Camping Snacks To Make Ahead

Are you looking for tasty make-ahead camping recipes that you and your loved ones will enjoy? Which meals can you make at home and take to a campsite where you won’t have to cook over a campfire?

camping snacks to make ahead

Food planning, however, can be quite stressful especially when there are kids involved as you have to take care of their sudden hunger pangs.

Traveling to the campsite can exhaust you so preparing meals may be more demanding at that time when you get settled.

This is why I recommend you take some make-ahead meals with you that are ready to eat or need minimal cooking preparation.

These are a few delicious camping snacks that I prepare regularly and are ideal for your next outdoor trip.

Simple make-ahead camping meals

These are the best camping snacks to make ahead that will help you feed your outdoor party easily and with minimal effort. Prepare them before you leave on the trail and greatly reduce your meal preparation time once you settle at camp.

1. Breakfast burritos

This is a great prepackaged camping meal that you can make for your next outdoor trip. It is easy to make and it is a delicious breakfast that will give you energy for a good day start.

Burritos are also easy first-night camping meals that won’t take much time to prepare.

camping buritto


To prepare your burritos, cook all your favorite ingredients for breakfast such as bacon, sausages, ham and scrambled eggs.

Get a tortilla, add all the ingredients and sprinkle some of your favorite cheese. Roll up the tortilla and wrap it in foil.

Keep your make-ahead burritos in the freezer until the day you will be leaving for your outdoor adventure. When you settle at camp, put them on a campfire and enjoy a sumptuous breakfast.

2. Sandwiches

Your trip will not be complete if you don’t have sandwiches as snacks. They are simple to prepare and can be a tasty meal.

Your kids will definitely enjoy them and this is another reason why you should not head to camp without some make-ahead sandwiches. Sandwiches are easy camping snacks for the family to enjoy in a quick meal.

There are different sandwiches that you can prepare. They all depend on the ingredients that you have in your kitchen as well as whether you are vegan or not.

Once you are done preparing them, store them in your cooler and keep them fresh when you are outdoors.

camping Sandwiches

You can eat them without any further cooking when you arrive at the destination or you can grill them on a campfire to get them melty and sumptuous.

3. Risotto

Risottos are perfect to make at home and take to the campsite. You can add different kinds of vegetables and meat to the rise, pack it in the food containers and you have camping meals for a week.

3. Banana rolls

This is one of the easy-to-make snacks that you can pack. Banana rolls are super easy to make and they will be ready in no time. This food doesn’t require special treatment to keep them fresh so they are ideal for the outdoors.

Ingredients and preparation

To make banana rolls, you will need a tortilla, slices of banana, and peanut butter. Spread the butter on the tortilla and add the sliced bananas to it. Roll the tortilla up and you are good to go.

Adding chocolate chips

You can add chocolate chips before you roll up the tortilla to make it even more delicious. Substitute the bananas with regular jam if you are not a fan of the fruit.

You can eat the rolls just the way they are without cooking them any further or you can put the rolls in aluminum foil and cook them on a grill.

I am also giving you some recipes to make food with aluminum foil for camping.

4. Make-ahead pasta for camping

This is another food you can make ahead to take camping. You can take the pasta salad with your barbeque either for lunch or dinner. It is easy to prepare and requires minimal preparation.


To make the salad, you will need pasta, tomatoes, garlic, and basil. Cook up the pasta and add the other ingredients. Add salt and pepper as you like.


Serve portions of the salad in aluminum foil and take them with you. When you are settled at camp, place the foil packages on a grill and cook slightly to bring out the taste of the ingredients.

Let it cool for a few minutes and serve.

5. Banana bread

We all love banana bread and this is a snack that will give you enough energy for exploring and action. Banana bread is quite versatile, you can eat it for breakfast, as a dessert, or as a small bite. It is one of the easiest camping treats to make and one of the must-have camping snacks.

banana bread


Making it is easy and the ingredients are readily available. To prepare banana bread you will need, margarine, sugar, all-purpose flour, bananas, eggs, and baking soda.


Mix the margarine and sugar in a bowl until it gets creamy. Add the eggs and the mashed bananas and mix thoroughly. Add the flour and baking soda and mix until the mixture is consistent and there is no trace of the flour.

Pour the mixture into a prepared 9 by 5-inch pan and place it in a pre-heated oven. Bake the cake at 350 degrees F and cook for 1 hour. To check if the cake is done, get a clean knife and deep it into the cake.

The cake is done when the knife is clean when you take it out of the cake. Let it cool for a while and pack it appropriately for your travels.

Here is a video of banana bread making.

6. Cook proteins

Proteins are a macronutrient that will give you the most energy while you explore the surroundings. When I prepare for camping, I take a day off and cook steaks, hot dogs, beans and other legumes, and meat sauces.

Cook some burgers that you will just preheat over the campfire and put into the bun. Add fresh salad and vegetables to the burger at the destination.

camping burger make ahead

I cook them a day before the expedition. Hot dogs and steaks are great to enjoy with some bread or pasta. Legumes can be used in salads, pasta, or as a main meal. As they can cook for a long time, I prepare them at home and spare time.

7. Vitamin fruit salads

You shouldn’t forget about vitamins while you are out there, especially when camping with children as they will need something healthy as a snack. Grab your kid’s favorite fruits and make a fruit salad as it is one of the genius make-ahead camping meals for all the family.

You can use different fruits, just avoid those that oxidases fast. Avoid adding sugar but if your kids love sweets you can add a little honey. These salads are the easiest camping snacks for kids that will fill them with energy.

8. Make hummus

Hummus is one of the healthy camping snacks and a great make-ahead vegetarian camping meal to eat when you feel hungry. How to make it at home?

hummus recipe

Get chickpeas and rinse the beans under the water. Remove any visible skins (you can also skip this step). Make tahini and put a few drops of lemon zest to it. Mix the ingredients in the food processor for 1 minute.

When the mixture is smooth you can add spices that you like. I add some garlic and oregano to the dish as I love both of them. Add a little salt and pepper if you like.

Now it is time to add the main ingredient – chickpeas. Add washed chickpeas to the bowl with all the ingredients and mix it so it will be smooth.

Pro tip: Add a little water to the mixture at the end as it will be smoother.

See a video for this recipe from Adam and Joanne and see how easy it is to make.

9. No mess s’mores

I left the best for the end – camping dessert that everybody loves, s’mores! What do you need to make no-mess s’mores? Get sugar cones, marshmallows, and chocolate.

camping smores 101

Take a sugar cone and put a few marshmallows inside. Then add chocolate and proceed with the marshmallows to the top of the cone.

Roll the entire cones in foil so the ingredients won’t fall out. Put them in the freezer till you are ready to go on the road.

I advise that you take a cooler with you so they will stay fresh and won’t melt. Prepare them over the burning coals of a campfire so the ingredients melt.

Simple and delicious camping snacks

To enjoy your outdoor trip, you need to pack enough food. What are good snacks to take camping? Mentioned camping snacks to make ahead are the way to go as they don’t need much ingredients and effort.

Keep the meals in the freezer until you are ready to go outdoors and put them in the cooler while on the road to keep food safe. Stay away from eggs, milk, and other dairy products as they can spoil soon. Good appetite!

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