Top 5 Best Teenage Camping Activities in 2020

Do you have teenagers and planning to go camping together? Do you think it will be hard to socialize and have fun as a family? You can do it with a little effort and the right activities.

You will have to find activities that will keep them engaged as there is no way you are going to spend the whole time in the tent together. Your kids will get bored and you will have to find appropriate fun for them.

I am here to help you by highlighting teenage camping activities that your kids will love.

How does technology affect teens?

The only thing that teens want to do these days is to log into their social media accounts and play video games. These kids don’t know the fun that awaits them outdoors and that is why you will always find them online.

As a parent, spending time with your kids is important as it allows you to get to know what is going on in their lives and the problems that they are facing.

Camping is one of the activities that you can engage in as a family, but to make your trip a success you will need to come up with a large tent and outdoor activities for teens.

You may be wondering why children can’t occupy themselves when camping. Well, the kids of this digital era aren’t thrilled by nature as much as we were back in the day. Therefore, they may not know what to do outdoors without their favorite devices.

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If you don’t guide them on the right activities, you’ll have to deal with grumpy children throughout your camping trip. I’m sure this isn’t something that you are looking forward. So, check these camping activities for teens.

Camp games for youth

I give you 5 interesting ways for your teenagers to have fun outdoors.

1. Allow them to bring their friends

Ask your child to bring a friend to the trip. Teens easily influence each other. When one of them seems interested in a certain activity, the other is more likely to gain interest as well.

They seek a company that they can engage with. Therefore, ask your kid to invite a friend over. They can play their favorite games and be entertained for the entire outdoor trip.

2. Camping scavenger hunt

This is one of the best camping activities for your teenage kids. A camping scavenger hunt will keep them engaged for some time. It will give you time to get some sleep or to cook an evening meal.

Make a competition out of this game whereby the winner is removed from cleaning duties for a day to spice things up. You will need to hide your objects properly to keep them motivated.

3. GPS treasure hunt

This is an upscale version of the scavenger hunt and it greatly relies on technology. The game is called GPS treasure hunt or geocaching. You will have to hide certain “treasures” in the woods and then take the GPS location of where you hide them.

GPS treasure hunt

You will share the GPS coordinates with the kids and ask them to find the treasures. The treasures should be things that they love such as cash in a tin, trendy cosmetics, and even concert tickets.

The children will be extra motivated to find the treasures. This is why it is a great camping activity for your teens.

4. Play sports

What is better than playing sports with your kids? Does your kid play a specific sport? Play it at the camp.

You can also get a net and tie it on two trees for playing some netball. Your boys can play soccer as they will only need a ball and an open field for the game. Join them and teach them some skills.

5. Serial storytelling

This is basically a campfire game that will keep them engaged at night. This game is ideal just before they go to bed.

One person tells a short story and then passes it on to another person. The other person adds to the story and then passes it on to the next one. Successive storytellers have to change the story and give it a whole new direction. The person coming next will have to get creative to continue the story.


It is hard to entertain a child but it is even harder to entertain a teenager, don’t you agree? If your teen is a rebel, don’t worry as he will soon relax during fun outdoor activities full of laughter.

A grumpy and bored teenager is the last thing that you want when you are camping. Remember, to keep your child engaged, use these teenage camping activities, and don’t forget to have fun.

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