What To Do When It Rains While Camping?

Camping in the rain? Why not! When you are outdoors and it starts raining the only thing that you need to have is your imagination.

prepare for camping in the rain

Maybe you nag about the weather but there are plenty of activities to do outdoors and rain won’t be a problem. You just need to adapt and do what you can.

I am giving you some ideas that will make your adventure pleasant and fun regardless of the rain. Let’s see how to have fun outdoors in the rain.

Things to do while camping in the rain

You could be camping under the sun and clear skies and the next minute it could be raining.

That’s how unpredictable the weather is and outdoor enthusiasts like you and I should make sure to prepare for such occurrences when planning a camping trip.

The right preparation will ensure that you are warm all the time and your belongings dry. What will you do in the rain?

Tips for Camping in the Rain

Follow these advices and your camping adventure will be pleasant and joyful.

1. Where to pitch your tent?

You will need to make sure that your tent has been located strategically if you want to keep rainwater from your tent.

The right location for your tent in such weather is an elevated area that is far away from a water source such as a river or a lake.

pitched tent

Of course, you may want to camp close to a water source to make it easy to get water for drinking and other domestic purposes but there is the risk of surface runoff. Water could find its way into your tent and I am sure you don’t want this.

It could be a nuisance especially at night and you may be forced to spend the night in a wet area as you wait for daybreak.

Avoid setting up your tent under a tree as rainwater will continue dropping from the wet leaves long after it stops raining.

Heavy branches could break and fall on your tent and injure you so have these in mind when pitching a tent.

2. Light up your campsite adequately

It will be dark and gloomy in the rain. To boost the ambiance, make sure that you have enough light in the tent. You can bring some LED lights that you can spread across your campsite to light it up.

Candles are also a good source of light for camping and you can light some and set them in mason jars. Don’t forget to bring a torch that you will use for finding your way in the dark. Bring extra lithium batteries for the torch as well.

3. Set up an outdoor living area

You don’t have to remain locked in your tent when it rains. You can still enjoy outdoors but you have to find a way of keeping the rain away. Create a rain shelter by connecting two tarps together.

camping chairs

You will also need some camping chairs to relax and eat your dinner comfortably. Look for folding portable camping chairs that won’t take much space in your car truck.

4. Layer up accordingly

It will get cold when it rains so make sure that you have enough clothes to keep you warm. Chances of getting wet are also high at this point.

Therefore, your clothes should have a great moisture-wicking ability to allow you to get dry as soon as possible.

Don’t forget a waterproof jacket that will allow you to walk in the rain without getting wet. Pack wool socks and base layer clothes.

5. Eat to keep you warm

You lose a lot of heat when it is cold. Make sure that you have enough food to remain warm when you are out there.

camping food

Hot drinks are great at this time. Make sure that you have some camping coffee brewing or some hot chocolate.

6. Set up a camping clothesline

It is important that you dry your wet clothes and for this reason, you will need a clothesline.

Put the line under a tarp outside the tent so the clothes will dry properly. Wet clothes in a tent won’t dry and can increase the condensation levels inside the tent so consider this tip.

How do you make camping in the rain fun?

You can have fun when it’s raining and stay dry. Consider my tips and tricks to have an enjoyable time outdoors without getting wet.

Use your imagination and do what makes you happy. Read a book, play games if you are not camping alone, and enjoy your free time.

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