-bright 18 individual low-powered LED bulbs and a cooling fan with low and high rolling speeds.

It has a rotation of 360° degrees.


When campers ask me how to protect their product from tears and punctures I always say that it’s best to invest in a high-quality tarp that you put under the tent.

The Foremost tarp that measures 16 x 20 feet is a great way to prolong your unit’s floor. Put it on the ground where you will pitch the shelter.

16x20 Multi-Purpose Silver/Brown Heavy Duty DRY TOP Poly Tarp (16'x20')
  • FULL SIZE - Our tarps are cut larger so they finish true to size (+/- 3%). For example, an 8x10 is...
  • MULTI-PURPOSE - Good for endless applications. Industrial, DIY, Homeowner, Agricultural,...
  • TIGHT WOVEN POLYETHYLENE FABRIC - 14X14 weave, dual lamination for water resistance, heat sealed...
  • SILVER/BROWN HEAVY DUTY – Approximate 10 mil thickness, rust-resistant grommets on corners and...
  • TRUSTED BRAND – DRY TOP, a nationally trusted brand for over 30 years, offers a “Good, Better,...

This way you will protect the unit from tears and have a more dryer and cleaner interior. It will come in handy when you are on the porch area and when it rains since your feet will be dry.

Impression of the users

These are the main features that users stressed regarding the Ozark Trail 3 room instant cabin tent.

Setup and tear down

People who bought this huge tent say that they love its easy setup, it just takes a bit more time to set up for the first time.

Folding it is also an easy task and it fits the storage bag perfectly (which we can’t say for most of the tents).

Weather protection

It can handle up to 20 mph of wind and rain for most campers but one complaint that it didn’t.

Most of them were pleased with its waterproofness. Some did waterproof it on their own and put a tarp over it to be more secure when the rain comes.


The huge space is the first reason why so many families bought it. They love how spacious it is and that gots separated rooms and doors to each room.

The poles

If you break a pole the whole tent is worthless so you better be careful how you handle them. Poles that are made from fiberglass are prone to break under the pressure, so work with them gently.

Ozark Trail Cabin Tent 101

A few of them said that the pole in the middle of the “L” shape was too short but they managed it anyway.

Is Ozark Trail owned by Walmart?

Yes, the Ozark Trail brand is owned by Walmart and this is why you can’t find their website (if you were looking for it). It is a private-label brand name owned by this global retailer.

Does Ozark Trail have a website?

No, they don’t have a website because it is a brand that is owned by a Walmart retailer. If you are interested in the Ozark Trail tents and other outdoor equipment then go to this website.

Are Ozark Trail tents any good?

Ozark Trail tents are middle-class products that are not so expensive and provide decent shelters for the outdoors. If you intend to camp occasionally or on the weekends then these units should do it.

Do Ozark Trail tents need to be waterproofed?

Maybe it is best that you waterproof a tent from this brand so you can be calmer.

Some users complain about the waterproofness of the reviewed model so I recommend that you protect it with a spray at home before you leave on the trip.

waterproof tent spray

How do you take down an Ozark Trail 12 person instant cabin tent?

Step to the first leg pole that you see and start folding it. Then you go around the structure repeating the same task until you have all the poles folded and on the ground, except for the hub system.

Now you step closer to the structure and unhook the poles from the fabric. If you didn’t fold the long poles that go from the hub system to both parts of the tent, do it.

Fold the poles of the hub system and fold the fabric towards it. When you got it folded, press the air out of it so you will be able to store it in its bag.

Hint: If you want to see the process live, go ahead and scroll over the video above to 11:56 minutes when a man explains and shows how to dismantle it.


I hope that you got the whole picture about the product in my Ozark Trail 12 person instant cabin tent review.

The Ozark Trail 12 person instant cabin tent is an amazing model if you are camping as a group. It has enough space and it is a decent tent to protect you from normal weather with some rain and wind.

Why you should get this one instead of other large models?

  • Instant setup
  • 3 seperated rooms
  • Perfect for stargazing
  • Good ventilation
  • A front awning (covered porch)

Who shouldn’t buy it? If you are going to camp, hike, or hunt alone this product isn’t an appropriate option. This large shelter is for people who will camp or have a party with a bunch of people in mind.

It is a bulky unit so inexperienced campers could have a problem setting it up, especially for the first time.

Ozark Trail tent for twelve people can be used for long-time camping or parties. You can put queen mattresses inside and prolong your outdoor adventure.

I am sure that you will have a great time with your friends and family in this tent if you decide to camp in the first three seasons of the year. Have fun!

Ozark Trail 16x16-Feet 12-Person 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent with Pre-Attached Poles
  • 16' x 16' instant cabin tent
  • Sleeps 12
  • Fits 3 queen airbeds
  • Sets up in under 2 minutes
  • 7 fully closeable windows