Tahoe Gear Olympia 10-Person Tent Review

Camping in the spring and summertime is the most popular among campers since they can enjoy nature without the limitations of the bad and cold weather. Are you one of those people too?

Tahoe gear 10 person tent review

If you want to take your loved ones to the great outdoors but don’t have a family tent yet, here is a creation from Tahoe Gear company that is meant for a family camping trip in the first three seasons of the year.

It is spacious, doesn’t cost too much and will offer the protection that you need.

Want to know more? Read my Tahoe Gear Olympia 10-Person Tent review.

Tahoe Gear Olympia 10 Person Tent

This Tahoe Gear Olympia tent is made by the notable Tahoe Gear outdoor activity and camping company in an extended dome-style tent.

You will enter a daily space while sleeping rooms are on the left and right sides. It has space for up to 10 people but I recommend fewer campers inside for having a more comfortable outdoor experience.

It isn’t a freestanding shelter which means you will have to put it up and stake it first for use.

Features to expose

Here are the specs of the Olympia 10-person tent:

  • Weight: 23 lbs
  • Interior dimensions: 12 ft long by 7 ft wide by 7 ft high at the highest point
  • Footprint size: 10.5 ft long by 18 ft wide by 7 ft high
  • Sleeping bags: fits 10
  • Air mattresses: fits 3 queen air mattresses
  • Cots: room for 4 cots, most brands will have enough vertical space to be stackable

Color options

The Olympia comes in two color styles. The first one is a serious camper look of dark sage green with wintergreen gray under siding and charcoal forest accents.

The second one is a more upbeat color scheme of tangerine orange roof and accents, a sandy tan body, and a bronze base with black flooring. It comes with its own carrying bag.


The model is quite roomy and it doesn’t have room dividers. When you enter it you will have a big space for disposal. This way you can organize your sleeping beds and gear as you want.

You can put an air queen mattress on each side of the model and still have a lot of space in the middle of the tent.

Both sides of the structure are a bit lower than a middle place (when you enter) but you will still have enough height to move.

If you want a tent that has the option of separate rooms, here is a Browning Camping Big Horn tent that is also a three-season model.


In the middle of the Tahoe Gear camping tent, you will see a loop where you can hang a lantern or other lighting source. I was surprised that there aren’t any other loops or pockets to store the essentials and gear.

If this bothers you you can still bring some closet organizers or storage bag organizers that fold and you will be able to have all the necessities at hand. If the gear has hooks you can hang it on the poles.


The model is made of a 1200 mm synthetic 70D/190T polyester that can stand up to normal weather conditions; sun and normal rain. The fly is made of the same fabric.

Tahoe Gear Olympia interior

The bathtub floor is made of polyethylene which is the most used material for making a durable tent floor.

The shock-corded poles are manufactured with fiberglass material that is known for its consistent performance under all weather or seasonal conditions.

Weather resistance

All of the seams are taped for optimal weatherproofing and water resistance.

The fly and body have a 1200mm hydrostatic head which is enough for you to stay dry in light to normal rainy days.

The bathtub floor style prevents rainwater from entering the interior. The feature comes in handy, especially in the storms.

The company included a rain fly that covers the roof and a small part of the main doors, leaving the side windows uncovered.

This is a typical 3-season shelter that is meant to use in nice weather with some rain so bear this in mind when you want to go out camping.

Great for stargazing and views

It lets a lot of light in if the rain fly is off. The ceiling is almost entirely made out of mesh so if you detach the fly you will have plenty of light inside.

Tahoe Gear Olympia 10 person tent

When you lay down inside the tent, you have a full, almost panoramic view of the sky and your surroundings. This sight is truly wondrous to behold and instills a sense of tranquil beauty for your surroundings.

Doors and windows

There are 2 double-layer meshed windows at either side of the Tahoe Gear Olympia 10-person 3-season tent and one main door at the very front.

They open with two zippers (that run smoothly and feel strong); one on each side. There is a Velcro in the middle to open or close them securely.

All of the windows have covering flaps that can be tucked away inside the pocket at the bottom of the window.

All of the windows and doors have a permanent, inner layer of no-see-um mesh so that you can see out but the bugs can’t come in and bother you.


As a 3-season model, it has a big mesh roof, meshed half of the structure, 2 meshed windows with panels, and a door that can be open for increased airflow.

Air vents are included at the bottom, so you can adjust them to make the most out of your airflow, cooling down your tent and reducing the humidity.

If you have ground vents and meshed roof as this model has the air will circulate beautifully.

There is plenty of ventilation options if you ask me. You can use guy lines and tense the fly out (meshed part will be covered) to provide additional air in. Ventilation is one of the most valuable features of Tahoe Gear Olympia.

Tahoe Gear Olympia review

Power port

The unit has a convenient power port built into the tent, near the door. It can be zipped so no animals can enter. You can bring in any electrical cords that you would like to use for powering your devices.

Assembly instructions

The tent is assembled with shock-corded fiberglass poles and a pin and ring system for a faster setup.

A single person can set it in about 20 minutes with the instructions. If there are two or more, it goes a lot faster, at perhaps 10 minutes to erect it.

If the instructions have been lost, just add a bit more time, but it’s still quite intuitive and easy to set up. Tear down takes about half that time, and it fits snugly in its bag without being too tight.

Get a seam sealer

If you opt for this shelter as your outdoor protection and see some small holes at the seams you can protect it with a seam sealer. It will make sure that you sleep in a dry interior no matter the rain or moisture.

Here is a seam sealant from Gear Aid that is easy to apply and lasts long. It has a brush applicator for easy use. One bottle will seal up to 60 feet of seams.

Gear Aid Seam Grip FC Fast Cure Sealant for Tents, Clear, 2 oz
  • Seal up to 60 ft of seams on tents, tarps and awnings with this water-based seam sealant; cures in 2...
  • Use it on various outdoor fabrics including nylon, polyester, and canvas; previously known as Seam...
  • Dries to a long-lasting seal that is nearly invisible and flexes with fabric
  • Included applicator brush makes application quick and easy
  • Packaging may vary

Make sure that you protect the shelter at home and leave the product for 4 hours after the application so the sealant can dry.

Get sturdier stakes for harder terrain

Stakes that come in the package are not so good and can bend easily, especially if you go camping where there is a lot of rocks or the soil is hard.

I recommend getting sturdier ones that you will be able to set in any terrain. Heavy-duty 8-inch camping stakes are made of forged steel.

The large head and sharp end of the nail will penetrate the hard or rocky ground. There is also a hook on the top to prevent the stake to disappear into the soil.

What do people have to say about it?

Users of the Olympic model love the space that they have at their disposal. Many say that it is large enough and comfortable for 6 with the gear.

Tahoe Gear Olympia 101

The setup is quite easy. The first time they took about 30 minutes (or less) to set it up but the second time they pitched it faster (in about 15 minutes).

They didn’t have any problems with the ventilation.


Some miss the back window so they can see outside and have more light. Campers are not satisfied with the storage bag that is small for storing all the tent parts inside.

A customer also recommends sealing the seams and waterproof the shelter. No matter of all, the creation held pretty well in the constant rain and wind for most of the campers.

Replace stakes

The main con that they expose are the cheap stakes that bend easily under pressure.

Some had problems in the wind since the stakes didn’t hold the tent down to the ground as they should. So, I am not the only one that got new, sturdier ones and I also recommend that you do the same.

How does the tent fare with wind and rain?

Under normal weather conditions, this tent is just fine. If it rains, it doesn’t leak and it has no issues, as long as the rainfly is on. If there is wind, it can hold okay, just make sure that it is properly staked down.

Just for clarity, all tents should be properly staked if there’s any chance of bad weather, and when it rolls around, the rainfly should be put on, as it’s an integral part of weatherproofing.

If you expect rainy weather on your camping trip then waterproof your unit so you will get additional rain protection.

I used it under 40 mph winds with three inches of rain and we had no issues. We were very happy with its performance.

Who is this tent for?

The Olympia tent is for all of you who want to take your loved ones camping when the weather is nice.

Tahoe Gear Olympia review

With plenty of ventilation options, you will be able to let the air in and circulate through. Bugs and mosquitoes won’t have a chance.

It is capable to protect you in the rain, of course, but it won’t be able to keep your interior 100% dry in heavy rain and wind, so bear this in mind.

It can occupy up to 10 people for sleeping. It is a model that needs a vehicle for transport so if you are going outdoors with one it’s ok to bring this unit.

Are Tahoe Gear tents good?

Tahoe Gear tents are in the middle class when it gets to quality. Their shelters are nicely built, with lots of colors.

The company focuses on the units that you can use in the first three seasons of the year. Maybe you will need to waterproof the seams to stay dry inside when it rains for a long time.

They make synthetical units that are not expensive and provide element and bug protection. Tahoe Gear tents are cost-friendly units that anyone can afford.


The Tahoe Gear Olympia is an excellent, three-season tent that is perfect for an outdoor family trip. It is highly ventilated and has no issues with bad weather (if pitched properly).

As a big tent, it’s too heavy to backpack with, but it still makes an excellent away home for your outdoor family activities.

Are you still in doubt if this is a model for you? Consider it buying if:

  • Going family camping
  • Need a lot of space
  • You are okay with having a basic shelter
  • You want a low-price model
  • You need an ultimate airflow
  • You want to stargaze

This Tahoe Gear Olympia tent is a good shelter to have when it is sunny, when it rains or when the wind starts to blow. However, don’t take it outside when the temperatures are low.

Enjoy your vacation with Olympia and have the luxury that you deserve.